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Are you looking to start an ecommerce website?

That is really a tough job with so many competitors already in the race. Maintaining an ecommerce website is really not easy and needs user friendly tools to run your online business smoothly and effectively.

You need tools that offer simple solutions to manage your inventory, product listing and shipping and finding one such tool might be difficult for you. But we have done the research and found out one of the best solutions to lower the burden of managing your ecommerce website.

In this post, you will find all the features, pricing and the latest SellerActive coupon codes updated for 2022 that could save you 💲💲💲 up to 75% OFF.

SellerActive is an awesome tool that lets you manage your ecommerce website with ease and simplicity. In this post you will know how SellerActive offers smart and user friendly tools to online businesses and automates your business with headache free solutions.

About SellerActive

SellerActive Coupon

SellerActive is the foundation by two amazing ecommerce background individuals named Jason Harra and Bryan Hockett of Salem, Oregon. As both these people belonged to an ecommerce background they knew the difficulties faced by ecommerce businesses and so in 2011 formed SellerActive to lower the burden of online retailers.

Although SellerActive is a new entry in to ecommerce industry but its tools has been tested and verified for almost 12 years. It started providing internal solutions to books retailer Bookbyte and from then on have served many ecommerce retailers with successful stories inspiring millions around the world.

SellerActive has 20+ years of experience in e-commerce industry, has sold over 22,000,000+ products in 2017, has processed more than 17,000,000+ orders in 2017 and its users have earned over $1 billion and the revenue keeps increasing.

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SellerActive Features

SellerActive offers multichannel management for e-commerce businesses that automates, optimizes, and expands online businesses generating huge revenues.

With automated tools, you will see a growth of 20% in your revenue in the first 60 days itself. 

SellerActive integrates with most of the ecommerce platforms and accounting software. This includes Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, Bigcommerce, SKUVault, ShipStation, jet, Deliverr, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, amazon international, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks desktop,, Desktop Shipper, ShipWorks, SparkShipping, Magento, 3dcart, Yahoo Store, Volusion and Sears.           

Here are some features to look out for that helps you in managing your online business and sell more by reaching more customers with the right approach:

Multichannel Seller Support: Either it is amazon, eBay, or any other marketplace, SellerActive multichannel seller support helps you create and publish listings for any marketplace easily.

You need to create the listings or directly upload it to SellerActive, and then you can start building listings for any marketplace you sell your products/services.

Product Creation: Now, you can create new items and make it popular on any marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and more. Product creation is an industry-leading tool offered by SellerActive that brings your business to the top of the chart on any marketplace.

Your products will be new and original and give a center of attraction to all the visitors in any marketplace.

SellerActive Features

Product Data Mapping: Readymade product templates require a lot of time before you upload it to the marketplace, but with SellerActive’s product data mapping, you can easily upload your catalog on the platform and ensure everything’s on the right place where it should be.  

Automated Repricing: This is one of the best features so far that helps you sell more and maximize your profits. Soar higher profits by staying on the top, leaving your competitors behind. This captures more Buy Boxes that increase your rank higher on any marketplace.

Automated Repricing is one feature that increases your sales in selling seasons.

Order Management: No more going through the sales channel back and forth, now you can manage all your orders and keep track of them right from one dashboard.

FBA Integration: SellerActive has made it easy to fill your FBA orders to any marketplace with complete FBA integration. It’s fast and easy and allows you to fill your FBA orders on any shopping cart automatically.

Oversell Protection: Is your rating going down due to more number of out-of-stocks and overselling? Here’s a perfect solution to protect your overselling by setting a threshold on all the listings, and your customers will know before ordering whether the product is out-of-stock or not.

Round the Clock Support: Surely, e-commerce is not a piece of cake and can be troublesome sometimes. In such a situation, you can always contact the support team that has vast experience and are ready to support you by phone, chat, or email.

SellerActive Plans & Pricing

SellerActive offers basic and pro plans which you can choose based on GMV, and depending upon your business, you can choose add-ons.

Pro plan is for businesses with GMV more than $100,000+, and if less than that, you can choose between Basic, Premium, and Plus plans.

You can choose monthly billing or yearly billing for any plans. If you choose the yearly plan, you can save up to 20% OFF.

Let us look at each plan and what it has to offer for businesses ranging from small to large.

Basic: This plan will cost you $79/mo if you choose monthly billing and $63/mo if chosen annual billing.

SellerActive Pricing

This plan includes unlimited FBA orders per month, unlimited sales channel, unlimited listings, multi-channel inventory management, instant Repricing with add-on, buy box algorithm, sales velocity algorithm, dynamic cost-based min/max, price mirroring, marketplace product creation (with addon), email support, webinar onboarding, automatic tracking number updates, ShipStation integration, bulk file import, product bundling/kitting, multi-channel fulfillment, inventory min/max buffering, auto-import products, variation support, live chat support and implementation manager available as add-on. The monthly GMV limit of this plan is $10,000.

Premium: This plan will cost you $179/mo if paid monthly and $143/mo if paid annually. This plan has a GMV limit of $25,000 per month.

This plan includes all the features as listed in the Basic plan plus additional features like API access and live US phone support.

Plus: This plan has a higher price and will cost you $299/mo if paid monthly and $239/mo if paid annually. It has a monthly GMV limit of $100,000.

All the features included in the premium plan are available in this plan, and if you want SKUVault integration, then see the pro plans.

🌟 SellerActive FAQ

What does Price and Quantity Sync do?

Price and Quantity Sync is the critical setting in SellerActive. It is essential for you to turn this setting on in order to allow SellerActive to send price and quantity information on your sales channels. If you turn this selection OFF, then SellerActive will not send this information to marketplaces.

How do I move out of the sandbox mode?

When you sign up with SellerActive, then your account is put in “Sandbox Mode”. If you are looking to move out of Sandbox mode, then you need to drop an email on [email protected], and SellerActive will make this change for you in minutes.

What is the preferred price?

SellerActive will automatically set the preferred price when there is no competition on a listing.

When should I use preferred pricing?

If you have a low number of competitors or your competition has differing seller characteristics, then, in that case, it is recommended for you to use preferred pricing.

Conclusion: SellerActive Coupon 2022 | Should you go for it?

SellerActive does not require you to sign up for any yearly contract, so you are free to leave whenever you like. You can choose to pay monthly and stop the services as you like. But if you choose annual billing, then it is refundable, so make your decision wisely. 

There are no setup fees, and for the first 90 days, you get a dedicated specialist to walk you through setting up your account successfully. This way, you can take maximum benefit.

There are no hidden fees, so you are ensured your monthly billing will be only for the services you use or the plan you choose. If in case your GMV exceeds your current plan, then it will be upgraded to a higher plan.

Your e-commerce business will be on a roll if you choose SellerActive and make your sleeping account active for all the users. 😊

9.3 Total Score
SellerActive Honest Review

SellerActive is a comprehensive and cloud-based software for multi-channel e-commerce providers. It is one of the best e-commerce platforms that enable you to maximize the productivity of your business.

API Access
Variation Support
FBA Integration
  • Great pricing tool.
  • Excellent staff to work with.
  • Product data mapping.
  • ShipStation integration.
  • Pricing is bit expensive
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