Cleverly Review 2023: Leading LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency

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LinkedIn has grown to be one of the most popular online channels for recruiters to hire and produce leads. There are, however, several different tools that can assist in improving and automating lead creation.

It also aids businesses in reaching a broader audience and doing so at a faster rate. ✅Cleverly Review is one such platform that benefits a variety of enterprises.

It's one of LinkedIn's lead creation systems, and it automatically expands your reach.

Using data acquired from multiple outbound business to Business campaigns cleverly offers personalized messages to distinct clients and potential clients.

It was introduced in 2016 to make the process of producing leads on LinkedIn easier.

All the steps are automatic; you take the conversation further and close the deal when the client responds to the messages.

However, getting a response from clients on LinkedIn is difficult.

Personalizing a message for them that they are sure to respond to needs many talents and business experience.

Additionally, clients disregard communications generated by bots and AIs since they are irrelevant to them.

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In-Depth Cleverly Review

Cleverly Review

Cleverly's the best feature is that it sends messages after assessing the client's preferences and generating relative messages.

Cleverly is maintained up to date with user data, which improves depending on previous responses and effective lead creation.

Growing businesses, startups, and freelancers will benefit from the service.

Although the platform has a user-friendly interface, it does not appear to have any unique features that set it apart from other B2B campaign tools.

The following is what we know so far about the platform:

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These messages are frequently data-driven and make clients feel more critical.

Various more characteristics have made Cleverly successful and provided a better message and targeted adverts.

As a result, let us learn more about Cleverly's characteristics.

Key Features of Cleverly

Constantly updating new data is one of the most crucial components of becoming aware of clients and possible prospects.

This aids in the generation of leads by relating to and learning from previous references. Several companies that want to expand their reach use Cleverly.

Cleverly has a straightforward user interface and all of the essential capabilities of a B2B marketing solution. So, let's have a look at some of Cleverly's features.

#1. Prospect Builder

The prospect builder is one of Cleverly's features.

It is based on LinkedIn data and assists in the generation of a list of possible clients.

The data is analyzed to determine the most effective technique to approach leads and convert them into customers.

The initial step is to compile a list of possible leads, after which it creates personalized communications.

The information gathered from LinkedIn is usually gleaned via comments on articles, group members, or the profile itself.

Allows the user to generate custom entries and import a list of leads from previous campaigns cleverly.

Once the prospect has been generated, you can use Cleverly's techniques to automate the lead-generating process and send them communications.

#2. Sending Personalized messages


Assessing the client based on obtained data and then personalizing communications is the greatest strategy to get leads.

When customized for a specific client, these statements will undoubtedly attract, appeal to, and make them feel cherished.

These customized messages are data-driven and appeal to customers on a personal level. However, as several clients have pointed out, the personalization of the messages is lacking.

On the other hand, Cleverly is continually working to improve its automation process to send better messages.

This will aid in the development of more leads and the conversion of those leads into satisfied customers.

#3. Automation Processes

When it comes to any product designed to generate leads for you, it must be completely automated.

Such technologies' workflows must automatically evaluate many aspects of lead creation and give effective outcomes.

A user will only pay if a tool increases lead volume, and the process is quick and straightforward. Cleverly is highly effective at automating the delivery of messages to clients.

It also allows the user to establish a time gap between messages to establish credibility.

To make the response process easier for clients, messages are frequently modified with a quick reply feature.

Cleverly's account manager is constantly on hand to make better judgments, send out better communications, and keep track of the campaign's timeliness.

However, without a detailed examination of the client, it is unclear how the manager will comprehend the reasons behind the signals.

Sometimes, throughout the automation process, the program will act on behalf of the users, resulting in the client's loss.

A business opportunity may be lost as a result of this.

Cost & Packages for Cleverly

Cleverly Review - Cost And Packages for Cleverly

Cleverly's lead generation is one of its most fundamental capabilities, and it's very successful for a service that supports automated tactics.

Small enterprises and startups use it to reach a wider audience. Based on potential, the plans are further classified into three categories.

There are no free trials available, so you'll have to buy the software before you can evaluate its performance.

So, let's take a look at Cleverly's three different designs.

Silver Plan

  • The monthly cost of the Silver Plan is $297.
  • It only allows for one account to be managed.
  • It will give your company a monthly reach of 250 prospects.

Gold Plan

  • The monthly cost of the Gold Plan is $397.
  • It only allows for one account to be managed.
  • It will provide your company a monthly reach of 500 people.

