Best PiPiADS Alternatives 2023: Which AdSpy Tool is the Best?

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Are you on a search for the best PiPiADS alternatives to invest in right now? Do you want to switch to any other TikTok ads spy tool and are looking for more options? If yes, you have landed at the right spot; let's get started!

What is Dropshipping? – Dropshipping is a highly scalable business model where an individual doesn't even have to invest a bit into inventory management. This statement would sound dreamy to many, and even many dropshippers across the globe would tell you that dropshipping is extremely easy, but in reality, it's not. The reason being the day you will step into the industry, you will realize that there are a plethora of dropshippers already ruling the market with the best strategies.

In fact, to come to numbers, by 2025, this whole dropshipping market size is forecasted to grow by USD 557.9 billion.

So, how can you fit into such a huge crowded space? The answer is by choosing the best social media platform like TikTok to advertise and by picking the best ad spying tool to spy. But since there are so many options available in the market, the question that has to be answered here is – Which TikTok adspying tool is best in 2023? Is it PiPiADS? Or Is it any other PiPiADS alternative? 

If it's PiPiADS, what about the other tools available? To get over this confusion, in this article, we have reviewed the best two PiPiADS alternatives, along with a quick sneak peek into the PiPiADS ad spying tool itself, so let's get started!

What is PiPiADS? PiPiADS Review

PiPiADS Review

Being named one of the best TikTok ad spying tools in the market, PiPiADS is a popular TikTok advertising platform used by over thousands of marketers across the globe. From the date of launch itself, because of its extensive TikTok database, PiPiADS really worked wonders. Discovering hot products has gotten a lot easier since then. 

Not just this, PiPiADS even allow marketers to run super effective campaigns quickly, monitor ads, or even spy on competitors' ads, all with just a few clicks. 

For dropshippers, PiPiADS is just a dream come true thing because, with this tool, they can explore the best, in-demand market products quickly (by just entering a keyword). And if you are a dropshipper who has just stepped into the world of TikTok marketing, this ad spying tool has literally got the largest collection of TikTok ads; you'll get it nowhere else.

PiPiADS Logo

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Features of PiPiADS – Why Should You Look after PiPiADS Alternative? 

Now as you are aware of what PiPiADS actually is, next comes its features, which you must look after while comparing PiPiADS to its alternatives.

1. Extensive TikTok Ad Library

Extensive Tiktok Ad Library

The best and unique feature of PiPiADS is it allows users to walk through millions of quality TikTok ads data in just a few minutes. They can explore the best content with the highest engagement rate within their niche to start their ads business immediately.

Winning Product Search

Apart from such an extensive ad library, TikTok even gives dropshippers a huge sneak peek into what viewers are actually looking forward to on the platform. They can explore the best new TikTok-winning products every day and find new winners every hour with just a few clicks.

Tiktok Ad Product Search

Not sure about what content you really have to post on TikTok to get the right engagement? PiPiADS product search feature has got you covered. With the help of this specific feature, dropshippers can find their exact viral TikTok product and even the best music that would fit in the product content quickly.

Tiktok Trending Products

The best thing about PiPiADS TikTok ads database is it keeps users updated about trending TikTok products even before they go viral. Do you understand the gem factor here? With the right amount of searches, your store will literally be selling the first viral product and will gain massive popularity very quickly.

5. TikTok Competitor Analysis

Tiktok Competitor Analysis

Lastly, the competitor analysis feature by PiPiADS allows dropshippers to explore what their competitors are actually doing in space. They can find out what type of ads they are running, what type of comments or engagements they are receiving, and where they are actually lagging behind.

PiPiADS Pricing Plans – Are PiPiADS Alternatives Much More Affordable? 

Before coming to the pricing plans, let us tell you that PiPiADS allows users to explore their software for $1 for three days, and then they can make a purchase if they are satisfied. Other than this, it offers three paid plans, which you can either pay monthly or yearly to save up to 30%.

  • PiPiADS Starter Plan – $77 per month
  • PiPiADSs VIP Plan – $155 per month
  • PiPiADS Pro Plan – $263 per month

With all these plans, dropshippers get to explore unlimited winning products every day, and even ad details, product details, and advertisers' information, all with just a few clicks.

Best PiPiADS Alternatives with Excellent Customer Ratings 2023

What is BigSpy? – BigSpy Review

BigSpy Review

BigSpy is a popular and the oldest ad spying tool used by over thousands of advertisers and marketers across the globe. This tool is more popular for the detailed insights and analytics it provides to its users of almost every social media platform available out there. The tool has the biggest ad database, and when we say this, we mean this. 

