i-Con Island Conference 2023: Elevating Affiliate Marketing Journey

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A game-changing affiliate conference, set to take place in Limassol, Cyprus, i-Con Island Conference will be happening from June 29-30, 2023. This event will provide a novel experience with a brew of networking sessions and luxury.

This will provide the best atmosphere for industry professionals, along with some vibrant and entertaining experiences specifically designed to foster valuable connections. The event will have a number of booths, amongst which AdsEmpire will also hold a place, bringing forth a number of partnership opportunities.

What is i-Con Island Conference?

i-Con Island Conference

If you belong to the affiliate industry, this event, i-Con Island Conference should be your goal for the month of June. i-Con Island Conference is not just a gathering of industry professionals but also a vibrant experience, especially brought up to encourage valuable connections, provide innovative solutions, and elevate affiliate marketing strategies.

The person who is about to attend the event will master the knowledge of networking, the affiliate marketing industry, advertising, and even publishing. By merely giving yourself a leisure time of two days, you can meet thousands of affiliates and a number of industry professionals having great experience in many separate niches.

The attendees can also be a part of panel discussions and listen to speeches by the invited industry experts. As an attendee, you can explore and cover the latest trends and topics that revolve around a number of industries.

And that's not it, experience out-of-the-world events and special parties arranged specifically in Europe's biggest casino resort City of Dreams, and on the island of Cyprus.

You will be surrounded by the most intelligent minds of the affiliate industry, and you will be also enjoying the beach, the sun, and the sand.

Who should you attend i-Con Island Conference?

The i-Con Island Conference is committed to providing some great memories and valuable insights about various industries and also throwing out some enjoyable parties.

The event has been planned and designed to attend all the queries, doubts, and news that circulate in the affiliate industry. Whether you belong in the industry as a seasoned affiliate marketer or are even one who has just stepped into the affiliate industry, i-Con Island Conference will get you all moving with knowledge-based panel discussions and workshops.

Besides the main affiliate conference, i-Con the Island Conference will even hold a few additional workshops and sessions that can be purchased separately. If you are seeking knowledge related to the affiliate industry or a few other industries, i-Con Island Conference is committed to delivering some of the most valuable information with enjoyable moments for all of its attendees.

Speakers at i-Con Island Conference

Providing the best industry-related strategies, insights, and the ones with vast affiliate experience, i-Con Island Conference has invited such guests, who will be giving out the attendees some valuable knowledge.

The initial speakers' lineup includes:

Dayna Deruelle, COO, Adnium: Dayna Deruelle is the COO of Grand Slam Media Inc., a Toronto-based ad network focused on members area traffic. With over 8 years of experience at the company, he played a crucial role in launching Adnium.com, their current ad tech platform. Dayna's commitment to helping publishers and advertisers achieve their goals and establishing GSM as an industry leader highlights his expertise and passion in the field.

Craig Campbell, Founder, Craig Campbell SEO training and consultancy: Craig Campbell, a Glasgow-based SEO expert, consultant, and podcaster, assists businesses in enhancing their website rankings and organic traffic. He provides services in link building, training, and online reputation management. Craig is a keynote speaker, social media influencer, and digital asset investor. In his free time, he enjoys boxing and acting.

Jenny Gonzalez, Co-Founder, Rocahead: Jenny Gonzalez, a seasoned performance marketing veteran, excelled in the online dating industry with her passion for affiliate marketing, online marketing, and branding. Leveraging her expertise, she achieved impressive milestones for dating advertisers, driving growth and success. Transitioning to the publisher side, Gonzalez utilized her industry experience to optimize conversions, acquisition costs, and foster substantial growth, earning her reputation as a trusted advisor.

Alan Cladx Founder, Cladx: Alan Cladx, a French SEO expert and PBN owner, has made significant contributions to industries like fashion, adult, and sports. His involvement with renowned brands and events like Ralph Lauren, QuickSilver, and the

World Cup 2022 showcases his impact. Alan's global presence as a conference speaker, coupled with his ownership of Europe's largest PBN, solidifies his reputation as an influential figure in the industry, assisting businesses in enhancing their domain authority.

Charis Demetriou, CEO of NEXXIE Group: Charis, with a decade of experience in digital marketing, has been instrumental in shaping the online industry, working with renowned brands like iLivid and Viber. As CEO of Nexxie, he drives innovation and aims to revolutionize the dating industry. With a strong academic background and the introduction of high-converting offers, Charis and his team have ushered in a new era supported by custom back-end platforms, propelling their success.

