Clickadu Review 2023: Is it the Best Ad Network? (Truth)

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Are you confused about whether to give Clickadu a try?

Do you want to discover what the tool has to offer to both publishers and advertisers?

And whether the tool provides higher ROI?

Well, we don't want to keep you in the dark; read out this ✅Clickadu Review and get all your questions answered! 

Promoting a business online in 2023 is hectic, we understand, but what's more hectic is finding the right advertising network.

There are thousands available in the market, claiming to be the best ones, but are they? 

Many of us have even heard the name of Clickadu to be one of the premium ad networks. So, out of curiosity and, of course, experience, we are here with a detailed Clickadu review. In this review, we made sure to answer why exactly you should opt for their services! 

What is Clickadu?

Detailed Clickadu Review

ClickAdu Review

Launched back in 2014, Clickadu is a premium multi-format advertising network specializing in digital marketing.

From the next month of the foundation itself, the tool saw a skyrocketing growth by accomplishing 30M impressions and 7k conversions monthly.

In 2023, the tool has over 7k+ active users, 4 billion impressions per day, 59,5+ active campaigns, and 4.5 million conversions daily. 

The numbers themselves are surprisingly amazing, and the best part, Clickadu works effortlessly on both web and mobile devices.


The tool supports multiple ad formats like videos, popunder, push ads, instant text messages, and much more, which we believe not many ad networks are able to provide.

Moreover, with Clickadu getting high CPM rates is also like a walk in the garden. 

With no further delays, let's dive deep into some ultimate Clickadu ad formats so that you pick just the right tool!

Some important Clickadu highlights

Key Features of Clickadu (Supported Ad Formats)  

#1. DialogAds 

Instant text messages/dialog ads are popular, and an in-demand ad format displays a native text dialog to users while browsing any website.


The reason why this format is so popular is that it's highly engaging, and there are major chances that users can click on the ad.

Not just this, the tool is highly user-friendly and compatible across multiple mobile devices and versions. 

Here, the pricing models supported are CPC, CPM, SmartCPA. 

#2. Video Pre-Roll Ads

Just like the name signifies, Video pre-rolls ad format can boost your promotion videos before running the main content.

This ad format is highly profitable for those who would be launching any new product in the market.

One of the best examples of video pre-roll ads is YouTube itself, as the app often runs small video ads before showing the main video. 

Video Pre-Roll Ads

The engagement score of this ad format is relatively higher than the other ones displayed in this list. With this being said, Clickadu supports all major web video formats like MOV and FLV, WMV, AVI, MP4, and much more. 

Here, the pricing models supported are CPC, CPM, SmartCPA.

#3. Popunder Ads 

Being one of the most widely used ad formats, Popunder Ads can boost an individual's business quickly.

Popunder Ads

In this ad format, the advertisement opens up separately under the main browser. And the best part is, the advertisement closes when the main browser or window is closed; hence the attention percentage is higher. 

Here, the pricing models supported are CPC, CPM, SmartCPA.

#4. Skim Ads

Skim is the only ad format that can help a person fetch 1.7 million impressions daily.

Skim Ads

This ad format is basically a link often inserted by a publisher in any element of the website like icons, images, links, and videos. 

And whenever the user clicks on the specific element, they will get transferred to the landing page

Here, the pricing models supported are CPM and SmartCPA.

#5. Inpage Push Ads

Inpage Push ad format is similar to push notifications, but over here, the native-looking ad message appears on the screen of the users while using any specific website.

Inpage Push Ads

The specific difference between push notification and in-page Push is the in-page opportunities itself the advertiser gets to promote its products.

Moreover, advertisers even get every possible targeting option and have no range adjustments. 

Here, the pricing models supported are CPC, CPM, SmartCPA.

#6. Push Ads

If you are someone wishing to get at least 400 million impressions a day, push ads are all that you have to consider.

Push Ads

This ad format displays the ads to the website visited by visitors even when they are not browsing. Not just this, the ad works excellently for VPN and dating offers.

Here, the pricing models supported are CPC, CPM, SmartCPA.

Pros and Cons Of Clickadu

  • 100% fill rate
  • Automated and monthly payouts
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Highly Intuitive interface
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support system
  • Fraud and bot filters
  • 360° Ad coverage
  • Fast campaign moderation
  • Minimum payout is higher than compared to other ad networks

Perfect Ad network to boost your income

What makes Clickadu a premium Ad network?

In a nutshell, starting out with Clickadu is very easy; you just have to visit their official website, and over there, you'll be able to spot the advertiser and publishers option. 

