iFX EXPO Asia 2023: The Ultimate Fintech Event in Bangkok

The excitement grows more and more and the eagerness can't be held up. With the days coming near for the iFX EXPO Asia 2023, taking place in Bangkok, the attendees as well as the organizers are hyped up for the multi-day experience. The three-day fintech event which we spoke of in our previous article is scheduled for June 20, 21, and 22. The three-day fintech event scheduled for June 20, 21, and 22 will act as a medium to collaborate between a number of industries.

About iFX EXPO Asia 2023: Meet the Market Dominators

iFX EXPO Asia 2023

A perfect hub that will bring together some of the top-level executives from the most prominent and international firms, will also bring along a lot of network building opportunities directly with the C-level executives from various industries. Here one can grow the business and also gain industry knowledge with insights in quantities. iFX EXPO Asia aims to be an exhibition that will build new businesses and help them grow as well.

Having industries such as technology and service providers, digital assets and blockchain, retail and institutional brokers, payments, banking, and liquidity providers in focus, iFX EXPO Asia will also have affiliates & IBs as well as Regulation & compliance centric panel discussions.

iFX EXPO Asia 2023 taking place in Bangkok, Thailand has got 90% of the stalls totally sold out. There are over 120 stalls which are filled with top business and fintech exhibitors. Varying from Zulu Trade, Trader Revolution, FX Cubic, and a lot of other exhibitors have been already set to hit the iFX EXPO Asia 2023.

Having that in mind, this expo won't just have business-promoting exhibitors in it but also have prime opportunities to meet business experts from various industries and discuss the plans or have them on board with you. These representatives and expert speakers have been invited to talk about industry fields including Technology & Service Providers, Digital Assets & Blockchain, Affiliates & IBs, and Regulation & Compliance.

The first list amongst the many to come has been released, which has the names of experts who will be coming on the panel and taking you on an unforgettable and inspiring journey of business analytics and development.

Let's get to know the speakers in a bit more depth……

Speakers at iFX EXPO Asia 2023

Eugenio Accongiagioco, the Managing Director of APAC Management Consultancy will be taking the panel during the events of iFX EXPO Asia 2023. He has got over 20 years of experience in the financial market being the advisor of FX/CFDs brokers as well as crypto players and other financial service providers.

Then, the expo even has got Abhinav Singh Suryavanshi, Head of Engineering APAC at REVOLT. Having over a decade of experience in the field of software engineering, Suryavanshi, being the head of engineering at Revolt, leads a team of experts and also looks after payment systems.

Pamela Lee Wan Yu, is the Head of Sales, APAC at TALOS. She takes care of the growth and manages the sales of the company. She has also got great experience being the head of partnership, APAC at LMAX group where she led the business growth with institutional clients.

Joining this vivid list of speakers will be Sandeep Raj, SVP Growth at Alibaba, along with Sagar Desai, Senior Associate for Institutional Sales, Trading, and Prime at Coinbase.

Sandeep Raj, who is currently the SVP in growth at Alibaba has been previously associated with Amazon. He holds an experience of over a decade of in pan-Asian leadership roles. He has previously been a high-profile conference speaker at various events which focused on technology, growth, and entrepreneurship. 

Sagar Desai is the prime person who looks after the leading strategic relationship and client solutions at Coinbase. He has even got experience of two years in being the head of investment solutions with his previous company InvestaX. 

Then the panel will also have Benjamin Chang, Chief Executive Officer, at Swissquote Asia, and Christopher Gore, Advisory Services, OTC Derivatives, as two of the lead speakers on the panel. 

Benjamin is responsible for overseeing and managing the business development and operation of SQAL in the Asia Region. He will be talking about the topic revolving around Forex as he has got a tremendous 17 years of experience in the same niche. 

Christopher Gore who is an advisor to OTC derivatives providers in Australia also specializes in matters of regulatory compliance, general advisory, and consultancy services, for CFD and Margin FX products and services. He stepped into his career in OTC in the year 2005 and since then he has been the most responsible manager looking after the market strategies and developing business. 

If you think the list has ended, we assure you it hasn't. The iFX EXPO Asia 2023’s first list consists of more than 20 names other than what was revealed to you. 

The next female speaker at the iFX EXPO Asia 2023 is Tatiana Pilipenko. She is the regional head of business development at Brokeree Solutions. The company she works for is a turnkey technology provider for multi-asset brokerages. Tatiana is the key person looking after the large chunk of brokerages of various sizes in and around the flagship products and social trading solutions. 