By just checking out BigSpy for once, advertisers can get quick ad inspiration. They can even download the ad creatives and check out the performance of each. 

BigSpy is a great ad-spying tool for marketers who want to explore what their rivals are actually doing in any competitive space. How many ads they are running in a day, and how well each of them is performing. Along with this, the new features

BigSpy Logo

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Key Features of BigSpy – What is BigSpy used for?

Since over here we are just talking about the best TikTok ad spying tool, in this specific BigSpy features section, we will only be covering the features the tool offers for TikTok ad spying and not any other social media platform.

1. Massive Database

As mentioned previously, BigSpy is all about the massive database it offers to its users. The seller just has to enter the right keyword, along with some basic information like location, type of creatives, marketing objectives, and CTA type, and the tool will bring the best results accordingly.

Over here, the only thing we liked the most here are the filters; sellers can literally go through the ads database according to created time. So from the oldest to the newest, whatever type of TikTok content you want to explore, BigSpy has got you covered.

2. Taps all Global Markets

Apart from such a massive database, yet another best thing about BigSpy is it covers data from all global markets. So just enter the location, hit the search button, and you will get extensive ad information of any location, all within a few seconds. 

3. Timely Updates 

BigSpy updates its database each hour so that you can take advantage of everything critical. And this specific feature is much needed for TikTok marketing because of the vitality factor. Hence, rush to BigSpy at any hour of the day, quickly explore which trend is getting viral at which hour, and tap on it before it gets too late.

4. Competitor Analysis

Because of such a massive database, BigSpy makes the competitor's analysis much easier. Any seller, with just a few clicks, can explore how well their competitors are performing in the space and where they are lagging behind. Moreover, the advanced filtering, sorting, and searching options by BigSpy even allow dropshippers to monitor the most profitable TikTok ads, which would let them spark quickly.

5. New Product Ideas 

Getting new product ideas with BigSpy is very cheap, and we mean this. Given the pricing of the tool, if you have been struggling with finding the best dropshipping products to sell, this tool can actually give you a closer look into what viewers are demanding more. 

BigSpy Pricing Plans

BigSpy Pricing Plans

One can use BigSpy for free, they just have to sign up, and the tool will give some amount of ad credits for free to explore how BigSpy actually works. Other than this, the tool offers three paid plans to its users: 

  • BigSpy Basic Plan – $9 per month
  • BigSpy Pro Plan – $99 per month ($1 for three days)
  • BigSpy VIP Enterprise Plan – $3600+ per year

If the user opts to pay yearly, they can save upto 10-30% with all the plans, so hurry up!

BigSpy Pros & Cons

  • Biggest ads database.
  • Round-the-clock customer support service.
  • Gives best statistics.
  • Powerful ad analysis.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Huge difference between pricing plans.

Reasons Why We Suggest BigSpy as the Best PiPiADS Alternative 

When compared to PiPiADS, BigSpy is a much cheaper and better option because over here, e-commerce wouldn't just be getting TikTok ads data, but even they can grab ads data from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Yahoo YouTube, and even Unity. 

Yet another best thing about BigSpy is its super easy, beginner-friendly user interface. Even though the tool holds so much data, you would never get confused handling it all. And even if you get stuck anywhere, the software has got you covered with the best resources – blogs, case studies, reports, tutorials, top 50 shops, best TikTok songs, and more!

What is SimplyTrends? – SimplyTrends Review

SimplyTrends Reviews

SimplyTrends, as of now, is not exactly an adspying tool; instead, it's an in-one monitoring tool that allows sellers to ace their selling game with the best features possible. The tool offers real-time ad data from every social media platform and allows sellers to perform winning product research and competitor analysis quickly. 

SimplyTrends is also popularly known as the best free Shopify spying tool through which sellers can spy on any Shopify store by just entering their name. Any dropshipper can use SimplyTrends to evaluate different

Simplytrends Logo

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Key Features of SimplyTrends – Is SimplyTrends Worth Trying?

As mentioned previously, this PiPiADS alternative is not all about spying; it's instead the best all-in-one selling software for dropshippers. And because of this, they have one specific feature available for ad spying. 

TikTok Ad Spying

Through this feature, sellers can reveal their competitor's most profitable ad products at any hour of the day. Be it from Facebook or TikTok, SimplyTrends has got users covered with all the essential insights. Not just this, dropshippers, with the help of one click export feature, can download the best ad creatives quickly.

Apart from ad spying, some other exciting features offered by SimplyTrends are:

  • Competitor finder
  • Sales tracker
  • Shopify store insights (sales and revenue)
  • Shopify product insights (fulfillment and vendor information)
  • Reverse image search

And more!

