14 Best Car Rental Affiliate Programs: Beginners Guide to Make Money!

Best Car Rental Affiliate Programs

Are you searching for Highest paying Car Affiliate Programs that can boost your internet marketing revenues?

You have landed at the right page. And today, we are going to check out the 14 Best Car Rental Affiliate Programs. Apart from that, this article will also give you a general overview of the car rental market and the advantages of these affiliate programs.

Car affiliate program is a niche that comes under the traveling industry. Lots of exotic cars and big Limousines are being liked by many. And the extinction at which this craze has gone is tremendous. Many people prefer a rented car when they wish to travel from city to city or maybe for traveling inside the city. As this industry has grown, so have the Car Rental Affiliate Programs.

With the rising popularity of car-related content on the Internet, it’s no surprise that many car enthusiasts are popping up and researching cars here and there. I am sure that this trend has led to more traffic for many automotive blogs, meaning it would be easy monetization via high ticket automotive affiliate programs.

But you can't just go around blindly without any direction and hope you'll stumble across the best automotive affiliate programs in the market. And that's the reason why we have brought in our 14 Best Car Rental Affiliate Programs which would give you sweet deals in terms of commission offered and some pretty other awesome benefits which would sweeten the deal even more.

What is a Car Rental Affiliate Program?

Car rental affiliate programs have enabled bloggers and affiliate marketers to make money online by promoting their services. They are able to reach a large audience by aggressively marketing car rental deals on social media, blogs, and other online channels. So by joining any rental car affiliate program, you can promote it on your blog, get qualified referrals, and earn a good commission. 

Here are a few benefits of joining a Car Rental Affiliate program

Car Rental service is a profitable business in the travel industry. And combining it with an Affiliate program will really make the industry grow into new horizons. So let's check out the benefits of doing so: 

  • Renting a car couldn't be more easy and accessible to anyone in the world who has the proper credit card or bank account information. With such a simple process, renting a car has never been easier for people who are looking for an alternative way to travel.
  • The comfort that people find in a car, such as the ability to recline or adjust the temperature, makes it preferable to other modes of transportation like trains or buses.
  • By joining these affiliate links and networks, the commission you get is higher. 
  • And as explained earlier, the entire car rental market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% over the next nine years, up to USD 152.29 billion by 2028, so there are still new horizons to explore.

14 Best Car Rental Affiliate Programs

So after this much information about the business, lets just look at the 14 Best Car Rental Affiliate Programs. 

1. Discover Cars Affiliate Program

Discover Cars Affiliate Program

DiscoverCars is the leading car rental company that puts the customer's needs first. There are no hidden fees, and customers have the option of canceling their reservation at any time without charge. The prices are lower when compared to other agencies as the negotiation process is done directly with the car rental companies. The lack of mediators means a more streamlined process and lower prices across the board.

At DiscoversCars, people can find cars at rent in over 145+ countries covering 10K+ locations. If you want to generate revenue, then join the DiscoverCars affiliate program. You can start generating revenue today with dedicated account managers and promo materials that convert better than other programs. Also, DiscoverCars has a very high level of customer satisfaction and many positive reviews

  • Cookie Duration: 365 days
  • Commission: 70% of rental car profit, 30% on full coverage insurance revenue (Post Affiliate Pro)

2. Rentalcars Affiliate Program


RentalCars.com is a great example that shows what affiliate marketing can do to improve traffic to your blog. As one of the biggest car rental comparison websites online, RentalCars.com has a solid reputation and has been able to provide great deals for all of its customers.

If you are used to travelling alone or prefer to distance yourself from your fellow travellers on the road, rental car affiliate programs are the perfect addition to your travel content. They offer a variety of benefits that makes it easy for you to explore more parts of the country without having to worry about renting out a vehicle at your destination.

  • Cookie duration: 0 days (RentalCars.com), 30 days (CJ Affiliate)
  • Commission: 40% of RentalCar.com's cut (RentalCars.com), 6% of sales (CJ Affiliate)

3. Zipcar Affiliate Program


Zipcar is one of the best travel blog affiliate programs that pay a commission for every referral. Join the Zipcar affiliate program and make money by promoting it through your travel blog. Once you are approved for the program, you will be given exclusive deals and promotions from them by which you can help your blog audience save on car rental bookings. It also offers a dedicated team of affiliate management that is there to help you with everything. You would also receive newsletters with new updates on the affiliate program and more ways by which you can promote and earn. 

  • Cookie duration: 1 day 
  • Commission: $10 for each annual application, $30 per business application

4. Localrent Affiliate Program 

Localrent Affiliate Program 

Localrent operates in Montenegro and is extending its presence to other countries as well. It is an online car rental service that partners with the local providers to give you the lowest prices and best service quality. Because of its excellent performance, the company is making massive growth and expanding its services to other countries. You can easily search for a car by particular criteria and color, and deposits are only 15% of the rental cost.

Plus, you also get 24/7 customer support that would let you know which texts most quickly gets in the top of search engines. Localrent also provides you with a White Label tool by which you can increase your conversion up to 2.7%.