They also have speakers like Evan Zirdelis ExoClick, Director of Sales and Ad Operations to Nilu Usupova Head of Business Development, PR at AdsEmpire, and 29+ speakers along with many other speakers yet to be announced

Schedule of i-Con Island Conference

Both days of the event are packed with a variety of sessions as well as a number of workshops. The sessions will be led by some great industry experts, talking about a wide range of relevant tips on affiliate marketing.

The event starts on June 29, you can get yourself registered a day prior, on June 28 in the registration area. The registration desk will be open from 12:00 to 18:00.

On the same day, a Pre-event welcome party has been scheduled, sponsored by NOVA, which will take place at the La Caleta. The pre-event party will be starting at 17:00 and will go on till 23:00.

June 29: First day of i-Con Island Conference 2023

Starting the day early, with a detox session at 8:30 AM you can attend the Spiritual Journey, a yoga healing session at the pool area.

Registration Desk opens up at 9:00 AM. If you have already registered, you can collect your badge and a special gift at the City of Dreams Casino resort.

At 10:00 AM the expo will open for all the attendees, also beginning with the networking at the main i-Con Expo Area.

The speeches and master class by the invited guest speaker will begin at 11:00 AM on Stage A. Talking about the topics of payment matches and ‘The dark side of SEO’.

A panel discussion session, by  Moritz Von Arnim, Tom Marsh, Nilu Usupova, Roman Khemelnytskyy, and Stefan Muehlbauer will be taking place on Stage B from 12:00 to 12:45.

A MasterClass by Tom Marsh and Christiana Dimitriou, on the topic of Running Google Ads in high-risk verticals will be held on Stage A from 14:00 to 14:45.

Similarly, a speech by Matvey Schmidt on how to capitalize on local sporting events will be held on Stage A from 15:00-15:45.

From 15:00 to 15:45 one can attend the interview with Dayna Deruelle on stage B and a product presentation on stage A and another panel discussion on The Hard Times of CEOs at stage B from 16:00 to 16:45.

Right at 12:00  Flash Parade will begin to entertain and create a more enjoyable atmosphere. This will go on for 15 minutes leading to the lunch break session from 13:00 to 15:00.

By grabbing some beers in the main expo area from 14:00 to 17:00, at 17:00 the expo will wrap up its first day.

An opening party will begin at 21:00 at Summer Breeze and will run till 1:00 PM

June 30: Second Day of i-Con Island Conference 2023

Beginning with the registrations at 10:00 AM the Expo will also open providing the attendees with day 2 of networking.

Attend the MasterClass by Evan Zirdelis on the topic of ‘Unleashing the power of smart bid for your campaign bid strategy’ at Stage A from 11:00 to 11:45. At the same time at Stage B you can attend Oleg Stefanets’ speech on the topic of Compliance Undressed.

A Product Presentation by Lewis Rough and Federico Vieyra, of DatingClix will begin at Stage A at 12:00. On Stage B you can attend the speech by Jenny Gonzalez on the topic of ‘Be bold, be different, and be an online marketer.’

The lunch break will begin at 13:00 leading to the product presentation session by Andy Wullmer of Onlyfans and Fansites marketing strategies at Stage A from 14:00 to 14:45 .  Interview with Fortis Yiannakou at Stage B will begin at the same time. 

Attend the panel discussion on the latest trends in the WebCam world at Stage B from 15:00 to 15:45. MasterClass by Gala Grigovera on the topic of ‘How to use top-notch ad creatives to boost campaign performance’ on Stage A will begin at 16:00 PM.

The closing party will begin at 18:00 and will run till 23:00 at Captain's Cabin.

In addition to the i-Con Island Conference, on July 1, the Mykonos Trip will begin for invited members only

Tickets for i-Con Island Conference

Tickets for i-Con Island Conference

The ticket for the event includes Full Access to the 2-day exhibition, Access to the exclusive conference networking app, Entry to all live speeches, networking sessions, panels & seminars, Free Entry to Official Events & Parties, Sponsored Food & Beverages for both days and €20 Free Casino Chips.

Venue of i-Con Island Conference

City of Dreams, Limassol has been booked as the main event venue, which is situated halfway along the island's south coast. It is Europe’s first-ever casino resort with 5-star luxury rooms and award-winning dining options. The best combination of business and leisure.



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