Best 9 Fitness Affiliate Programs for 2023 (Highest Paying)

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Are you an established affiliate marketer, but not tried your hands on fitness niche? Then, my friend, you are losing an opportunity to earn easy money.

In this post, we have feature the ✅Best 9 Fitness Affiliate Programs for 2023 by which you can earn real money.

Fitness is something that many of us are concerned about, and it has also become a new trend in the market.

Why a trend? Its simple, many celebrities, TV stars, and sportsperson are promoting different fitness brand products to remain active and fit.

Forget about celebrities, but even health and fitness freak bloggers are making huge money by posting their affiliate links along with their in-shape pictures on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

These bloggers promote the fitness brand products and use them to give the real feel of the product to the readers. When they use the products and then promote them on their channel or website, the level is trust is more.

Why go with the Fitness Affiliate Programs? 

Fitness Affiliate Programs

You can see many people exercising, jogging, performing yoga, cycling, dancing, and performing various activities to be in good shape.

The habit is excellent as in the modern rat racing world, one spends hours working in their hectic schedules but forgets to take time for their body.

The practice is coming back in action, and people are taking out time for themselves. If not outside home, then inside their house by buying yoga CDs, online memberships of supplements, health drinks, training, and fitness schedules by experts, etc.

Overall, there are many ways to stay fit, whether through online or offline channels.

How Profitable is the Fitness Niche for Affiliate Marketers?

Fitness is an ever-evolving niche as there is something new coming up in the trend. With the upsurge in healthy living, the requirement for fitness programs, health coaches, and nutritionists is greater than ever.

Thus this niche has become extremely profitable for bloggers too. You can bank on the fitness affiliate programs by popular health and fitness brands if you have specific audiences who are diet or health conscious.

But before diving deep in this field, make sure that you have a genuine approach towards it. If you are a YouTuber and joined a few fitness affiliate programs, then you might have to work hard for it.

I am saying this because to gain the trust of your viewers is not going to be easy if you don’t show them something real or self-tested.

Look, the competition in this field is too high, and nowadays, it is not easy to make a fool of your customers by just offering them the product. You have to convince them by showing actual results and reviews of the users.

Remember, this is not the case with every niche, as you can’t show them how to do sex if you are working on an adult niche. 

What I want to explain is that fitness affiliate programs need extra effort to be promoted by helping the audience with the value that a particular brand, person, or product will add to your life.

With the right approach to fitness, you can run a profitable affiliate marketing campaigns around your site or blog. 

So, let me give you some ideas about highly lucrative and the 9 best fitness affiliate programs.

✅Best 9 Fitness Affiliate Programs (Updated 2023)

Fitness Affiliate ProgramsOfficial Links
DynaPro DirectCheck Out Now
Body SpartanCheck Out Now
24HourFitnessCheck Out Now
Ace FitnessCheck Out Now
NatalieJill FitnessCheck Out Now
Pro-FormCheck Out Now
BowFlexCheck Out Now
Phen 375Check Out Now
BodyBuilding.comCheck Out Now

DynaPro Direct LLC

DynaPro offers you every type of equipment you need to train your body, whether at home or outside. You can elevate your workout regime by using Dynapro equipment like bands, exercise sliders, battle ropes, jumping ropes, etc.

DynaPro Direct LLC

It has around 100,000 plus users, four interactive workout programs across 123 countries, showcasing 100 plus hours of instructional videos.

They have fashioned our products based on potential experience and the requisite of quality accessible equipment.

DynaPro Direct Affiliate Program offers:

  • 10% standard commission
  • Commissions revered 30 days from the first visit
  • New and persuasive promotional banners
  • No minimum get-go for payments
  • Handy payments via the Shareasale Affiliate Network
  • Completely FREE
  • Sign up Link- 

Body Spartan

Body Spartan is another known name in the fitness industry. It offers training programs, supplements, accessories, recipes, apparel, etc.

With the tools and knowledge that only an experienced fitness training can provide, Body Spartan takes lots of effort to help the clients change their body-build and their entire lives with their line of products.

Their vision is to enliven and propel everyone who wants to amend their body and brain. 

Body Spartan Affiliate Program offers:


24Hour Fitness is the biggest online and offline fitness center in the world. It is a privately-owned center dealing with health and fitness training.

24 HourFitness

They offer the best opportunities and instruments at your disposal like studio and cycle classes, on-demand exercising, 24Life magazine, and exclusive training programs to get you started for a healthy lifestyle. 

It is the online center for the best-selling chain of contemporary Gymnasium. Their 24-hour crew helps you in losing weight and getting healthy, accessible, and inexpensive for sportspersons of all levels.

24Hour Fitness Affiliate program offers:

Ace Fitness

Get access to the up-to-the-minute health and fitness insights, tools, and extraordinary offers to keep your career afoot with Ace Fitness.

