Drake Bell Net Worth 2022: Early Life, Career, Education, & More

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Drake Bell Net Worth

Drake Bell Net worth 2022: Drake Bell is an American actor, comedian,singer-songwriter and musician. His net worth is $600 thousand as of 2022. Drake Bell is renowned as a Nickelodeon child star during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Drake is one of the famous child stars.

Drake has had some troubles in the past few years, owing roughly $600,000 in personal debt, according to a 2014 bankruptcy filing. Let’s look at the illustrious career of Drake Bell, his achievement in the 2000s, her earnings, personal life, financial losses and filing bankruptcy.

Drake Bell Net Worth and Personal Life Info

Original NameJared Drake Bell
Date Of Birth27 June 1986 (age 36 years)
Place Of BirthNewport Beach, California, United States
Height1.74 m
ProfessionActor, singer, songwriter, and musician
Zodiac SignCancer
Social MediaInstagram (@drakebell)
Estimated Net Worth(2022)$600 thousand.  

Drake Bell Early Life

Drake Bell Early Life

Drake Bell was born in Newport Beach, California, on 27 June 1987. His father is Robert Bell, and his mother is Robin Dodson. At the age of five, Bell’s parents divorced. Bell grew up in Orange County and was influenced by punk rock music. He loves skateboarding and spends ample time riding on a skateboard. Drake also reviewed GED.

Drake Bell Career – Drake Bell Net Worth

Drake Bell seinfeld episode

At five years old, Bell began acting; his first TV appearance was on the 1994 episode of Home Improvement. He also played a child character in Jerry Maguire in the 1996 film, and in 1998 again, he played a minor part in Seinfeld’s “The Frogger” episode. He was featured in a Pokémon Red and Blue advert in 1999, as well as the film Dragon World: The Legend Continues. In 2000, he received a Young Artist Award for his performance as Cage Redding in The Jack Bull, a made-for-TV movie.

At the age of twelve, he started learning how to play the guitar. He received his initial professional guitar lessons on the set of the movie Chasing Destiny (2001) from Roger Daltrey. Bell was a prominent participant in The Amanda Show. He also appeared in the program The Nightmare Room. Drake & Josh, a Nickelodeon series on which Bell starred in 2003 alongside Josh Peck, was a humorous sitcom about two young step brothers. Drake & Josh’s soundtrack, on which “Found a Way” was the theme song, was released on 22 February 2005.

Drake Bell Career as Musician

Drake Bell music career

Only Bell composed all the Telegraph tracks, which were released independently on 23 August, 2005. Except for “Highway to Nowhere,” all the ways were written by Bell. Since the album ran out of print as an independent release from the Bell, it was reissued on 7 August 2000.

Bell portrayed Timmy Turner in the live-action TV film “A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!”. The film was released in 2011. Bill also appeared in the.

“Flying Tigers” and “I Heart Vampires” are among his other projects.

Bell started playing the guitar at the age of twelve, and Roger Daltrey, who co-starred with him in a film, provided a few tips on how to play the guitar lessons. The theme song “Found a Way” from the “Drake & Josh Show,” which Bell co-wrote and performed, is one of his favorite pieces. In 2005, Drake recorded and released his first solo album, “Telegraph.” In 2006, after signing with Universal Motown, he released his second album, “It’s Only Time.” In 2014, Drake released “Ready, Steady, Go!” and later“The Lost Album,” but they did not do well on the charts or commercially.

Drake Bell Bankruptcy – Filed Bankruptcy in 2014

Drake filed for bankruptcy in a Californian court in February 2014, citing almost $600,000 in debts, most of which are owed to the Internal Revenue Service. In 2014, Drake’s bankruptcy led to the house being foreclosed upon, which measured 2,640 square feet and was located in Los Feliz.

In asserting that his home was worth $1.575 million, he said he had a $1.6 million mortgage. Drake’s monthly expenditure is $18,771, almost 10 times higher than his monthly income of $ 2,800. Drake claims that his earnings were good in 2012, and he earned $ 408,000 compared to 2013, which is only $14,000.

Drake’s Personal Life

Drake’s Personal Life with Paydin LoPachin

Bell has been romantically involved with several Nickelodeon Co-stars, including Amanda Bynes, from 1999 to 2001. He also engaged with Paydin LoPachin, but In 2016, he ended his relationship with her.

Seth Maxwell created Toys for Tots. Bell has been asked to be the face of the initiative. In addition to supporting, Toys for TotsBell supports the charity funds for the Rockin A cure in cystic fibrosis research.

Drake Bell Controversies and Arrest

Drake Bell Controversies and arrest

Police observed him speeding and swerving when he was arrested for driving under the influence in Glendale, California, in December 2015. In September 2016 he pleaded guilty for that he spent four days in prison for violating rules and law. He was released soon, thanks to his good behavior in prisonhe served only 1 day in the prison.

A law enforcement agency arrested Drake in June 2021 after being accused of attempting to engage with a minor. He was set free on bail after paying $2500 and on the promise that he would never be going to establish contact with the victim. According to the accused, she was a victim in 2017, when she was just 15.

Drake Bell’s Favorite Quotes

“I’m horrible at these things ’cause I’m a horrible date. What’s a good date? A nice dinner and a movie? I don’t know. What are the dates? An amusement park? What am I supposed to say? Hmm. I have no idea.”

“I like all like classic rock bands like The Beatles and The Who and stuff and Led Zeppelin so I kinda dress like that. Kindaretro I guess. Well, not retro but, like tight. I don’t know. Like just jeans and shirts. I don’t know. Kinda rock and roll I guess.”

“Play every day. I don’t know. I’m not sure what kind of advice I would give. You just have to do it every second that you can.”

“Most people spend their lives on their endeavors, and I get the privilege to have been doing this since I was five. I get to go play and have fun and entertain people.”

“I think my favorite thing is when people send me Instagram photos of people’s yearbooks, and one guy will put “Are you calling me a liar?,” and his friend will have “I ain’t calling you a truther.” And those are people’s actual yearbook quotes. That’s so amazing.”

What is the Net Worth of Drake Bell 2022?

Drake Bell is American Actor and Musician, Drake Bell Net Worth as of 2022 is $600 thousand. He filed for bankruptcy in 2014 due to mismanagement of funds and lower income in 2013.

What are some notable movies of Drake Bell?

Drake Bell appeared in many movies, including Jerry Maguire as a child actor. His notable presence in the film is A Fairly Odd Movie – Grow Up, Timmy Turner, Merry Christmas- Drake & Josh, and A Fairly Odd Summer.

Who is the Spouse of Drake Bell?

Drake Bell Married Janet Von Schmeling in 2018, and he has a son.

Conclusion: Drake Bell Net Worth 2022

Drake Bell was one of the most sought-after child actors of the late 90s. After appearing in a string of hit shows and movies as a child actor, Bell transitioned into a successful career as a teen actor with roles in hit shows like “Drake & Josh” and “Zoey 101”, among others.

And now, at the age of 36, it’s safe to say that Bell has come a long way from being an adolescent actor. But his mismanagement of finance has led him into the abyss, and hefiled for bankruptcy protection in 2014. As of 2022, Drake Bell Net Worth is $600 thousand.



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