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Need something to track your affiliate campaigns, that too with the help of smartlinks?

I have got something for you, AdsBridge, an affiliate tracker that uses smartlinks to give you a track of almost everything going on with your affiliate campaigns. As an affiliate marketer, keeping track of how your campaigns are performing can be helpful in many ways. Well, several tools track these affiliate networks and campaigns. Still, Adsbridge is a software/tool that helps you track these affiliate campaigns and links in a detailed manner; well, these tools are helpful in tracking, optimizing, and analyzing.

As per my personal experience, the tools and software made for affiliate marketers are limitless, thousands of tools, but after using Adsbridge, it was pretty clear that Adsbridge has kept the standards pretty high.

In this article of AdsBridge Review, I'll be coming across the tools and features offered by Adsbridge; in addition to these tools and features, I'll also be clearing how these smartlinks and detailed overview will be helping you in your affiliate marketing campaigns and operations. So, let's take a glance at what Adsbridge is and the features and tools that it offers.

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What is AdsBridge?

In-Depth AdsBridge Review

AdsBridge Review

I think you might have an idea of what AdsBridge is but this part for those who are not well-versed with what Adsbridge is? Well, AdsBridge is a tracking tool for affiliate links and campaigns; an affiliate tracking software, that too with the help of smartlinks as well, Adsbridge uses several tools and features, but there are some standalone features as well, which makes AdsBridge what it is today, a popular and trusted affiliate tracking software.

In simple, Adsbridge is affiliate software that will help you track, manage, analyze, optimize, and monetize your affiliate network and campaigns.

After a quick glance at what Adsbridge is, let's understand what the features offered by it are and how these features and tools will help you grow as an affiliate marketer.

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What feature does Adsbridge offer that other platforms don't?

Why Go for AdsBridge?

Adsbridge offers a great platform for analyzing and managing all those affiliate campaigns on a single platform; getting an overview of all your affiliate operations on a single platform is a bane for almost every affiliate marketer; where most the affiliate marketers wander around different tools and platforms to understand and analyze how their campaigns are performing, Adsbridge gives you the freedom to get almost everything on a single platform without hassling around different platforms, in return saving time and efforts for efficient and effective marketing strategies.

In addition to all the positives I have mentioned above, Adsbridge also helps create landing pages, track traffic, and split test your landing pages.

I'll give a better overview of how these tools and features can help expand your campaigns in many aspects.

Why AdsBridge is Popular among Affiliate Marketers?

Well, whatever your practices are, whether you are into affiliate marketing or a digital marketer working over affiliate campaigns, AdsBridge has a lot to offer in terms of technology and positive aspects. So, let's look at what makes Adsbridge a popular choice among affiliate marketers.

AdsBridge was founded in 2013, and its pretty clear that the platform has evolved in almost every parameter as an affiliate tracking platform.

  • Working along with popular CPA networks: As a tracking platform, Adsbridge has evolved pretty impressively as they are in partnership with popular CPA networks like iMonetizelt, Traffichunt, Propeller Ads, Leadbit, AdCombo and many more. To be honest, the list is very extensive, as they have more than 100+ networks available with a single click.
  • Global Datacenters: Well, as an affiliate marketer, you might be pleased to know that Adsbridge has 7 database centers worldwide; the DNS Server is based on AWS, which helps in better redirecting and ensuring that the shorter routes are taken while performing the lowest click loss. So, foolproof from the server-side until the server crashes, you know what I mean to say.
  • Operating across 160+ countries: In addition to the global data centers and CPA networks, the platform is operational across 160+ countries, making it an affiliate tracking platform working globally in six continents.
  • Years of experience: Adsbridge has been delivering its services in the affiliate tracking business for more than 4 years now whereas the platform has been active since 2013, the year it was founded, but it has evolved into something big in the last 4 years.

Well, after taking a look at some of the standalone factors that make AdsBridge an excellent choice to go ahead with.

Now, after all these factors, let's take a look at the features offered by AdsBridge:

1. Multifunction Dashboard:

The dashboard, the face of the software, or whatever you want to call it, plays a vital role in making a tool/platform a great one, but what makes Adsbridge dashboard different from others, to clear out everything that I have mentioned above, let's take a deeper dive into what are the features and tools accessible over the dashboard:

  • Network Performance: The network performance is quite important to understand how the certain campaign is performing; the network performance tab shows you an overview across things such as Visits, Click2leads, Visit2leads, CTR, Clicks and Leads; I guess this alone is enough to give you an extensive overview of how your campaign is performing.
Adsbridge Review Tutorial
  • Countries and OS: Similar to the tab showing network, you may also find two different sections for countries over which the campaign is performing and how it is performing; with that, it also offers a section that gives you an overview of the operating system your audience is using, which can later be used in making better marketing strategies.
  • Traffic Type and Notifications: In addition to all the three sections I have mentioned above, the traffic type can be really helpful in targeting the device; as an affiliate marketer, you might be well known with the fact how these traffic types (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop/PC, etc.) can be used in order to get along with better strategies and campaigns for better conversions alongside your campaigns. Well, in addition to the traffic type, then comes the notification; well, this tab/sections give you an alert on the notifications/changes if occurred any.

