Youzify Review (formerly Youzer) 2023: #1 Selling WP Plugin

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Is there a part of your website dedicated to the community that needs more dynamic and engaging? Are you having trouble deciding which plugin is best for your website?

The answer to all of these questions is Youzer, a new-generation BuddyPress plugin that helps you complete your incomplete profile links and manages blank profiles.

Youzer is described as the most fantastic WordPress community and user profile WordPress plugin by KaineLabs, who claim that it may help you generate more money with WordPress.

Let us help you know more about it in this ✅Youzify review

Youzer is a WordPress commercial plugin designed to increase the BuddyPress plugin. So, if you create or currently manage a social Website utilising BuddyPress, Youzer is directed towards you.

You may then install Youzer and add a variety of templates to your site activity stream after BuddyPress runs on your site.

The templates cover the login redirect and registration pages, the user profile pages, and, to mention but a few, the social wall and the global news section.

As seen in this Youzer review, the visual interface on the control panel may modify the entire template and the other capabilities of this plugin for editable max activities in a dynamic community.

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Detailed Youzify Review (formerly Youzer)

Youzify Review

Youzer is a well-known WordPress user profiles plugin (or social profiles management solution) that works in tandem with BuddyPress to improve your website's user experience bringing in more engaged customers.

Youzer includes some of the best functional capabilities to make a BuddyPress-enabled website even better with a separate directory and creative wall post type.

Youzify Review

This commercial plugin aims to create new standards for businesses by assisting websites with a community focus with a good collection of tools to run them efficiently and keeps the post's privacy at its peak.

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Youzify Review

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Special Features for User Profile

Tabs can be customised indefinitely. You may even use HTML codes to build custom tabs and manage their title, icon, and visibility using social hotspots and getting a wider audience.

  • Profiles that are public and private: Users can choose to keep their profiles private so that only their friends and family can see them. However, by default, BuddyPress profiles are open to the public.
  • Customizable: Social profiles, widget typologies, visibility, appearance, effects, and much more may be customised for sticky posts in BBpress integration.
  • Ads widgets with no limit : Make ad widgets out of banners or AdSense code, for example, for better audience engagement.
  • Other: You can also make a 404 profile page, a custom profile widget, choose from 16 color schemes, and access an unlimited number of profile structures along with user notification emails.

Special Membership Features

Youzer offers many page templates for making excellent custom profile tabs with a profile picture with many essential features that assist make your site a user-friendly profile field, so a project including a minimum membership day or similar might gain many benefits. 

Youzer also provides plenty of templates on the pages to check if you operate an affiliate website or a project of a similar kind.


In addition to their professional design to your front-end profile links, you will also find that they offer several essential features, such as captcha fields and the option to restrict login attempts that assist in keeping your site secure and secure.

Youzer offers several choices when you configure these login widgets and registration templates for your WordPress website profile widgets fields.

You may easily select to enable social connections, for example. Your visitors thus can register using Facebook, Twitter, or another network account.

The following are some of the notable secure membership benefits:

  • Users can join your site by logging in and registering using Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, and other social media platforms.
  • Login widget and registration forms allow you to design various form styles for the front-end log-in page and add an unlimited number of registration fields with the total membership.
  • Reset password widget, captcha system, restrict login trials and data privacy with the BuddyPress membership restriction plugin – these elements increase the website and user account privacy and security.
  • Manage registration -Manages BuddyPress registrations for typical tasks with outstanding rolls to help you get unprecedented ROI.
  • Front end settings, data export – Website users can manage their accounts safely and control them. It also offers particular actions for activity comments in the BuddyPress community. 
  • Hide the back – End the dashboard and the top user toolbar for the BuddyPress community.
  • Highly customized – it enables great customer appropriateness to be adjusted as and whenever needed.
  • We are enabling Ajax to log in smoothly to prospective customers.

#1. Integration Options


As well as improving this publishing platform's user profile functions, youzer also interacts with several other plugins and services to content creators. Much of the functionality of BuddyPress and bbPress plugins is enhanced and upgraded by Youzer. But there are no integration possibilities.

For example, the Youzer plugs may be used to link your website with the MailChimp confirmation email marketing service and, at the same time to expand your list while giving your audience a dynamic and engaging environment for business content.

#2. Social Features

Social Features

Yuzer's social features are another of the attractions. You can use this plugin to add several beneficial features to your community or social networking site by combining the Youzer plugin with BuddyPress.

Examples are the handy social wall and the quality to make friends between the users of your WordPress website easier. While BuddyPress provides part of this feature from the box, Youzer improves this component of your site.

#3. Directory Features

Youzer offers various helpful functions, regardless of whether you want to add a directory of its members to your WordPress website or improve the directory regions of your BuddyPress or your website.

You will discover templates to show the minimum membership days in the plugin package, a group directory, and a global news feed with real-time modifications.

#4. Easy Customisation Option

Profile Features

Since individuals use BuddyPress in various ways, you must personalise any add-on you install with vibrant colour schemes and icons colour. Fortunately, Youzer is not disappointed in this aspect.

It offers excellent forms styling to the registration form with a great registration widget. You may then use the plugin control panel to modify how everything works after activating Youzer on your BuddyPress-enabled WordPress website. 

