Benzinga Pro Review 2023: Fastest Stock Market Newsfeed

Benzinga Pro is widely considered the best stock screening software. It has a lot of useful features for comparing and analyzing companies. Activity scanning, charting, a community chat area, and unusual settings are among these features. The program has a user-friendly UI, and it is constantly improving its functionality.

The new options mentorship service is one such recently added function. Nic Chahine will serve as the mentor.

Jason Raznic launched Benzinga in 2010 as a media firm with a focus on data technology. quickly grew in popularity, attracting 16 million monthly visitors.

Benzinga Pro was developed as a conclusive news wire product after two years. Since then, various technological advancements have increased the platform's usability. The chat option and the stock screener are the most recent additions to the Pro version. But what are its features? Is it worth the hype? What are its Pros and Cons? Let's explore answers to these questions in our in-depth Benzinga Pro review.

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What is Benzinga Pro? – Honest Benzinga Pro Review

Benzinga Pro Review - Software Image
Product NameBenzinga Pro
Services OfferedMarket News and Stock Screener
Pricing PlansPlans start from $27/mo and up to $347/mo
Customer SupportLive Chat, Email and Phone Support
Free Trial14-Day free trial
RegionNorth America
official Site

Benzinga Pro, as you know, is a live market news feed that is run by the financial news outlet Benzinga. They offer every second news update, document release, rumors, and other important market news, which is usually not brought by other free news outlets. Also, they offer a squawk box service to announce the information in real time before even the reporters reveal it in the news arena.

Benzinga Pro has several elements that serve as the foundation for the newswire service. So, let's take a look at some of Benzinga Pro's highlights. The features of Benzinga Pro include a Stock screener, newsfeed, chat rooms, alerts, and squawk.

  • It is a browser-based application technology.
  • It offers subscription plans that can be paid annually, monthly, or quarterly.
  • There is also a 14-day trial version available.

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Core Features of Benzinga Pro – Benzinga Pro Review

Benzinga Pro began as a forum for sharing information about upcoming events and breaking news. Furthermore, the features it began to offer were diverse, touching on a variety of topics.

It's a web-based app that works with any operating system and smartphone. Also, it has a mobile application, but it is always recommended to use the pc version as it has a better interface. The stock scanner, trade alerts, trading conversations, and stock screeners were all improved by the computer system.

Benzinga Pro includes several features, and studying them will help you better comprehend the newswire service. The different workspaces that are included in the platform are listed below.

#1. Real-Time News Feed

Benzinga Pro Review - Website Image

The Benzinga Pro Real-Time News Feed allows you to view current market news in real-time.The market news platform offers a more in-depth examination of the market as well as all current trends. On the webpage, all of the information is available in a single window. It includes a variety of sources for market news and filters for sources, sectors, desktop notifications, and categories.

As you open the market news fee from the main site by choosing “News Feed.” Once you open this, all the market news data gets visible in a single window within the news platform. But this is quite a basic configuration as there are Five different filters with the news feed configuration:

Watchlist: This filter is helpful if you are good at trading 40 specific stocks. You have in-depth knowledge about them, how they move, and how the market acts, and you know that they are always good o follow. For this, you can prepare a daily watchlist before the market opens and stay focused on those stocks only during the day or week. 

Categories: This filter is helpful in limiting the financial news show. So if you are looking at all the stocks but you only interested in the hottest movers, for this, you can set the filter to “Hot.” 

Sources: Currently, when we did this Benzinga Pro review, it supported six different news sources. You can check them when you want to do a broader search. 

Sectors: If you are a real-time biotech breakout trader, then this sector section is all that you can love. You can also freely combine all those filters under “sources,” “categories,” “sectors,” and “watchlists” as per your convenience. 

As your trade is based on stock screener signals, then you should activate All sources but not limit any other options so that you can see all the market news, trading ideas, financial news and analyst ratings. Also, the Benzinga Pro news feed is excellent for stock trading, including penny stocks and low-floating stocks. It covers multiple news outlets, and you can also filter news articles easily by sector and company using other news desk filters. 

#2. Advanced Financial News Feed

You can open the advanced Benzinga newsfeed by clicking on ADV Newsfeed in the navigation bar. Right now, it is in beta mode, but it does work well. Along with the filters mentioned earlier, this advanced news feed goes a step further as you can now add fundamental data, volume and pricing values filters to our search.

#3. Chat Rooms

If you're a trader or an investor, the Benzinga Pro chat rooms are the place to be. For nine channels, the chat rooms provide real-time trading news and cover news.