SimplyTrends Pricing Plans | Does SimplyTrends Offer a Free Plan?

Simplytrends Pricing Plans

SimplyTrends, just as the name suggests, has kept its pricing plans much simple to understand. The tool simply offers two plans, a forever free plan that comes with very limited access to features, and a paid plan that is super affordable; check them out now: 

  • Free Plan by SimplyTrends – no credit card required
  • SimplyTrends Pro Plan – Starts from $49 per month

SimplyTrends Pros & Cons

  • Gives detailed ads insights.
  • Can spy on any Shopify store.
  • Free forever plan available.
  • Powerful competitor analysis.
  • Easy supplier-finding process.
  • None

Reasons Why We Suggest SimplyTrends as the Best PiPiADS Alternative 

What makes SimplyTrends stand unique to PiPiADS and BigSpy is its database; it literally allows the seller to quickly perform competitor research and find winning products across different social media platforms with just a few clicks. The competitor tracker feature here is the literal gem that allows dropshippers to keep track of every move of any seller on any social media quickly. 

Apart from this, SimplyTrends, when compared to other tools mentioned in this list, is super affordable. The free plan is simply a gem for a new dropshipper who wants to explore the ins and outs of social media marketing.

Top FAQs on PiPiADS Alternatives 2023

What is PiPiADS?

PiPiADS is a powerfully simple yet robust tool for executing your perfect TikTok ads strategy. Whether you're just getting started or want to take your campaigns to the next level, PiPiADS has everything you need. PiPiADS have the biggest TikTok ads library that allows you to discover the latest TikTok trends so that you can create the most viral TikTok ads.

BigSpy or PiPiADS, which ad spying tool is better?

Both ad spying tools offer users access to extensive ad data within seconds, but as compared to PiPiADS, BigSpy covers more ad data from across different social media platforms, and the latter one is all about TikTok.

Can I use SimplyTrends for free?

Yes, SimplyTrends offers users a free plan with limited access to premium features; users can sign up without even a credit card.

What is the best PiPiADS alternative in 2023? 

BigSpy is the best PiPiADS alternative available out there, but you can even give Minea, Poweradspy, and SimplyTrends a try since these are affordable as well.

What are the best TikTok ad spying tools in 2023? 

There are several TikTok ad spying tools available in the market; some of the best ones include – PiPiADS, Minea, BigSpy, Poweradspy, SimplyTrends, and Dropispy.

Can I find TikTok ads data manually?

Yes, you undoubtedly can, but this process would be much more time-consuming. If you want to save time, make sure to invest a bit into the right TikTok ad spying tool like PiPiADS or any other PiPiADS alternatives.

Is PiPiADS the best TikTok ad spying tool?

Yes, PiPiADS, as of today's date, is the world's number one TikTok ad spying tool with the biggest TikTok ads library, used by over thousands of advertisers and marketers across the globe.

How do I spy on TikTok ads?

If you are a marketer or ecom owner and want to run your business successfully on TikTok, then you need the best TikTok ads spy tool. With the help of the TikTok ads spy tool, you can easily spy on trending TikTok ads. Following are the best TikTok ads spy tool that you can consider:

Does AdSpy work for TikTok?

AdSpy is the leading adspy tool that helps top advertisers with the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. The powerful features and filters of AdSpy help you find ads that work for your niche, so you don't have to waste time.

Final Verdict: Which are the Best PiPiADS Alternatives you must get for yourself in 2023? 

Now that you have explored the best PiPiADS alternatives, it's time to come to a conclusion – which one would best suit your business? 

If looking into the core, an average individual sees 5,000 to 10,000 ads a day. However, they notice just a few, like a hundred, ads. And at this moment, these spy tools come to the rescue. Both BigSpy and SimplyTrends come with extensive ad databases, but relying on just a tool wouldn't bring many results to you. 

So what's the deal here?

When compared to PiPiADS, SimplyTrends offer a free forever plan to users, which includes access to the best possible features. PiPiADS also offers a free trial for three days, but over here, you will have to pay $1 to get access. And to the last, BigSpy offers a free trial to users just after completing the account registration process. Hence, try making the most out of these trial periods with the help of your marketing team, and let them choose which tool is giving them the best TikTok ads data. 

Lastly, we believe BigSpy to be the best PiPiADS alternative. But, at the end of the day, the decision is yours; build a TikTok marketing strategy for yourself, look after your budget, and then make a wiser decision. 

Till then, stay tuned to Afftweaks to explore more such ad spying-related tips and tricks!



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