Joining her crew of the greatest female panel speaker will be Kaia Reet Parv, Chief Investment Officer at CrediLinq.Ai, Lissele Pratt, COO & Co-Founder of Capitalixe, Elina Pederson, and many other brilliantly experienced industry experts.

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Event Schedule for iFX Expo Asia 2023

iFX Expo Asia Event Schedule

The schedule for iFX EXPO Asia 2023 has all been prepared. All three days have been set to have the most indulging talks and get the visitors motivated for growing their business.

Commencing on June 20, iFX EXPO Asia 2023 will have a blast at the welcome party, beginning at 18:30. A few informal sessions between the attendees and the industry experts will serve as the beginning of what is to happen during the most promising network-building fintech exhibition. Here the visitors will be served great food and drinks as well as networking-building opportunities and to have potential business partners introduced.

On the second day of the event, June 21, gates will open at 10 am and the main event will start where Asia's renowned Tech evolutionists, brokers, and the leaders of Asian Century Tech trends will be on the stage discussing strategies and their personal experiences in the field. Other than this, various events such as Leaders Spotlight: Insights from Behind the Scenes, Cracking the Code: Insights to Ace the APAC Market, and The Future of Regulatory Landscape Locally & Globally will be happening around the expo.

Visitors, who wish to learn insightful knowledge of the Fintech Industry in the Asia Pacific region can harness a lot of information during these sessions. Along with that, the event will even have discussions about the rapidly evolving market, and dynamic and fast growth in the APAC region.

After the whole day with mind-bending activities has been through, the expo will then throw a Night Party on the same day which will be on till late at night. The venue for this has not been revealed yet.

The last day of iFX EXPO Asia 2023 will have discussions over the World Bank, along with topics revolving around Asian Fintech momentum and its regulations. Additionally, panel discussions over topics of traditional vs neo-bank will be the bedrock of the final day.

The last day of the event expo will even have dialogues over Global Blockchain Extravaganza: Version 4.0 covered,  along with the topics of the geography of the APAC industry, A Story of Tailwinds & Headwinds: Liquidity in APAC, and even The Golden Hashtag: Affiliate Marketing in Asia.

The organizers have also arranged a Buffet Lunch for all Exhibitors, Sponsorers, and Speakers in the Lunch Room, which is located on the main Exhibition Floor.

Idea Hub Sessions

Idea hub sessions are a part of speaker sessions which will take place on 21 and 22 of June. These will be simultaneous sessions taking place with other events happening at iFX EXPO Asia 2023. Topics such as trading infrastructure and technology, inclusion and diversity in the workplace, and having the most out of an investment will be discussed during these sessions.

One can also learn about sustainable fintech services and NEO & challenger banks, digital banking as well as gamification of online trading at the Idea Hub Sessions.

iFX EXPO Mobile App

To keep yourself updated with the iFX EXPO Asia 2023 news and schedule, you can download the mobile app that has been exclusively built for the registered attendees. The mobile app of iFX EXPO is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Get all the crucial updates and also maximize your networking as the AI matchmaking present in the mobile app can help you exchange messages and even the contact details using a simple Badge Scan. With all of that, you can even view the full schedule of the event and can even build your own personal schedule.

Fix your meetings with your new business clients and match with potential buyers. The mobile app of iFX EXPO 2023 also allows you to navigate through the floorplan and view the event agenda.

With this at your fingertips explore the profiles of all the sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees.

Venue for iFX EXPO Asia 2023

iFX EXPO Asia 2023 will be happening at the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre which is at CentralWorld.

Along with having Branding Arena, Lounges, a Speaker Hall, an Idea Hub, and more stalls, the event venue will also have a Coffee Bar as well as a Beer Bar in it.

The expo has been growing exponentially since the day it was announced to be held in Bangkok. A number of attending companies have already registered themselves for the event.  Invast, Bitzilla, Exness, and Curenex are amongst the very prominent companies which will be a part of the event as attendees.

Hurry up and book the free passes

At present there are only a few free passes left, so you have got to hurry up and book yourself a spot. The registrations for the event are open, so be sure that you register yourself at it official website and have access to a number of amenities at the event.

The iFX EXPO 2023 free pass includes:

  • Access to the expo hall
  • iFX EXPO Networking App accessibility
  • Entry to the Speaker Hall and Idea Hub
  • Admission to Sponsored F&B Areas
  • Entry to the Business Lounges
  • Access to the iFX EXPO Parties

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