ClickAdu A Premium Ad Network

If you are an advertiser, click on the advertiser tab and then the sign-up button. Enter your email address, full name, and then you are all set to create your first ad campaign.

Choose any convenient payment method, and wait for the results. If you get stuck anywhere in the process, the team even provides video help to all its new users, so make the most out of it! 

If you are a publisher, click on the publisher option and sign up as a publisher. In the next step, add your website, and the team approves it within an hour.

Install an ad code, and you are all set to earn hefty amounts. Over here, if you get stuck anywhere in the process, you can make the most out of the video help offered by the team for new users!

Benefits of Clickadu for Advertisers

Are you an advertiser wishing to promote your business at a faster pace?

If yes, then Clickadu probably has everything you would need for this cause. More than this, the tool optimizes the ad servers in such a way that users only get higher results.

Clickadu advertisers have access to a huge volume of multi-geo traffic from both desktop and mobile channels.

The users even get access to advanced features like targeting and real-time stats. And because of this, it gets a lot easier for advertisers to know what their customers are demanding currently. 

Yet another best part about the tool is it's a self-serve platform; that is, you can do everything on your own without getting restricted a bit.

There are also a lot of unique tools available for traffic quality control, and lastly, huge traffic from direct publishers. 

ClickAdu advertisers also have access to multiple pricing models like SmartCPM, SmartCPA, CPC, and CPM.

Benefits of Clickadu for Publishers

Do you wish to monetize your blog but are confused about where to begin?

Well, Clickadu has got you covered with this too. This tool can help you generate multiple income streams with bare minimum usage.

As a Clickadu publisher, you will get access to higher CPM rates in comparison to other competitors. There are exclusive advertisers available on the platform who are on a quest for high-ranking publishers.

Moreover, the tool offers a 100% rate to all its users. The payouts are on time and automated. There's even a 5% referral program available for publishers. 

Clickadu Payment Details

So now, as you are aware of the multiple benefits of using Clickadu both as a publisher and as an advertiser, we want you to explore the tool's affordability too.

The minimum payout for advertisers is $50 (differs according to modes opted) for creating advertising campaigns. 

And in the case of publishers, one can withdraw $10 if they are using Webmoney.

However, the minimum withdrawal amount also differs a lot depending on the model chosen. Lastly, the team pays publishers either on a bi-monthly or weekly basis. 

Clickadu Customer Support Service – Bad or Good? 

Not just the features, but even we liked Clickadu a lot because of the support service they provide to both advertisers and publishers.

You just have to go through the Clickadu support center, where you can easily locate two different sections, one dedicatedly for advertisers and the other for publishers.

The team has made sure to cover all the basic and frequently asked queries in the form of articles and FAQs. 

There's even a search bar available at the top, from where advertisers and publishers can search any query. If, in any case, you are not able to locate your query, you can even submit a ticket. The team usually responds within 3-5 business days.

Few frequently asked questions about Clickadu

🌟 Clickadu FAQ

✅ What Is Clickadu?

ClickAdu is a premium digital advertising network for publishers and advertisers to increase their revenue with the help of the latest features available.

✅ How many functionalities have been temporarily limited by Clickadu?

The Clickadu team keeps on improving their system; hence few are temporarily limited like SmartCPA campaigns, Traffic Estimator, Tracking system, and Credit Card payments.

✅ What is the minimum deposit amount for campaigns for advertisers?

The minimal budget is $50, but the more an advertiser can invest, the greater the returns they will get because more people will be exposed to the ads.

✅ What are the available payment options for publishers? 

Clickadu accepts multiple payment options, like Paxum, PayPal, Webmoney, Wire, and Crypto wallets.

✅ Is Legit?

Absolutely yes, the tool is a premium multi-format ad network having the best of features for advertisers and publishers. Moreover, the user base of Clickadu is in millions, and this itself highlights how trustworthy the tool is!


Since we have reviewed multiple platforms along with Clickadu, no other tool has a 100% fill rate and almost 3300+ publishers.

The numbers and the benefits the tool provides are highly astounding, and that's the reason why we recommend Clickadu a lot.

Adding more to the list, Clickadu has an intuitive interface that makes the tool even faster for publishers. The transparency is incredible, and so are the results. 

All in all, Clickadu would be the best/clever investment for both advertisers and publishers. You would not just get maximum fill rates but an even higher payout margin.

No matter if your website is humungous or just launched in the market, Clickadu can surely benefit you in many ways! 

Want to know more about Clickadu features and Competitors?

Stay tuned because we've got you all covered!



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