Maximize Your Earnings with the Best 7+ Hotel Affiliate Programs

In this article, we are going to talk about the 7 Best Hotel Affiliate Programs in 2024.

As Covid-19 restrictions have eased out and traveling has opened, we are witnessing a boom in international as well as domestic travel.

And when traveling begins, the Hotel industry also starts to pick up as travelers prefer to stay at the hotel as they are new to the place they are traveling.

Talking about the Hotel niche, well, it is connected to several other ones like Car rentals, travel accessories, travel and sightseeing and more which you can promote along with the Hotel Affiliate Programs.

So when you promote Hotel Affiliate Programs, you can also target various other niches like Travelling, Medical Tourism or even, for that matter, travel with babies or pets and get good revenue from Affiliate Marketing.

In this post, we have enlisted our 7 Best Hotel Affiliate Programs in 2024, which can drive great revenue.

How To Earn Passive Income From Travel Blogging With Hotel Affiliate Programs

Do you love to travel? Have you ever dreamed of making money while exploring the world? With hotel affiliate programs, you can turn your passion into passive income! Here's how:

First, create a travel blog and build an audience. Share photos, stories, and tips on the best destinations around the world. Use SEO-friendly headlines, tags, and keywords to draw more readers to your site. Make sure you write for your target audience – whether it's budget travellers or luxury jet-setters.

Once you've built an engaged audience, find the right hotel affiliate program for you. Look for one that offers great commission rates, loyalty points, and special promotions that will benefit your readers. This will help make your travel blog more successful and profitable.

Then, sign up with the preferred affiliate program and start promoting the hotels you recommend. You can share banners, links, videos, or reviews on your blog to drive traffic to their website. Every time someone clicks your link and books a stay, you'll earn a commission! It's that easy!

So don't wait any longer – take advantage of hotel affiliate programs and start earning passive income while travelling the world!

#1 Affiliate Prgram is a premier and leading name in the hotel industry. The company started in 1991 but was then rebranded to when it became a part of the Expedia group in 2001.

Promoting is beneficial as it has its website in 35 different languages. Plus, they have 85 localized websites as well, which are going to remove the language barrier from the context of promotion, and you can promote effectively.

You can get a 1% commission when you sell one of their gift cards and a 4% commission for a room booked through your Affiliate link. It offers a 7-Day Cookie lifespan which some might think is less, but the person who wants to book a hotel will know where and how to book, so that's not a big issue, and you can bring in great conversions. does not have its own Affiliate Program, and you have to go through CJ Affiliate Marketing in order to promote it. But when you sign up for the Affiliate program, you get access to the program along with various tools which can fetch you great conversions, like banners, widgets and also link generators which can increase the productivity of your campaigns. is something that has high credibility and a brand name associated with it. So we don't think you will encounter any problem in promoting it.

  • Commission rate – Up to 4%
  • Cookie duration – 7 days
  • EPC – $74.99

#2 Agoda

Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is another famous website that claims to be the world's biggest accommodation booking platform and has over 2 million vacation rentals and hotels across the globe. The website comes in 38 languages through which customers can facilitate easy booking in their own native language.

Interestingly, we have 2 ways in which you can register for the Agoda Affiliate program. One is via CJ Affiliate, where you can create an account there. Second is where you can also register for the Agoda Affiliate partner site, and in both ways, you are offered a different commission structure!

If you sign up through the CJ Affiliate, you can get a 6% commission with a cookie lifespan of 30 days. Whereas if you sign up for the Agoda Affiliate, you get a commission which falls according to the following:

  • >50 bookings – 4%
  • 50-99 bookings – 4.5%
  • 100-199 bookings – 5%
  • 200-999 bookings – 6%
  • Greater than 999 bookings – 7%

So as you can see, if you join the Agoda partner program, you will have to provide a fixed range of bookings to bring in good revenue. Therefore it is better to become a CJ Affiliate for Agoda.

But whichever way you use it, you get to choose the host of marketing materials like the Agoda-branded search box through which users can check out properties on your site. One of the major downsides of the Agoda Affiliate Program is that it has a minimum payment threshold of $200, and also it levies bank transfers and charges affiliates $10 for each payout.

  • Commission rate – 4% – 7%
  • Cookie duration – 30 days
  • EPC – $110.42

#3 Affiliate Program also claims to be among the big players in the hotel industry, where it offers users to book 30 million bookable rooms in over 2.5 million properties. Also, its Affiliate program is among the most popular programs where Affiliates join in and get good revenue.

