How To Boost Your Dropshipping Business On Instagram In 2022

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Are you also an active user of Instagram? Then surely, you must be aware of how every brand is promoting its products and services via this influential platform.

Every business that runs its marketing campaign via Instagram aims at converting the traffic into sales. Boosting a brand's ROI is, no doubt, the first motive of every online business.

Dropshipping Business

Instagram helps you in the process by creating and publishing engaging visual content. Let’s check out this post on how to boost your dropshipping business via Instagram in 2022

About Dropshipping

Dropshipping is gaining popularity in the modern business world as it refrains retailers from stockpiling. It is a business model letting a company or business house to function without maintaining a store, inventory, or distribution process.

So, the person involved in the dropshipping business doesn’t have to transport goods to the customers straightaway. The dropshipping supplier collaborates with the retailer, and the supplier might fabricate, pack, and ship the product directly to the customers on behalf of the retailer. 

Therefore, the customer will order via retailer's online store, and he will forward the order details and shipping address to the dropship supplier. The dropship supplier does all the stockpiling, packing, and distribution on behalf of the retailer and dispatches the order under the retailer's name. 

How Instagram drive more traffic in the dropshipping business?

How To Boost Your Dropshipping Business

Instagram is chosen for boosting sales by every kind of online business, whether its big, medium or small. It is a popular social media platform among the youth, and you can see many updates lined up daily by different brands. The promotional campaigns done through Instagram are profitable than any other social media channel. 

In other words, Instagram is the best source of traffic for new and already established businesses. If a company is not using Instagram for promoting its brand’s products and services, then it has left out on something big and vital.

There are a few reasons that make this platform a far better marketing platform when compared to other social media channels:

  • Does not require a start-up capital

Marketing your product through Instagram is absolutely free, as this medium doesn’t require money to be invested. The only thing required is the right technique and sharp skills to promote. You just need to shift from standard profile to Business Profile. Switching to a Business account is something that has to be done before planning a marketing strategy on Instagram. 

A business account has many advantages like click button to contact you directly, and access Instagram Insights, providing statistics about the impressions and reach of your posts.

Moreover, you can also make and publish Instagram ads without the help of Facebook advertising tools. Once you get hands on the free perks, you can start using them to know your audience and track metrics. 

  • Making connections through storytelling

Instagram is based on storytelling, and we all love stories. Viewers love to connect to a dramatic or emotional story as we all have grown up listening to them. For a marketing plan of action, the story helps you in building a connection with your target audiences.

Through Instagram’s visual content, you can frame touching moments that directly connect your fans with the brand.

  • Effective visual content

Every social media allows you to post pictures and videos, then why only Instagram is a more effective medium. The reason is that other mediums encourage every type of content, while Instagram is a visual-only platform. High-quality visual content like attractive images, engaging videos drive more traffic towards your Instagram page.

If you post stunning content on your Business profile, people will keep coming, hence assisting you in brand development. 

  • Huge user base

Instagram has a vast number of audiences, and over one billion monthly active users. It offers a substantial amount of target audiences along with significant online market share.

Furthermore, using the right hashtags will help you in capturing the right target audiences, letting them access your online store easily.

  • Highest brand engagement

The platform allows you to engage with your target audience at an emotive level. Instagram has the best and the commanding brand engagement rate, indeed, when compared to Facebook or Twitter. Every brand influencer has to first connect to those interested in their products or talking about them.

Building connections means commenting on their videos, pictures, and stories. You can also generate catchy hashtags tempt those to visit your online store.

  • Valuable Insights

On your Business profile, Instagram will also provide you with useful understanding and feedback about how your product is perceived in the market. You can also monitor your audience's preferences and also how they take your product.

This can be done by keeping an eye on their personal reviews about your product, getting in contact with them personally if they don’t like something, and ensuring them that you understand their perceptual experience completely. 

  • Analyze competition

You can even evaluate based on your competitive strategies, and use the free tools by Instagram to analyze the competition. In this way, you can make use of the highly effective practices prevailing in the industry. So, make use of the insights carefully and frame your marketing plan of action accordingly. 

Benefits of using Instagram in Dropshipping

Why the newbies in online businesses prefer Instagram to promote their brand?

The answer is that Instagram has a more active user base than other social media platforms. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to design your marketing plan as you don’t have to write ponderous content along with the image or video. It is a visual-only engaging channel.