  • Benzinga Crypto
  • Benzinga Options Inner Circle
  • Benzinga TV
  • Benzinga Pro Lounge
  • Benzinga Bootcamp
  • Benzinga Options
  • TheStrat Setups
  • Benzinga Daytrading
  • Benzinga Pro Community Support

Among all of them, the day trading chat room and the Benzinga Pro lounge are among the most active ones. You can also get access to the inner chat rooms if you subscribe to the Benzinga Options Mentorship.

#4. Calendar

Traders and investors can use the Calendar to filter market analysis based on a date range. It also has the advantage of allowing you to look back to previous evaluations and understand the impact of different prices. You can also choose new sources types like:

Conference CallsDividends
EconomicsMergers & Acquisitions
IPOsSEC Filings
Analyst RatingsRetail Sales
Secondary OfferingsSplits
Unusual Options ActivityEarnings

#5. Squawk Box

The Benzinga Pro audio feed allows you never to miss any news, as it sends audio information.

Furthermore, it will provide you with all news alerts in the form of audio signals. The primary way of being alerted on the computer is by sound, desktop notification and synthesized voice. But Benzinga Radio Squawk has gone a step further ahead as Day traders are busy and only use their eyes. This can be a significant disadvantage of trading based on major news. So to curtail that, Benzinga Radio Squawk Box is there to help them.

And if you have a single monitor, this Benzinga Pro feature is the one you should not miss. You can use your PC's audio to listen to the hottest and breaking news and the news alerts that drive the market. This Audio news can really be beneficial for day trading if you are a trader who bids according to real-time information. As a result, it is highly beneficial to day trading.

#6. Screener

It has a better stock assortment and is preferred for stock screening. It is primarily intended to assist swing traders as well as investors. It includes five pre-configured templates, including Last Candle, Financial, Overview, Trend Following, and Valuation. And even allows you to specify the time frame for the displayed result.

This feature of Benzinga pro is specially designed for swing traders and investors and is more of a fundamental stock screener. With this screener, you can do everything similar to what you can do with Finviz and others by using 30+ fundamental data and 20+ technical data screener filters. The templates can vary according to the columns. In the next step, you can use these filters and reduce narrow down the results shown, and you can also define if the screen should be related to the daily, weekly, or monthly time frame.

#7. Movers List

Benzing Pro Movers List

This feature displays a list of all the different market gainers and losers. It also allows you to set filters based on gain and loss as well as percentage.

  1. If you want to show gainers and losers or both, you need to Define it.
  2. You can choose the trading sessions, which can be pre-market, regular trading hours, after hours
  3. You can also select the period from 5, 15 or 30 minutes to 1 hour, session, weekly, monthly, annual, YTD, or custom
  4. Chose the sectors
  5. Define the market cap
  6. Then selecting the market cap
  7. You can also decide to either auto-refresh results every minute or freeze their result.

#8. Signals

The Signals feature provides a comprehensive view of market trends. These are classified according to the timestamp, type of signal, and stock symbol. To open Signals, you can choose “SIGNALS” in the left navigation. Here you see the main signal categories. 

  • Price spike: stocks with significant price changes
  • Option Activity: option sweeps and unusual volume
  • Block Trade: for identifying block trades
  • Halt/Resume: circuit breaker halts and resumes
  • Opening Gap: Leading gappers
  • Highs: New daily or 52-week highs
  • Lows: New daily or 52-week lows

Each signal result will be shown with the signal type, timestamp, and stock symbol and comes with a description as well. Plus, you can also export the data as CSV-File by clicking on the little icon on the top right and clicking on “Export Table to CSV.”

#9. Detailed Analysis Window

Detailed Analysis Window

The Detailed Analysis window displays a preconfigured page that provides a more in-depth market analysis. You will see that the workspace has a lot of potential for detailed analysis. You get three main sections in the detail view. And above the chart, you have the following navigation items:

  • Overview: Here, you will see a basic chart with the most popular time frames
  • News: All the news related to the stock
  • Chart: You get a detailed chart with indicators, drawing tools, time frames
  • Calendar: You will see earnings with dates, estimates, and surprise numbers
  • Peers: This will show the group of stocks similar to the chosen one
  • Financials: All the company financials like balance sheets, income statements, cash flow analysis
  • Key data: All the fundamental data like float, dividend, PE-ratio

In the lower section, you get various news sources arranged in tabs:

  • All
  • Press releases
  • SEC Filings
  • BZ Signals
  • BZ Wire
  • Partner News

#10. Scanner

The Scanner feature enables traders to evaluate stocks at regular intervals. These are real-time, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, or never. These intervals are kept in real-time by all active. The scanners are more focused on the stock market and the digital currency market.

