Hyros Review 2022: #1 Most Accurate Ad Tracking Platform [By Alex Becker]

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Hyros is a platform that offers top-tier information for sales tracking with accuracy and attributions with valuable data and information available through its mechanism.

Hyros is a venture by Alex Becker primarily focused on helping out people with their ad spending and influencers to help them manage their internet marketing goals along the line.

Alex Becker has been working in the field of SEO since 2012 and had another venture made for helping out people get used to understanding SEO. The platform made was named Source wave and was later rebranded as Konker after being sold.

Read our first-hand unbiased ✅Hyros Review updated for 2022 that includes detailed insights about this Ad Tracking & Management Platform.

Currently, Hyros is the platform for better sales tracking and ad spending management with more information and analytics.

So far, it has been a successful venture in helping people manage their ad spend across different platforms.

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What does Hyros have to offer?

Hyros Review

Hyros claims to make your ad spending lower by 20 to 30 percent without adversely affecting your progress in marketing and sales as an online marketer.

Hyros is set to make better analysis and provide better reports by compiling the data received from different platforms like Facebook ads, Google Ads and syncing it in a single place which results better during ad campaigns and analyzing the actual sales with how things should work as per the ad spendings and campaigns running.

While we are all aware that Google and Facebook have their ad managers who are quite capable of performing a whole set of tasks, they might get some data lost during the funneling process.

You might be surprised to know that the data lost can also be of great importance while running an ad campaign or management along with different platforms.

Hyros utilizes this data and helps to get better results with 20 to 30 percent fewer expenses by getting along with every layer in the marketing funnel, an ad campaign, or any other marketing process gets along with different stages which are critical in their places.

While coming across different marketing channels and the ad managers available, none of them had this feature of analyzing all the funnel steps and giving a better performance in terms of sales and marketing.

Hyros Review

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Legendary Tracking And AI Optimization For Ads

Why go for Hyros?

Why not use Google Ad, Facebook Ad Managers, or any alternatives?

Hyros by Alex Becker has been an excellent platform for better and efficient management, as it works as a single place to manage all your other platforms like Facebook Ad and Google Ad.

This better and more stretched-out analysis helps give better information to make better marketing strategies and make better sales. In much simpler words, We could say that Hyros can boost all your ad campaigns better and more efficiently.

AI-based customization

Other alternatives also have this essential integration with marketing channels and platforms like Google, Facebook, Shopify, etc. Still, the Artificial Intelligence based algorithm and funnel process in Hyros make it a better player.

Hyros unique set of features provides a competitive edge to the other marketing tools in the market today. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for businesses, managers, and Digital marketers to manage their marketing campaigns effectively.

Hyros follow a great set of Tracking Parameters to improvise the sales and marketing practices. We can say that Hyros is better than Google Ads and Facebook Ads in managing a single platform more straightforwardly and cost-effectively.

As mentioned above, it can lower 20 to 30 percent of your ad spending.

Critical features in Hyros that make it one of the best among other marketing tools and managers:

🖥️Easy User Interface (UI)

One of the critical factors that make a product best in a customer's eyes is the ease in using and understanding the functioning of the product.

The easy-to-use interface makes Hyro an excellent choice to go with it, and you can get along with it even if you are not an expert in it.

📝Analyzed and detailed reports:

With the help of Hyros, you can be exposed to a prolonged and detailed sales funnel; one can get data like sales calls, down sales, up sales, customers who are your loyal customers (recurring sales), and much more.

Getting an analyzed and better report created in your sales can positively impact your sales.

📈Laser Accurate Tracking

Accurate tracking provided by Hyros can provide you with a complete customer journey, understanding the sales pattern and getting to know the stage up to which the customer went to and later making strategies accordingly to make better sales.

Hyros was built for marketers and businesses looking for more visibility into their campaigns across various channels. The tool is easy to use, has an intuitive interface, and allows you to work in real-time with your team members through its collaboration features.

Hyros also tracks each user's social media activity, Facebook & Google tracking, and offers insights in real-time through its interactive dashboards.

Hyros users get a better marketing funnel and 30 to 40 percent more attributes resulting in more sales towards the ads regularly. Hyros helps you track every movement made by the customer from the first click they made across your campaign.

This tracking makes a better planning and implementation strategy with some improvisation tweaks.

🧾Comprehensive Reports:

Alex Becker has done some great work with Hyros, the complete and comprehensive reports made by Hyros through different traffic sources like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

This type of direct integration with Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc., can be very beneficial to get along with more extensive sales. Hyros determines how each product is selling, the success rates, and how to improve sales.

Comprehensive Reports

They also have experience tracking long sales funnels and up and down sales. It is used by sales professionals, digital marketers, and business owners to track the progress of their sales funnel from different traffic sources.

They can use this tool to analyze their own and others' funnel performance. It is an excellent way for people who are just getting started with their sales funnels to test the market and see which tactics work best for them.

🔗Integrations Profusion:

Traffic source is crucial in understanding and amplifying your growth across different platforms. Getting customers from different sources helps in better chances of sales with more significant numbers.

Integrations Profusion

Still, these different traffic sources are to be appropriately managed efficiently. You won't be spending a lot on your ad campaigns or getting along with sales practices that will not give a good return on the investments made.

Hyros has integration with platforms like Google (Google Ads), Facebook (Facebook Ads), Shopify, Stripe, and many more. More places to advertise will result in more traffic and better conversions.

🛒Track your Sales Call:

Hyros by Alex Becker uses an excellent tracking method for getting along with sales calls. The customers in between the sales funnel can be tracked along with the great features by Hyros.

call optimization

We can make the conversions over the mobile phone; this tracking method of sales calls and other customers halfway down the funnel can be a tremendous positive point during your sales campaign.

