KINZA 360 Dubai 2022: World’s Leading Intercontinental Affiliate Marketing Conference

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Here comes KINZA 360 Dubai, a banger event for digital marketers and affiliate marketers that a lot of people have been waiting for.

There is a lot of anticipation for KINZA 360 this year, mainly because it will be taking place in Dubai, one of the world's leading hubs for affiliate marketing. KINZA, one of the largest affiliate marketing conferences, is making its debut in Dubai this year. More than 3500 people from around the world are expected at KINZA 360 Dubai on October 27, an occasion that will allow for networking, experience-sharing, and establishing new partnerships.

KINZA 360 Dubai

The two-day agenda of KINZA 360 includes information about the latest traffic patterns, ample opportunities for business connections, and an after party. You can't miss this event, which features 30 top-notch speakers presenting their case studies and insights. So, no doubt that as an affiliate marketer or someone who is indulged in digital marketing, KINZA 360 is something you don't want to miss.

Why Should You be Attending KINZA 360?

Having the chance to connect with the best people in the industry, as well as having the ability to learn about the current industry trends and the most popular niches, will make KINZA 360 in Dubai an excellent event. As an affiliate marketer, being able to connect with some of the global leaders in an event can be really helpful in a number of ways.

KINZA 360 in Dubai

Affiliate marketing and online advertising experts from all over the world come together at KINZA Dubai to learn and develop. You will find the most popular affiliate brands and those with the expertise to capitalize on the most popular niches here. You can also find prominent influencers, entrepreneurs, and moneymakers here, as well as learn from them. KINZA is a welcoming place where you can seek professional inspiration, mutual development, guaranteed and enhanced income, and, of course, have a great time.

How Long will KINZA 360 Last?

It will be a 1-day event that will help you in ways like you wouldn’t have thought; not only KINZA 360 be full of fun and networking, but it will also help you in opening better business opportunities. KINZA 360 Dubai will be held on the 27th of October and will be having an afterparty, buffet, and 100+ brands on the floor.

KINZA 360 Dubai Conference

October 27, 2K22
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Focus Events at KINZA 360 Dubai

1. Festival Arena

KINZA 360 Dubai provides ample space for large-scale networking events and makes any of your wildest dreams a reality. Furthermore, the venue has everything you need for a successful event. Using Festival Arena for the event will result in better attendance. The festival arena will cover around 7000 m² of space.

2. Networking Occasion

You will learn how to expand affiliate marketing to boost your company at KINZA 360. Conferences are terrific places to network with the most prominent figures in your sector. You will be able to gain advice from the most successful affiliate marketers, who are willing to share their knowledge with you.

3. Niches and Expansion

In addition to iGaming, Health & Beauty, Crypto, ecommerce, Fintech, and Dating services, the KINZA Dubai will provide a variety of niches. You don't have to worry about whether you're in a niche or industry. 

4. Attendees Never Like Before

More than 3500 people are expected at the KINZA 360, which will include more than 25 speakers from various fields. The event will also include 80 exhibitors from 50+ countries. Big crowds are often associated with excitement and energy. They can also represent a sense of optimism, community, and togetherness. Well, KINZA 360 has got it covered and too, with leaders in their respective industries.

KINZA 360 Dubai is Different, But How?

No doubt that KINZA 360 will be a complete banger event overall, but here are some of the things that make the event all set for its attendees and worth considering.

  • Hundreds of Affiliate marketing brands in the Expo
  • The Afterparty with leaders for Business & VIP pass holders
  • Three meals/day for VIP ticket holders
  • Buffet area in the Expo

How to Book Tickets for KINZA 360 Dubai?

Tickets for KINZA 360 Dubai

You can book tickets for KINZA 360 Dubai using the links given below while saving an extra 12% on your bookings. The tickets are basically categorized into Affiliates and Companies, which are further subcategorized into Basic, Business and VIP tickets. It is worth mentioning that the prices of tickets will be hiked in a short period of time, so book your ticket now while saving an extra 12% on your confirmed bookings.

KINZA 360 Dubai 2022: World’s Leading Intercontinental Affiliate Marketing Conference

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Access to the Expo zone for 2 days

Become an Exhibitor at KINZA 360 Dubai

Just in case you are looking forward to becoming an exhibitor in KINZA 360, there is no better time to access to the Expo zone for 1 day than NOW!!

Exhibitor at KINZA 360 Dubai

The exhibition area at KINZA Dubai will be spread across 7,000 m² of Festival Arena, making it an all-in-one venue for visitors and exhibitors. There will be a variety of spaces for exhibitors depending on the situation. These exhibition areas are basically categorized into:

  • The Exclusive Expo Zone (8×4)
  • The Diamond Expo Zone (6×4)
  • The Gold Expo Zone (4×4)
  • The Silver Expo Zone (2×4)

So, get along with KINZA 360 Dubai and explore the best in terms of networking, learning, exploring and having fun like never before. Aside from the expo's main exhibition halls, there will also be VIP lounges, lounge areas, registration stations, buffet areas, expert zones, and speed networking areas, among others. Speed networking will be a special zone where media partners can interview key conference speakers. Therefore, come to this global convention on affiliate marketing and expand your network.



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