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Are you confused between the hundreds of product research tools in the market? The same tool to find a profitable product and profitable keywords to market it?

Someone who has not followed the eCommerce sector closely over the past few years would be amazed by the number of powerful tools that sellers have today.

For someone to become a successful Amazon or Walmart seller today, they need a keyword research tool, a tool for listing optimization, store maintenance tools, another tool for inventory management, and a lot more even to have a chance at achieving that goal.

What if we told you that you could get a nearly guaranteed shot at joining the ranks of the top Amazon sellers by taking advantage of a single Black Friday deal? Grab our latest ✅Helium 10 Black Friday deal that allows you to save maximum money on your desired plan.

Helium 10 is a suite of tools specifically designed to help you scale up your Amazon FBA business quicker than ever before.

We bring this product to your attention because it is a tool that can help you at every stage of setting up your Amazon business. Without wasting any more time, let us make your Black Friday celebration merrier by letting you know of this great product and the discounts you can avail of on it today.

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Learn more about this all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers.

Detailed Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 Black Friday

Established in 2016, Helium 10 is one of the seniormost and reputed software among seller tools. It was initially started as a tool that was aimed at helping people optimize their product listings.

It has now grown to a tool that can create your entire keyword strategy across all product categories, handle your product launches, enhance your profit margins, and a lot more at no additional cost over a single subscription.

It is a relatively premium tool, so the pricing plans do run a little steep, but the good thing is you are reading this article around the time of Black Friday. Just keep checking this page for all Black Friday Helium 10 coupons and coupon codes.

Get a 50% Discount on Helium 10 (Live Deal)

Helium 10 Review

Users should note that all plans of Helium 10 were available at a flat 50% discount last year during Black Friday.

Let us understand the contributing factors to the success of Helium 10 and how they have been able to generate such staggering results for all their users.

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Some crucial benefits you will get by using Helium 10.

Benefits of Helium 10

Helium 10 offers a large set of tools, all of which serve different purposes. We will be grouping together tools with a similar purpose in the same header:


Keyword Research

Discover high-volume and highly relevant keywords.

The Keyword Research aspect of the Helium 10 suite consists of three main tools.

  • Cerebro

Mainly concerned with the discovery and usage of Reverse ASIN keywords. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number.

What Cerebro does is, it will take the ASIN of competing products and get you information on competition keywords. It can also assist in product launches, maintain low competitive rates, and optimize product listings according to top competing strategies.

  • Magnet

The most extensive database of actionable search terms for Amazon and Walmart sellers. Includes high-volume search terms, relevant keywords (long-tail included).

The tool is specifically designed to help you get more traffic and sales entirely organically.

  • Misspellinator

People often misspell product names when they search on online marketplaces. This offering by Helium 10 compiles all commonly misspelled search terms.

On the search results page of these words, your product has much less competition than it would have otherwise.

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Product Research

Get instant product research and product insights to maximize selling opportunities.

Helium 10 offers many product search options for every Walmart and Amazon seller.

Firstly their Chrome Extension provides an easy-to-use complete product research experience in a single webpage. You can get a detailed overview of demand along with critical insights and reviews on all potential products.

Product Research

These insights include accurate sales estimates, and you can instantly identify and research new selling opportunities in every vertical.

Their in-house Black Box database contains over 450 million products. You can search through the Black Box with many advanced filters. These filters are designed to find successful product ideas and research the factors that will make them successful.

Trendster is a tool for advanced sellers who want to visualize trends before they happen and study them visually through easy-to-understand graphs. These graphs can be created for any product, and you can visualize a sales estimate and other vital metrics accurately.


Listing Optimization

Optimize product listing to get more sales.

As the original purpose of the software, which grew to be Helium 10, their listing optimization tools are best-in-class.

Listing optimization is essentially about creating a listing with the best keywords and filtering out bad keywords.

Listing Optimization

Frankenstein is a tool that goes through millions of keywords to save you the effort of finding the top-ranking keywords. All keywords proposed by Frankenstein are picked especially to help you rank higher in the A9 Search Engine. This leads to a significant increase in traffic and conversions.

