How Facebook Ads Can Generate More Ecommerce Sales

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Are you looking for new ways to generate your ecommerce sales?

Social media marketing is one of the lucrative ways to generate more sales for your ecommerce business.

Do you know which social network to choose for increasing your ecommerce sales?

Facebook is the #1 social media platform, with billions of users around the world active every day. It has now become the world’s largest social network beating all the other social networks.

According to the recent data, Facebook is reported to have over 2.41 billion monthly users active on their platform. The rise of Facebook has led many people to do business with their network.

Do you want to be one of those people making money on Facebook?

Time to unwrap the hidden tips to boost your ecommerce sales using Facebook ads!

If you are not making the most of Facebook ads, then we have some better ways to drive more traffic to your account and unleash the hidden potential of Facebook ads. 

Drive more traffic and generate more sales. This is fundamental to any marketing.

But how can this be achieved using Facebook ads is a tedious job. Due to the number of businesses increasing on Facebook with its popularity, it is becoming difficult to sustain and grab visitor’s attention.

Now that you are new to Facebook ads, you need some hot tips that would generate a tsunami of traffic and achieve high ROI

Are you crazy enough to generate higher profits with Facebook ads?

Read the complete article!

Best Tips To Create Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
Check out some useful tips to drive high sales with the world’s second-largest ad revenue network and make your ecommerce business successful.

Achieve Quality Leads

If you think that just by bringing massive traffic and getting more clicks will be enough, then that’s not true.

Achieve Quality Leads

People often click on ads with curiosity to know about the product/service but are least interested in buying it.

Getting more curiosity clicks is not at all beneficial as it increases the cost even though your CTR increases.

The best way to reduce curiosity clicks is by filtering them out. 

But how can you achieve this phenomenon?

There are few solutions to filter our only the quality leads out of the mass.

People clicking your ads with curiosity are least interested in buying, which means the price factor has a significant role to play here.

What you can do is filter out these people by mentioning the price of the product.

But do you think this will work?

Yes, it works because humans tend to watch out for products/services based on the price. So if the price is shown, then people realize whether they should go ahead with the particular ads or not.

Our brain works like that, believe it or not!

This would reduce unnecessary clicks and bring only quality leads resulting in more profit and high revenues.

Looking for a few more ways to generate quality leads?

Some more ways to get only quality leads is by selling the product for a specific age group, gender, or a specific market. 

Let us assume you are promoting a protein powder. Now this will be required by men and women going to the gym and need daily proteins after sweating out for 2 hours in the gym.

By promoting your product specifically for these people, you will grab attention from the gym goers and quality clicks, resulting in the sale of the product.

To limit the number of people one more way could be by mentioning the regions where you can ship the product. When people see that the product cannot be shipped in their region, then it limits the clicks.

These were few ways to avoid unnecessary clicks and get only quality leads to generate more sales.

Let People Value Your Product

There are billions of users now advertising their products/services using Facebook ads. The tough part is how to stand out differently?

To stand out unique, you need to lure people and make them show interest in your items. The best way is to make people realize the value of your product.

How & when will people value your product?

To make people click on your ad, you need to show some urgency and offer an incentive to those clicking on your ads.

Let me explain to you what happens when some ad is displayed:

When audiences look at a particular ad, they see the cover image and make a decision depending upon whatever is shown on the image or inside the video.

Most of the time, people delay in clicking on the ad as they might not have found it to be interesting. Or another reason could be that they didn’t find any urgency or any special offer associated with the product shown in the ad.

This is why you don’t make the most of your ads, and your competitors lure your visitors by using strategies that grab massive clicks.

Looking for a solution to this problem?

We have got your back!

So here’s what you need to do:

There are numerous ways to show the urgency of clicking on the ad. Like you can display the available stock and convey the visitors about the limited quantity available in the stock.

This would show urgency to the customers, and those interested and willing to buy will not delay in doing so.

What if you show a limited period offer?

That works wonders!

Showing people the expiry date of the deal will lure them into buying it instantly, and when words flow around the corners of the city, more will show interest.

Coupons & Promo codes are the best ways to offer a discount for a limited period. So once the visitor visits your website and applies the coupon code, the discount will be applied instantly on the total billing.

If the coupon works, then nothing is better than this trick.

But not necessarily, you have to show coupons all the time. You can push users to take action by evoking phrases like hurry up, limited period offer, offer valid till, deal of the day, last chance to avail, and so on.

Words like new, free, cheap trigger the senses faster and immediately grabs the user’s attention. If you look out for the keywords using a keyword research tool, you will find some of the popular keywords that are often used to increase sales.

Image Quality Enhancement

Why does image play a vital role in attracting the user’s attention?

We have 5 senses, and out of these 5 senses, two senses allow a user to make a decision.

The first is the eye, and the second is the brain.

If the quality of the image is far superior and the user, when looking with their own eyes, loved it, then it sends a positive signal to the brain. The brain is the mastermind and therefore is the decision-maker. 

The user clicks the ads if the image is soothing or else defies it.

One of the popular phrases “Seeing is Believing” is very true in this case.

What people see is what they will believe in.

So remember folks, “The better the image quality, the higher will be the CTR.”

Things to be considered for a nice platter to be served using Facebook ads:

Images should be clutter-free. It should be clear with more of the product and less of the company’s description.

Avoid displaying the logo all the time that covers product image. People already know your company; it is the product that should be eye-catching.

If you are showing certain emotions to capture the user’s attention, then make sure the photo is not bombarded and has close-ups. If the emotions are not clear, then the user will neglect your ad, and this will reduce the CTR.

Do you have any idea about the AIDA model?

If not, we will tell you how it works.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

All the reasons we mentioned are linked with AIDA. 

A user will pay attention only if the image is understandable and crystal clear with catchy headlines. 

The user will be interested only if the product description is good enough. 

To make the user click on the ad, you need to fulfill the user’s desire by offering a reason to click. 

And finally, the user takes action when you show them a button to click on, which is called call to action. Buy Now, Shop Now, Register/Sign Up, Learn More are the best performing CTAs.

🌟 Facebook Ads

Do Facebook Ads really work?

Yes, Facebook ads work incredibly well. But before going with the Facebook ads, you need to ensure that you have the perfect goal for your ads.

Are Facebook Ads better than Google Ads?

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are entirely different in the way they approach people. Facebook ads help the new customer to find your products and give you a better ROI in the long term. At the same time, it is quite cheaper than Google Adwords. On the other hand, Google Ads also helps you to find a new customer and give you an instant return on your investment.

What type of Facebook Ad should I run?

If you are looking to run Facebook ads, then you need to see several options. Initially, you need to focus on traffic and driving the lowest cost when the link is clicked to your website.

How long should I run my Facebook Ad?

You can run your Facebook ads as long as it converting and performing well at the same rate as you want. You must change your tactics if the performance of your ads starts getting worse over a period of days.

Final Verdict: Time to Take Action

Facebook ads are like a roller coaster ride. You have to prepared for the worst-case if your ads don’t perform well. To keep your ads attractive and monetizing, you should consider the points mentioned in this article.

There are many more facts that should be considered for a high performing Facebook ad, but ones mentioned in this post are the basic.

See you next time!



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