Talking about the website, well, its highly optimized to bring in conversions as the website generates more than 1.5 million room reservations a day, and that's among the main reasons why it has over 12500+ registered Affiliates on its site.

Here as well, CJ Affiliate comes into the picture through which you can promote. But when you sign up for the CJ Affiliate, you might come across 11 offers, so make sure you sign up for the one which you intend to target globally or the one which you want to target locally.

One interesting aspect of the Affiliate Program is that it does not have a cookie lifespan period. Instead, it comes with session-based cookie tracking where clients have to book their bookings in that time frame. However, it does offer a 4% commission on hotel bookings. As the cookie lifespan is session based, your referrals need to book their booking at that very moment; else, if they come back again and book, you will not get any revenue. Also, the payouts are made 60 days after check-out.

  • Commission rate – 4%
  • Cookie duration – Session-based
  • EPC – $112.50

#4 Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

Trip Advisor needs no introduction as it is among the leading hotel booking sites across the globe. It has over 795 million reviews and 1.4 million properties which is excellent. The platform even allows you to combine restaurants, attractions, and accommodations.

The Trip Advisor Affiliate program is also powered by CJ Affiliate, among others on our list. Basically, what Trip Advisor has done is that it offers commission to the leads you offer. This commission is a small figure that you can then combine with other aspects like accommodation and restaurants to boost your revenue.

But here comes the tricky part! You will only generate Affiliate revenue when the clicks you send to TripAdvisor results in a click-out to hotel property. You will not generate anything on any other type of click. You get a 40% of the referral fee if you refer the visitor, even if they don't complete a booking.

The platform has different cookie duration for 2 actions – One a 14-day window for hotel bookings and a 30-day cookie duration on experiences. But the key here is only if you create content that is helpful and for people who are actively booking their stay, you are going to get good revenue!

So here as well, you have the CJ Affiliate network, where you get to choose between 3 payment methods which are direct deposits, Payoneer and Check. Also, the minimum payment threshold is $50, which we guess is not much, and you will be paid around the 20th of each month for the sales generated in the previous month.

  • Commission rate – 4% on experiences and 40% of referral fee on hotel bookings
  • Cookie duration – 30-days on experience and 14-days on Hotel bookings
  • EPC – $12.94

#5 Priceline

Priceline Affiliate Program

Priceline is actually a price comparison website that has been long in the business for over 20 years now. Initially, it was a name-your-own-price website where people bid on accommodations and other products and services. Since then, it has come a long way in becoming a standard pricing comparison website.

Now Priceline is a leading Hotel comparison website where users can compare the service and accommodation of over 700,00 hotels across 170 nations. It offers savings on a few major brands of luxury hotels, including the Hilton, Hyatt, Kimpton, and more.

For Affiliates, Priceline offers a wide range of different options – 3% – 5% in commission depending on the offer they promote. You also have to be aware in such cases that the bookings made via coupons are going to serve you 0% commission!

Priceline is a premier website that comes with a good API and allows bookings and management all in one place. It also offers dedicated support and also offers private e-commerce travel booking engine, which can be easily integrated with your website, thereby opening a new revenue model for you.

Affiliates joining this well-known brand expect promotion to be a bit easier. Also, the product range offered is something that widens the gap between you and your audience from where they can make repetitive purchases which can increase your revenue.

  • Commission rate – 3% – 5%
  • Cookie duration – 30 days
  • EPC – $12.94

#6 Hostelworld

Hostelworld Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, it is a website where you can find hostels and other similar properties for rent; You might be wondering why it is on our list. Well, read on why. Many hostels are not big in size as hotels and also are not promoted on Hotel websites, so Hostelworld is a website where you can find all of those.

Affiliates, if your audience is one which is in search of budget-friendly options, promoting Hostelworld can just earn you big bucks! Hostels are an easy option for the ones who don't look to spend much $$$ and want something at just a quarter of that price and accept the less luxurious spacing of hostels.

Few hostels can even be cheap at $5/night, along with services like free wifi! So that is a great selling point and, at the same time, a good promotion point as well! Hostelworld has over 180 countries' properties globally listed on their website, and even a single traveler, a group, and up to 80 people reservations can be made through this website.

