Amalinks Pro Review 2023: Is it worth your money? (Must Read)

Think about the most popular online retailer across the globe, and the answer would be Amazon.

Amazon does have an Amazon Associate Program exclusively for affiliates, and since there are millions enrolled already, it's a tough deal to get success.

But what if we say even you can become a top Amazon affiliate with a bit of investment. Yes, you heard that right, and AmaLinks Pro is your search! 

To begin with, this ✅Amalinks Pro Review, let's simply analyze how big the Amazon associate program is?

Till date, there are over 15 independent affiliate programs by Amazon, but the number of affiliates they have is simply uncountable.

Registering and getting started with this program is not so tedious, but staying in the long run and making a good commission out of it, is a TASK.  

However, what is that one thing that makes top affiliates stand unique from others?

The question here is that everybody is promoting almost the same products, but only a few can catch the reader's attention.

This is because top affiliates have attractive content, images, followed by clickable and eye-catching tables. They even prefer adding clear and specific CTA buttons in their blog. But how can someone customize this much? 

Well, all these customizations and automation are just possible with Amazon affiliate plugins, and one such amazing plugin in the market is the Amalinks Pro.

This WordPress plugin is designed for both pro and new bloggers to make the most out of the affiliate program. So, dive deep into this Amalinks Pro Review and know why you must invest in this tool!

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Detailed Amalinks Pro Review

Amalinks Pro Review

Amalinks Pro is a popular Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin that helps affiliate bloggers connect with their viewers instantly.

With the tool, affiliates can display product details in a highly creative and compelling way, and even the images too.

Users can definitely increase the clickable rate with the product-related showcases within the bare minimum time. 

In short, Amalinks Pro provides its users with all the essential products they will need to attract more customers to their website.

The plugin is even a participant in the Amazon Service LLC Associates Program, a program exclusively designed for affiliates to earn higher advertising fees in an easier way. 

Amalinks Pro Features

Amalinks Pro Features

Amazon Compliant Images

The best part about Amalinks Pro is users can get images directly from the API.

One can choose an image, image size, all according to their blog needs. But, none of the images is stored on the server!


Amazon Product Features and Title

Just like images, even the product title and features are pulled automatically from the API. Also, everything is editable; thus, affiliates can tweak words according to their needs.



All the product showcases by Amalinks Pro have a creative and compelling CTA.

Hence, it gets easier for affiliates to attract readers and lead them to the next step.

Affiliates can even edit the CTA text, but usually, the ones provided by the plugin are much better to go for!


Accurate Pricing

Since the price of the product keeps on changing on Amazon, as an affiliate, you don't have to keep on editing the price.

Instead, the plugin pulls out accurate prices directly from the API. Know that the price of the products is not editable at all to keep affiliates safe. 


No-API Features

This is one of the brand new features of AmaLinks Pro.

Even though you are new to the Amazon affiliate program and don't have access to the API, you can still earn profits.

You can learn more about the No API mode by Amalinks Pro from their official website!


Product Comparison Table 

The product comparison tables by Amalinks Pro helps users increase their commissions and click rates efficiently. It makes visual comparison a lot easier for viewers. 

Moreover, the tables are highly responsive, and affiliates can make it more interactive by adding real-time filtering, searching, and sorting.

They can even customize the message, labels, table styles, search bar, and much more!


Link Types

Amalinks Pro offers multiple ways to add affiliate links to blogs or pages.

One can either go for the simplest and attractive text links with the help of buyer-triggering keywords or an Image link by choosing any attractive clickable image


Amazon Associates Operating Agreement Compliance

Amalinks Pro has made it easier for new bloggers to focus on their blogs instead of going through different policies by Amazon.

The plugin makes sure that all the content on your blog doesn't violate Amazon policies at all. 


Google Analytics Event Tracking

If you are using Google analytics for your blog, Amalinks pro has in-built Amazon affiliate event tracking.

You can track all the interactions, clicks all from within Google analytics data


90-Day Cookie Period

Usually, not every visitor buys the product just after visiting the site; instead, they prefer to purchase it a week or month later.

And since, as an affiliate, you helped the visitor decide to buy the product, Amalinks Pro offers you a 90-day cookie period. 

That means, even if the user buys the product in the future (within 90 days), you'll get your commission. And to retain the customer, you have to consider running email marketing campaigns or any other related marketing techniques.

Here's all you need to know about Amalinks Pro 2.0

AmaLinks Pro has recently launched its new version Amalinks Pro 2.0, and we are head to toe excited to speak about it.

This version is a major update by the team, and they have literally improved the whole interface, admin speed and launched a few new Amazon product showcases

With these new layouts, users can show their Amazon products creatively within the blog posts or pages.

The advanced product image sliders blew our mind, but to add more to the list, here are some newly launched showcases by Amalinks Pro: 

  • Simple Amazon Product Showcase

The simple amazon product showcase by Amalinks Pro is the new and updated alternative to the classic pro showcase. The showcase is visually clean and can attract visitors easily

One can easily edit or hide the headline and button text, change the width and hide or show the price. Moreover, this showcase works with or without the Amazon API, which is really the best part yet!

  • Wide Amazon Product Showcase 

This is yet another classic product showcase by Amalinks Pro, having similar features to the classic one, but it is a bit different.

This layout works efficiently in wider spaces and works with or without the Amazon API. Users can edit or hide the button text, headline and can hide or show the available prime tag or the price. 

  • Simple Showcase With All Product Image Slider 

This showcase is also similar to the above-mentioned product showcase box, but over here, you can show all the available images of the product.

Moreover, it even pulls images directly and automatically from the API; hence you don't have to do any manual work. 