  • Cookie duration : 30 days
  • Commission: 50% of the advertiser’s revenue on every booking (on average, 21 euro per booking)

5. Auto Europe Affiliate Program

Auto Europe Affiliate Program 

Auto Europe is among the leaders in car rental services and partners only with top providers, which include Hertz and Europcar and offers 20,000 car rental pickups in more than 180 countries. With Auto Europe, you get a wide selection of rental companies at the best rates, and you can also cancel for free 48 hours prior to pickup. You also get a 24/7 customer support service.

With the Auto Europe affiliate program, you can monetize your travel blog or travel booking site by providing your visitors with an easy way to book cars for their next vacation. Payments are processed through electronic deposits, and for any assistance, you get a dedicated affiliate manager who will help you with strategies and promotions.

  • Cookie Duration: 7 Days 
  • Commission: 8% per booking

6. Hertz Affiliate Program

Hertz Affiliate Program

Next on our list of Best Car Rentals Affiliate Programs is Hertz. It was awarded “Best Rental Car Company” by Global Traveler and Business Traveler in 2015 and had been providing easier traveling for its customers for over 90 years. All its customers can choose from a wide range of sports, hybrid, and luxury vehicles that suit their rental needs. Along with this, they also run frequent offers and deals like 20% off for AAA members.

Hertz makes use of Commission Junction to run their affiliate program. It also supplies its affiliates with all the marketing materials and tools needed to start promotion accurately. Their responsive affiliate team has a great deal of experience in the industry and is always ready to answer any questions and also give suggestions on how to optimize your campaigns.

  • Cookie Duration: 1 Day
  • Commission: 3% per booking

7. Avis Affiliate Program

Avis Affiliate Program

By joining the Avis car rental affiliate program, you can earn good commission and incentives as you get access to promo materials like links and banners. Avis Car Rental strives to ensure a stress-free car rental experience for all its customers. Their inventory includes everything from small and smart cars to luxurious SUVs that premium automotive brands power. They have around 2,200 locations in the US, Canada, and around the globe.

You can start your affiliate marketing journey with Partnerize and promote special car rental offers from Avis. Partnerize allows you to accurately track leads and sales through your affiliate campaign, making it a great way to start an affiliate marketing campaign.

  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days
  • Commission: 4% per booking

8. VIP Cars Affiliate Program

VIP Cars Affiliate Program 

VIP Cars has been providing car rental broker services for over 11 years with thousands of satisfied customers across the globe. They have partnered with over 500+ car rental companies to provide services and are dedicated to providing the best car rental experience possible. All its customers get to choose from three different car rental services – luxury, economy, and van rentals.

It is pretty easy to join the VIP Cars affiliate program and also easy to promote. All transactions are made through SSL encrypted technology, which provides absolute security. You also get a high affiliate commission with monthly payouts and 24/7 help and guidance. Their commission rates are also among the highest in the business. 

  • Cookie Duration: 365 Days
  • Commission: 50-75%

9. AirportRentalCars Affiliate Program

AirportRentalcars.com Affiliate Program 

AirportRentalcars.com is one of the top car rental services that offer a top discount on car rental reservations on its website. It has a platform that makes it easy for travelers to book their preferred rental vehicle from almost 19,000 global rental car locations. Customers can make the process of renting a car effortless by entering promotional codes or rental car agency codes during the booking process.

They are extensive, covering all of your needs while on the go. The company has tied up with Commission Junction in order to oversee their affiliate program. For its affiliates, the company provides them text links, banners ads and also reporting tool. They also offer a unique mobile tracking feature which tracks mobile traffic with links that are exclusive to the mobile experience.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Commission: 5%

10. Rentcars Affiliate Program

Rentcars.com Affiliate Program 

It's simply one of the most extensive car rental affiliate programs in the entire car rental industry. The company ensures you can promote Rentcars through your blog and tourism website and earn more commission on all valid bookings. Rentcars is an international car rental company that provides competitive prices to all of its customers with zero additional fees. The customers can pay on arrival or online. Rentcars has partnered with over 100 car rental companies around the world. They offer users discounts of up to 30% when booking a car rental, and their services are available worldwide. 

  • Cookie Duration: Not Known
  • Commission: Up to 50%

11. Budget Rental Cars Affiliate Program 

Budget Rental Cars Affiliate Program 

Budget has always been committed to providing good value to its customers. They were established in 1958 and are now the world's largest budget car rental fleet operator, operating in over 104 countries. They have around 1,800 locations around the world. Through Partnerize, all the affiliates can join the Budget Rental Car affiliate program.

The company gives its affiliates access to real-time tracking tools and frequently updates promotional materials. Along with this, they also get incentives on a few specific locations, cars and driving dates that can increase the earnings of the affiliates. One of the top reasons to join their affiliate program is that you can get frequent incentives. 