Scribbles is their direct tool to review and optimize listings. It instantly validates if you've used as many important keywords as possible, suggests the correct number of keywords if you have a character limit, and overall makes the process of creating and optimizing product listings a simple one. It also gives you the ability to retrieve drafts and import listings directly from Amazon.

After using the two earlier, mentioned tools users should go to the Index Checker facility. Here you can check if your product is ranking in search pages for the keywords you aimed it for from within Helium 10 itself.

You can also check if any terrible keywords are causing your listing to rank lower. The option to input any product's ASIN and see the product's keywords ranking in to find new profitable keywords is also available. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to get your product to rank.



Make critical business decisions with accurate analytics.

The Analytics section of Helium 10 is mainly concerned with tracking keywords, profitability, and comparing both with top competitors. Use their Market Tracker to do a complete analysis of the market you want to become a leader in.

Tracking competitors, your standing about your competitors, and the general health of the market enable you to make much more intelligent business decisions.

Keyword Tracker is another tool that essentially makes the task of monitoring and tracking your product rankings a much simpler one.

The best part about this tool is the Rocket Boost feature which allows you to minutely track your product's position and find “boosted” keywords. These are keywords that are incredibly profitable at certain times, and you find them before anyone else.

Their Profit tool shows you the product listing and all the analytics related to that in a single dashboard to help you review your profitability quickly.



Market your business with confidence with the best tools.

Helium 10 offers two marketing-related tools, which are listed below:

  • AdTomic

This is their in-house AI-powered advertising platform for Amazon sellers. The direct purpose of the tool is to maximize your ROI while minimizing the amount of effort you have to put in for the same.

It is a complete solution for all your PPC needs. Includes access to big picture data to create better campaigns, automation tools to create those campaigns quickly, and high-quality bidding algorithms to minimize your expenditure while boosting your product's visibility.

Use their readymade templates which are guaranteed to produce results.

  • Portals

Portals is a new addition to the Helium 10 catalog. It is their proprietary landing page builder. Complete with custom funnel building, quickly modifiable pages, different landing pages for every funnel, and enter the land of guaranteed results with their wide range of templates.



Manage your products, inventory, and more with the best tools.

Helium10 offers a wide range of operational management tools. Inventory management and protection, automated FBA reimbursement, customizable automated email communication, mass-generation of reviews and ratings for your product, and the capability to manage all of this on a mobile app is the summary of the Operations side of Helium 10.

A feature that deserves a special mention because it is not available with any other Amazon FBA platform is their Alerts tool.

Alerts monitors all your products 24×7 to ensure no competitor is selling counterfeits or trying to decrease your brand value. They offer many features along these lines which keep your products and their listings secure.



Fund, pay, and control your capital.

Their finance tool Alta is a dedicated eCommerce tool specially designed to help you manage your capital while running your Amazon business. Using Alta, you can generate capital to scale your business and ensure you receive your payments in the timeframe and currency you want.


By making all your business payments from one platform, you can easily keep track of your spending and make the process of registering and filing for taxes much more manageable. Users should note that their credit line for capital generation goes up to $5,000,000.

Access to tools mentioned here may be subjective to different pricing plans.

Get your Amazon business ahead with free Helium 10 tools.

Helium 10 Free Tools

The tools we mentioned earlier are paid software available as part of subscription plans or on an a-la-carte basis. Now let's go over some tools which Helium 10 offers entirely for free to all users;

  • Amazon Keyword Research

Directly enter a seed keyword or ASIN and find thousands of competitive search terms and relevant keywords, literally. This helps you run your PPC campaigns better, boost product ranking in search, increase listing visibility and ensure your product is always relevant.

  • PPC Audit

This is a tool where Helium 10 can tell you when you will achieve your target ACoS. You require a search term report from Seller Central to access this feature.

  • Chrome Extension

We covered the Chrome Extension in the Product Research side of Helium 10's paid tools. The Helium 10 Chrome Extension can now be directly accessed from the chrome web store.

