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Looking for the latest Freshdesk Review. In this post, I have shared detailed information about its features, pricing and many more.

Are you facing problems with your customer support software and not able to find a substitute that is easy to manage and operate without any expert hands?

Business software is expensive and requires a lot of expertise and investing your time, leaving no other option to hire a technical person to handle the software. This requires further paying to the staff to manage your software and reduces your profit to a great extent.

To customize even slight changes in software, you need to babysit some expensive professional for full-time who will be dedicated to making changes as and when required. This is quite frustrating as you are losing your money and time and above that not getting the right kind of service that you were looking for.

You need a break from this cluttered software and choose a software that is easy to use and doesn’t require you to hire an expensive professional.

It is time for a change and opts for world-class support that is trusted by millions of users around the world. No need to change your desk, change the software.

Freshdesk is a clean customer support software that will ease your customer management task with the promise to provide impeccable features.

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk Review

The idea of Freshdesk started with a broken TV, and then two brilliant minds came together to work on the prototype of this software in 2010. Girish and Shan are the founders of Freshdesk. Freshdesk was launched by both of them in 2011.

The investors of Freshdesk include Accel, Tiger Global Management, CapitalG, and Sequoia Capital India.

With the introduction of game mechanics in 2012, Freshdesk made customer support a fun game for their agents and customers loved it. Soon, with some more additional features, more than 10,000 happy customers started using Freshdesk in 2013.

With more platforms being launched after the success of Freshdesk, the company expanded its offices in London and Sydney, and till 2015 the total number of customers using Freshdesk increased to over 50,000.

In 2017, Freshdesk Inc. became Freshworks Inc. with more products under its brand. In 2018, Freshworks annual recurring revenues reached $100 Million and set a benchmark for other customer support software.

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Freshdesk, freshservice, freshsales, freshcaller, freshchat, freshteam, freshmarketer, and fresh connect are all products of Freshworks. Over 150,000 businesses trust Freshworks for its high-quality customer engaging products.

In this review, we have taken the efforts to provide you complete details of Freshdesk, including its features and pricing.

Features offered by Freshdesk

Customer Tracking

This feature helps you in tracking down all the incoming emails and convert them into tickets. You can assign all the incoming emails to the concerned person who has the ability to satisfy your customer.

With a single team inbox, you can track and manage support tickets from various channels. You can set deadlines for response to support tickets depending upon business hours and zone.

Agent collision detection helps you in ensuring that the same agents don’t work on the same ticket accidentally. This saves big time, and agents can work on new support tickets.

By automating repeated actions, you can perform multiple actions on the same ticket at 1-click.

Pre-formatted replies help you in replying to a ticket with the same questions quickly and consistently without typing the answer again and again.

Team Effort

In any organization, the team working for long hours is the backbone for its success. Hence working together can solve many complex problems quickly and effectively.

Get an expert opinion on the part of a ticket within the organization to get the best solutions.

By sharing ownership of the ticket with other teams, you can always keep a check on the progress being made on the issue.

For delivering quick responses to related tickets, you can link them together and keep track of widespread issues.

To resolve issues that require passing through multiple stages, splitting them into smaller child tickets would be of great help.

Multi-channel Support

On a single platform, you can manage all support-related communications from various channels hassle-free.

Manage and resolve support emails by converting them into trackable tickets in your helpdesk.

Convert calls into tickets by setting up a call center and recording and tracking them.

Live chat is a prevalent method to keep your customers engaged and resolve their problems instantly. Regain your customer's trust supporting them through live chat.

Manage your company’s social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter by integrating them within the helpdesk.

Knowledgebase articles on your website allow customers to raise a ticket by typing on your website.

Automation Everywhere

Increase your team’s productivity by automating repetitive helpdesk tasks.

Based on keywords or other parameters, you can assign tickets to agents or groups automatically.

By verifying an agent's capabilities and his workload or skills, you can assign tickets intelligently or by using the round-robin method.