Hostelworld Affiliate program is based on cost-per-sale variety, and also the payment varies from how you sign up. The platform also offers you a wide range of tools that can help you in promotion, like widgets, link tracking, banner, booking engine and more, along with good customer support.

One thing which is excellent about Hostelworld is that the website has a plethora of properties which include bed-and-breakfast, campsites, guesthouses and more, which make it easy to promote to a larger audience and fetch you great affiliate income!

  • Commission rate – 18% – 22%
  • Cookie duration – 30 days

#7 Intercontinental Hotel Group

InterContinental Hotel Group Affiliate Program

When we talk of a major hotel group, how can we miss out on one name – Intercontinental Hotel Group. With 5000 hotels, 674,000 rooms, and 150 million guests annually, this hotel group needs no introduction. It has significant brands hotel brands, including Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Regent, Hualuxe, Avid, and many more!

IHG offers caters to the demands of various users as you get budget-friendly options along with many luxury and expensive hotels as well. They have a hotel for every occasion. Whether you want to go for a vacation or for a business trip, IHG has got it all!

Coming to the point, Intercontinental Hotel Group has an award-winning Affiliate program known as PartnerConnect, which offers equality for all of its affiliates by providing them with genuine services, products, and tools that can help you to drive traffic to your website.

Though the commission offered is just 3% which is quite actually common and prevalent in the industry. But what's unique is when you look at the program EPC and Network Earnings, which suggest that many people are making their bookings through IHG Affiliates.

  • Commission rate – 3%
  • Cookie duration – 14 days
  • EPC: $136.50

How does a Hotel Affiliate Program Work?

The entire tourism, hotel and travel industry suffered a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When people were inside their homes, and no one was allowed to travel, each of these industries had to suffer huge losses, and therefore none of them could make any revenue, and some even found it difficult to survive.

But as the travel restrictions have now eased off and people are traveling and booking hotels, the industry has now got a fresh spirit and is slowly picking up the pace that it had in the pre-covid era.

Many people would argue what benefits an affiliate can get when they refer to products and services offered by the Hotel business. Well, let us explain. People are just crazy now to book hotels and flights as the COVID situation improves, and who does not love traveling? So when people travel from one place to another, they book hotels where they can stay. And speaking about hotels, most people prefer the ones which have a home-like feeling and are cozy with all services offered.

So when people book their hotels from your referral link, you can get a good commission for your promotion. This commission initially will look low, but then as substantially people will start booking and your promotion efforts start to blossom, you will see that your Affiliate revenue starts to boost, and you start earning more and more.

But to be a successful Hotel Affiliate, you should make sure of the following key aspects:

  • Make sure you have your own website which is related to traveling and covers aspects related to it.
  • You should apply and be a partner of a Hotel Affiliate program.
  • Make sure you drive the right amount of traffic on your website so that people can know about the offers you are promoting.

So as you see, there is no such difference between a Hotel Affiliate business and a normal Affiliate marketing business. Both require the same basic steps, but it all depends on you how you promote and how your marketing efforts are. After all, that's what is more important. Your website traffic and how much your promotional efforts are, will determine how much revenue you can make. You can join any of the above-mentioned Hotel Affiliate Programs to begin your Hotel Affiliate journey.

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What is Hotel Affiliate Marketing?

Hotel Affiliate marketing is where Affiliates promote the products and services offered by hotel businesses. As an Affiliate, you only have to promote the services and products offered by the Hotel Affiliate program, which can deliver you excellent commission through which you can boost your passive income.

Which are the Best Hotel Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Some of the Best Hotel Affiliate Marketing Programs are, Agoda,, Trip Advisor and many more on our list!

How can you become a Hotel Affiliate?

It is pretty easy to join the Hotel Affiliate program as you can simply apply for any of them. As soon as you are approved by a specific affiliate program, you can start promoting it and earn great affiliate income.

How do you make money from Hotel Affiliate Program?

You can easily promote deals from travel and hotel websites and then earn significant revenue every time when someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a booking or a purchase.

Final Verdict – How much can you earn from a Hotel Affiliate Program?

By compiling this list of 7 Best Hotel Affiliate programs, we have tried to enlist the best of the lot. However, we might have missed out on a few of them. Coming to the question of how much you can earn from them clearly depends on how you promote and how your marketing efforts are. Though the commission offered by these Best Hotel Affiliate Programs can vary, you must choose the one which best fits your needs and also the one which provides all the necessary support and tools which have a direct impact on your conversion rate.

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