iFX EXPO Asia 2023: Experience the Future of Fintech!

The best expo for a global fintech collaboration, iFX EXPO Asia 2023 will have the best and top-level executives from various firms, who belong to an international stage. This expo will give its attendees a platform to build their network, have their business ready to grow, and at the same time have the best and most engaging talk about the market updates.

Date: June 20-22, 2023

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Event type: Expo

Venue: Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld

Organizer: Ultimate Fintech

iFX EXPO Asia 2023 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 20 to 22 of June 2023. The three-day meet will hold the best parties and even the discussions along with prominent speakers and industry experts. This business conference will have its focus on industry fields such as technology and service providers, digital assets and blockchain, retail and institutional brokers, payments, banking, and liquidity providers. Along with this, the event will also have discussions about affiliates & IBs as well as regulation & compliance. 

The event claims to provide everything that will help the attendees build the business successfully and run it. The expo is all set to happen in Bangkok, and with that, at present 90% of the stalls have been sold out. This means the event is going to a bash, indeed!

Who should attend iFX EXPO Asia 2023?


When we speak of the niches that are going to be a part of the event the list keeps going on and on. From technology and service providers to retail and institutional brokers everything is going to be covered under just one roof. You can witness talks about the trading platforms, connectivity, CRM & VoIP to marketing solutions and accounting services, and at the same time, you will get insights about cryptocurrencies to security and payment solutions using blockchain.

The expo will also have the ultimate platform for all brokers to compare their sources and services. Here the visitors can engage with many people from the same niche and expand what they plan for.

About banking the event will focus on go-to place for the best financial solutions for your business.  Here, one can learn about their business from payment processing, gateways, and e-wallets. At the same time, the event will also talk about banks and liquidity.

If you are an affiliate, this expo should be on your list. Here one can learn about hot topics in the affiliate industry, traffic generation, and all the other needs in the affiliate and IB industry. This is the best opportunity to explore more about regulatory firms, audit, legal as well as compliance firms.

iFX Expo Asia 2023 Event Schedule

iFX Expo Asia Event Schedule

The event iFX EXPO Asia 2023 is just a few months away, and the schedule has all been prepared.

The event will begin on the 20th of June and will have an official welcome party. At this party, the attendees will have a meet and greet with industry experts. This will be an informal environment, which will serve as the best opportunity that will lead to a face-to-face discussion about network building and have potential business partners introduced.

On the second day of the event, 21 of June, would be more intensely celebrated. The event will begin at 10 am on 21 June. Here, during the second day, iFX will have Asia's renowned Tech evolutionists, brokers, and the leaders of Asian Century Tech trends.

A few more events will take place on the same day. Events such as Leaders Spotlight: Insights from Behind the Scenes, Cracking the Code: Insights to Ace the APAC Market, and The Future of Regulatory Landscape Locally & Globally will be on an attractive front of the event.

One can get insights about the Fintech Industry in the Asia Pacific region, during these sessions. Plus the event will also have discussions over the rapidly evolving markets, as well as dynamic and fast growth in the APAC region. When the whole day has been passed with networking and having discussed about the business strategies, iFX EXPO Asia 2023 will have you dazzled with a Night Party for which the venue is yet to be announced.

The following day will begin with a discussion about the world bank. Topics such as Asian Fintech momentum and its regulations will take place along with covering topics of traditional vs neo bank.

The final day of the iFX EXPO Asia 2023 will also have talks about Global Blockchain Extravaganza: Version 4.0 covered. One can have themselves acknowledged with the topics of the geography of the APAC industry, A Story of Tailwinds & Headwinds: Liquidity in APAC, and even The Golden Hashtag: Affiliate Marketing in Asia.

F&B options will be available in the dedicated areas. Also, a buffet lunch will be available for all Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Speakers at the Lunch Room located on the main Exhibition Floor situated on the 22nd floor. Multiple food outlets will be available in close proximity to the Exhibition venue for all the attendees.

Speakers at iFX EXPO Asia 2023

iFX EXPO Asia 2023 will have the best speakers from the business niche who will be talking about various topics during the event. The event is set to have 100 plus speakers, who will inspire the attendees for a better growth of the industry.

Speakers like Marc Robinson, who is the Head of APAC Market Operations at Coinbase, and Ritu Singh, the Regional Business Director- ROW, HNW at StoneX Financial Ltd will be present during the event. Along with them the iFX EXPO Asia 2023 has also invited guest speakers like Grace Chong Siew Lin, Head of Financial Regulatory SG at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, Malik Khan Kotadia Co-founder & Chairman of Finnovation Labs, Mario Singh Founder & Chairman of Fullerton Markets, along with Janis Anastassiou who is the Managing Director, Financial Intermediation at Finvasia, Benjamin Chang, Chief Executive Officer at Swissquote Asia, Justin Peyton, the Chief Transformation Officer at Wunderman Thompson and a few more.

Parties by iFX EXPO Asia 2023

Undoubtedly, the parties held by iFX EXPO are the best. And this time as the event is about to take place in Bangkok, which is already a party hub, they are going to be held on a totally new level.

We are not just talking about the afterparty here, the iFX EXPO Asia 2023 will also have you showered with the best experiences as they will also have a welcome party. This is going to be the highlight of the 2023 Bangkok event. The first meet and the best place to hang out with already existing clients and new business partners, the welcome party will be held in an informal manner, which will be held before the main event.

Now, let's talk about the official iFX EXPO Asia 2023 Night Party. To be held in one of the most exciting and best nightlife venues (TBA), the iFX EXPO Asia 2023 will have the best attractions with high profile and unexpected surprises. This night party will be held after the whole day of networking on 21 June, to relax the attendees of the event. If you are a businessman or even an entrepreneur or just a normal visitor who wants to visit and learn about the business field, everyone can attend these parties by iFX EXPO Asia 2023.

The night party will be another opportunity for networking with captivating entertainment for the attendees of the event. These are surely the places no one should miss to visit.

Venue for iFX EXPO Asia 2023

This year the event will happen in Bangkok's most prominent place, Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld.

The venue will have Branding Arenas, Booths, Sponsorships, Lounges, a Speaker Hall, an Idea Hub, and various more stalls where one can enjoy and build network at the same time.

The event venue will also have a Coffee Bar as well as a Beer Bar.

Brief about Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is also a well-based party hub. The street food and nightlife is a heaven for those who like to travel and explore new places. And iFX EXPO has chosen this place for a reason. The reason being, to have the best bash and to have the best business.

The event will take place in the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre which is located in the central world. You can book yourself a nice hotel as the place is filled with luxurious staying places. A few stay-in and hotels are available right in the area of the convention center.

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