Time-triggered automation helps you take action on a ticket based on the time since the last action was performed.

As soon as an event occurs on a ticket, you can take several actions on it with event-triggered automation.

Through automatic email notifications, you can tell your agents and customers about the changes being made in their ticket.

Self Service

Setup forums to let customers help themselves by reading out loud and save your agent's time in supporting the ticket.

By automatically suggesting solutions to relevant problems of customers, a lot of time is gonna save for both the customer as well as the agent.

Convert emails to knowledgebase articles based on the replies.

Feedback mechanism notifies writers if any feedback on their articles automatically so it can be implemented.

Analyze the articles based on the number of likes and dislikes and a total number of views. On re-writing, the articles reset the metrics.

To ensure that posts that do not follow your guidelines go live, set up moderation workflows.

Give proper attention to issues raised in the forum by converting them into tickets.

Improve Performance

Analyze metrics and improve performance for greater efficiency.

Helpdesk reports help you analyze how agents and groups are performing, which lets you take proper measures to improve performance.

With customer satisfaction ratings, you will easily identify what your customers feel about your support and where you must be lacking.

You can monitor your agent's and group's performance in real-time on your dashboard.

Get insights that are important for your business and access data and reports for analysis.

Receive reports directly in your inbox by scheduling them.

Customization at Fingertips

Customize your helpdesk as you want, and when you want to get everything right.

Use ready-made themes to customize your support portal with complete CSS customization.

Assign different permissions to different agents depending upon their responsibilities to take the required action.

Customize ticket forms by adding fields that provide relevant information to your business.

Provide your customers your own customized URL for a support portal for better customer experience.

Improve your workflows and bring more efficiency to your business by integrating custom apps.

High Security

You are safe with enterprise-grade security and compliances that protect your system and everyone associated with it.

SSL certificates come along with Freshdesk to provide security to your customers and have a safe experience.

Link IP Whitelisting to a VPN to provide a secure login to agents from anywhere or restrict login outside the workstation.

Authenticate credentials of agents and users by signing in from other accounts by setting up a single SSO.

Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk offers honest and simple pricing in terms of monthly billing and yearly billing. You save a lot on annual billing.

You can choose any of the five plans listed on its website, namely Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest. Sprout is a free plan for unlimited agents but with fewer features for management.

🌟 Freshdesk FAQ

How do I create a new Freshdesk Account? 

By using Sing up option, you can create an account under The Freshdesk website will collect all the essential information from you before creating a new Freshdesk Trial Account for you.

✅How to activate a support e-mail address?

After adding a support email address to an account, it is necessary to activate it in order to receive tickets in your Freshdesk account from that email address. Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps to activate that email address.
1 Go to Admin Tab –> Click on Email –> Add New Support Email. 
2 Click on the send activation option.
3 Go to your mailbox and click on the link to finish activation.

✅How to create a ticket in Freshdesk?

Follow the below steps to create a new ticket in your Freshdesk account.
1 Log in to the Agent portal.
2 In the menu bar, click on the New ticket option.
3 The new ticket form will be displayed.
4 In the Requester text box, enter the customer’s name and also fill the other details
5 Click on Submit to create the ticket.

✅How many customers can I add to my account?

In Freshdesk, you do not have any restrictions regarding the number of customers you could add to your account.

Conclusion: FreshDesk Review 2022 | Should You Go For It?

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial once you sign up on its website. In the Estate plan, you can access all the features for 21 days for free and make sure that you know everything when upgrading to a paid plan.

You can upgrade or downgrade as Freshdesk is a Pay-as-you-go service. You are in safe hands as Freshdesk servers are hosted in highly secured data centers backed by 24-hour surveillance, SSL encryption, and EU safe harbor compliant.

Customize your helpdesk with the best helpdesk software Freshdesk.😊

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Freshdesk is one of the excellent help desk software in the market which is available with a wide range of features and an easy-to-master interface. Check out this software on your own with its free trial plan.s

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