The important aspect of this feature is the filter, as you can define things like stock exchange, price range, sectors, and price change at the last minute. Here is how you can define your favorite scan initially and then choose any of the preconfigured scanners by clicking on Presets.

  • 5 Minute Movers
  • Overall Gainers
  • Real-Time After Hours Gainers
  • Mid-Cap Movers From Open
  • Large-Cap Gainers

#11. Benzinga Options

Benzinga Pro Review - Software Preview

Benzinga launched the Options feature in 2021, which included several options such as Options picks, Trading strategy development, Options trading education, and Webinars.

Benzinga Options is a Benzinga Pro bundle that, unlike other features, can only be purchased with Benzinga Pro. As a result of its close integration with Benzinga Pro, it cannot be added on its own. Benzinga Options is commonly used as an educational platform for webinars. Furthermore, the regular stock market commentary is updated via the Inner Circle chatting rooms.

Basic Features of Benzinga Option

The mentorship of the Benzinga Options have the following features:

  • Market Insights which are up to date in the chat rooms.
  • Benzinga Pro Essentials
  • Access to the Chat Rooms of the Inner Circle
  • Trading Mentorship & Education
  • Trading Webinars which vis Zoom
  • 6 High Conviction Options Trades per Month via Email
Use of Benzinga Options?

Benzinga Options is an excellent studying platform that helps you to analyze the entirety of trading. First, it will assist you in recognizing the simple expertise of trading.

In addition, expert merchants will supply you with the fine 6 picks every month. Therefore, you can purchase Benzinga Options and Benzinga Pro collectively as they are bundled together and avail of a cut-price of 30%.

Benzinga Pro Pricing Plans – Does Benzinga Pro Offer Free Trial?

Benzinga Pro offers 4 pricing plans. All the plans, which of which pricing is quite unique and distinct. 

Benzinga Pro Pricing Plans

Does Benzinga Pro offer a free trial? 

You don't get a free trial from Benzinga Pro; instead, you get a Free plan, which is excellent. You can use this free plan to explore this tool and after that, go for the paid plans.

The subscription plans for the Benzinga Pro are divided into four categories. These are, namely, the Free plan, Basic Plan, Essential Plan and the Options mentorship plan. 

Benzinga Pro Free Plan

Features you get with the plan are:

  • Nasdaq Basic (15-minute Delayed Quotes)
  • Watchlist
  • You get BZ Wire Newsfeed but Only – Search, No Filters
  • Chart
  • Details Tool with Key Stock Stats
  • Movers – Current Session Only

Benzinga Pro Basic Plan – $27/mo

With this plan, you get all the features of the Basic Plan along with: 

  • Nasdaq Basic (15-minute Delayed Quotes)
  • Chat
  • Full Newsfeed (no Advanced Filtering)
  • Watchlist Alerts
  • Movers
  • Benzinga Premium Articles on

Benzinga Pro Essential Plan – $177/mo

This is one of the most popular plans offered by Benzinga Pro. Let's explore its features. 

  • Nasdaq Basic (Real Time Quotes)
  • Real-Time Scanner
  • Calendar
  • You get Advanced Newsfeed (filter by Technicals, such as Price, Volume, Float)
  • Audio Squawk (Equity, Options)
  • Signals

Few Add features include

  • Unusual Options Activity ($27.97/mo Add-On)

With this plan, you can unlock a few more bonuses for which you have to remain subscribed to keep them going:

  • Options Trading Newsletter ($200 / year value) FREE starting on the 3rd month
  • Enhanced Options Trading Newsletter ($500 / year value) FREE beginning on the 6th month

Benzinga Pro Options Membership Plan – $347/mo

This is an exclusive plan by Benzinga Pro where you get all the features of the Essential plan along with: 

  • You get access to the Options Inner Circle Chat Room
  • Plus Trading Mentorship & Education from Leading Trader, Nic Chahine
  • Regular Market Overview to Match Nic's Winning Trading Strategy
  • Unusual Options Activity

Best Alternatives of Benzinga Pro

Several Benzinga Pro alternatives offer traders trading analysis. Some of the alternatives are as follows:

  • Hammerstone Markets
  • The Fly on the Wall

However, none of them have the capabilities of Benzinga Pro. As a result, it is regarded as the best newsfeed application for the trading market.

