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Are you looking for Anstrex discount to save $$$ on best native + push Ad Spy Tool?

Anstrex is indeed the most trusted and highest recommended Native + push spy tool by top internet marketers and media buyers. With the highest database, advanced search features, affiliate network ads, and cost-effective pricing has made Anstrex to #1 position, dominating other Ad spy tools in the market.

I have been using ad spy tool for my native media buying since 2018. I have tested almost all the Ad intelligence tools including adplexity, adbeat, poweradspy, Anstrex, etc

The Reason I personally love anstrex is solves the purpose. Depsite being most cost effective it has almost all filters, tools, and it directly connects to your FTP, aFTP or Amazon cloud to clone the pre-lander, landing pages instantly while giving feature to edit content, images and affiliate links on Anstrex dashboard itself.

Today, in this post, we have featured Anstrex Review updated for 2021 which is is the best and legit Native Ads Spy Tools. In this review, we are going to talk about the features of the Anstrex spy tool.

Ad spying tools allow you to see the advertisement published by others. By checking what others are doing, you can take the information on the market and use it. It is as simple as that!

However, now you may ask, what's the best way to use these ad spying tools? Well, first of all, you should look for trends. The following trends will help you analyze the market's movement and draw attention to your product.

To achieve this, you need to create a strategy. What's the first step to take? You can start by researching different ad spying tools, and then you can choose the one you like and start from there.

However, what happens if you don't know any ad spying tools? Well, keep reading if you want to know one of the most popular ad spying tools available right now.

Read our Anstrex review at last that includes all of the detailed insights of this platform.

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Detailed Anstrex Review

Anstrex Review

Anstrex is one of the most powerful and famous native ad spying tools. You may wonder why it's so popular. Is it that good? Is it worth your money? The best way to answer all of these questions is by exploring what Anstrex has to offer you.

Let's start by reviewing some of the key figures they are currently working with:

  • 27 ad networks options to access.
  • 31 different countries to spy ads from.
  • More than 100 thousand advertisers are working with Anstrex.
  • More than top 15 million ads in their database.

This information is excellent to give you an insight into where they stand in the market right now, but it doesn't help you decide whether it works or if it is what you need.

What you need to know is: what are they offering you? Moreover, how much will it cost you? For that reason, you need to know the different pricing options they have.

Anstrex is one of the best Native Ads Spy Tools that has three pricing packages from which to choose. Each alternative allows you to access different utility features. Click on the below button to get Anstrex tool at a discount price.

Anstrex Pricing

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Features Of Anstrex Spy tool

Check this entire Anstrex reviews where we have shared some of its great features that stand out from the other native ads spying tool.

  • Standard

The first option, and the most affordable one. It costs $39.99 per month. It only allows you to use 2 of their ad networks, in this case: Outbrain and Taboola. You can just search for ads in the US, and it gives online support.

  • Custom

Very similar to the previous option. Similarly, you can only use 2 ad networks. However, this time you can choose which networks you want to use.

Anstrex Discount

It also only works with US ads and gives you online support. The cost of this option is $49.99 per month.

  • Ultimate

The last option and the most complete one. For the cost of $59.99 per month, you can access all 27 networks and 31 countries, while keeping the online support. Additionally, there are 8 other features you can get access to.

All three of these options include a risk-free trial available for 48 hours.

Now, you have the pricing of the packages of Anstrex. Nevertheless, it is essential to go into detail about the main features that the Ultimate option offers.

Since it is the most extensive and expensive one, you need to know if the additional elements are worth it.

  • Search Filter

If you don't want to spend hours looking for a specific ad or product, then using the search filter is exactly what you need. You are not only saving precious time of research but also money.

Using this feature, you can filter by affiliate network, ad network, country, language, and category.

  • Alerts

To get customers and keep up with the trends simultaneously, you need to be updated continuously. It isn't easy to be informed about every single new ad that comes out.

By using the alerts of Anstrex, you can know when new ads are launched and keep track of what your competition is up to.