#5. Control Panel

The control panel's customization choices include plugin colors, layout settings, and other display property options.

In addition, the design styles of the plugin templates may also be selected, including the design of the boxes for the authors.

#6. Layouts and Widgets

As Youzer is a highly adaptable WordPress and BuddyPress add-on, you can easily pick your profiles and other components on your website from various layout possibilities.

Furthermore, if you want to utilize any of your Youzer widgets, they may also be modified via the plugin's control panel. Fortunately, every widget can be individually modified to guarantee that your website functions and appears in the manner you like.

#7. Add-Ons


Finally, you can enable a small selection of paid add-ons when setting up Youzer in your WordPress dashboard.

These extra tools can provide even more functionality, including tools for social share, the ability to generate endless sorts of unique members and give other user reactions for BuddyPress maximum activities.

Fast access to plugin documentation is also available in the Youzer control panel.

Price Plans of Youzify Paid Membership

As noted, Youzer is a premium WordPress plugin that can be bought through the marketplace of CodeCanyon.

Youzer's current pricing is 49 dollars for a paid membership. This includes life-long access to plugin updates and assistance from plugin developers for six months.

This support period can be extended to 12 months for $16.50 for a paid membership.

Considering the enormous number of useful functions of the Youzer plugin, it is appropriate to pay. This is the exact EXACT plugin that the creator supplied on KaineLabs. The links provided by the developers are above.

Paid Membership plugin premium advantages:

  • All paid membership pro plugins, extensions, and payment themes are immediately accessed. A digital download is available instantly. There is no need for further processing.
  • Regular updates when available. Usually, every day updates are published in paid membership pro.
  • SSL checkout is 100% protected paid membership pro settings.
  • We utilize PayPal and Stripe, one of the world's most popular and safe online payments methods for paid BuddyPress membership restrictions.

Your business success needs to be driven by the building of the community

Youzify Review (formerly Youzer) 2023: #1 Selling WP Plugin 2
  • Encourage conversions organically

To reach more people organically through search engines, use user-generated content. The higher your search ranking is, the more time users spend on your site. 

It also offers the best option for private messages to keep your conversation secure. 

  • Customer commitment and retention

The successful key? Your customers are committed to a safe social login feature. Making it easy for them to share their knowledge, experience, and inspiration and become a valuable network turn customers into advocates. 

  • Get new clients

Make it easier for businesses to find & immediately provide prospective clients value in your online community by hosting conversations. To every part of the customer journey, add authentic, reliable content. 

  • Build Brand Administration

Create your brand with community features as a thinking leader in your space via a front-runner who brings users together. The facts are the key to the brand's loyalty, awareness, and overall success. 

  • Customer Discovery Generation

Get more from their custom profile tabs, your interests, posts, and comments on your customers. You can all connect to potential customers to improve your content for visitors.

  • 14 styles of header

Choose from 14 Lovely BuddyPress Profile Header layout unlimited colour Styles that you the freedom to create your sound for a unique community platform, including several horizontal and vertical layouts for social networks.

  • +22 Widgets for profile

This huge menu includes a slideshow, portfolio, skills, quoting, and much more, enabling users to present their page to all children about information and media widgets settings under unlimited ads widgets.
Badges checked.

By assigning an identifiable badge to a member’s directory, Groups, and the Activity Wall, Admins may specify verified accounts. These advanced features give users a sense of authenticity and legitimacy for activity posts.

🌟 Youzify FAQ

👉What is the Youzer plugin?

Youzer/Youzify is a powerful set of tools that adds templates & other functionality to your website. It was designed to improve the BuddyPress and bbPress plugins, as well as the basic WordPress functionality.

👉Is Youzify compatible with BuddyBoss?

Youzify, BuddyPress Nouveau Theme, BuddyPress Legacy Theme, BuddyBoss Theme, and BuddyBoss Plugin are all compatible with the BuddyPress Moderation plugin.

👉How do you set up Youzer?

1. Go to the WordPress admin panel and then navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.
2. Choose the Youzer plugin zip.
3. Wait until the installation process ends.
4. And you are ready to bring life to your author page.

👉How to update Youzify?

Method 1
You can use a plugin named “Envato Market” for auto-update, and here's a tutorial on how to do it :

Method 2:
Note: Don't worry; you won't lose the Youzify settings on updates 
1. Deactivate the old version.
2. Remove the old version.
3. Install the new version.

👉What are Youzify Requirements?

1. Buddypress Installed & Active
2. Supported PHP Version is: PHP 7.2
3. CURL and get imageize Enabled

Conclusion: Youzify Review (formerly Youzer) 2023 | Should you buy this plugin?

Youzify helps turn your website into a robust and captivating social hotspot that harnesses the power of the audience to generate massive ROI.  

It has a secure membership system, full membership features, infinite profile widgets, and a robust Ajax admin panel with over 700 options.

Increased brand awareness, increasing sales, and faster innovation are all benefits of increased community engagement.

9.5Expert Score
Youzify Review

Youzify is the most popular BuddyPress plugin on Envato Market. Try it now!!

Easy Of Use
  • Outstanding value for money.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Superior code quality.
  • Extremely customizable.
  • Powerful admin panel.
  • Secure membership system.
  • Unlimited features.
  • Dedicated Support.
  • Limited compatibility with other plugin


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