🤖AI-Based Sales funneling and practices:

We are pretty familiar with the fact that Google and Facebook both uses AI with almost everything, and the new changes made in Facebook as metaverse has shown the great extent to which AI is about to get indulged in everything we use or see, so why not in your sales?

Hyros uses AI to get a better and relevant tract of sales and marketing funnels via different platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. The AI in Hyro works entirely on the data made available to it from different sources.

📧 Get Better at Email marketing:

Hyro uses an incredible system across email marketing that helps make a better return on investments. The ROI depends on different factors, and Hyro can optimize those factors and achieve better ROIs.

email marketing

🤖AI-based customization:

Alex Becker's Hyros has done some great work in customization with your ad campaigns and sales strategies with the help of AI and comprehensive reports made across all other platforms.

The AI-based algorithm in Hyros has been helping a considerable number of sales reps make better marketing and sales funnel. The better algorithm helps get a better report for knowing the audience behavior and getting along with proper plans and management.

Cost for Using Hyro

Hyro Pricing Plan & Cost Guide:

One thing that dazed me was its invitation-only program for ensuring that customers have a tremendous and exceptional experience. It is a complete invitation-based program.

The program is made so that the companies getting along will meet the same criteria under a specific size. They also provide a demo plan that helps a customer/company get along with the interface and go along with it if they are delighted.

You can book your demo and get along with Hyro in just a few clicks. The company also offers a 90 days refund, if you are not satisfied with the services Hyro offer, you can have a refund, isn't it great?

Pros and Cons of Using Hyros

Boons and Banes of Using Hyros:


  • Comprehensive reports are made from data collected from different platforms.
  • Hyros can reduce your Ad spending by 20 to 30 percent, and Hyo claims to reduce 10-15% ad spending instantly.
  • Tremendous and easy-to-use UI, the user interface on Hyro makes it easier for any to get along without being expertise.
  • You can get better results with Hyros, and even after all the features provided, if you are not satisfied with their services, you can go for your money back. Hyros offers this 90 days money back.
  • Reducing the cost of ad campaigns and tracking down the problems will help reduce your time spent over useless campaigns, which might not be giving a great ROI.


  • You should get an invitation from someone using Hyro, as it is entirely invitation only.
  • Your Ad spendings should be over $10k and a revenue of more than $40,000.
  • You should be spending more than $10,000 or more every month, which is a downside for many business owners.
  • It is built for a particular size of businesses and organizations. You should be a business owner, a digital marketer with a specific business size to use Hyros.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Hyros Affiliate Marketing Program:

Alex Becker's Hyros has an affiliate marketing program in their ecosystem; the affiliate gets a commission from $1 to $5 for every successful referral, but remember, as I mentioned above, the businesses using Hyros have specific criteria to undergo.

It must have an ad spending of more than $10k and a revenue generation of $40,000 or more.

Few frequently asked questions about Hyros.

🌟Hyros FAQ

🙄What is Hyros tracking?

Hyros is a cutting-edge tracking and attribution system that can track and pinpoint with laser precision every single click that leads a customer to the point of purchase. This means that we can finally calculate the Lifetime Revenue of a Customer-generated by our advertising.

🤑How much is Hyros monthly?

Hyros pricing starts at $399 per month for small to medium-sized businesses with an annual contract, and Enterprise plans are also available.

🙄How Does HYROS “Print Tracking” Work?

HYROS Print tracking is effective because it integrates with EVERY aspect of your business. Traffic sources, landing pages, funnels, checkouts, phone calls, email, and other data are interfaced to a single source.

🤔Can I Monitor My Email Marketing?

Yes, Hyros integrate with every email system imaginable. If you want to find the email address, we can do that. Hyros can track your email “overall” if you want.

🙄Is it possible for me to cancel at any time?

Yes. Not only can you cancel, but Hyros also offer a 90-day refund guarantee for ANY REASON YOU WANT.

🤔Is it possible to display HYROS data in my ad platform managers?

Yes. You can store the data in custom columns in your ad managers and display the tracking results alongside your standard ad metrics.

Should we go with HYROS or not?

Final Words : Hyros Review 2022

In conclusion, after understanding Hyros and looking after all pros, cons, and features, it is clear that Hyros is a great product to go with if you are looking to scale up your sales revenue with great features like detailed reports and a great sales funnel, you can give Hyros a try, but keep this in mind that companies and businesses within certain criteria can use Hyros, for example, your monthly Ad expense should be nothing less than $10,000 and a net revenue more than $40,000.

Hyros has this great tracking software that helps better funnel processing and gets along with better results effectively and efficiently. At the same time, you can also change and customize your funnel settings as per your business needs.

The software follows an excellent and efficient tracking system resulting in better sales and getting along with potential customers that can be profitable.

After looking after all the Hyros alternatives, it is for sure that Hyros by Alex Becker has done some pretty job and other software are pretty good depending upon business needs. Still, if you match the parameters needed, you should go further with Hyros.

Also, while coming across different Hyros reviews, it is a great management tool that will help you in many ways.

Overall, many businesses invest a significant amount of money on advertising, and Hyros can decrease your ad spending and increase ROIs over sales made.🚀

9.6Expert Score
Hyros Review 2022

Hyros offers a cloud-based platform for tracking customers' journeys. The platform offers advertising attribution and long-term value. Try it now!!

  • Gives Detailed Reports
  • Identifies profitable Ad campaigns
  • Allows you to identify Ad campaigns
  • Tracks Clicks and Conversions
  • Calculates your LTV
  • Only available by invitation


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