Jungle Scout Chrome Extension 2022: Is it worth the hype? (Read)

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Do you use Jungle Scout❓❓ Even if you haven't, you probably must have heard about it.

There is a piece of good news for the Jungle Scout fam! Now, Jungle Scout also offers Chrome Extension!

In this article, we are going to know about Jungle Scout and ✅Jungle Scout Chrome Extension comprehensively.

Amazon is a leading platform for all the e-Commerce sellers, where you can go on and start selling your products without any handwork!

But setting up a business online is not a piece of cake; you have to go through many integrations like where to start? Which product to sell? What do the customers want? How to look for the right keyword?

The above questions can be a little overwhelming. There are multiple questions like these, but the only solution to these problems is Jungle Scout.

Now, when you have a little idea about Jungle Scout, it is time to know about the Chrome Extension it offers.

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Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Overview

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

When you already use Jungle Scout, all the integrations are dialed up with Amazon already. Well, of course! You know this already.

You don't know that your Amazon account will be directly linked to the chrome extension. Guidance will be provided at every stage. The extension will track real-time sales, revenues, keywords, best-selling products, everything.

You will be provided the metric value of every product you choose. The tool can see the live performance of every page. From prices to ranks, estimated sales, and pick the right opportunity for you.

You will get multiple opportunities to improve your business. You can always browse through new ideas, which will help you always stay ahead of your competitors.

How to Install Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

For this, you have to keep one thing in mind that the extension can work only on Chrome Browser. If you don't have it already, install it before deciding to go for Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Discount

For the installation process, go through the following steps:

  • Sign up for Jungle Scout.
  • Utilizing your browser, log in through the Members area on the website.
  • There you will see an extension tab on the homepage; click on the tab.
  • When the page opens, go on the orange button named ‘Install Chrome Extension.' With the extension installed, you will choose to pick for the Lite or the Pro Version. If you opt for the Lite Version, it will come off black and white JS, and the Pro version will of black and orange JSPro Icon.
  • Now close all the tabs, reopen them with your new username and password.

If you decide to go for the chrome extension, for sure, there will be profit and profit to your business.

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Key Features of Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

  • Accurate sales estimates
  • Request reviews
  • Academy training
  • Customer support
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Cancel any time.
  • Chrome Extension
  • Opportunity score

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

You see, Jungle Scout offers three pricing plans. The pricing plans are:

Jungle Scout Pricing

Basic Plan

The basic program will only equip you with the research essentials you need along with a single license user and full access to Chrome Extension; all this is just $19 per month.

You will be limited to only 20 searches in the field where opportunities are discovered, the entire data of products, keyword research, with a 3 products tracker.

Suite Plan

Many businesses use the Suite Plan. You will add more users to your site, access in-depth research about the products, and, most importantly, the required keywords.

With a $49 per month bill, you are provided with tracking products of 150 products and the number of searches in the other fields.

Professional Plan

As the name says, the professional plan is for the professionals! This plan gives you the best advantages you can acquire at the expense of $84 per month. With six users included, it provides you with a boon of 1,000 products in the Product Tracker.

A 6 month, Historical Product Tracking data benefits you an edge over your matches as you will get a fair idea of which points you need to improve and which tricks worked out for you.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite Version

It is a much cheaper version of the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. It costs you about $97 on an annual subscription.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Coupon

You will also see the customers' reviews and ratings as their experience after using the product. These reviews build the brand name for your products.

They will provide you the entire estimated financial value of the past 30 days. It's a budget-friendly option for you.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pro Version

The Pro version has many essential features like the Opportunity Score, which will allow you to see your product's position. Along with that FBA fee, which is required, the size dimensions are also mentioned with the Net FBA fees. The annual subscription comes to about $197.


🌟 Jungle Scout Chrome Extension FAQ

👉 What is Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is nothing but the original product research tool that helps you discover winning products, new opportunities, product insights, etc., when browsing Amazon.

👉 How does the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension work?

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is nothing but the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension that helps people find the highest selling or winning products on Amazon. With the help of Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, you can easily do product research while you are browsing Amazon. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension enables you to get real-time sale estimates data, view historical data, and many more.

👉 How much is the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

Jungle scout Google Chrome extEnsion is the only thing you need to grow your Amazon business to the next height. It offers three major plans that are Basic, Suite & Professional. The Basic plan will costs you $29/mo, the Suite plan will costs you $49/mo, and the Professional plan will costs you $84/mo. Use our exclusive Jungle Scout Chrome Extension coupon code that helps you to enjoy a 50% discount.

👉 How to use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

If you want to use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension effectively that helps you to find great products, then follow the below steps:

1. First, you need to install Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.
2. Go to Amazon.com & click on the Chrome-Plug-In.
3. You need to login into your Jungle Scout account and start using Chrome Extension while browsing Amazon.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Chrome Extension 2022 | Should you go for it?

The Jungle Scout offers this Chrome Extension, which enables and makes the integration process a lot easier.

If you decide to go for Jungle Scout, make sure you also opt for this extension.

At this point, do you still want to be stuck in the issues of offline marketing?

Well, my friend, everything is going digitized nowadays, so you have to step up your game a little bit. You will have to go on and trust the online marketing tactics.

You can also check the Jungle Scout review first to come up with a decision fast.

Now, it is time to wrap up this thing over here. We hope that that this article will be beneficial to you.

If you have any suggestions on it, you can mention them in the comment section below.🙂



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