Top 7 Blockchain Ad Networks Of 2023 (Crypto Ads)

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Do you know what’s trending in the online advertising world? This is why we have created this blog to keep you updated with the latest technologies trending around the world, especially for those who are starting to build their career as an affiliate in the digital marketing world.

Blockchain is the latest digital advertising element becoming popular these days. But if you are unaware of how Blockchain works and which ad networks support Blockchain, then you have landed right where you should be.

In this post, we are sharing with you the best list of Top 7 Blockchain Ad Networks for 2023 that are popular among users around the world. If you are a serious marketer and want to increase your revenue, then join the Blockchain platform using any of the ad networks mentioned in this post and feel the sunshine.

About Blockchain

Before you step into the details of the ad networks that are best suited for Blockchain, you should first collect every piece of information about Blockchain, and once you are satisfied, then join the ad network. 

Blockchain is a kind of digital ledger that allows a secure connection between two parties on a peer-to-peer network that is fully secured and authentic and is entirely transparent for the parties to be verified at any point in time within the network.

When we say transparency, it means that the data is completely encrypted and nobody can manipulate it. This reduces fraudulent activities and increases the efficiency at par.

This is how a Blockchain transaction takes place:

The broadcast takes place on a peer-to-peer network when a user requests a transaction.

The user who made a request is validated through inbuilt algorithms, and after successful verification, the data is compiled in the form of blocks. Now, this data is added to the digital ledger and is available publicly without authorization to alter the data. So its completely safe at the same time anyone can view it publicly.

Hence, in the digital advertising world, Blockchain is the most secure, visible, and accountable digital ledger that solves problem occurring to the Bitcoin users. We have researched the top companies in Blockchain advertising networks. Here’s a list of top 7 best Blockchain (bitcoin) advertising networks. 

Ultimate List Of Top 7 Blockchain Ad Networks (Updated 2023)

Blockchain Ad Networks

1. Mellow Ads

Mellow Ads is a fantastic bitcoin advertising network that offers simple advertising ways like bitcoin banner and pop-under advertising.

Mellow Ads
In the last month, it is said to serve over 8.2 billion banner and pop-under impressions that show its popularity and proves that Mellow Ads is a leading advertising network and deserves the top place in our list of top 6 Bitcoin Advertising network.

It offers the lowest fees for direct and network campaigns. For network campaigns, fees chargeable is as little as 10%, and for direct campaigns, fees are zero. If you want to start your career with simple and lowest cost advertising, then Mellow Ads offers cost-effective banner and pop-under advertising.        

Reason to choose Mellow Ads:

  • It does not have any setup fees or contracts, so there are no hidden costs.
  • Easily manage your campaigns at the lowest price with geo-targeting available. With geo-targeting, you have the decision making power to show your ads in the selected country/region.
  • Its amazing customization control allows you to upload multiple ad banners and build your own text adverts.
  • Performance statistics can be viewed instantly includes a number of views, clicks, and pops for each day for every campaign active and running.

2. Cointraffic

Cointraffic is a one-stop solution to advertising needs. More than 400 crypto-related websites have trusted it, and the number goes on increasing every year.


Advertisers can receive crypto traffic from any location they want, and publishers can earn a massive amount of money with no barriers.

Reasons to choose Cointraffic:

  • It offers a website skin that attracts visitors, and your brand is displayed to a larger audience in a very short time. This can be placed on the right and left-hand side and also above the top of the screen. Formats supported are JPG, PNG, and GIF that are most creative and visible.
  • Simplicity is what makes Cointraffic banners being placed on most premium positions with detailed reporting for each banner and also possible to run A/B tests.
  • Sticky footer and header cover 100% width of the screen and allow visitors to view the banner all the time, even if the page is scrolled up or down. A slide is always attractive and appears above the content once for each visitor with 5 seconds delay before opening. 
  • Native advertising is the most promising marketing for crypto businesses, which are faster and more effective than traditional marketing. Since native advertisements can be created in minutes and are published on known sites; hence they bring organic traffic to your website instantly with a high click-through rate.
  • CoinMedia, powered by Cointraffic, is a Blockchain marketing agency with expertise in different marketing channels.
  • Within 3 days press release is published on over 50+ websites.

