The Net Worth of Alexandr Wang: Youngest Self-made Billionaire of 2022

The Net Worth of Alexandr Wang

In the digital age, a lot of opportunities are arising for everyone. However, only those willing to take risks and work harder can stay ahead in this competition. Alexandr Wang is one such example of how good deeds will be rewarded with great fortune. The net worth of Alexandr Wang at such a young age is remarkable, he has proven that nothing is impossible if you have the determination and the will to succeed.

In an article updated on 26th May, Forbes declared 25-year-old Alexandr Wang as the new Youngest Self-Made Billionaire in the world. When he must have dropped out of college at the age of 19, this achievement is not something anybody would have expected. The young man will now become an inspiration for many, as becoming a self-made billionaire at just 25 is groundbreaking. But how did he manage to achieve it? What about his early life? And What is Alexandr Wang's Net Worth as of 2022? Keep reading to find out:

Alexandr Wang Personal Life

Original NameAlexandr Wang
Year Of Birth1997
Age(as of 2022)25 years
Place of BirthLos Alamos New Mexico
SchoolingLos Alamos High School
CollegeMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) dropout
ParentsFather: Name and profession
Mother: Name and profession
ProfessionCEO and Co-founder of Scale AI
Estimated Net Worth$1.125 billion
Iconic RolesThe New Youngest Self-Made Billionaire In The World
Social Media AccountsLinkedin: Alexandr Wang
Instagram: alexanddeer
Twitter: Alexandr Wang
Recently updated inMay 2022

New Mexico's Los Alamos National Lab, a highly confidential site that the United States used to develop their First atomic bomb during WWII, that was where Alexandr spent his childhood. Both his parents were physicists who worked for the military in the weapon developing department.

Wang, from a very young age, had a sharp mind. As a kid, he was regarded as the maths wizard. MATHCOUNTS is the math competition where he began to look at things from a competitive perspective. This competition was an annual one, and the reward for securing a position was a free trip. In his 6th grade, Wang could not win the competition but earned a free ticket to Disney World.

Afterwards he participated  in multiple other competitons, including USA Computing Olympiad (Finalist), USA Mathematical Talent Search (5th place nationally), and Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (MOP). He was also a part of the USA Physics Team for the selection of the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) team in 2014. He completed his schooling at Los Alamos High School. It is even mentioned that Alexandr taught himself coding via the internet. That gave his tech career a headstart, and soon our young genius landed a job at Addepar, a well-reputed company in silicon valley.

The Dawn of Alexandr's Professional Career

Alexandr's Professional Career

He joined Addepar as a Software Engineer in 2014. The team hired him based on his strong technical skill, he worked there for a year. Later, he relocated to New Mexico to work in the Bay Area. Where at the age of 17, he got the role of Tech Lead at Quora.Wang dropped out of MIT in his freshman year with a GPA score of 5.0. “I told my parents it was just going to be a thing I did for the summer. Obviously, I never went back to school,” he quoted. Qualifications were not a barrier for him, his skill set was his shield and sword.

The experience he gained by working at startups or companies was a great advantage for him and his professional life. So everything worked in his favor. He worked with Quora as a full-time coder for 2 years till 2016. Somewhere in 2016, he also worked for Hudson River Trading as an Algorithm Developer.

When he dropped out of MIT, his parents were very disappointed in him. And even to look at it from a practical perspective, he took a leap filled with unexpected risks. But Alexandr says, “if you aren't willing to take that leap now, then when are you willing to?”. And looking at his progress, his words carry tremendous weight.

Business Venture: The Founding of Scale AI

The Founding of Scale AI

While working at Quora, Alexandr met Lucy Guo, the other co-founder of Scale AI. He dropped out in his first year of machine learning at MIT. That was because their Scale AI startup(at the time) had received an investment from Y Combinator, an American startup accelerator from Silicone Valley that had even invested in Airbnb, DoorDash, Reddit, etc. Even after dropping out, he received multiple internship and job offers but chose to decline all of them.

At that time, there were multiple opportunities in the tech world, and initially, Wang stated that it was hard to choose which road they should go towards. They even suffered failures at the beginning. Of course, that is how you learn that life is never fair.