The functionality might not be as complete as a paid subscription, but we can assure you that your product research process will become 10x efficient with this tool.

  • URL Creation

Helium 10 offers you the option to generate custom promotional URLs. There are many options for URL generation available for both Amazon and Walmart sellers. You can check out and generate custom URLs of any kind that you want directly from their official website.

  • QR Codes

Here you input a URL containing your brand details and generate a QR code. These codes are an easy way to interact with customers and increase traffic for your site.

It has been shown that marketing materials have more effect when they reach customers in these mediums. You also get quick feedback on products, measure and achieve the reach you want with your target set of users and generate loyalty for your brand.

Can you get Helium 10 for free?

Helium 10 Free Plan

Yes, you can get Helium 10 entirely for free. They offer a forever free to use plan, but the amount of tools and the number of times you can use them is limited by them.

Helium 10 Free Plan

Twenty uses of Black Box, 2 uses a day of Cerebro and Magnet, along with 20 uses in a total of Misspellinator, and just 6 uses of Index Checker are some of the restrictions imposed on free users.

A complete list of restrictions and comparisons with paid plans is available on the official website. The free tools which we mentioned earlier are provided with full access.

The free plan is a great way to check out the tool's functionality, and we would advise you to start using the tool now and upgrade to a paid plan at discounted rates during the Black Friday season.

Pick the desired plan for your business.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Starter: $39/month

Single user plan with all the core tools an eCommerce seller who just started needs. You also get access to training resources on how to use these tools effectively.

Platinum: $99/month

This is their most popular plan overall. You get full access to their suite of tools, and there are no restrictions, except some fair use ones, on the number of times you can use the tools we mentioned above.

Diamond: $249/month

Higher fair use limits than the Platinum plan, along with multi-user access.

Elite: $399/month

Live Expert training and interaction sessions along with unlimited access to all tools. The plan is not open for all. If you would like to join, you can join the waitlist, which is open on their website.

You can purchase all the tools we mentioned above individually as well. Please bookmark this article and keep checking it for details on the heavy discounts coming your way in the Black Friday season.

Few frequently asked questions about Helium 10.

🌟 Helium 10 FAQ

🙄What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a one-stop platform for all your Amazon business. It includes all the essential tools you need to sell products on Amazon and more. You can do everything from product research, importing your inventory, managing your ads, generating your listings, tracking your sales, and more, all with one platform.

🔎Does Helium 10 offer a free trial?

Yes, Helium 10 allows you to create a free account that helps users to test Helium 10 for free. But this free plan of Helium 10 is available with limited features. One needs to upgrade to its paid plan to enjoy all its advanced features. Grab our latest Helium 10 Black Friday offer and get a huge discount.

🤔What is Helium 10 used for?

Helium 10 lets you easily find thousands of relevant keywords in seconds and generate listings like a pro. With Helium 10, it's easy to start your Amazon business in a big way. It includes all the tools that Amazon sellers need to sell products easily on Amazon.

❓Can I access Chrome Extension with any plans?

You will get limited access to the Helium 10 Chrome Extension with the free trial plan. But if you go for its paid plan, you will get full access to Chrome Extension for both Amazon & Walmart.

🔥What are the Helium 10 Black Friday deals for 2022?

If you are looking for the Helium 10 Black Friday offer, grab the above-mentioned Helium 10 Black Friday deal for a huge discount.

🤑How much can I save by using Helium 10 Black Friday deals?

By using our active Helium 10 Black Friday deal, you will save a flat 50% OFF on any plan.

Grab our latest Helium 10 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for a huge discount.

Final Thoughts on Helium 10 Black Friday Deals 2022

Two years ago, something that would have been a competitive product will not be considered the same today because eCommerce marketplaces and customers are constantly evolving.

Understanding this market is a challenging task. Trying to make a living from it is a much bigger and much more difficult challenge.

Helium 10 and their massive range of tools ensures that you're ready to face all the challenges which the marketplace will throw at you.

Use our special Black Friday Helium 10 Discount Coupons and pave your way to reaching the heights of the experts who guide you when you join Helium 10.🤞🤞



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