  • Affiliate Offer Wall

The best way to start on a field, or improving on it, is sometimes by learning from others. With the affiliate offer wall, you can see what your competitors are using and where.

Some of the information available to consult consists of URLs, Alexa stats, landing page screenshot, and duration of their offers. This way, you can take as an example of what successful ads have done.

  • Image search

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. The best way to ensure your campaign will be successful is by using the right images.

The image search feature can help you find the images used in successful advertising campaigns, and by using a reverse search, you can also find similar images to yours.

  • Integration with Alexa and SimilarWeb

Each decision is important. You need to have the necessary information to decide what steps to follow. Alexa and SimilarWeb are competitive intelligence tools that will help you achieve that.

They will provide you with data that will help you know how to improve your traffic.

  • Screenshots

Being able to look at what your competitors are doing is essential. You can see high-resolution screenshots of the advertiser's page. This means you can see the landing page and analyze it, all with the best quality.

  • Advanced searching with Boolean Logic

Time is money. Every tool that helps you save time is vital. The Boolean logic used in advanced searching helps you find what you are looking for faster and precisely.

Using a set of rules in your search, you can reduce the time you devote to the task. This way, you can specify what you are looking for and what you are not.

  • Landerbolt Integration

In an online advertisement, information is everything. One of the most important things is the conversion of visitors into leads.

These leads are valuable information about your potential clients, and your landing page will guarantee to get that lead. Using Landerbolt will help you to create a landing page with no coding needed.

Other Benefits Of Anstrex

An extensive database built to facilitate navigation. Creating groups based on your favorite ads so you can save them and see them later.

Sorting information in different ways according to different information. For instance, by Ad-gravity, Ad strength, Alexa rank, or last seen date. Seeing the daily statistics of an ad over the last year.

If we are going to compare Anstrex to other ad spying tools, Anstrex is one of the legit tools that give you a wide variety of features. Even under the Ultimate package, all of these features come at a lower price than other rival tools.

Although there are many different ad spying tools from where you can choose, Anstrex is one of these products that stands out from the crowd. It owes its popularity mainly to the full range of features available for its users and its cost-effectiveness.

Anstrex is a powerful software that will easily make you learn all the Secrets of your competitor and quickly build the winning campaigns. It gives you the possibility to easily navigate through the data.

It keeps you updated, and it allows you to filter information. Its extensive suite of tools can drive incredible results when used to their fullest potential.

Despite the three different pricing options available, if you want to take advantage of Anstrex fully, I think the best option is the Ultimate package.

It is the one that offers all the features, and the other two packages are a bit restrictive in comparison. By saving money on the lower-cost options, you may be losing insights and money because of these limitations.

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🌟 Anstrex FAQ

✅What is Anstrex?

It is a spying tool which is used by many people to focus on native ads and push ads. The tool provides a wide range of features and also offer data on over 50 ad networks. Visit the official website if you are looking to discover more about this tool.

✅What is the difference between ad-strength and ad-gravity?

Ad-strength is used to measures the performance of a particular ad over its whole period while ad-gravity is used to measures the performance of a particular ad over a few weeks.

✅Which browsers can be used with Anstrex?

It is always recommended to use Google Chrome browser with Anstrex tool because this spying tool is wholly tested on Google Chrome.

✅Which is better Anstrex vs Adplexity?

All the marketers can easily use Anstrex as it enables you to uncover the secrets of advertisers and provides a lot of details. On the other hand, Anstrex is available at the reasonable price, and you need to pay 3x for almost the same features for the Adplexity. It only focuses on native ads and push notification.

Conclusion: Is Anstrex worth your money?

So, if you decide to give Anstrex a chance, then consider what would bring you more benefits at the end. Either way, if you aren't sure, you can always have the option of taking a risk-free trial as I did.

Now you know what an ad spying tool is and what has to offer, and mainly what Anstrex can do for your online marketing strategy. Now you know how Anstrex tool worth as you have may already go through other spy tool reviews.

It is a great option, but compare it with the competition and then choose the Anstrex spy tool wisely to enhance your ad campaigns.🤑

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