Then he and his team decided to take a different approach, instead of following multiple paths, they agreed to focus on one. They went with ‘imagery, computer vision and other kinds of sensor data.' And that is where the company's graph skyrocketed. Scale AI has a current net worth of $7.3 Billion.

What is Scale AI?
Scale AI is a company with the primary aim of boosting the development of Artificial intelligence. They help companies annotate, automate, generate, manage and evaluate “data-centric, end-to-end solutions to operate the complete ML lifecycle.” They have been Operationalizing AI and machine learning. Defense, Retail and eCommerce are some industries that they work in. Top customers include Toyota research, Voyage, Lyft, Otto Motors, OpenAI, etc.

The Net Worth of Alexandr Wang: From a College dropout to a Self-made Billionaire

The net worth of Alexandr Wang is $1.125 billion, which is assumed to be his share stake at Scale AI. There is not much information about his assets and stuff, but assuming he started pretty early, that does add something to his wealth profile.

This Six-year-old San Francisco–based company is doing really great in terms of business. Big names such as General Motors, Flexport and other 300+ companies use Scale AI to generate raw data and other AI-related things.

The company has 3 official contracts worth around $350 million or more with American Air Force and Army to help employ artificial intelligence. The progress is astounding, keeping in mind that they started back in 2016.

Alexandr Wang and his business partner Lucy Guo are both Forbes 30 under 30 Honorees. It was a result of funding led by Accel and Y Combinator, which helped the company raise some millions and its net worth rose to $1 billion.

The story of Alexandr Wang is one of taking risks and making the best out of the moment. He has often mentioned Steve Jobs as his inspiration, another world-renowned billionaire with an incredible rags to riches story.

A Billionaire Rich From Heart

Alexandr Wang

Alexandr Wang has a Twitter following of 18.1K Followers, which is pretty decent. His recent tweet was really heartwarming. As we all know, customers are the soul of any business organization, but companies don't credit customers enough. And to highlight that importance, Wang shared the following post:

“Customer care I had the opportunity to visit @Walmart Home Office, and found this amazing sign in the hallway. Relentless customer centricity is inspiring and energizing!

One of our credos at @scale_ai is “Customer comes first.”—that being said I think Walmart says it better!”

He said this while posting an image of the Walmart office, which had a quote imprinted on the wall saying, ‘There is only one boss. The customer'.

On 28th May, he even shared a watercolor artwork created by one of his interns. That shows the strong bond that he holds with his employees.

✅Who is Alexandr Wang?

Alexandr Wang is the American CEO and Co-founder of Scale AI. He cofounded in 2016 to interest of business in put raw data to use for AI and machine learning. Scale AI is a company with the primary aim of boosting the development of Artificial intelligence. His company's current Net Worth is around $7.3 billion, and the growth is remarkable.

✅What is Alexandr Wang's net worth?

Alexandr Wang is CEO and Co-founder of Scale AI. His net worth is estimated at $1.125 billion.

✅What exactly does Scale AI do?

Scale AI is a company with the primary aim of boosting the development of Artificial intelligence. They help companies annotate, automate, generate, manage and evaluate “data-centric, end-to-end solutions to operate the complete ML lifecycle.

Final Words

Wang is a true example of the fact that age is just a number. At 25, he has achieved what takes people a lifetime. Money is important, and no wonder that Wang is going to have loads of it.

His company's current Net Worth is around $7.3 billion, and the growth is remarkable. According to reports, Alexandr Wang's Net worth was nearly $1 billion. Now that he has been declared the youngest billionaire by Forbes, this number will grow significantly.

He dropped out of college just to follow something that nobody would have expected to soar so high. Even Alexandr Wang parents were disappointed when he took this bold decision. But he did what he had to, and the rest is history.

The Scale AI founder is now an inspiration for many. And if even you want to reach that pinnacle, then work hard for yourself, let the people talk. What is important is that you believe in yourself, nobody else has to. Every ounce of dedication and perspiration will bring you closer to your dreams.

Remember, “The extra is what makes ordinary extraordinary.”

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