2. Multi-user Access

The multi-user access can be very helpful in many ways, and this feature can be very helpful for people and marketers working along with a team, where the working operations need not only multiple users but also a different level of execution from them. Adsbridge's multi-user access can be very helpful in making a more efficient and effective advertising campaign.

3. Statistics by AdsBridge

As an affiliate tracker, stats play quite an important role as you can access various data and information over a single platform. AdsBridge offers different types of statistics sections which can be helpful in a number of factors, and these sections are:

  • Global Report: Global report offers users to check reports for campaigns, traffic sources and affiliate networks as well, in addition to that, the platform also offers different filters, accessible from the right side of the panel, and you can also download these reports in CSV file later.
  • Conversion Report: The conversion reports, I guess, don't need to brag about how these conversion reports can help in completing your campaigns.
  • Edit Conversion: The features available on Editing conversions are uploading and updating conversions. Uploading conversion enables you to upload conversions manually by entering the Click IDs. Whereas updating conversions is quite a unique feature, it enables you to correct the incorrect payouts around the stats.
  • Manage Reports: Create report templates with AdsBridge; these report templates can later be used to get along with the same reports with filters that you might have chosen before. Basically, you need to make these reports once, and you are done for a long time.

5. Other standalone features by AdsBridge:

  • Landing Page Builder: The landing page might be a common but not so common feature in terms of affiliate trackers. The landing page builder enables you to create your pre-landers or choose a landing page from the library offered by AdsBridge.
  • Bot Filter: While performing your affiliate marketing operations, you might be well versed with how bots can make quite a difference in your reports; the unnecessary visits might create a false representation of how your campaign is performing, therefore executing the unwanted links and visits created due to bots. AdsBridge offers around 19 different parameters in order to get along with the searching and execution of this unnecessary stuff.
  • Split testing: Split testing enables you to check your landing pages with offers around two different parameters, this comparison around different sites and elements can be helpful in a lot of ways. This, as a result, lets you design better landing pages as you are known to which site and LPs are performing better, then later performing changes, if necessary. You can also explore different parameters such as content, button and images as well.
  • Tracking: The tracking enables you to get along with different parameters such as PPC tracking, Link Tracking, Pixel tracking (just use the pixel codes given to the pages needed), conversion tracking and much more. These tracking features can help in a manner of ways that can help you in better planning and execution as well.
  • Automatic Campaign Optimization: The high-impact machine optimizing technology helps in delivering improved ad campaigns. The tech used here helps in automatically monitoring, identifying and distributing traffic to the most optimized and efficient offers and landing pages.
  • Link Tracker: I have already mentioned that link tracking can be a great factor in making a more optimized network but, just to make it a bit clear how link tracker works, let's take a look at links that can be tracked by AdsBridge:

➤ Links to websites

➤ Links in emails

➤ PPC related ads (ads and banners)

➤ Links from social media in messages and other ways

Well, after considering all the features and tools offered by AdsBridge, its pretty clear how AdsBridge has gained such a name in terms of tracking solutions and tracking everything related to your affiliate campaigns.

Now comes the plans; I have listed almost all of the major factors and features that make AdsBridge an intelligent ad tracking platform, but what about the plans? How much will they cost you, and are they even worth your money? So, to clear all these questions, let's take a look at what all plans are offered by AdsBridge.

How much does AdsBridge cost?

AdsBridge Pricing Plans

Before hopping over the plans and everything, I would like to mention that AdsBridge offers a 14-day free trial with whichever pricing plan you go ahead with; I think this 14-day trial can be an excellent way for you to understand and get along with how AdsBridge works. Well, in my opinion, where most of the platforms offer a 30-day free trial, the 14-day trial will be enough for you to understand how the platform works.

The thing that really amazed me was its list of plans, where most of the affiliate software offers around 4 to 5 plans; Adsbridge has taken it to another level; it offers a total of 7 plans, yes you read it right, 7 plans. These 7 different plans are made with keeping almost every user, business and affiliate marketer in mind, so let's quickly take a look at what these plans are and what do they offer.

