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Want to know how your ads are performing?

Frustrated about not knowing what to focus on to get sales?

Want to understand how your audience behaves to what?

As an affiliate marketer, you have several campaigns running simultaneously. All of these are filled with a lot of content, ads, and coupons to get the conversions you want.

The issue is you don’t know which content got you the most sales or which ad it was that converted that tough crowd. This makes you depend on trial and error in your campaigns. The lack of this key data is hurting your revenue but not anymore.

Read on to learn more about Redtrack, as we've included an exclusive ✅Redtrack coupon code to help you save even more money.

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What is

RedTrack Coupon is a platform that is your one-stop shop for tracking the performance of your ads and attributing conversions to them.

With the growth of affiliate marketing, a lack of ad tracking analytics was felt, prompting the founders of RedTrack to establish the platform in 2015.

Since then, they have provided all the tools to their users to generate the maximum ROI. The guiding factor behind the success of RedTrack is its stellar customer service, as they provide excellent customer support alongside special training to users on how to get the maximum value from their platform to customers. Review & coupon

This training is provided in the way of pre-recorded videos and even live online training.

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Benefits of RedTrack | RedTrack Coupon Code & Promo Code

You should head to the site to access the many benefits of joining hands with them in your affiliate marketing or advertising journey. These benefits are listed below:

RedTrack coupon
  • Get a look into how customers respond to particular ads and what drives your sales.
  • Simplify your marketing data using their range of tools.
  • Generate simple tables filled with key data to analyze your ad performance easily. This feature includes essential data like Traffic Clicks, No. of advertisements played, consumer satisfaction, conversions, and Cost Per Acquisition.
  • RedTrack provides advanced statistical tools like Google Analytics and Alexa to get the gist of which are your high-performing campaigns and which you have to work on.
  • All your marketing data can be tracked from a single software across all marketing channels. This includes search engines, ads, and even social media.
  • You can isolate how the majority of your users find your website (and work on your strategy to improve on that source) and also track which sources provide you the most revenue.
  • RedTrack offers live tracking of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across multiple channels.
  • Shows the amount of money spent on a campaign and its ROI in a single glance.
  • Uses live tracking along with ad conversion and impression data tracking features simultaneously through a common dashboard.
  • A hassle-free interface that comes with A/B testing, covering over 30 data metrics and CPC, CPA, CPM, and Revshare analytics with multiple customs (and pre-set) filters for traffic distribution and redirection.

These features make RedTrack best in class for ad tracking and conversion attribution.

Exclusive RedTrack Tools

They offer a premium range of tools focused on making the platform user-friendly and maximizing ROI, which are listed below:

  • AutoScale:

You receive real-time reports and fast redirects, ensuring you never lose the traffic you have worked hard for. This feature has helped users increase their clicks by several hundred times.

  • Custom Domains:

RedTrack allows you to use custom domains for your ad tracking, providing as many you need at no additional cost. This way, you can manage your traffic the way you want with no restrictions.

  • Geo-Balancing:

You can conduct your campaigns across multiple GEOs with at least some predictable performance data because of RedTrack’s advanced and robust system infrastructure.

  • LP Pixel:

LP tracking pixels allow you to split test or rotate offers with your direct traffic. This gives you a free hand to track your campaign's performance and even adapt your work in the future.

  • AI Smartlinks:

You can analyze the clicks you got on a particular part of your campaign in the past and then distribute them accordingly using their in-house AI algorithms to generate maximum revenue with your next campaign.

  • Smart Streams:

RedTrack offers you the option of running a simple A/B split test or setting up your custom rule system to create custom parameters for traffic distribution across multiple streams. They also offer pre-set parameters for different use cases.

  • Custom Dashboards:

This feature is designed for you to cut through the clutter of your data to isolate the winning combinations quickly. You can access group data over multiple variables and save it at your convenience. Pricing Plans | Exclusive Discount Codes & Deals offers a 14-day free trial where you can access all the features you would be able to use in the paid plans, after which you will have to subscribe to one of the following plans:


Basic: $49/month

This plan is ideal for affiliates and publishers, including all necessary tracking features. Traffic distribution, filters, and reports for unlimited campaigns are offered here.

Pro: $99/month

Along with the features offered under the Basic Plan, you get API integration with multiple channels, automated optimization, and ROAS maximizing software.

Paired with robust analytics and timely alerts of key data, this plan is optimal for advanced users who want to boost their campaigns revenue.

Advanced: $149/month

The advanced plan is for those who want all the pro plan features but with multiple accounts per channel. This is positioned towards solo media buyers who are working with many Facebook and other social media accounts simultaneously.

Media buyers engaged in handling Google and Bing accounts should also consider going for the Advanced plan.

These are individual plans. If you are looking to use RedTrack with your team or with multiple partners, you will have to subscribe to the Team/Organisation plans whose prices are given below:

RedTrack Coupon

Team: $249/month

This plan comes equipped with the features of a Pro plan but with even more advanced analytical and statistical tools and additional seats for your team. As you can track publisher and affiliate data effectively with this tool, large teams of publishers or affiliates should use this plan.

Agency: $449/month

You can take your client experience to a new level with a white-labeled white-labeled reporting portal that displays data in real-time while simultaneously scaling up your agency’s operational capability.

Enterprise: $1119/month

Adding an attribution seat with a massive number of user seats. This plan is for vendors, media-buying teams, and large agencies operating on an enormous scale.

Other than these, you can contact them separately to get a quote for a custom-made plan according to your needs.

These team/organization plans offer the following benefits:
– Multi-access
– A dedicated panel to manage affiliates and publishers
– Separate reporting portal for your partners
– Advanced support with custom branding

You can get at a discounted rate using the coupon code.

🌟 RedTrack FAQ

✓ What is used for? is affiliate marketing software. offers the following functionalities:
– Multi-device support
– Campaign management
– Smart targeting
– Performance analytics (Affiliate)
– Fraud prevention
– Smart links
– Multi-level referral tracking
– Real-time click tracking

✓ Who is the CEO of Redtrack?

The CEO of Redtrack is Vlad Zhovtenko.

✓ Is coding knowledge essential to use RedTrack?

RedTrack is a pre-configured solution. So you do not need to know how to code.

✓ How can I apply a promo code?

On the registration form, there is a separate field for this. If you forgot to enter the promo code, please contact the product specialist or [email protected] for assistance.

✓ Does Redtrack need a server to use?

No, we handle all server-side tasks for you.

✓ Can Google Tag Manager be used with RedTrack?

Yes, all RedTrack scripts are GTM compatible. Pro assistance for GTM setup is available with Advanced and above memberships.

Conclusion: RedTrack Coupon Code 2024 + 14 Day FREE Trial

RedTrack is undoubtedly the top software for all your ad tracking, conversion analytics, and everything in between.

A host of features and a wide range of plans tailored to every need make it accessible to all users depending on their needs.

If you are still not convinced, you can head on over to to claim your 14-day free trial, and you can use this RedTrack coupon code to continue using RedTrack to get the most out of your campaigns at a discounted price.🤞🤞

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