Writesonic Student Discount: Extra 30% Off for Students & Non Profit Organization

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Looking forward to getting started with an additional discount of 30% on your plans? Well, the Writesonic student discount is one such offer that can be used in order to get the highest savings on your Writesonic plan.

If you are a student, having an AI-powered copywriting tool like Writesonic is worth giving a shot, from a students perspective, if you are not sure whether Writesonic will be the right choice for you, the Writesonic Free trial might be the right step to look forward to.

As a student, Writesonic can be an ultimate guide to generating essays, and articles, well, the fun doesn’t stop over here, you can also generate some fun stuff like poems, a letter, or even a sparkling song to impress your crush, Writesonic does it all.

So, without any further adieu, let's get started with the process of starting out with the Writesonic student discount.

How to activate Writesonic Student Discount?

Getting started with the Writesonic student discount will not only help you save 30% on annual plans but also a 33% off discount which is automatically applied to annual plans. Here are some of the steps that can be taken to start off with your Writesonic student discount:

Writesonic Student Discount
  • Now click on the get started free button if you wish to try Writesonic, this will basically give you access to the Writesonic free trial.
Start Writesonic Free Trial
  • Or you can directly scroll down through the pricing plan page and look for the details and link as shown in the image below.
Get Writesonic Student Discount
  • You need to contact Writesonic support and get along with the process of performing the registration with the student ID or organizational info if you seek to get along with the non-profit discount.
  • Once you have completed the signup process, you are now all set to generate high-quality content for your daily operations.

Why Writesonic Student Discount is the right choice for Students and Non-Profit Organizations?

Writesonic offers a hefty discount of 33% if you get along with the Writesonic annual plan, but this discount can be increased by an additional discount of 30% if applied to the student discount. In order to get along with the student and non-profit organizations' discount offer, you might need to provide the Writesonic team with documents, this includes:

  • Student ID or valid ID to show that you are a Student.
  • Documents are needed to show that you are a non-profit organization.

After performing the verification process from the Writesonics part, you can now look forward to using Writesonic at the highest discount possible. The overall discount that can be availed on the Writsonic will be around 66% which is you only pay 34% of the original pricing on the Writesonic annual plan. It is worth mentioning that the Writesonic student plan is not available on the monthly plan.

Writesonic Key Features for Students & Non-Profit Organizations

Writesonic Key Features for Students & Non-Profit Organizations

Writesonic offers some excellent features that can be used by students and non-profit organizations for AI-powered content generation across different parameters and use cases:

Blog and Article Writing

Blogs might not be an important feature that students might be interested in, but this feature can be used in order to make articles around preferred topics of your choice. All of these features combined can help you with generating a top-notch article for your academics.

Article Summarizer

The article summarizer can be considered one of the most important key features where that can be used by students. Why read a whole long article if can easily get a summary in a few simple clicks? Whereas, on the other hand, this feature can also be used for generating better summaries on the go.

Multiple Language Options Available

Unlike most of the top tier AI writing tools available in the market, Writesonic has got more than 25 languages supported for content creation. So no more worries about your working in terms of multiple language options, whether is your language essays, or any other homework related to different languages, Writesonic gets you covered in all of those aspects.

Emails Generator

Why are you getting stuck around the emails and related stuff, when you can generate a human-like engaging email in a few simple clicks? The Email generator by Writesonic is simple to use and offers several operations to get along with in terms of tone, word limit, etc.

Story Generator

The story generator feature can be considered as a fun feature, it can help in generating stories that are engaging and fun to read. These stories can be inspiring or motivational depending on the context and keywords that students can use in story-telling competitions. Similar to other premium features offered in Writesonic, the story generator offers the option to select the tone of voice and quality.

Content for YouTube Videos

Want to grow as a YouTuber? Well, Writesonic can even take care of all this, whether it is YouTube descriptions, YouTube Titles, YouTube Ideas, Intros, and Outlines. So, no more worries about being stuck around the mental block and creativity, YouTube will take care of everything.

All of these tools and features can be used for all the important aspects of content generation using AI. Other than that, the features are not limited to this, you can use some other additional Writesonic features including a paraphrasing tool, sentence expander, personal bios, sonic editor (GPT-3), keyword extractor, and much more.

Writesonic Pricing Plan

Writesonic offers its pricing plan for Long form content generation whereas another option includes the custom plan. Well, it is worth mentioning that in order to get along with the custom plan, you need to contact the Writesonic team and get it customized for yourself.

Writesonic Pricing Plans

Writesonic Long-form Plan

The long-form plan starts at a cost of $12.67/month and can help you generate 60,000 words on the go. The plan is best suitable for freelancers, bloggers, and students that have some long-form content generation included.

The plan goes up to a cost of $666/month and gives content generation up to 4,000,000 words. In addition to all this, the Writesonic long-form plan also offers some additional features such as using GPT-4 and GPT 4+, factual and personalized articles, Surfer integration, and much more.

Remember that the plans that are mentioned above can be availed at a discount of an additional 30%.

Writesonic Free Trial 2023

If you are looking forward to trying Writesonic before spending money on the annual plan, the free trial is indeed the final resort for your business. All you need to do is activate the free trial and get along with trying out all the superb features, these tools include 100+ AI templates, AI Article Writer, Zapier integration, and much more. The Writesonic free trial gives access to generating 10,000 words of content in the premium word quality, the other one is super quality for 5000 words of content creation, and 2500 words of ultimate quality content creation.

FAQs on Writesonic Student Discount 2023

How much discount is available in Writesonic Student Discount?

The Writesonic student discount offers an additional 30% discount and is only available on an annual discount. The discount is available for students and nonprofit organizations.

Which AI model does Writesonic use?

Writesonic has recently added GPT 4 and GPT 4+ to their content generation process. These generative pre-trained transfer models are pretty excellent as compared to GPT 3.5.

Will I get access to Chatsonic even if I got the Writesonic Student discount?

Even if you have got access to Writesonic at a discounted price using the student discount, the features are still the same. Therefore, Chatsonic is available to users under the student discount as well.

How much time would it take to get an answer from the Writesonic support team?

The Writesonic support team only supports email support as of now and might take some time to reply. Also, it is worth mentioning in order to start your Student discount, you should contact the Writesonic team over the mail.

Conclusion: Writesonic Student Discount with an extra 30% Off

Writesonic offers a student discount which will give you around 30% extra discount on your plan activation. The student plan offers all the tools and features that are offered in normal plans without the student discount, it is worth mentioning that the Writesonic Student Discount Offer is valid for non-profit organizations as well.

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Writesonic Discount: 33% OFF + Additional 30% OFF Student Discount

Get 63% discount on Writesonic subscription using our special Writesonic coupon offer.

Overall, Writesonic can be an excellent choice for students as you can generate instant articles, YouTube content (description, etc.), song lyrics, and much more. So, get along with Writesonic and too at an additional 30% discount over the 33% discount in the annual billing.



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