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Are you looking for exclusive BidSpy coupon codes? Well, you have come to the right place! In this detailed BigSpy review, well will be sharing some insights on this ad spy tool along with some new BigSpy coupon codes to help you make the right buying decision.

So no matter how many questions you have related to this tool, they will all be covered in our ✅BigSpy Review. Often, we are on a hunt for the best ad tracking tool, and we do get a list that comprises famous tools and makes us more confounded. You may have a business where you might be struggling with finding the best marketing campaigns for your venture.

Now coming to our topic, BigSpy is an effective ad spy tool that has gained popularity with the advent of time, and it provides you with all the crucial information about your website.

Nowadays, Ad spy tools have become a necessity for people to be aware of the public's interest and have proper knowledge of the keywords that are the basis of ranking your ads.

There is no doubt in this fact that the BigSpy tool helps you grow your business website. If you use reliable Linux web hosting for your website, then the performance will increase tremendously. What else? You will get to know all about this excellent platform in our in-depth BigSpy review.

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Learn more about this effective ad spying tool – BigSpy!

In-Depth BigSpy Review

BigSpy Review

BigSpy is a database comprising millions of ad creatives. You can also download the ad creatives and check the ideas of the ads for your market inspiration. You may get stuck when you start a perfect advertising campaign, you may also lack good ideas to promote your product, or if you want an inspiration source to output your results, BigSpy is up for all of that.

This ad spy tool helps you compete with your rivals in digital marketing. If you are interested to know about your competitor's strategy or how many ads your competitors have run. BigSpy will always assist you and help you discover something valuable here.

Other than this, it also offers an additional feature in which we can check the ad and display the daily trend of the performance of the ads; this will prevent wastage of time looking again or missing some crucial data.

This is when an ad spy tool like BigSpy comes into play, So I must say that this platform is a must-have for the team of every digital marketer.

How does BigSpy work?

BigSpy Reviews

The UI interface of this platform is beginner-friendly. Even if you have squats knowledge about how an ad tool works, you can quickly get started with this platform. When you visit the website, you get access to try the primary function straightforward. This is how the homepage of this platform looks like.

Once you are on the homepage and click on the ‘Search Now‘ option, you will be redirected to the registration process. You can sign up with your email and password or just let the Google account perform the necessary steps.

Once you are through with the registration process, you will be redirected to the most crucial step. You can find the navigation option straight to the different features; the frequently used option is Ad Spy. At first, you would see seven other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo.

BigSpy Coupon

After this, enter the keyword you would like to analyze and choose the filters for advanced research. You have access to the following filters: language, country, device types, etc., to obtain related results.

After this, when you check the ads, you can find the necessary information like how many people like, share, and commented on a specific ad. After clicking ‘Detailed' of an ad, you will get a popup of the particular ad; you can enlist the ad and offer the data to download it.

Along with this, you can click on the ‘Detailed insights‘ to get a closer view of the demographics, age, gender, and location.

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BigSpy Review

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What makes BigSpy the best of the other ad spying tool?

Key Features of BigSpy | BigSpy Review

BigSpy Features
  • As you already know, BigSpy offers search queries for over 6 different networks that provide various options to users.
  • Without paying a penny, a user can search 10 Facebook queries. He just needs to register to BigSpy, and he is in to use the free resources provided by the platform.
  • A massive database of over 400 Million inventories and over a billion ads are in continuous insight.
  • There are various search filters available that offer you a clear view of what you want to search. The searching criteria provided by them are pretty good.
  • All the trending ads are picked daily by BigData.
  • This platform quickly discovers the customers' tastes, and they have inclined to which side or which type of ads.
  • Over 320k happy customers with 86% of customer satisfaction increase this tool's trust.
  • By your preference, you can track the performance curve or ad scheduling.

How does BigSpy help you enhance your Ads?

BigSpy Data Inventory | BigSpy Review

BigSpy is a great tool for looking at social ads, which tracks a ton of different types of ads! Plus, it has access to a massive database that's global and grows constantly. BigSpy offers over 2 million ads from around the world, and we're still growing. You'll see more than 40 different types of ads, and we can cater to any country or region that you require.