  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days
  • Commission: Up to 4%

12. Travelocity Affiliate Program 

Travelocity Affiliate Program

Travelocity is a company that provides one of the most established and powerful travel booking platforms for hotels, car rentals, flights, and more. It also offers a variety of travel services to its customers. The company provides a customer-first guarantee with 24/7 support. They also offer price matching, in which they will match any lower prices you find and refund the difference in cost.

The company has tied up with Commission Junction to manage its affiliate program. It also has created an enormous library of banners, logos, coupons, and text links. They also run various signup bonus offers from time to time. One of the top reasons for joining this affiliate program is that you can earn commission and signup bonuses. Along with that, you can also earn commissions on cruises, hotels, airline tickets and even vacation packages. 

  • Cookie Duration: 45 Days
  • Commission: 2% on completed car rentals

13. CarRentals Affiliate Program 

CarRentals Affiliate Program

The Penultimate Program on our list is CarRentals which is a trusted Expedia brand used by over 8 million customers. It works with all the regional agencies and national brands so that it can provide the most rental car choices around the world. One more positive point that this company favors is that users can book a car in 3-easy steps without requiring a credit card or booking fees. All the affiliates can sign up with Rakuten Marketing or FlexOffers.

The company gives its affiliates access to a wide range of marketing materials, including a banner, ads, a digital storefront, individual product links and search boxes. Using all this material, the affiliates can certainly use their creativity and reach a wider audience. 

  • Cookie Duration: 7 Days
  • Commission: 3%

14. Car Rental 8 Affiliate Program

 Car Rental 8 Affiliate Program 

Car Rental 8 is one of the world's leading car rental companies and operates in over 125 countries. They have an extensive network of over 20,000 locations and offer affordable prices on various vehicles. The company has an aggressive pricing, strong partnership and an experienced team that has helped it grow into an industry leader. It allows its customers to choose from essential car rentals or all-inclusive arrangements. The affiliates need to signup with Flex offers and the company even accepts affiliates from outside the US with multiple websites around the world. 

  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Commission: 6% on pre-paid rentals, 1% on pay-local rentals

Car Rental Market in 2022 

Car rental companies target an enormous audience of tourists who want to explore new places and have the freedom to plan their own journeys. These customers come from all around the world and are looking for a reliable vehicle that is safe but also provides them with luxury. This mode of travel also provides a higher level of mobility and removes the need to worry about things like owning a vehicle.

Car renting has become comparatively more accessible than ever before. With various online platforms, you can easily select the car you need and check its photos its engine capacity; whether you need an SUV or a sedan or a terrain vehicle, you get all the options. 

The global car rental market is currently valued at USD 98.14 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% over the next nine years, up to USD 152.29 billion by 2028. The significant rise in the number of people taking business and leisure trips across the globe is driving explosive growth in car rental services, leading to a corresponding increase in the demand for car rental services. This is a positive indicator of the industry’s growth.

Apart from the income, a couple of other aspects make this car rental industry interesting for travel affiliates. Rental cars, as you know, are pretty pricey. So people book through online links and spend more dollars securing their rental car. Along with this, the rental car business requires less staff and maintenance. So the commission that can be earned is also pretty handsome. Well, if you select any program from our list, you can get up to 70% of the profit!! As an affiliate.

Top FAQ on Car Rental Affiliate Programs

How do you become a Car Rental Affiliate?

To become a Car Rental Affiliate, you need to sign up with and activate a car rental affiliate account through Commission Junction, a leading provider of performance-based marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers.

How do you earn from a Car Rental Affiliate program?

To become a Car Rental Affiliate, you must be registered in an affiliate network. From the car rental affiliate program, you earn a 70% commission from the car rental profit & a 30% commission on full coverage when a customer comes to you directly from your site. This happens only to rentals that are not canceled or refunded. The commission is a percentage of our profit, not of the cost the customer pays. This type of commission is paid to be monthly via PayPal or wire transfer.

What is the need of Car Rental Affiliate programs?

The Car Rental Affiliate system exists because car rental agencies use affiliate companies to advertise them. Car rental companies pay affiliate companies a commission for each customer referred to them by their affiliates.

What types of customers do Rental Companies target?

Rental companies target several types of customers with short-term car needs. They target those who cannot afford their own car. Car rental companies target an enormous audience of tourists who want to explore new places and have the freedom to plan their own journeys. These customers come from across the globe and are looking for a reliable vehicle that is safe but also provides them with luxury. These companies also target people such as college students who only need a car for a temporary period of time, like to vacation, and like to try new things.

Do I have to pay anything to join an Affiliate Program?

No, you don’t have to pay anything to join any affiliate program through any of the networks.

Conclusion – Are these Car Rental Affiliate Programs really paying good commission? 

A trip should be memorable, and it becomes absolutely wonderful when you use an international car rental company. We hope that you like our 14 Best Car Rental Affiliate Program lists. These 14 Car Rental affiliate programs are just the beginning of what can be done. You can also earn affiliate commission from hundreds of other ways for your website. 

Last but not least, By joining and promoting affiliate programs that help car renters find great deals on rental vehicles, you can make someone’s journey happy while simultaneously earning money for yourself.

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