Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023: Building Strong Network!

With already a number of successful conferences, The Conversion Club is now about to hit Poland with its latest edition of Conversion Conf. The event will be held on April 19 and 20 of this year. A multi vertical Affiliate conference which is to be held in Warsaw, Poland has already got entries blowing the roof off. 

Conversion Conf Event

The Conversion Club Poland Meetup has been so hit that even before the month in which the event is actually to be held, it has gotten a huge response of more than 1500 participants. According to the reports, the Conversion Club conference will have five verticals in focus this time, and will even have more than twenty five speakers talking about their expertise.

Topics to be discussed at Conversion Conf Poland

The two day event will talk about the topic of Affiliate marketing and other niches that revolves around it. The main focus that this event will have is to provide great knowledge on business growth and networking. 

According to the word from the event organizer, the “Conversion Club always focuses on a high-quality pastime.”

Having a trust building recognition, their previous partners have joined them in almost every conference, where they even got a chance to build their network strong. With that they have found an endless amount of knowledge during the meetups and conferences.

Latest Attractions at Conversion Conf Poland 2023

Looking at the pace the event has caught up to, the event organizers at Conversion Club have planned even bigger steps further.

This time in Poland, the Conversion Club will have a number of celebrity speakers as well as the ones who hold greater knowledge of epic business strategies and networking. Starting from iAmAttila owner of I am Attila, Alex Slobozhenko owner of Traffic Rules, TIM BURD who is co- founder of Ageny Y, Jane Ejim chief sales officer of Clickdealer, Oleksandr and vera the owners of Traffbraza will be part of the list of guest speakers.

Joining them will be Robert Wojciechowski, Olga Maksimuk, Iuliana Gavrila, Vladyslav Savchenko, Katrina M Hier, sasha klim, Jitendra Vaswani, Catherine Kyrsenko, Vladyslav Zhovtenko, Chiranshu Monga, Kateryna Yeromina, Arthur Kozyryatsky, Yura Marlboro, Mariusz Gasiewski, Christian Heinz, the speaker's list will further have more of the renowned business and networking legends.

Events which are to be held at Conversion Conf Poland 2023

The multi day event will hold registration during the morning session from 10 am to 11 am and will begin with a session of networking at the exhibition at 11am. The same event timings will hold speakers' speeches simultaneously during the affiliate conference. 

On the day two of the conversion club conference, similar timings will have registrations and networking sessions, respectively, while an official after party will begin at 9 pm which is said to run till midnight. 

Tickets for Conversion Conf Poland 2023

If you wish to join this epic gathering of exciting networking conferences, you can buy the tickets from their official website, Conversion Conf

The tickets are available for representatives of Affiliate networks, direct advertisers, traffic sources, agencies, AFFILIATES and anyone who wants to be part of it and learn the social skills. 

Tickets for Conversion Conf

At present, the tickets are available in three different categories Silver, Gold and Diamond

  • For a silver ticket you will have to pay US $79, which will cover a 2 day event entry, 20 plus guest speaker speeches, and will also have your name on your personal badge. 
  • Gold ticket will be charged for US $159, and will admit you for both mentioned days, along with having entry for 20 plus guest speaker speeches, access to conversion club official afterparty standard zone, name on badge, and will also cover 2 cocktails during the after party. 
  • Whereas the Diamond ticket will get the most out of the event. For US $249 you will get an entry for both the days, access to 20 plus speakers speeches, entry in the VIP zone during the afterparty, open bar during the afterparty event, your name and logo on the badge. This ticket will also grant you entry to the VIP registration desk and will give you food for one person. 
Conversion Conf Tickets

For the people who are already affiliated with the Conversion Conf the Silver affiliate pass is free, while the Gold affiliate pass will be charged for just US $79 and whereas Diamond will be available for just US $169.  

The event is to be held in Warsaw Expo 21 Convention Center, Hall 4. If you are traveling for the event and need a good place to stay you can visit the nearby hotels which are affordable and clean.

Venue for Conversion Conf Poland 2023

The place is filled with hotels and apartments, one of which is Wola Loft Apartment, just 0.4 km away from the Convention Center and has got 9.6 ratings. Next is Apartment Voila, with 9.8 ratings again close to the convention center. 

It is suggested that the interested people should buy their way in as soon as possible, as the prices will be increased from 1st of April.

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