Is Benzinga Pro really Worth It? 

After using Benzinga Pro, we can undoubtedly say that it is worth the usage. You get trading real-time news events and access to the market moving news which gives you an edge over other traders. Also, the news sentiment indicators, Audio Squawk box, and real-time alerts feature something which can help you to scale your profits. 

We really like the real-time news and watchlist feature, but out of the box, the calendar is an excellent feature that comes with the Benzinga Pro Basic plan. Also, the audio news squawk feed and chat with news-desk features are potent upgrades that you get with the Essential Plan. Also, the Powerful Benzinga Pro Options are something to look at.

Benzinga Pro Customer Support

For all of its users, Benzinga Pro offers Live chat support. Users can benefit from it to get answers to their queries. Also, they can take this help when they find difficulty in using any feature. The team at Benzinga is always ready to help.

The company also offers phone support. +1 (877) 440-9464 . So if you have any questions, you can also call them and get your answers quickly. Along with this, they also do have a support page that is filled with articles and knowledge questions from which you can get help. 

Overall, the customer support offered by Benzinga Pro is good. 

Benzinga Pro Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Benzinga Pro Customer Reviews

Top FAQ on Benzinga Pro Review

What is Benzinga Pro?

Benzinga Pro is a financial news and data platform that allows investors to track and participate in a variety of markets, including commodities, equities, and cryptocurrencies. We deliver the appropriate information at the appropriate moment.

How much does Benzinga Pro cost?

A Benzinga Pro subscription comes in two flavors: Basic and Essential. Basic costs are $99 per month or $948 per year (a monthly cost of $79), whereas Essential costs $177 per month or $1,404 per year (a monthly cost of $117).

Can I try Benzinga Pro for free?

Yes, you absolutely can. The free 2-week trial of Benzinga Pro is one of the best options for traders or investors seeking a reliable newsfeed or comprehensive analysis tool. This allows anybody to try out the platform's various features for free.

How many people use Benzinga Pro? is quite popular, with over 16 million monthly visits.

Will the traders really benefit from Benzinga Pro?

Well, we would say the Ultra-short-term traders won’t get as much value from Benzinga Pro because it focuses more on fundamental news. But then, short-term traders can use it and plan their strategies by using pre-market and after-hours news data.

What are the hardware requirements to run Benzinga pro on your computer?

There have been a few reviews suggesting that Benzinga Pro does not work on older CPUs as they struggle to run this along with other trading software. So better would be to go for the 14-day Free trial and see if your machine can support it.

How to cancel Benzinga Pro?

If you wish to cancel the Benzinga Pro subscription, you can do it by logging into the user dashboard. After that, you can click on the three dots on the upper right side and select Billing. After that, you can click on the Cancel Subscription.

What is the Options Inner chatroom in Benzinga Pro?

The Options Mentorship Inner Circle is kind of a private chatroom for Benzinga Pro Options Mentorship subscribers. The chat room is led by no other than Nic Chahine, who shares his strategy, other answers questions and more. With the chat room, you also get access to six of his trade ideas, complete with the trade setup.

Benzinga Pro Facebook Group

Benzinga Pro Facebook Group

Benzinga Pro on Twitter

Benzinga Pro on Twitter

Final Words on Benzinga Pro Review

After completing this Benzinga Pro review, we can term this platform as a one-stop solution with incredible features, which are value-adding features at competitive pricing. Also, the combination of news desk and news services and also the stock screener make this platform unique. Plus, it can also save your workspace, and even you can create multiple workspaces which you scroll them. You can also filter the results and even export the results to a spreadsheet.

Benzinga Pro is very beneficial for all traders and investors. Along with its different tools and features, it provides the required news about the market and sends alerts as well. Thus, it is a very beneficial news platform and will help many traders.

8.8Expert Score
Benzinga Pro Review

Benzinga Pro is the best app for traders and investors. It keeps you up to date on the most recent market news and trends affecting the stock market.

Speed of News
News Team
  • Trading news in real-time
  • Access to the news desk
  • Innovative Interface
  • Notifications are sent to the system for convenience.
  • One of the best platforms for traders to learn about the daily market.
  •  Customized newsfeeds based on the trader's requirements
  • Browser-based web application and runs on every system.
  •  Send audio alerts and squawk box.
  • The basic subscription is ineffective.

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