With this showcase, users can change images easily, edit or hide the headline and button text, hide or show the available prime tag and the price tag. 

  • Large Showcase with All Amazon Product Images 

This is by far the best update by Amalinks Pro because this feature allows users to showcase the best Amazon product images on an entire page.

Users can literally pick up the best images and edit almost everything easily. 

With these advanced image displays, affiliates can show off multiple products with great images. Here are some more exciting features of AmaLinks Pro V2.0 : 

  • All Product Images Slider 

Affiliates can use this feature by AmaLinks Pro to display images on their blog posts.

The feature works best with text links and CTA links, more specifically in Gutenberg.

  • All Product Images Responsive Grid 

Grid images often attract viewers, and AmaLinks Pro's new showcase pull helps affiliates with the same.

For example, users can add all the product images into the well-structured responsive grid. The feature also adds a flare and interactivity since it enlarges the images for the viewers/readers.

The team worked on streamlining the link-building experience for Amazon affiliates.

Now the whole process has gotten a lot easier and quicker since all the showcase boxes are editable. 

  • Our Exclusive Amalinks Pro Experience You Must Read Now! 

Here comes our honest review of AmaLinks Pro, and we definitely recommend this tool to all those affiliates who are starting their affiliate marketing journey now.

Basically, this plugin will help you create different product-related showcases like comparison tables, CTA links, Images/text links for your visitors. 

The best part about the plugin is, the varieties of products showcases are not limited at all; instead, they offer multiple options to different users.

One such unique example is the last product showcase itself, where users can display product details and descriptive points to fill an entire page section

Yet another interesting part of AmaLinks Pro is that the plugin works effortlessly without API.

We understand that the ever-changing Amazon policies make it difficult for users to get their APIs approved, but this won't really matter with Amalinks Pro Plugin. 

Even though the pricing of AmaLinks Pro is a bit higher as compared to its competitors, we believe that every penny spent is quite worth it.

And since the team offers priority support to platinum and premium plan members, one can definitely achieve higher sales, even if they are new in the field!

AmaLinks Pro Pricing Plans

Amalinks Pro Pricing
Bloggers – $67/year

●     One WordPress Only

With this plan, users will access all core features, table builders, and email support.

Basic Plan – $127/year

●     Upto 3 WordPress Installs

With this plan, users will access all core features, table builders, and regular support from the team.

Premium Plan – $197/year

●     Upto 25 WordPress Installs

With this plan, users will access all core features, priority support, and 2,796 niche ideas.

Platinum Plan – $797 for lifetime

●     Unlimited WordPress Installs

With this plan, users will access all core features, priority support, and 2796 niche ideas. 

And if, in any case, you are not satisfied with the platform, the company even provides a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.

You can contact the support team and mention the reason for the cancellation. There will be NO QUESTION ASKED from the team's end, and that's what makes this tool more superior to others! 

Amalinks Pro – Pros and Cons

  • Attractive showcases, boxes, and tables
  • Intuitive interface
  • Editable codes
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Highly customizable
  • Works without application program interface (API)
  • A bit pricey as compared to its competitors

Do they value their customers? 

AmaLinks Customer Support Team Review

There's a FAQ section available on the official website, where the team has managed to answer all the common queries often asked by customers.

Apart from this, the team even offers email support from their official support page through which users can directly mail their questions and can expect a reply within 1-3 business days. 

Adding more to the list, just after purchasing any plan, the team gives a Product Demo of how best to utilize the product to get higher returns.

Last but not least, Amalinks provides a FREE AMAZON AFFILIATE MASTERCLASS to all its users as a token of thanks.

This masterclass covers a special training series through which customers can save more and earn more!

🌟 Amalinks Pro FAQ

✅ What is Amalinks?

AmaLinks Pro is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that makes it extremely easy to create & insert high-converting Amazon link types – without ever having to leave WordPress!

✅ Can I get Amalinks Pro for free? 

Unfortunately, Amalinks Pro doesn't offer any free package or free trials because of its highly competitive features. However, the tool does provide a 30-day no question asked money-back guarantee!

✅ Does Amalinks Pro works with classic editor? 

Yes, Amalinks Pro is compatible with classic as well as Gutenberg editor, and it works seamlessly!

✅ Does Amalinks Pro work with page editors? 

Yes, Amalinks Pro works well with different page Editors, all you have to visit the official demo page, and the team has already described the whole process.

✅ Can I use Amalinks Pro in my country? 

Yes, Amalinks Pro works in every country, having Amazon Associates Program.

Is it indeed the best Amazon affiliate plugin to invest in? 


Considering the fact that Amalink Pro has everything an Amazon affiliate will need, we highly recommend every new Amazon affiliate go for this plugin. The best part about this plugin is it can work at its best without API. Not just this, displaying affiliate links in a professional way gets a lot easier with this plugin. 

The comparison table, product table, product showcase are beautifully designed and are highly customizable. These many bundles of features can surely improve conversion rates drastically and can even drive the best engagement.

If you are planning to get started with the Amazon affiliate program, visit their affiliate page and fill in the required details. Know that the Amalinks pro plugin will surely help you boost your blog's click rate within the bare minimum time.

We hope you liked reading this honest Amalinks Pro review, and in that case, do let us know if any confusion pops up, we'll be happy to respond!

9.6Expert Score
Amalinks Pro Review

Amalinks is a WordPress plugin for Amazon Affiliates. It connects directly to the Amazon API so you can easily create product showcases. Try it now!!

Ease Of Use
Output Quality
  • Intuitive interface
  • Works without application program interface (API)
  • Attractive showcases, boxes, &
  • tables
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Editable codes
  • Highly customizable
  • When compared to its competitors, it is a little pricey.

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