Traffic Summit Istanbul 2022: Biggest Digital Marketing Сonference [Sep 28-29]

The Traffic Summit Conference was held for the first time in Turkey on September 28 and 29, bringing together internet specialists from throughout the world at the Haliç Congress Centre. GameDev, NFT, and blockchain experts were among the attendees, as well as affiliate, performance, and influencer marketing specialists. What were the experts and participants discussing? Of course, they discussed internet traffic, but they also discussed how to create it.

Everything during the Traffic Summit—from speaker performances to exhibitions and networking—was creatively enhanced in order to provide the greatest benefit and value to all participants.

Traffic Summit Istanbul

Speaker Presentation Sessions

In its early stages, the ambitious event adopted “traffic is everything” as its slogan, and consequently, most of the conference was devoted to it. Experts from more than 10 fields found that increasing site traffic and opening new traffic avenues were relevant to their work. You cannot deny that, in the end, everything is about traffic.

Speaker Presentation Sessions

According to the speakers’ information, social networks were frequently mentioned as one of the most significant and accessible traffic sources. Matas Kemzura, co-creator and development director for, proposed an initiative to expand Facebook advertising campaigns in order to generate up to $60 million in yearly revenue. In particular, Facebook and TikTok, which have more than 700 million users each, were frequently mentioned.

Lazar Žepinić, co-owner and CEO of Pendulum Ads, believes that TikTok Ads are a good alternative to Facebook Ads. Goat Media CEO Van Oakes suggested employing a multi-channel approach to promotion in addition to using less popular social networks, such as Snapchat.

Thomas Moen, CEO of MOEN & Co.; Anna Gita, CEO of MaxWeb; Vlad Zhovtenko, CEO of; Maor Benaim, owner of The Wolf Marketing; and Maor Benaim, a Google Development Consultant, were among the 20 international speakers who shared their experiences. Tone Vays, the founder of The Financial Summit, was among those who spoke, including Vlad Zhovtenko, CEO of, and Anna Gita, CEO of MaxWeb.

ExpoZone: The Digital Brands & Renowned Players

The large hall of the Haliç Congress Centre was bustling for two days as the expo area. Taboola, Exness, Redtrack, Affise, and Profit Paradise, along with other big names in the business, as well as young firms, were present.


The idea behind KINZA back in Kyiv was to create a stand in the Ukrainian style. The customized display booths were a big hit among the visitors. The Traffic Summit team immediately knew they wanted to continue the narrative since conferences occurred in various geographical areas.

Each country has its own unique qualities that make it unique. Thus, they developed a Turkish Traffic Summit booth with traditional local elements in order to preserve the tradition,” said Inna Gagarin, co-founder of Gagarin Partners.

Disruptive and Out of the Way Networking: WTA & Bosphorus Cruise

WTA & Bosphorus Cruise

Coffee breaks, spontaneous mini-golf tournaments, unhurried conversations in the chill zone, as well as thrilling parties were all part of the networking at the Traffic Summit. There were two parties on the second night after the Traffic Summit, which ended with a sunset lounge party and the World Traffic Awards ceremony on the Istanbul waterfront.

The World Traffic Awards (WTA) were held for the first time ever to honor the greatest digital industry representatives in eleven categories (Best Ad Network, Best Marketing Influencer, and more). The winners in different categories were chosen by the public through online voting.

Awarded Companies in WTA

Best SEO AgencyWSS.Media
Best Ad NetworkPropellerAds
Best Marketing InfluencerAlex Slobozhenko
Best Service ToolTDAPPS
Best Media Buying TeamTraffic Devils
Best Affiliate MediaProTraffic
Best Affiliate Program Multi-VerticalAdvertise
Best Affiliate Program: Health & BeautyKMA.BIZ
Best Affiliate Program: iGamingPIN-UP Partners
Best Affiliate Program: FinanceAivix
Best Affiliate Program: FintechExness
Best Affiliate Program: DatingGoldLead
Best Affiliate Program: E-commerceClickdealer
Best Blockchain ProjectCronos

The winners of the award received it at the hands of the organizers and thanked everyone who voted for them online. “We are pleased to receive this acknowledgment for our affiliate programme, and we would like to thank everyone who voted. Thank you for your ongoing participation and support of Exness, which has made our affiliate programme such a success. We would like to congratulate the organizers of the World Traffic Award on their success. We wish them the best of luck.” A spokesperson for Exness expressed his gratitude.

Traffic Summit

Todor Minev and Gagarin Partners were awarded with several other prizes at the Traffic Summit immediately. The Traffic Summit organizers awarded Todor Minev with the Best Speaker award and Gagarin Partners with the Best Booth award. Business and VIP ticket holders were invited to attend a Bosphorus cruise after the main event as part of its afterparty. It was an exciting and wonderful end to the two-day conference in Istanbul after a spectacular party. Mike Prasad provided entertainment, while Furkan Kurt and Kerem Tekinalp provided music.

Traffic Summit Party

The Traffic Summit team plans to continue its work: next year's digital summit will be held. The Traffic Summit Team believes that the summit will become one of the most prominent digital brands in the future.

Many cities have asked us to hold Traffic Summit conferences in the future, and we plan to continue doing so, says CEO Eli David. Thank you to everyone who participated in Traffic Summit. We hope that by the next conference, the world will be a safer place, allowing us to gather even more individuals from around the world.

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