3. Coin.Network

Coin.Network is a leading crypto ad network that launched in 2018 for publishers and advertisers to maximize ad revenues across finance and crypto audiences.


With 20+ curated crypto partners, Coin.Network’s crypto advertising platform is the perfect partner for advertisers to drive niche audiences to their crypto websites and publishers to monetize their websites with quality and contextual ads.

The platform is owned by BuySellAds (founded in 2008) and comes packed with benefits. Publishers can maximize impressions and choose from high-yielding ad formats, while advertisers have complete control over their ad campaigns and can decide who to target. Publishers also enjoy good company by placing crypto ads from top crypto brands.

Coin.Network currently receives over 1 billion monthly ad impressions thanks to its huge network, with over 10 million monthly active users in the native network and 50 million in the display network, Coin.Network is one of the leading crypto ad networks on our list.

Reason to choose Coin.Network:

  • The platform has multiple payout options, including USD ($), BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), and LTC (Litecoin), with Net-30 terms. Other cryptocurrency payout options are available on request.
  • There’s access to Display or Native ad formats for crypto brands to increase clickthrough rates and crypto publishers to improve ad viewability.
  • Ads can be customized to target niche crypto audiences depending on interests, geographical location, and industry.
  • Coin.Network’s application process ensures advertisers and publishers are joining a network with high-value partners and account manager support to gain maximum results.
  • You’ll be in good company—popular publishers like WorldCoinIndex, CoinGecko, BitInfoCharts, GoldPrice, and WhatToMine work with Coin.Network to drive maximum ad revenue.

4. A-Ads

A-Ads, formerly known as anonymous ads, is the oldest Bitcoin advertising network and also the first to trade traffic for cryptocurrency. It started showing Bitcoin-based ads in 2011 and offered anonymity to promote your business and earn cryptocurrency.

A-Ads Logo

Advertisers can integrate with API for bitcoin and get traffic for their websites, but if integration is not possible, then directly get paid traffic from publishers by spending fixed daily budgets.

No cookies, no JavaScript, so you have a clean and free internet and the most-safest bitcoin advertising network. It strives to provide the safest and private advertising platform to boost the cryptocurrency economy for B2B, B2C, and C2C. 

It has daily impressions of 258.39k per day, 1617 ad units, and an average CPM of $0.35 for Bitcoin advertising. 

Reasons to choose A-Ads:

  • A-Ads offer transparent payouts with no hidden fees or contracts. You can check out the payouts on its website.
  • It offers an affiliate program by joining which affiliates can earn by inviting advertisers with their referral link.
  • To start an ad campaign, you don’t need to register yourself, so you remain anonymous. You have to create an ad unit of any type and start promoting using your referral link. This takes only a minute and is simple.
  • Advertisers get to decide the payouts for any ads by using a CPA or Revshare model.
  • It allows you to run your affiliate program and pay after it converts.

5. CoinZilla

CoinZilla is a leader in finance and cryptocurrency projects, with hundreds of projects being launched each day that gives exposure to your project. Many cryptocurrency websites are associated with CoinZilla and have recommended it on a large scale.

CoinZilla works with the top cryptocurrency websites to provide exclusive offers and best rates to the advertisers. With CoinZilla’s global reach to audiences around the world, you can maximize your ROI with low investment.

