Traffic Summit and World Traffic Awards 2022 – A Step ahead of the Digital Marketing Industry

Traffic Summit and World Traffic Awards 2022

Turkey has been one of the most appealing business hubs; this year’s Traffic Summit 2022 will be held in Turkey. The traffic summit will have thousands of attendees and the world’s top experts in 10+ professional fields, including performance, affiliate, and crypto marketing, and this is just the beginning. The Traffic Summit and World Traffic Awards 2022 will have a lot of things going on; the best from the digital world will be attending this summit.

The Traffic Summit will take place in Istanbul on September 28-29 and provide the perfect balance between expert-level knowledge, networking opportunities, and world-class entertainment. Experts from all over the world will come together for this 2-day summit.

Traffic Summit and World Traffic Awards, Istanbul (2022)

Istanbul has been one of the most attractive places for businesses, and this year Traffic Summit will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. The 2-day event will have different events for entrepreneurs and digital marketers from different industries worldwide. The summit will have a lot of stuff going in a time span of 2 days, consisting of Traffic Summit 2022 and the World Traffic Awards.

The traffic summit 2022 will have 2 main events: the TS expo and the TS  Island on the next day; it will also include some excellent networking opportunities.

The Traffic Summit team considers location selection to be of key importance. On the first day of the event, the TS Expo will be held at one of Istanbul's most beautiful congress halls. On the day of the event, Haliç will become a digital wonderland with partner and exhibitor spaces, industry reports from the top names, food trucks, photo zones, play areas on the beachfront terrace, and open-air lounges.

Available Ticket Types in Traffic Summit

The Traffic Summit 2022 will be focusing on some of the key aspects, which basically include:

  • Networking with 3500+ like-minded specialists;
  • Huge expo zone with 80+ booths from leading brands;
  • 50+ papers from the top-level speakers;
  • Mind-blowing parties at the end of TS Expo and TS Island;

Overall, getting along with the Traffic Summit 2022 can be an excellent opportunity for people in digital marketer.

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Why can Traffic Summit be an excellent opportunity post-pandemic?

istanbul traffic summit

Things have been a bit different post-pandemic, and Traffic Summit and World Traffic Awards 2022 can be an excellent opportunity, as not many summits and conferences are getting held worldwide. In addition to all this, the tension between Russia and Ukraine has also made things worse, as most of the conferences were held in Russia. After getting a prolonged gap in these events, this traffic summit 2022 can be an excellent opportunity to expand your network. As not many summits are being held, this summit with limited seating (3500+) can be your once-in-a-lifetime chance.

What will the Traffic Summit 2022 have for the attendees?

One of the key facts that make Traffic Summit an excellent thing is its networking opportunities, as the event will have a lot of things going on and an excellent opportunity for the attendees to get along with the top digital marketers and other leaders in different industries. In addition to this, there will be a play area with a beachfront terrace, photo spots, food trucks, outdoor lounge areas, and much more.

More than 1,000 experts in their respective fields will be on hand all day on a private island on the second day. Later in the evening, the World Traffic Award ceremony will take place to honor the recipients. The after-party takes place after the sun sets, beginning with a special event honoring the World Traffic Award winners.

The World Traffic Award is an international award recognizing truly extraordinary digital industry representatives. The first phase is an election among the community. The organizers then choose the list of finalists who gain the most approval, and later the community chooses the winners.

With all this going on, the fun doesn’t stop here as the Traffic Summit gets along with a lot more, and this basically includes unlimited bar and dances, a complete package of fun, exploration and networking.

Location for Traffic Summit 2022

The Traffic Summit 2022 will be held in Istanbul, Turkey; the 2-day summit will have a lot going on in a time span of 2 days. TS Expo will be held at one of Istanbul's most gorgeous congress halls. Whereas on the second day, the Traffic summit takes place on a private island, with the event named TS island, along with the World Traffic Awards being held at the end of the day.

Ticket Options in Traffic Summit 2022

The Traffic summit 2022 will have 3 different ticket options; these include:

  • Basic Ticket: The basic ticket will cost the attendees around $300; if booked after the discounted time period, an earlier booking can help you save around 55% on the ticket bookings.
  • Business ticket: The business ticket can be considered the most popular option offered in Traffic Summit 2022. The business ticket will cost you around $800 if booked at the last time period, but you can save yourself upto 55% if booked earlier; you can also get 15% using the link/code given here.
  • VIP ticket: The VIP ticket will cost you around $1500, but you can save some extra bucks if booked early. The VIP ticket will also give you access to some excellent things, such as getting a lunch option at TS Expo.

Why book the tickets for the Traffic Summit 2022 soon?

One of the major reasons booking your Traffic Summit fast should be on your priority list is its availability, as the summit will only have around 3500 attendees/limited seats. In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that the ticket prices will change as time passes, the earlier you book your tickets, the more discount you’ll have. For instance, the VIP ticket, which costs you around $675 at the moment, will cost you around $1500 at the last moment, only if the tickets are available until that time.

Traffic Summit - Price Change Date

How can you leverage the fact that Traffic Summit is being held in Istanbul?

As the Traffic Summit is being held in Istanbul, Turkey, you can explore different places as Istanbul works as the junction for all the flights. Istanbul is one of the most appealing business hubs; this way, Traffic Summit 2022, being held in Istanbul, might work as an excellent business opportunity for you.

In addition to all this, Traffic Summit 2022 will turn out to be a hub of digital leaders and entrepreneurs. With over 3500 attendees, you will network with Social media Marketers, Crypto leaders, and many more.

What are you waiting for? Book your Traffic Summit tickets now.

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