Top 4 Facebook Live Streaming Apps 2023 (FB Live Video Tools)

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Video calls, a small consolation for long-distance relationships. Video calling your loved ones sparks up your regular life.

In this transfigured world, this little miracle of technology has made sending a live video message to hundreds and thousands of people at the same time is quite a piece of cake.

The world now enjoys the perks of technology at almost no cost today. Live video calling apps allow you to connect to anyone across the world within no time.

This has a few benefits, and it keeps you updated with the live feed. Second, it is just a few clicks away, most importantly, easy on the pocket price. 

In this article, we have featured a ✅list of Top 4 Facebook Live Streaming Apps updated for 2023.

Top 4 Facebook Live Streaming Apps (Updated 2023)

Facebook Live Streaming Apps

Earlier (before video calling was social), people use to share photos and talk about it later. Now, it is the era of video calling, and now one can call and share the lively experience with the loved ones.

Several apps and tools have taken over one and another with the most valuable features. 

Live streaming is slaying the market with a lively experience and unbeatable features. This allows you to connect to your whole family instantly at the same time, whereas, Live broadcast connects you to the society, your followers or your fans, whoever, it does connect you.

This has also become an enormous approach of education for the people who are, for some reason, not able to get in line with their studies in a regular manner. 

I have reviewed a few, here is a list of top Facebook Live Streaming Apps.


Periscope, by twitter, gets the live feed started and connects you to the people who are aware and joined the broadcast. The app has a compatibility with the Android and the iOS as well.


This has made Facebook live to tremble a little. The front and the rear cameras can be brought in to use.  They have a unique way of approaching people, which they say is “Think, Create, Make” technique.

This does not put them under limitations and gives them a chance to understand their clients and provide them with an experience like never before. A comment section that includes the emoticons is accessible and allows you to create a better expression for your comment.

This pops up once the comments part start. Give a heart if you enjoy it. They maintain the originality and refrain from using any copied stuff.

Periscope has a closely controlled format of working. Hence, most of the time, escape the chance of failing a commitment.

What I can say is that Periscope ingenious and established business. It is quite a user friendly and free of cost.

Facebook Live

Just a fact, Facebook live was initially given only for the iOS users in 2016. This was the very first public kick-off. It was actively used with video recording devices like a drone or a camera.

Earlier than this in 2015, it was accessible to limited users. Facebook, in the initial stage, allowed a maximum of a 30 min broadcast, but it has changed, and it can now be as long as we want it.

With the increasing popularity and demand, Facebook made it handy to all the devices, including Android devices and computers.

You are allowed to comment, filters, screenwriting, and many more enjoyable features. Unwanted or immoral users can be grayed out of your list.

If someone is creating a nuisance regularly can be reported, and Facebook takes serious legal actions against them, and the account is permanently closed.


LiveReacting gives you a chance to get a higher number of followers. Also, the features allow you to add pre-recorded videos, games, countdowns, and polls straight into your live stream.


It has proven to be the most known and has the highest growth rate in the world of live streaming. With the help of this tool, a lot of users are attracted, which increases the followers.

LiveReacting allows you to move between various options quickly. The software is hyperactive in getting the comments while live streaming. Live poll, voting, and games are a few engaging methods to attract more followers.

Through LiveReacting, a video can easily be created as it is easy to use for a user as new as a day old. It gives a few (approx more than 20) skillfully designed templates with different contexts suitable for various types of posts.

  • Customer Support

The customer service team here is worth mentioning. They have a team of strongly skilled individuals willing to help the customer in the hour of need. There are two ways they can be contacted through, and one is you can visit the website and do a live chat with them.

After a little probing, they respond to the query with the desired solution. The second way to get through to them is via email. They have a quick response to the solution policy. 

The feature that interests me the most is that they have a suggestion section. This is where you can put in your suggestions for a feature which you think is more suitable for you and can also help them to improvise. This is later reviewed by the developers.

