Recart Review 2022: #1 Facebook Messenger Marketing App

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Are you aware of the latest platform to drive more sales and stay connected with your customers?

Messenger marketing is one hell of a solution to stay connected with your customers by replying instantly. With instant reply, your customers are satisfied and become more loyal to you.

Email marketing is also a good solution but has many drawbacks like low email open rates and messages being sent in the spam folder. This reduces customer loyalty, and your customers divert themselves to other brands.

Is your business suffering a huge loss due to low email open rates?

The solution is right here!

Change your marketing strategy and switch from email marketing to Facebook messenger marketing.

In this article, we have featured the ✅latest Recart Review updated for 2022 which is the best app for Facebook messenger that increases the engagement of customers that are active, resulting in boosting your revenue.

Let us learn more about this app and what it has to offer for increasing sales.

About Recart

Recart Review

Recart is the best solution to sell more with Facebook messenger marketing. It offers a 7-day free trial and also if you can unlock 28 days free trial. So it offers free service to make some revenues for free.

For any help, you can contact on their email: [email protected], Facebook, Recartapp or Instagram.

GhostMonitor Inc has designed the Recart app.

Reasons to choose Recart.

Features Offered with the Paid Plan

Recart offers some exciting features with its paid plan. Take a look at these features, and you will realize why Recart is the next-gen app for Facebook messenger marketing.

Messenger subscription tools: With one-click tools, you can subscribe to your customers to your list without the need to type an email or phone number. Effortless one-click makes your job easy and fast.

No extra charges: Recart charges you based on your performance. There is no bounding on sending messages. You can send unlimited messages to unlimited visitors with no restrictions. The more sales you make the same way to have to pay the charges.

Boosting Conversions: With messenger campaigns, you can help, convert, and retain your customers during every stage of their journey and make the most out of it.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: It has been observed that most of the time, visitors leave the cart without completing the payment. You can drive those visitors back and convert them to be your repeated customers.

Tracking Orders: Generate receipts of the order placed and let customers track their shipment from the messenger conversation itself. To get more customers, you can offer discounts so that they become your returning customers.

Genuine Reviews: By collecting genuine photo reviews from happy customers, you can gain trust from others and convert other users into subscribers and profitable customers.

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How Recart helps grow your Business

Are you fed up of customers abandoning the cart?

Most visitors change their minds at the last moment or, due to some reason, leave the cart without completing the payment process.

Recart superior technology of reminding customers about their previous cart will ensure them to complete the process.

With reminder messages, customers who almost had purchased the item but did not complete the last step will become your recurring customers.

It’s time to drive back customers without any headache of losing sales!

Do you want to notify your customers about anything?

Yes, you can surely notify your customers about any discounts with its validity and also about the shipment of the order.

When you notify your customers about the delivery of their order, they get a sigh of relief. This sigh of relief means loyalty and driving them back to your marketplace.

Instantly send a notification to the customer when the order leaves your warehouse with an expected time of delivery so that the customer is available to receive the order.

Do you remember the first thing you were taught in your school days?

Greetings! This is the first thing you are taught, and when a teacher enters the classroom, every student stands up to wish the teacher.

A warm welcome is what makes a relationship stronger and beautiful. Greet your customers when they join your club and offer them interesting deals at the startup.

A welcome discount with a warm welcome will make up the day for your customer, and you never know if the customer instantly gets connected with your love and uses the deal to buy a product.

Lure your customers to join the messenger list by offering them special discounts and keep them engaged with new product offers and hot deals.

Want to boost your sales with genuine feedbacks?

Photo reviews are the best way to convince your users about product quality and customer satisfaction.

Ask your customers to provide feedback on the product purchased by integrating Recart with your messenger and show the world what people think about your products.

Let your customers wonder about the next big day

Broadcast messages providing special offers and flash sale on trending products. Promotional messages will keep your customers engaged.

Promotions through newsletters, sales alerts, and more are the best ways to retain your customers.

Offer an exclusive discount on products that your customers love the most.

A bicycle without wheels is of no use. So keep your customers in the cycle and don’t let their interest fade away.

Grow your Messenger List

Making visitors subscribe to your messenger list grows your conversion rate. A sticky discount box is an ideal way to provide an incentive-based solution.

Start a chat right away in the messenger conversation with new topics. It’s the easiest and most effective way to engage your customers and answer their queries live and instantly.

You can ask your customers to subscribe to order updates at the last step of the user journey. This will increase your messenger list, and you can grab more visitors’ attention to order confirmation and photo review requests.

What more does Recart have to offer?

Recart has become so popular that now it has more than 80,000+ business trusting its services. It has more than 5000 positive reviews on the Shopify App Store that proves its success and reason for everyone to trust their services.

Recart Pricing

Just like the email, you have to ask permission from customers to send them a message on Facebook messenger. But it’s not that complicated with Recart. With just 1-click, you can start sending messages with the most popular popup software like Wheeli, Justuno, Optimonk, Privy, Woohoo, and more.

You can start generating peak revenues in few minutes by enabling pre-built subscription tools and campaign templates at one-click. Start messenger marketing in 5 minutes with Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Woo-commerce.   

Want to hire an expert for your project?

Recart has teamed up with Shopify to provide experts that help you build projects in the right direction. Get your project setup and customization as per your need with a vetted Shopify expert and reach outstanding ROI with messenger marketing campaigns.

🌟 Recart FAQ

How do I extend my Recart trial?

You can start 7-day free trial when you first sign up on the Recart. Recart also extends free trial to up to 28 days. On the Recart dashboard, you will find the Extend Your Trial menu that contains various quick ways that help you to extend your free trial.

Can Recart slow down my store?

Recart never blocks or slows down your site as its code loads on websites asynchronously. If you install Recart, then it will not affect your page load speed.

Does Recart support mobile browsers?

Yes, all the features of the Recart are available to users on all kinds of devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. But all its features look great on the big screen that is n desktop.

Can I change my site URL inside Recart?

Recart does not allow you to change your store URL manually because of the various security reasons.

Conclusion: Recart Review Updated 2022 | Should you go for it?

So, guys, this was all about how you can optimize and make extra revenues using Recart messenger marketing. 

Recart adds up to 15% extra revenue to your ecommerce store and is, therefore, the next-gen of marketing. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and our latest research on how messenger marketing could increase revenues.

Rethink, recapture, and start messenger marketing with Recart!

9.4 Total Score
Recart Review

Recart is the best app that enables you to reach new people. It easily integrates with the latest tools for popups, push notifications, and more. You can securely promote your promotions and campaigns.

Ease Of Use
Reliability & Support
  • It Offers a Free Trial.
  • Easy to Use
  • Easily Integrate with the Latest Tools.
  • It Provides Abandonment Analytics Tools.
  • Do not find any Disadvantages.
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