  • Trail Plan: I guess I don't need to brag much about this plan as I have already done that, but on a bigger note, you might be amazed to know that even this trail plan offers unlimited custom domains, unlimited SSL certificates and all the core functions at the same time.
  • Starter Plan: The starter plan is best suitable for beginners, I call it the basic plan; if you are someone who is new in affiliate marketing and have some limited visits of around 100,000 visits in a month, then maybe this plan is for you, where you might not be able to access some other features such as SSL certificates and custom domains.
AdsBridge Review - Pricing Plans
  • Professional Plan: The plan can be a great choice for users or affiliate marketers who are professional have more use of the tracking, and the affiliate plan costs around $89/month, which seems right to me according to the features and plans offered by it.
  • Advanced Plan: This plan offers a visit limit of around 7,000,000 visits per month; the main feature that gained my attention was the personal account manager, which is allotted to you while opting for the Professional or Advanced Plan.
  • Other Plans: AdsBridge also offers some great plans other than the plans that I have mentioned above; some of them are:
  • Agency Plan: This plan costs around $499/month and has a monthly visit limit of around 19 million visits, which is pretty suitable for agencies.
  • Enterprise Plan: The enterprise plan costs around $799/month and offers a monthly visit of around 31 million, enterprise-level, right?
  • Exclusive Plan: Just in case if you haven't got something you were looking for, just go ahead with the exclusive plan and get your plan tailored as per your needs.

🌟 Top FAQ's on AdsBridge Software

✅What is AdsBridge Affiliate tracking Software?

AdsBridge is a highly centralized affiliate marketing platform for managing and optimizing all advertising campaigns. You can launch winning ad campaigns and maximize your revenue using this groundbreaking tracking technology.

✅How does affiliate tracking software work?

Affiliate tracking software allows the website to track clicks, record the exact traffic source, and reward you when the visitor makes a successful purchase through your affiliate links.

✅Is AdsBridge useful for PPC campaigns?

Yes, AdsBridge's PPC tracking software will help you improve and monitor your pay-per-click marketing campaigns. AdsBridge is designed to track and optimize PPC campaigns from Google, Facebook, and other platforms in a single click. You can add any traffic source. It also tracks conversion on Google Ads.

✅Which Affiliate Networks are directly supported by AdsBridge?

Most top networks are directly integrated, including Adcombo, Leadbit, Bitter Strawberry, Click Dealer, MaxBounty, and over 100 others. Furthermore, custom affiliate networks can be easily integrated using global or offer postback/pixels.

✅Is a VPS required to use AdsBridge?

No, Adsbridge is cloud hosted, so you do not need to set up your own server.

✅Do you get domain names from AdsBridge for your campaigns?

You can either buy your domain from Adsbridge or register it with your preferred domain registrar and point it to Adsbridge.

✅Can I create landing pages with AdsBridge?

Yes, Adsbridge is the only tracker that includes a landing page builder

✅Is an SSL Certificate offered from AdsBridge?

AdsBridge offers SSL protection via its system domains. If you're using your own domain, you can get either a single HTTPS certificate or a wildcard certificate (for multiple tracking domains)

Is it the best tool for Affiliate Marketers?

AdsBridge Review: The final verdict

I guess this article would have cleared a bit of question and doubts that you were having regarding AdsBridge. From my perspective, Adsbridge is a pretty impressive online affiliate tracking software; tracking the traffic source and traffic distribution can be a hectic task in itself; as an affiliate marketer getting a reliable cloud-based tracking platform can help in a lot of ways. I have already mentioned all the features and plans offered by Adsbridge, and I don't think I need to mention them again over here, but I would like to mention that tracking required data like links and landing pages that too from different traffic sources can be much of a task, whereas Adsbridge can be helpful in performing all these tasks at a single platform without any hassle and enhancing your experience in affiliate marketing at the same time.

Hopefully, this article will have helped you in understanding and clearing out the questions that you might be having over AdsBridge.

9.5Expert Score
AdsBridge Review

AdsBridge is an affiliate tracker that uses smartlinks to keep track of nearly everything that happens with your affiliate campaigns.

Ease of Use
User Interface
  • Free trial.
  • Secure hosting.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Mobile App is also available.
  • Multi-user access and roles.
  • Ready-to-use library of templates.
  • Automatic campaign optimization.
  • Helps to create landing pages.
  • Helpful in tracking, optimizing, and analyzing.
  • Helps you improve and monitor your pay-per-click marketing campaigns.
  • Unlimited custom domains.
  • The landing page builder has limitations when hosted on the AdsBridge server.
  • The Mobile version is lacking compared to the desktop.
AdsBridge Affiliate Software
AdsBridge is an affiliate tracker that features a core tracking dashboard to provide you with insights and statistics on all your campaigns, together with smartlinks.
Affiliate marketing tracking tool

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