Moreover, other benefits are:

  • It doesn’t require a start-up capital to launch your website
  • Free of cost promotion
  • Quick interaction with potential clients
  • Large user base touching millions
  • An engaging visual presentation which is liked by all
  • Free and useful insight tools included in Business account

Points to remember while posting on Instagram

Before posting images or videos on Instagram, every marketer has to adhere to a few guidelines which will help in creating a successful marketing campaign. 

  • Genuine user-generated content 
  • Push one product per post
  • A mixture of an ad and regular post
  • Close-knitted post to communicate your brand story
  • Promote via giveaways and throwing contests
  • Create posts with emotional touch and not all corporate ad
  • Post Engaging content to have interaction
  • Don’t post too frequently
  • Use high-quality videos and images
  • Fix a time for posting content as per your audiences
  • Improve account identification and viewers by using suitable hashtags
  • Create engaging and responsive stories like reviews, price lists, a guide to use the products, etc.
  • Carefully design and describe the content for products and brands
  • Attractive profile description highlighting the product features and benefits

Kinds of Instagram Ads or Posts used in promoting Dropshipping business

  • Photo Ads

You can showcase your products and services through a persuasive and captivating image as top-notch visual content plays a vital role in boosting traffic. These photo ads also include call-to-action buttons like Buy Now, Download Now, Call Now, Learn More, etc.

  • Video Ads

Instagram allows you to post your product content in the form of videos. Some people do like watching videos, especially with instructions or how to use guides.

Videos ads are famous for products like health drinks, cosmetics, food items, etc. in which people get appropriate information about the usage or preparation. 

  • Story Ads

Story ads are full-screen ads that disappear after 24 hours. They are more influential and have a significant impact on the viewer's minds. You can add various features like face filters, texts, video effects, and more to create a relatable Story ad. They also have call-to-action buttons.

  • Carousel ads

In carousel ads, you can swipe through a collection of images -all with a call to action buttons to invite you to visit their online store. You can explain or highlight your marketed product or service in up to ten videos or pictures.

  • Collection Ads

Introduced in 2018, the collection ads users to buy products straightaway from the ad. This ad combines various attributes like image, video, and response button, etc. in a single post.

How to generate an Instagram Ad?

For creating and running ads on Instagram, you must first have a Facebook account. Then you have to link both the accounts and start preparing the ad design by selecting the perfect pics, video, or text that is to be included in the ad.

Now follow the process given below for making your ad live on Instagram in ads manager.

  1. In your Facebook account, go to Ads Manager and select Create.
  2. Choose an objective that backs your ad placement
  3. After that, click on Continue
  4. Fill in the information about your Instagram ad
  5. At the Placement section, select Edit Placements. In that section, click on Instagram so that your ad appears on Instagram.
  6. Click on Continue and then Preview the ad before it gets published.

After the ad gets your approval, it will be published on your Instagram business account. You can promote straightaway from your mobile app if you have a business account.

Now, if your ad is performing well, and you want to extend the reach, select that specific post. Click on Promote under that post, and then choose your goals and recognize your audiences. 

Instagram can select the default audience, but if you want to develop a specific category of the audience for the ad, choose the targeted demographics, location, and interests. After that, select the budget and duration of the ad, and finally, click on Create Promotion. Monitor your ad progress in the Facebook Ad Manager section.

🌟 Dropshipping FAQ

Can I dropship on Instagram?

Yes, you can dropship your business on Instagram. You need to have a lot of Instagram accounts that all come back to your store. You will get 10 000 or 20 000 visits to your dropshipping store if you set up ten different Instagram accounts around the same niche.

Do I need an LLC for dropshipping?

Yes, it is very vital to have LLC for the dropshipping business in order to protect your business and personal assets. It is better to be on the safe side if you have LLC for your dropshipping business.

How do I accept payment on Instagram?

You need to use payment gateways in order to accept payment on Instagram.

How can I increase my followers on Instagram?

You can follow the below technique to increase your followers on Instagram.
1 Complete Profile
2 Connect to friends
3 Looking for an audience
4 Post interesting content
5 Start conversation
6 Properly use hashtags

Final Verdict:

Instagram is the right tool for your dropshipping business promotion. You can even use tools like SocialCaptain to increase your Instagram fan following hence increasing turnouts naturally.

The process to market your products and services on Instagram is extremely easy. You will get a significant ROI if you follow the guidelines. Do adhere to the points before posting ads on Instagram. And also, don’t forget to change your current account to a Business account to reap the advantages. 

Don’t forget to share this post with those who want guidance on dropshipping business promotion.

Are you ready to boost your dropshipping business via Instagram in 2022?😊



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