CoinZilla statistics prove that they are a leading cryptocurrency network with 280M+ impressions per month, 300+ clicks per month, and 450+ websites per month

Reasons to choose CoinZilla:

  • The easy and quick setup allows you to display your advertising campaign to potential audiences across many websites. For any improvements required in your campaign, you will be automatically suggested with CoinZilla smart assistant, or the manager will make sure your campaigns run hassle-free.
  • It signs contracts only with the top websites from the cryptocurrency and finance niche, so you get your ads displayed on the desktop and mobile screen of the right audience.  
  • It places your ads in the visible places of the website so audiences can see your ads clearly, and this would generate maximum results.
  • Advertisers can easily customize their campaign creatives and settings, with the help of account manager campaigns can be optimized at minimum costs.
  • Publishers have lots of benefits, like withdrawing their payouts at no costs via bank transfer, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. It doesn’t matter where the traffic comes from, and you can earn money from any traffic with a 99% fill rate.
  • CPA, CPM & CPA models are available to optimize your revenue per 1000 impressions. With high-quality ad banners, your users will never drive away. You get daily payments for ads displayed through your website and withdraw your earnings anytime.

6. Bitmedia

Bitmedia strives to provide the most relevant crypto audience to Blockchain businesses. It allows banners of all sizes to be displayed and increase the reach for a profitable business.


But the media also offers video ads that are one of the best means of displaying ads and increase the reach to new audiences and ensure the best projects to be delivered. Smart banners attract audiences and engage them in your website, so when joining Bitmedia, you get access to rich media.

Reasons to choose Bitmedia:

  • You can place your ads where you want, giving all control in your hand. Don’t worry about your budget as you can choose CPM or CPC depending upon your purpose and budget. With a custom targeting option, you can reach a specific crypto audience with the right targeting settings.
  • It offers custom ad inventory for publishers that improves revenues. With hundreds of advertisers and over 20000 ad campaigns served, Bitmedia is undoubtedly the best solution for cryptocurrency earnings.
  • There are no boundaries and limits to how much you can earn by serving ads. Bitmedia’s ad inventory has all the custom solutions for statistics that show graphically as well as tabular figures like CTRs, status, whether active or not, and more.
  • It serves more than 20000 ad campaigns with 1 billion+ monthly impressions.

7. SmartyAds

SmartyAds provides smart revolutionary Blockchain technology with limitless opportunities for everyone. The newest Blockchain Adstack is powerful and secured in all means.

SmartyAds Logo

It offers three products, namely SmartyAds Blockchain DSP, SmartyAds Blockchain SSP, and SmartyAds Blockchain Ad Exchange.

Reasons to choose SmartyAds:

  • You get access to full super quality inventory from premium suppliers and also negotiate contracts, close deals that are profitable, and an automated record of every transaction is delivered.
  • Data stored in a digital ledger is shared among members of the network, but it cannot be modified or tampered.
  • Due to decentralization, there are zero chances of failure, and hence it is incorruptible. Members joining the network are first approved and verified, making it a fraud-free ecosystem. 
  • For more protection, digital signatures are implemented, which are a combination of letters and numbers. It is called DSC. Cryptographic hashes are used for digital inventory and impressions, making it secure and protected. 

🌟 Blockchain Ad Network FAQ

What is the bitcoin ad network?

Bitcoin ad networks is an online advertising network that brings together website publishers and advertisers who are looking to promote bitcoin- or cryptocurrency-related websites.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is entirely digital money, which is like cash for the Internet. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users.

Do people use Bitcoin?

Yes, there are various businesses or individual who is using Bitcoin. This includes restaurants, apartments, and law firms, as well as popular online services such as Namecheap and

Is Bitcoin fully virtual?

Yes, it is virtual as the credit card and online banking network, which is used by many people on a daily basis. Many people used Bitcoin to pay online in physical stores, just like any other form of money.

Conclusion: Blockchain Ad Networks Updated 2023

So these are some of the promising Blockchain (Bitcoin) advertising networks that will take your earnings in digital advertising to the next level. You can handpick any of the networks from the list mentioned in this post and start your ad campaigns right now for the best ROI.😊



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