The BigSpy ads spying tool is the perfect solution for people looking to save time by spying on their competitor's ads, product trends, and top-level reports you can't ignore. Plus, this tool will make your social media advertising funnels work in a matter of seconds!

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, you'll find it offers something for everyone. Searching is quick and simple, whether on desktop or mobile. It's also got many advantages such as:

  • 400 Million + advertising data inventory
  • Advertising monitoring for 6 platforms
  • Simple registration
  • Direct online use.
  • Accessible free plans
  • Multi-type screening

BigSpy developed this transparent tool so they could help you achieve your goals and maximize the impact of your ad campaign.

Powerful search filters to get desired results.

BigSpy Screening Options

BigSpy offers a variety of screening options. For starters:

  • BigSpy has ads from multiple industries and niches.
  • Select the devices you want to monitor. Android, iOS or Desktop (PC)
  • Search Options: You can search by the title of your ad, your ad copy content, or other relevant information about your business. You can also find information about your competitor.
  • Select an ad category. Select “Games & Apps” or “eCommerce.”
  • Choose ads that are from your favorite affiliate network.
  • Offer ID/Affiliate ID: BigSpy also works with affiliated entities.
  • It has exhaustive marketing objectives goal filters like post engagement, app install, conversion rate, COD and more.
  • BigSpy has ads from more than 40 countries.
  • Language: This is a versatile tool!
  • Like-range allows you to set a range for how many likes the ad has so far.
  • It includes many different types of Calls-To-Action (CTA). These include “Learn More,” “Like Page,” “Subscribe,” and so on.
  • Custom date range: Searching for ads with the most impressions generally shows some of the most successful ads.
  • Categories: select which categories you want to show ads from.
  • Filter your ads by last week, last 3 months, and more.
  • Choose the Ad Creative format that best suits your needs. Options include images, videos, or carousels.

BigSpy lets you sort the search results in five different ways:

  • Last Seen,
  • First Seen,
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

Certain advertisements are some of the best out there. They can act as an example for you to learn from content and headline ideas. A lot of businesses are competing for engagement, but that doesn't mean you can't be successful with BigSpy.

How can BigSpy help you enhance your ads strategies?

BigSpy Tips to Spy Ads

Checking out competitors' ads is not about stealing their content but studying and understanding what you could potentially improve on your own post by checking what works best.

We should consider many factors when looking for a particular advertisement that is working. Here are some points to study in competitor ads and get inspired to create your next winning ad:


Understanding the Ad-Creatives

Let's have a look at Facebook ad models on BigSpy.

  1. The number of days an ad has been running.
  2. CTA button.
  3. Landing page URL.
  4. Heat: a Facebook metric that assigns a number to track the success of your ads. The higher it is, the better your ad is performing.
  5. Engagement on social media (likes, comments, shares)

You can click the name of the page to see this ad on a webpage. With BigSpy, you also have access to their interface for other social media, allowing you to monitor them all simultaneously.

The other metrics besides heat are the same across all BigSpy tools. Plus, the landing pages are interactive, so it will automatically direct you to visit it or just click on different parts of the ad creative for more information.


Detailed Ad-insight

When looking for an advertising insight, this is important to bear in mind – click on the “View more” button. Once there, clicking on it will trigger a popup, previewing some of the best available insights for that ad.

Data offered includes:

  • Date-range
  • Ad-text/description
  • Category
  • Device
  • Performance
  • Country

If you click on the downloads tab, you can download the thumbnail/video used in the ad and see some more detailed insights about it. You'll find complete access to every piece of data available all in one place.


Gender, Age & Location

BigSpy has incredible data on gender, age, and location insights. Their datasets are updated continuously, making them perfect for your marketing needs.

Need assistance finding the right target demographic for your campaign? BigSpy is here to help you with their vast data and amazing customer service!

BigSpy gives you an easy-to-understand graph of your data with information on the different age groups the ad was targeting, which genders were targeted, and what region it took place in. You can easily highlight the area of your interest by checking one or more categories. BigSpy will help you find the best countries to target for that particular ad or any other ads in that niche.

Enhance your Ads or UA business with BigSpy.

Track Competitors Ads with BigSpy

When running your Facebook ads, it's important to carry out regular advertising tests. Unless you track the results, you can't know how effective your ad is.

