JuicyAds Review 2022: Premium Adult Ad Network (200% ROI)

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The adult advertising network is day by day becoming more competitive due to the rapid growth of the porn industry. Previously, you may have seen some of the best adult ad network reviews here. Again in this post, we have featured ✅JuicyAds Review that includes its detailed insights like features, benefits, etc.

The adult industry is gaining popularity and becoming more than just a passive source of income for affiliates and advertisers. Both of them need to go with the best for their business. And right now, there is nothing better than the JuicyAds Adult Ad Network.

JuicyAds is getting the highest favorable reviews from both publishers and advertisers. It has built the relationships, tools, targeting, and anti-fraud capabilities to empower you to succeed. All these features are wrapped into a single, simple to use, self-serving platform called JuicyAds.

If you are a well-to-do spender and self-service is not your thing, you can always sit back and let their dedicated account manager handle your campaign completely. Those managers are considered to be some of the most well-known associates in the industry.

JuicyAds – The Sexy Advertising Network

Top Adult Ad Network
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Detailed JuicyAds Review

JuicyAds Review

With its name, you get to know about the theme of this network. JuicyAds is a sexy advertising network that takes care of all your advertising needs. In other words, it is a marketplace for publishers to increase their revenue by renting their space to advertisers. Publishers allow the advertisers to run their campaigns in their area.

They specialize in Banner Ads, Native Advertising, and PopUnders. This platform is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to test new traffic sources.

But, JuicyAds is a dedicated adult network and offers its services strictly in that niche. But they offer every other ad type, which is a huge advantage for publishers and advertisers. Other than this, JuicyAds offers advertisers to manage their platform either self-service or full-service.

Here's what they say to all advertisers:
“As an advertiser, you have two options to work with us. You can either opt for self-service or full-service. If you are a big spender and do not want to handle the campaigns, you can fully rely on us with our marketing worries.

Our dedicated account managers will take care of everything on their end. Even to manage your campaigns internally, we use our leading-edge platform and the features listed below.

We were rated as one of the Top 10 Advertising Networks in the world by W3 Techs because of our dedication to our network, traffic, and customer service.”

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Key Features of JuicyAds Ad Network

JuicyAds ad network offers a lot of features to both publishers and advertisers. We can confidently say that there is no other platform in the adult ad network category that offers such features.

Features of JuicyAds Ad Network

We are listing some of the features below:

Features for Publishers

  • Advertisement
  • Ad unblocking
  • Neat and clean reporting dashboard
  • High revenue ads
  • High referral commission
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Multiple ad unit sizes

Features for Advertisers

  • Anti-fraud system
  • Advanced targeting
  • One account for both advertiser and publishers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Multiple ad unit sizes.

Other than the above features, there are many more available for publishers and advertisers.

Reasons to Go with JuicyAds Ad Network

This is true that JuicyAds has a lot to offer to both publishers and advertisers. Whether you are considering Buy or Run of a network, there is a solution for everyone! Advertisers trust JuicyAds to deliver quality traffic and provide the best anti-fraud protection.

JuicyAds Review Features (2)
  • They have one of the best and easy-to-use interfaces for purchasing ads in the industry and are the only ones buying in seconds and with instant approval.
  • They deliver over one Billion impressions daily and constantly growing.
  • Even in the recession period where every other business was going to lose, JuicyAds has managed to grow tremendously.
  • At present, JuicyAds is serving 121,000+ websites and 63,000+ clients, and more are joining daily!
  • They know how to protect their clients with the most robust click fraud detection in the industry.
JuicyAds Coupon

Your profit matters to them. Therefore while using JuicyAds, you just sit back, relax, get juicy and make money with JuicyAds.

👉 Steps to Get Started with JuicyAds Ad Network

Joining JuicyAds is even easier than charging your phone. You do not need to wait to join this incredible platform; click on the below link to fill JuicyAds form now.

JuicyAds Reviews

JuicyAds ad network is very active in taking responses to the joining process. That is why they have an effortless way to make someone join the network. Their team is always there to support you if you face any difficulty during the joining process.

  • Click on the above link. That link will redirect you to JuicyAd's joining page.
  • Fill the detail form given and wait for the confirmation mail in your email.
  • The backend team of JuicyAds will approve your account in the minimum time possible.

Once you are done with the signup process, you will get the Javascript code. You need to insert the same Javascript code into your site or blog. It depends on your choice you want how many pop-up ads to display on your banner. On the other hand, the Javascript code is fully automated, so you will need to customize anything.

After dealing with the above steps, your site will be ready to use. Once you put the code on your site or blog, your earning will start the very next morning.

JuicyAds Ad Network Requirement for Publisher

Although JuicyAds is strictly an adult ad network, it also accepts non-adult websites. So basically, they JuicyAds does not have any minimum requirement criteria fit for the publishers. But they make sure that you are not involved in any illegal activity, and no frauds should be going through it.

JuicyAds Unit Details for Advertisements

Primarily, JuicyAds offers only two types of ad units. One is PopUnders, and the other one is Banner ad. Below is the list of sizes of ad banners.

JuicyAds Unit
  • 300×250 – Medium Rectangle
  • 728×90 – Leaderboard
  • 160×600 – Skyscraper
  • 120×240 – Vertical Banner
  • 125×125 – Square Button, with title
  • 150×150 – Square Button, with title
  • 250×250 – Square
  • 468×60 – Full Banner
  • 300×100 – Mobile Banner
  • 300×250 – Mobile Banner
  • 300×50 – Mobile Banner

Other than this, they also offer a LiquidFire ad type that works well with the mobile traffic based on a CPA basis.

JuicyAds Pros & Cons

  • Fallback option
  • Exclusive flat deals
  • Bid recommendations are shown
  • Few stats are provides
  • Not an ideal platform for beginners

🌟 JuicyAds FAQ

✅What is JuicyAds?

JuicyAds is a web-based advertising company that specializes in banner ads, native advertising, and PopUnders.

✅ Is it possible to have multiple JuicyAds accounts?

We advise you to use only one account. However, we understand that certain circumstances may necessitate the opening of a second account.

✅ Can I buy and sell ads with the same account?

Yes. When you create an account, you will be able to sell and buy ads. All earnings (or account loads) are deposited into your account balance, where they can be spent or withdrawn.

✅ How Does JuicyAds Deal With Fraud?

JuicyAds has strict anti-fraud policies in place.
On both the Publisher and Advertiser sides, we have ZERO TOLERANCE for any form of fraud.

Conclusion: JuicyAds Review 2022 | Should you really go for this adult ad network?

There are many adult ad networks available around us, but we need to make sure that we are choosing nothing but the best for our business. And we are pretty confident that JuicyAds will allow you to expand your horizons and make immense passive income without making you invest much.

With this, it is time to conclude our JuicyAds review here. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to the article, please mention them in the comments section down below.🙂

9.2Expert Score
JuicyAds Review

JuicyAds is an advertising network that allows publishers to monetize their traffic via desktop and mobile inventory. Try it now!!

User Friendly
  • A minimum earning of $25 is available.
  • Strong CPMs in specific geos, such as Asia and Russia
  • A self-service platform for campaign changes.
  • A referral program that pays 20% of JuicyAds' commission on direct ad sales.
  • Sell any unsold traffic by offering back URLs.
  • Banner ads have low conversion rates.
  • The admin panel is difficult to use.
  • Customer service is only available via email.


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