Platinum Plan

  • The monthly cost of the Platinum Plan is $597.
  • It allows for the management of two accounts.
  • It will provide your company a monthly reach of 1000 people.

The features that these plans are listed below:

  • Provides customer help by email, chat, and phone.
  • In the case of silver subscriptions, allows the user to send hundreds of messages. Gold and platinum, on the other hand, allow you to send thousands of messages.
  • A/B testing is done on the messages that are sent.
  • The campaign's strategy is based on data.
  • Personalized outreach messages are created.
  • It aids in the recognition of ideal choices.
  • The prospect list that is created is really useful and qualifies the lead metrics.
  • An account manager will be dedicated to creating the most effective communications and data for you at all times.
  • It holds performance meetings and phone conversations to evaluate the plans' efficacy.
  • It improves the current advertising plans and campaigns.
  • Through an automated process, the connections are invited to participate in the services.
  • For the convenience of both users and their clients, answer messages are also automated.
  • They can effortlessly browse around the software thanks to the dashboard's user-friendliness.
  • It gives you better and more accurate analytics to help you create more conclusive reports.
  • For messaging, it has an intelligent inbox.
  • The system has a lead tracking method built-in.
  • The software allows users to import target lists from previous advertising campaigns effortlessly.
  • CRM integration is possible with Ziaper's aid.
  • It gives you a better teaching platform as well as a place to advertise your business.

Cleverly Review: Specifications

The LinkedIn auto lead creation tool is incredibly user-friendly and has a lot of valuable features. So, let's take a look at all of the software's specifications.

  • It is only compatible with the Windows operating system and is not accessible for other platforms.
  • The software does not have any mobile applications.
  • The software's deployment is based on a gathering of data from many websites.
  • It is appropriate for all types of businesses, both small and large. Furthermore, this software is beneficial to startups and freelancers.
  • The software's primary medium of communication is English.

Cleverly Pros and Cons

Cleverly is a very successful lead generation tool that assists numerous businesses in moving forward and reaching a larger audience.

As a result, let us examine the various advantages and disadvantages of Cleverly.

  • Different advertising processes can be automated.
  • Lead generation is improved because of tailored messaging.
  • To attract clients and potential clients, he employs data-driven techniques.
  • For a better understanding, retrieves data from previous campaigns.
  • Better message generation that is relevant to the client.
  • The messaging system's auto-responses make it simple for both the client and the user.
  • It comes in three different plans, each of which includes all of the software's features.
  • The sole difference between the plans is that silver plans have a smaller reach than gold and platinum plans.
  • The software was created exclusively for Windows and is not compatible with IOS or other operating systems.
  • According to the price charged, the prospects that are reached are relatively low.
  • The software can make judgments on its own that are counter to the business's wishes.
    However, this is a rare occurrence.

🌟 Cleverly Review FAQ

✅What exactly is Cleverly?

Cleverly is a LinkedIn lead creation business that assists B2B companies in generating leads.

✅What kinds of users and organization types does Cleverly work with?

Cleverly works with the following categories of people and organizations: mid-sized businesses, small businesses, enterprises, freelancers, non-profits, and government.

✅What languages does Cleverly support in their product?

Cleverly only supports the English language.

✅What types of outreach messages does Cleverly send?

1) Requests for connections with or without a personalized message (this depends on your preference)
2) After the connection request has been accepted, send follow-up messages (this is only sent to new 1st degree connections that Cleverly has generated for you)

✅What is the pricing of Cleverly?

Cleverly has three plans: the silver plan, which costs $297 per month, the gold plan, which costs $300 per month, and the platinum plan, which costs $597 per month.

Final Words:

Your firm may require a slight push from an automated technology to reach a larger audience by this Cleverly review. Frequently, the success of your business is determined by the quality of your services and products.

Cleverly intends to accomplish just that, giving you a platform to reach out to a broader audience via targeted emails.

9.3Expert Score
Cleverly Review

Cleverly is designed with the sole purpose of converting more of your visitors into leads; it cleverly aids in the growth of your leads, sales, and profits. Shop Now!!

Easy To Use
  • Ease tool to create a lot of ads in a row and without a lot of effort
  • This is great for virtual learning too
  • Cleverly provides an on boarding call to assist you in setting up your initial LinkedIn campaigns.
  • It helps us track the impact of various paid and organic marketing channels
  • It offers various views and cuts to analyze the user data
  • Some of the features doesn't works properly


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