BigSpy allows you to find your competitors' most successful A/B tests and compare these findings with your own. This way, you can see which ones solved the problem best in terms of ad effectiveness, which can help you create new strategies to improve your own ads.

The “People Tracked” button on BigSpy lets you see ads that other people are following. Just find the right insight about one of these ads that match your industry or personal strategy – then add it to your “tracklist.”

If you don't have an exact product or niche yet, the “Ad Ideas” feature is exactly what you need. Simply click on it from the top bar of BigSpy's platform.

Pick a type of idea for your ad:

  • Hashtag
  • Exclamation
  • Free
  • Question
  • Emojis
  • And much more

Using BigSpy, you will be able to see which ads are performing better than others.

Pick your desired plan.

BigSpy Pricing Plans

BigSpy offers 3 pricing plans. The first one is free that costs you nothing! But, it gives you access to limited features.

BigSpy Pricing

Other than this, there is a basic plan that costs you around $9/month. But again, this one also comes with limited features. You only get 25 queries daily.

Finally, the pro plan costs you around $99/month. This one comes with unlimited access to all the features. You get endless queries daily.

I don't know if you noticed this fact, but there is a vast difference between the pricing plans. One is $9, and the following one is direct of $99!?

BigSpy Discount

BigSpy should include more pricing plans or a customised plan that users can use according to their convenience.

BigSpy Customer Support

The live chat system of this network is not that good. It sure exists, it is responsive, and it is fast. But it is just not 24/7, and it is not available on weekends. Along with this, you also get email support. The email support system is also average. It does offer pretty detailed tutorials which can be used to understand or solve the problems.

Some merits & demerits of the BigSpy tool.

BigSpy Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly interface: BigSpy offers a user-friendly interface. Even if someone is entirely new to ad spy tools, this platform will provide them with all the information to understand the fundamental dynamics quickly.
  • Detailed ads analysis: As already mentioned above, BigSpy has an extensive database that offers detailed ads analysis. You are also allowed to see the marketing data of all the products that you are spying on. This feature comes in handy when you want to know how a product converts and how it will benefit you.
  • Online support: You are also provided with 24/7 online support that helps you benefit from all your queries!


  • There is a big difference between the pricing plans of this platform.
  • The free access is limited. If you want to check the platform full-fledged, you cannot do it.

🌟 BigSpy FAQ

✅What is BigSpy?

BigSpy is an ad spy tool designed for those who work in marketing, advertising, and search engine optimization.

✅How BigSpy works?

BigSpy is an ad spy tool that will provide you with all the facts you want to begin your marketing campaign. It has an extensive database so that you may search through a large number of ad creatives for ideas. It also offers ad analysis so you can see how effectively your advertisements are doing.

✅How much is BigSpy?

BigSpy offers 3 major pricing packages from which you need to pick, depending on your requirements.
Basic: $6/mo
Pro: $69/mo
VIP Enterprise: $300+/mo

✅Is BigSpy legal?

Yes, of course! It's perfectly legal. Ads are visible to the general public & are collected and used by the general public. The ad data pipeline only contains public data, not personal information.

✅Is BigSpy free?

Yes, with restricted features, you may use this adspy tool for free.

Should you go for this ads spy tool?

Conclusion: BigSpy Review + BigSpy Coupon

Everything around us is designed for marketing purposes, and it's your job to know what works best for you. BigSpy can help you achieve success by taking the guesswork out of your campaign. BigSpy automatically scans your competitor's ads and helps you find the best ads to use, whether it's from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob or another one of their many supported platforms.

Without a doubt, BigSpy is one of the best ad tools that we can lay our hands-on. If you want to try this platform first, we recommend you start with the free plan. With this, we put a stop to our BigSpy review. Suggestions or doubts are welcome in the comments section down below.🙂

9.4Expert Score
BigSpy Review

BigSpy is an ad spy tool that will provide you with all of the facts you want to begin your marketing campaign. BigSpy can help you plan a winning strategy right now. Try it now!!

User Friendly
  • Big Ads Database
  • Powerful Search
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Unlimited Featured Ads
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Best Company Support
  • Free access with limited features
  • A significant gap in prices
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20 Queries Daily, 1 Seat


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