Top Push Notification Ad Networks 2023: (200% RoI)

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Over the last 2 years push notifications are trending and have become the hottest marketing channel for many advertisers and publishers, and this is the reason when you search on Google Web push notification or push notification ad network you will find manifold ad networks trying to beat each other and providing excellent services to become the most lovable of every advertiser and publisher.

Here’s a list of Top Push Notification Ad Networks that will help you outreach your revenue and conversion rate in 2023. This list is based on some characteristics that an ad network should possess and is not about promoting some ad network.

You can yourself search on Google different push notification ad networks, but you might get confused between so many platforms as not every ad network is meant for every kind of business.

Push notification targets a specific niche and audience interested in a particular domain. So if you are selling something online, a forum with open discussion, education website, or a social networking site, you need to choose to push ad network wisely as not all the platforms target every niche.

Top Push Notification Ad Networks (Updated 2023)

Top Push Notification Ad Networks


Push.House has made quite a name when it comes to the features and plans offered by it as a Push notification ad Network. The network offers different ad formats such as IOS push, in page, native and push ad formats.


Why Choose Push.House?

The reason why Push.House has got to this level due to the features and services it delivers as a push notification network. Here are some of the points that are worth mentioning:

  • Push.House works under the 5 simple steps for getting better results. These steps include Signing up, creating an ad, choosing the geo-location, launching and getting ready for the results.
  • The Push notification Ad network has an excellent system for geo-locations, Push.House has different geo-locations covered with more than 5 Million clicks in a single day from a single location.
  • You can also get along excellent value in terms of the cost that one has to pay for the click; some of the geo-locations also have a minimum cost of $0.002, which seems like a fair cost for a network.
  • They have also got some reliable partners such as CPA.House, and partner houses. It is worth mentioning that is one of the best CPA networks in the market.
  • Push.House also offers different payment methods for users, and these deposit methods include Advcash, Visa, MasterCard, Payeer, PM, Qiwi, Paypal, Bitcoin, ePayments, and Webmoney.
  • You can also contact them on Telegram in order to get along with some useful info for webmasters and advertisers.


AdMaven has been in the advertising industry over the past 10 years, yielding increased revenue for publishers with avant-garde and innovative technology.


It strives to improve CTR and conversion rates for advertisers and maximize ad budgets of advertisers, which results in high performance.

Why Choose AdMaven?

  • The tailored made solution gives you the freedom to choose the format you desire, payment plan, and optimize your performance with a dashboard that provides reports and statistics of your performance.
  • It covers every user on mobile and desktop with a 100% guarantee.
  • It keeps your website clean and safe with better ads-compliant.
  • Supports multiple formats from full screen to native push notifications.
  • With 1.5B daily impressions, it works closely with the top publishers to provide you the best platform to target the niche you desire.
  • Dedicated support helps you in running your campaigns and reach the goals that you have desired for so many years but couldn’t accomplish with any other platform.


iZooto was started by 4 people and now has a team of 23 with a mission to provide excellent services to businesses and help them in attracting visitors to their website so they can sell their product/service to the targeted audience.


Why choose iZooto?

  • It is trusted by more than 15000+ businesses around the world, including some big brands like Adidas, Yahoo, Walmart, and many more.
  • It helps you retarget your audience and increase your sales, thereby growing your revenue by up to 5% and reaching high scales.
  • It automatically shoots a push notification if a user abandons the shopping cart that helps you in recovering your sales.
  • Many times users tend to leave the browser window if they don’t find anything of their interest. Push notifications can help you send product notifications related to the user's interest. This way, you can get back users by sparking their interest with targeted offers in the form of notifications. made its footprints in the affiliate industry with one its kind push notifications method and is, therefore, the first advertising Push notifications network.
It covers traffic from around the world in maximum countries and delivers 100% coverage. offers over a billion impressions with million users and by par eCPC.

It is recorded to serve more than 9 million clicks for $0.001 per click in a day, which is remarkable. 

Your savings will be more as you don’t have to buy third-party trackers. offers its inbuilt tracker fully optimized to your needs.

It is one of those push notification platforms that offer bonuses by referring others to its network. By joining its referral program, you can earn a 7% commission on each referral.

Why choose

  • It supports both desktop and mobile devices. You can start your campaign without any delay just after the moderation is completed and based on a few settings.
  • You can create any number of campaigns with no restrictions whatsoever.
  • Multiple options of adding funds for internal transfer are available such as Wex, VISA, Tele2, QIWI, Payeer, MasterCard, Beeline, eBay, and more. Bitcoin, epayments, and WebMoney are available for direct transfer.
  • According to the time zone, push notifications are sent to the subscribers automatically.
  • Withdrawal is fast, and therefore your earnings reflect within 2 hours in your account based on the settings while creating your account.

