TES Affiliate Conferences 2023: 22-25 Feb, Cascais, Portugal

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The TES Affiliate Conferences 2023 is ready to welcome affiliates, media buyers, vendors, and publishers to the Oitavos Hotel in Cascais, Portugal from 22 to 25 February. The TES Affiliate event was established in 2009 and it offers an assembly of experts from the digital amusement space, e-commerce, financial services, gaming, betting, matchmaking, foreign exchange, health, and nutraceuticals.

Located only 20 miles from Lisbon, Cascais has undergone a lot of transformation since it was just a small fishing village. Its picturesque surroundings have been a source of motivation for various authors, painters, and even exiled European upper classes during the 1900s. To this day, it continues to attract a lot of people, and everybody is welcomed to enjoy its stunning shorelines and take part in activities such as sailing and surfing. The Conde de Castro Guimarães Museum, which was once a palace, is now open to the public and houses an impressive selection of art and artifacts. It's the perfect spot to have a good time.

The TES Affiliate Conferences 2023 will be an excellent opportunity for attendees to explore things like the Affiliate conference along with exploring the scenic beauty of Cascais, Portugal.

TES Affiliate Conferences Exhibitors

TES Affiliate Conference Exhibitors

TES Affiliate Conferences 2023 will feature a number of noteworthy exhibitors, including Adspyglass, AdMaven, AdMolly, ADxAD, Exoclick, Juicy Ads, and feeliate. The impressive list of participants will demonstrate the event's immense potential, as these exhibitors are some of the most prominent figures in the Affiliate industry.

The TES Affiliate Conferences 2023 is showcasing a variety of different verticals, including Ad Networks, Ad Servers, Affiliate Networks, Content, Digital Agencies, Domains, Events, Games, Lead Gen, Media, Dating, Payments, and many more. These exhibitors are providing a larger selection of prospects for greater chances of success.

Attendees in TES Affiliate Conferences 2023

At the TES Affiliate Conferences 2023, media buyers, affiliates, advertisers, and publishers will have the chance to get together, network, and gain knowledge from experts in the field. With over 2000 attendees, 200 exhibitors, 75 speakers, and 80 countries represented, participants, are sure to be met with a vast array of resources. Previous attendees have heard from renowned speakers such as Anna Gita (CEO), Joe Burton (Lead Expert), Petter Del (CEO), and Greg Lacan.

TES Affiliate Conferences Sponsors 2023

TES Affiliate Conference Sponsors

The TES Affiliate Conferences 2023 will be featuring some of the most renowned entities within the digital market, such as monneo, adult force, ExoClick, flirt4free, traffic junky, vxcash, AdsEmpire, Cpamatica, JuicyAds, Afftweaks, and lots of others. Having a whole ecosystem based on digital marketing can be based on what things are really helpful for business and related operations. These sponsors are widely regarded as being among the most successful firms within their respective industries. It is possible to join forces with these sponsors in order to grow further your business goals.

Venue for TES Affiliate Conferences

If you would like to attend the TES Affiliate Conferences 2023, you should consider booking a room at the Oitavos Hotel, located at R. de Oitavos 2750-374, Cascais, Portugal, since it is the venue for the event. However, it might get booked up quickly, so we suggest that you secure your spot as soon as possible. If the Oitavos Hotel is at capacity, don't worry, there are a variety of other hotels that are nearby, which you can find by clicking on the link provided.

Speakers in the Event

The TES Affiliate Conferences 2023 will feature many speakers who have accomplished great things in their particular areas. This three-day occasion is full of presentations from more than 80 speakers, various subject matters, and infinite learning opportunities. The speaker panel will comprise CEOs, COOs, SEO Specialists, Heads of Sales, Marketing Experts, and more, giving people more reasons to attend the conference. This event provides valuable opportunities to get to know the best in the industry and foster better connections.

Register for TES Affiliate Conferences 2023

The TES Affiliate Conferences 2023 is providing various ticket choices that can be split up according to your business operations, the TES Affiliate Conferences selection includes four alternatives such as Standard Ticket, Late Ticket, Last Minute Ticket, plus an Affiliate Ticket Standard based on the time range when you choose it. The time range and the value of the ticket depend upon

  • Standard Ticket € 449 (16 November 2022 – 31 Jan. 2023)
  • Late Ticket € 575 (1 Feb. – 15 Feb. 2023)
  • Last Minute Ticket € 750 (16 Feb. – 25 Feb. 2023)
  • Affiliate Ticket Standard for qualifying affiliates only € 99 (1 Jan – 20 Feb 2023)

The attendees of the event will also be having some excellent perks for people and which basically include:

  • Sponsored welcome drinks
  • Sponsored lunches
  • Sponsored day & night bar
  • Free refreshments during the seminars, networking sessions, product presentations & lectures
  • Free on-site Internet access
  • Free entrance to all official parties & happy hours
  • Entrance to all seminars, networking sessions, product presentations & lectures
  • Possibility to contact all conference attendees via our networking tool

Places to Explore while you are in Cascais (Portugal)

Situated merely 20 miles away from Lisbon, Cascais has evolved a lot since it was just a small fishing village. Its picturesque landscape has been the source of inspiration for many writers, artists, and even exiled European gentry in the 1900s. Even today, it still catches many people's eye, however, everyone is invited to come and enjoy its beautiful beaches and partake in activities such as sailing and surfing. The Conde de Castro Guimarães Museum, a former palace, is open to the public and boasts an impressive collection of artwork and artifacts. It is an ideal spot to have a good time.

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