How To Build Your Email List That Response And Make Money!

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Are you not able to stack up against your email list?

Growing your email list will improve your business sustainability, but often people fail to grow their email list because of a lack of marketing knowledge.

An email has always been the best channel to reach your raving fans than any other medium, including social media.

But the challenge that many are facing is how to grow the number of subscribers quickly and effectively?

In this post, we will share the best tips to Build Your Email List that will form a bridge between you and your users. These excellent tips will not just increase the traffic but will also boost your revenue in real-time.

Best Tips To Build Your Email List

Build Your Email List
Take full benefits of these tips and start building your email list from scratch and leverage it to grow more sales.

Be very Clear What you want to Achieve

Whatever your objective is in building an email list, you should always make it easy for your visitors to sign up and not let them go through a long-winded process.

You should be very clear in identifying what you want to accomplish if you desire to build a huge email list. The reason why you should be clear in what you want to achieve is that you will work that way. 

For example, you want to send new post notifications by asking visitors to subscribe to your blog or website or if you want to sell products by promoting their features and pricing with special discounts. 

Beautiful Opt-in Forms and its Placing

Opt-in forms have a great impact on users as you can surprise your customers with that. You can use some landing page builders like Elementor, Leadpages, Thrive Architect, and more to build landing pages with great-looking opt-in forms.

Make your subscribers feel unique and valued by offering them discounts, as this will result in your subscribers being loyal to your company.

Once your subscribers know about your opt-in bribes, they will always be waiting for new arrivals and grab that special prize that makes them feel special.

The most important aspect of opt-in forms is its key location, where you can grab more attention for visitors and double your email list.

Placing opt-in forms where they are likely to grab visitor’s attention is what will make them subscribe to your email list. Sidebar and after the post is where most visitors expect opt-in forms to be.

Other types of opt-in forms could be pop-ups, header or footer notification bar, and slide in. Make use of excellent opt-in form tools that give you multiple templates to choose with advance features to engage your visitors.

You can also use shortcode placement and place opt-in forms wherever you like it if you don’t want it on the sidebar, you can place in using shortcode on your about us page or services page.

Things to Care about Before Email Setup

Before you get off with your email setup, ensure you have some content ready once you start setting up your email account.

Usually, a welcome email is the foremost engaging element that gives an idea to your subscribers what they can expect from your email. As discussed in the above point, the opt-in bribe works wonders.

The very first thing to be considered while setting up your email is to choose an email provider that offers domain-specific email with automation features. 

Google, Yahoo, etc. do not offer domain-specific emails. Domain-specific emails are something like [email protected].

If you want this kind of email, then you have to choose an email provider. There are many in the market, like Zoho, GetResponse, MailChimp, and more. These email providers some of the best email marketing tools.

Whichever email provider you choose, make sure you get a plan with at least 1000 subscribers or more. You can start with a free plan that offers very few subscribers list, and once you are satisfied with the service, you can upgrade your plan for more subscribers.

Email Setup

Now that you know which email provider to choose and the basic requirements of an email, you can now start setting up your email.

The first in the line is creating a recognizable sender name, so subscribers realize your brand and don’t delete your email before even opening it. Most of the people delete email considering it as spam, and this is why the open email rates are very less.

Do not setup your email to be a no-reply email that restricts you from hearing your subscriber’s opinions and queries. If your subscribers can reply to you, then you can keep them engaged and loyal to your brand.

Be careful with the Welcome and Autoresponder Email

Autoresponder is the key player behind the welcome email that is sent to your visitor’s right after they sign up. So you need to add autoresponder content, but one thing to take care of is the schedule of autoresponder emails.

Ensure you don’t create havoc in your subscriber’s inbox. The time frame for autoresponder emails should be carefully setup.

Share Remarkable Content

If your content is interesting, your subscribers will share your content within their close contact. This is really positive as now your subscribers are expecting more such amazing content.

Just like you converted your visitor into a subscriber with an opt-in bribe, you can integrate a CTA so that people receiving the forwarded email can sign up for your emails too.

Social sharing buttons and Forward to Friend buttons will expand your reach and grow your network with vast popularity.

Make sure you send targeted content by segmenting your email list. If you know your customer's interest, you can set an autoresponder to send specific emails to specific customers instead of bombarding emails to everyone.

Thank You Page Comment

If readers like your post on your blog and comment on it, then you can redirect them to a thank you page, inviting them to join your email list.

For this, you can use WordPress native commenting system or buy a premium plugin like Thrive Comments, which is always a better choice to replace WordPress native comments.

Using Social media

Social media plays a vital role in increasing your email list. For example, you can host a free giveaway on Instagram and invite your visitors to click on the link and go through your website.

Social media

Once the visitor lands on your website, your opt-in forms are what will convert them into subscribers.

Who doesn’t like free bonuses?

Offer your visitors some free elements to cherish, for if you can lure them to opt-in for your free products/services, then they easily sign-up to get it first before anyone else does. You can show urgency like “only 100 left”, or “valid only for 2 days”. This will urge visitors to take action immediately without delay.

Facebook is the #1 social media network with the most significant active users. You can promote content on your Facebook timeline and invite your followers to sign-up. 

If you integrate social sharing buttons on landing pages and thank you pages, then that increases the chances of your subscribers promoting your brand by sharing it with others.

You can add CTA on your Facebook page and redirect your followers to a landing page that offers free resources only by entering an email address.

🌟 Email List FAQ

How do email lists work?

The primary function of the mailing list is to receive email messages and forward those messages to the subscriber. The mailbox receives the messages that submitted for posting. 

What is a mailing list email?

It is a list of addresses to which we send the same kind of information. In the case of an electronic mailing, we always used a list of email addresses.

Can I buy an email list?

There is various email marketing provider that does not allow you to send emails to lists which you have bought. But if you use email marketing software, then you can easily use opt-in email lists.

What consists of mailing lists?

A mailing list usually includes the email address of subscribers or emails which are collected by offline or manual means. It also contains names and email addresses of individuals.

Final Verdict:

There are plenty of more ways to keep growing your email list. You have to be very clear with your marketing options and use every element, like filling a water bottle to the very top. 

Use Every Option Precisely! 😊



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