Ace Fitness

From health and fitness partisans to qualified experts, they offer systematically sourced content and continuous support to help you in your work of motion.

In the past 30 years, ACE has developed into a network of 90,000 certified fitness experts and health coaches, a source of trustworthy health and fitness info for millions of people globally. 

Ace Fitness Affiliate Program offers:

NatalieJill Fitness

The website is owned by a single mother, Natalie, who has overturned her life around and centered on rising herself bodily, intellectually, and financially. It promotes fitness, wellbeing, and motivation and is featured on Fox, ABC, and NBC. 

NatalieJill Fitness

She teaches all about energy levels, fat loss, passion, and purpose of healthy living. You will get revolutionary results from just the comfort of your home with BodyWeight Express FitPlan.

This five days a week and 7 minutes a day plan is worth trying to see the better version of you. 

NatalieJill Fitness Affiliate Program offers:


Pro-Form deals in advanced treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, rowers, HIIT Trainers, hybrid trainers, and interactive personal training through iFit.


These equipment are from America's top brands, which excel in offering high performance and severe fitness training. 

Pro-Form Affiliate Program offers:

  • 8-11% commission on each sale
  • Payments made through Checks and Direct Bank Transfer 
  • Affiliate Network Partner- POR
  • 30-day cookies
  • Sign up link-
  • Valid commissions paid within three working days
  • Excellent detailed reporting tools
  • Easygoing Deep Linking
  • Innovative Product Feeds
  • No Spyware/Adware policy defends your income


Fitness is a serious-mindedness, and Bowflex helps everyone to exercise harder, play harder, and persuade them to Be Fit for Lifetime.


It deals with an innovative category of products like max trainers, bikes, home gyms, treadmills, tread climbers, selecttech, lateralx, HVT, Elliptical, and other accessories.

BowFlex pays attention to creating devices that show the effect on your body as quickly and expeditiously as achievable so that you can get on with your day and live a fitter, blissful, and better life.

BowFlex Affiliate Program offers:

Phen 375

Phen375 is a dietetic supplement that may lead to weight and hunger crushing.

Phen 375

Phen375 is manufactured in an FDA compliant facility. It guarantees Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), where many dietetical supplements are produced utilizing the same practices.

Their main goal is to create a formula using high-quality components resultant in a dietary supplement that may give you a better modus vivendi.

Phen 375 Affiliate Program offers:

  • Cookie duration: “Lifetime.”
  • Affiliate Commission: 30% to 40%
  • Monthly Payments: Timely
  • Largest Target Demographic: Both Women (60%) and Men (40%) from 18 to 65 want Phen375!
  • Best EPC: $7.96
  • The average Conversion rate for targeted keywords: 1/4
  • The average Conversion rate for generic dieting keywords: 1/20
  • Affiliate network- CJ, ShareASale, and Offer Island
  • Sign up link-

BodyBuilding is the world’s largest online fitness store dealing with health content, fitness plans, supplements, and much more. They offer free and fresh content daily to their members in the form of articles, videos, recipes, and fitness guides. 

They are also known for organizing their hard-hitting transformation challenges to test your body limits. For them, transformation is not a one-time accomplishment; its a lifestyle.

With over 1.1 million uncomparable visitants regularly, Bodybuilding is your ideal partner and an asset your readers can rely on.

BodyBuilding Affiliate Program offers:

🌟 Fitness Affiliate Programs FAQ

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Program is also known as an associate program in which online merchants need to pay commission to the affiliate. It is a revenue sharing program in which affiliates need to send traffic to a merchant's web site.

How does Affiliate Program work?

The affiliate needs to post affiliate links in his/her post or website. When the people click on the affiliate link and purchase the product or service, then the affiliate gets the commission.

How do I get started?

1 Sign Up to the Affiliate Program.
2 You need to accept their term and condition. If they approved your account, then you will get access to the banners, text links, and coupon codes that you can place on your blog or website.
3 You are ready to collect your commissions.

Who can participate in the Affiliate Program?

If you run any blog or an ecommerce website, you can easily join any affiliate program.

Conclusion: Best 9 Fitness Affiliate Programs Updated 2023

The fitness affiliate programs mentioned above are highly profitable for affiliate marketers working on the same or related niche. You can promote these fitness affiliate programs by writing reviews on specific fitness products, or making videos working out.

You can also compile the top 10 or best five lists, try one of the health training programs of the famous trainer and show the actual result on your blog to gain the trust of the users. 

Also, you can post before and after photos on Instagram with the affiliate link of the fitness supplement or product you have tried, or fitness training you have gone through to have the perfect physique.

The money earning process might take a little time, but your approach to promoting the fitness program must be real and trust gaining.

Do you know any other fitness affiliate program that has a good reputation in the market and offers an excellent commission to the affiliates? Do comment below to share your experience with the brand or product. 😊



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