Discussion Meetup by Conversion Club 2023: Dubai 2023

Attention Media Buyers and Affiliates! Are you ready to learn from the experts, network with fellow professionals, and have some fun? Look no further! Conversion Club invites you to join the Discussion meetup on February 28th, 2023 for a discussion session that will provide valuable insights into the realities of Facebook and Google Ads.

This professional networking event is designed for profit-oriented visitors, who are looking to stay ahead in the game of media buying. The panel of experts, made up of top media buying teams, will share their knowledge and provide four speeches on the current state of Facebook and Google Ads. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, best practices, and strategies that are helping media buyers succeed in 2023.

Discussions Session by Conversion Club 2023 Dubai

Discussion meetup

Conversion Club's Discussion Session 2023 is stirring up lots of excitement in the town. Famous media buying teams and knowledgeable professionals will be sharing their invaluable knowledge and delivering enlightening talks. As a marketer, you won't want to miss it! The theme of the networking session is the special features of Facebook and Google Ads in 2023.

The Conference will take place on February 28, 2023, at Warehouse four, Sheikh Zayed Road, exit 42, Al Manara Street, Dubai, UAE. It is sponsored by some of the well-known companies, such as Multilogin, Checkitout.ai, Kadam, and others, with Info Partners including iAmAttila, Masons Traffic, TechNoven, MAMA, and more.

The event is sure to be both entertaining and informative. The only rule is “NO alcohol. Business ONLY”. Attendees can expand their network with top visitors and sponsors.

How to Register for Discussion Meetup by 2023?

Booking your seat for the Conversion Club's Discussion Session 2023 is easy! Visit their official page to view the list of their exclusive global events, and click on the Discussion Session 2023 option. The dedicated page has all the information about the event and contains the invite form, which requires you to fill in some personal info. You can also access the authorities and join their Telegram channel.

On February 28, 2023, join us at Warehouse four, Sheikh Zayed Road, exit 42, Al Manara Street, Dubai, UAE to make the most of this opportunity and grow our businesses together!

Discussion Meetup by Conversion Club 2023: Dubai 2023 2

All you need to do is fill in some of the information for Discussion Meetup 2023, these data include email address, name, telegram, position, activity, vertical and more.

Should you join the Discussion session by Conversion Club?

The “Discussion session by Conversion Club” is an excellent opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry, share your experiences, and gain new perspectives. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, engage in discussions, and build relationships with fellow media buyers. And after a day of learning and networking, the fun continues with a drinks party, where you can relax and enjoy the company of your peers.

This is a one-of-a-kind event that you don't want to miss! Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Register today and join us on February 28th, 2023 for a day of learning, networking, and fun.

Event: Conversion Club’s Discussion Session 2023
Date: February 28, 2023
Venue: Warehouse four, Sheikh Zayed Road, exit 42, Al Manara Street, Dubai, UAE

We look forward to seeing you at the “Discussion session by Conversion Club!”

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