  • Games

The most annoying thing not only in live streaming but also in any other activity is sitting and doing nothing. LiveRecating offers o keep the viewers engaged, and they have added games as an entertainment to the live stream.

Yes, exactly, amazing right, you can play games while on the live stream, how cool is that !!! They have managed to kill the boredom.

The Trivia game is combined with Facebook Live. It is not a difficult thing to do, modifiable. This is a feature that the LiveReacting specializes in. This helps amazingly increasing the followers and make the stream a lot more interesting.

The user can leave a comment and keeps the viewers engaged, the comment once live, the game across the screens of viewers, which leads them to play the game.

  • Pre-recorded Video Streaming

Anxiety is a condition that holds you back from a lot of things. It is quite common these days. This leads to an imperfect stream or a nightmare rather.

LiveReacting has solved this problem where pre-recorded video can now be published as a live video through Facebook live. This is a featured user friendly and can run on its own.

  • Pricing

LiveReacting has an easy on the pocket price and offers a wide range of features worth the expenditure. They also offer a free trial with 5 live streams for 15 mins (duration of the stream).

LiveReacting Pricing

The Plans are as follows:

Four Different options priced based on the services:

Small – Suitable for less usage 1 – 2 times a week

Price: $14.99 per month

  • 5 credits per month
  • Watermark removed
  • Unlimited social accounts
  • No max. length limit
  • 4 GB max video file size
  • Direct uploading from Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube
  • Unlimited file storage
  • 30+ different templates
  • Interactive elements
  • Template customizations
  • Schedule post
  • Basic support
  • No software required
  • $2.99 per extra credit

Medium – Suitable for SMB & SMM for multiple accounts

Price: $29.99 per month

Everything in Small, plus:

  • 12 credits per month
  • 8 GB max video file size
  • Priority support ?
  • $2.49 per extra credit

Large –Suitable for brands, companies and SMM professionals

Price: $99.99 per month

Everything in Medium, plus:

  • 50 credits per month
  • 12 GB max video file size
  • Premium support
  • $1.99 per extra credit

Enterprise – Suitable for brands and companies for a higher usage

Price: $249.99 per month

Everything in Large, plus:

  • 130 credits per month
  • 20 GB max video file size
  • $1.92 per extra credit

*NOTE: 1 Credit = 4 hours of live streaming

Instagram Live

Instagram is one of the most trending social media apps. The live streaming feature is a part of the free of cost service by Instagram.

Instagram Live

This comes in very handy for live video streaming as the number of users is enormous. The only thing you should have is an active Instagram account. 

It is quite user-friendly, and all you have to do is go to the story section and swipe right and start the broadcast.

Instagram allows you to transform regular videos to give a handsome look to the videos. With the latest features and with a stunning appearance, Instagram makes it difficult for the competitors to survive.

🌟 Live Streaming FAQ

What is Live Streaming?

It is broadcasting live video to other people over the internet. Live Streaming is very different from the pre-recorded videos as it is live and uncensored.

What is periscope used for?

It is an app that allows you to share live video streams directly from your mobile phone. One can easily use periscope for free.

Is Facebook Live free?

Facebook offers two primary options for live streaming. One of them is OBC(Open Broadcaster Software), which is open-source software, and it is free to every user. In order to use OBC, you need to do a bit of setup and testing. 

How long does a live video stay on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to stay live for up to 8 hours. 

Conclusion: Top 4 Facebook Live Streaming Apps 2023

It is the time of emergency due to the pandemic, and this has affected the world most unpleasantly and unexpectedly. Social distancing is the need of the hour, and the vicissitudes have left the people like a bolt out of the blue, transforming the physical human lives into more of a technical pretext.

Live Video calling has kept the people together and has kept the emotions alive. The features such as Live broadcasting with a group of people, video calling your loved ones, pre-recorded video uploads, games are keeping everyone engaged. 

Can you imagine how time changes, technology such as mobiles, laptops, PCs, etc., some time ago have created distance, the same distance, is saving lives today?

Happy Broadcasting!😊



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