Push Monetization

Push monetization is an excellent network that allows publishers the best ways to monetize their website traffic by sending push notifications to their users that not only benefits them but also the advertisers receive a huge response in traffic, and their sales increase.

Push Monetization

It’s easy to get started with Push Monetization with the perfect solution that increases your revenue with your website traffic that you would have never dreamed of before. It does not interfere with your existing desktop or mobile monetization methods, making you stand apart from others.

You need to install JavaScript on your site and some files that need to be placed at the proper location in the root directory. Once you have installed the scripts, you need to adjust the settings, and you are ready for flag off.

Within 12 hours of adding code to your site, your dashboard will show you top-performing geo’s and earnings will start raining every day. Once you have reached the threshold payment of $50, you are ready to withdraw your earnings in net seven days every Tuesday.

Why choose Push Monetization?

  • If you refer others to the PushMonetization network, you have the chance to earn 5% referral commissions on their earnings for a lifetime.
  • Your leaderboard has some exciting prizes for you and a new experience that you won’t get with any other network.
  • Customize your push notifications right from the button color to subscription designs that fit with your website, giving you a native feeling.
  • Easy to use a system which has been designed by top experts in the industry that helps you keep track of everything you ever need.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is an AdTech company founded in 2011, providing push notification and native ads services with power-packed performance across the globe.

Through its self-serve platforms, it unites both the advertisers and publishers, becoming the world’s biggest advertising company with 1 billion + monthly users and thousands of campaigns daily launched for desktop and mobile.

It has over 70k campaigns running monthly, 25 million tracked conversions monthly, and 32k active advertisers.

Why Choose Propeller Ads?

  • With auto-optimization, you can boost your productivity and generate more revenue. With AI, you can aim for any number you want and get the right conversions.
  • Fraud prevention technology ensures safety & security with an analysis of 25M+ conversions monthly. Only legal traffic suppliers are allowed, so you get only high-quality traffic.
  • The self-serve platform is easy to use with immediate onboarding and real-time reports with insights that show your progress and help improve your performance.
  • Top-performing ads with reach to 1 billion users.
  • No limit on sending the number of messages, send up to 1 million messages in only a minute.


RichPush offers rich features to drive millions of users towards your website by reaching users with push notifications, even when the users are not browsing.


With RichPush, you can convert traffic from popular verticals like mobile apps, e-commerce, gambling & betting offers, dating offers, Blockchain-based products, health products, forex and binary offers, sweepstakes and more.

Why Choose RichPush?

  • RichPush is uniquely based with targeted CPA and CPC starting from $0.003
  • It has easy to use API, SmartCPC, segments, retargeting, and more.
  • A customer manager is always ready for your help at any point in time.
  • Your requests are approved within 24 hours as the staff works 24/7.


Ezmob is a mobile advertising company with a self-serve platform and pushes notification ads that generate huge ROI through mobile or desktops.

Ezmob Logo

Its easy to access inventory allows advertisers to promote their brand with over 20,000 publishers. It supports mobile as well as desktop marketing strategies, so either it is app marketing or lead generation, you will find everything at Ezmob. 

Why choose Ezmob?

  • Minimum $100 required to start up a campaign and set up everything as you like with a self-serve platform.
  • RTB and XML ad server integration is possible just by contacting the adops team.
  • Reach your goals and KPIs with industry-leading support.

🌟 Push Notification Ad Networks FAQ

What is a push ad?

It is a type of native ad format that means delivering ads to users desktop or mobile devices in a form resembling usual push notifications. It is a user friendly and highly engaging way for many advertisers to promote their products and expand their audiences.

What is push notification traffic?

Push notifications are clickable messages which are sent by service to various subscribers browsers, and it brings traffic to websites instead of apps. It is accessible on all devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

What does push alerts mean?

It is a message that pops up on a mobile device that can be sent by app publishers at any time. Each mobile platform like iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows, etc. has support for push notifications.

When should you use push notifications?

As we all know, push notification is creative and informative as it can be sent on happy hours for effective results. It is usually sent between 10 AM and 1 PM.

Conclusion: Top Push Notification Ad Networks – 2023 | Should you go for it?

In this post, we discussed what push notification is and how it has become the finest resource of reaching a targeted audience and staying connected with them. 

The reason push notification is becoming popular is because once a user subscribes to your website, then pop-ups start appearing on the user’s device, and the user is likely to buy your product/service that increases your sales like never before.

We have mentioned only seven push notification ad networks, which we thought are the best ones.

You can try these networks and let us know if these were fruitful for your internet marketing business or not.😊



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