ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review 2022: Start Making $$$

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Today, we are here to talk about a real buzz, i.e., ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

We all know it is pretty much standard nowadays to earn money online. You can start blogging, you can start selling, or you can become an affiliate.

Raking big bucks nowadays is now a typical job for affiliate marketers. If you also want to be one and try your hands on affiliate marketing. This ✅ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review is right for you.

We all already heard a lot about ClickFunnels, and what it does.

If you do not know much about it, let us tell you, with ClickFunnels, you can quickly boost your sales using sales funnels.

What you don't know about ClickFunnels is they also offer an affiliate program! Yes! We know this is a piece of good news for all affiliate marketers.

But the real question is, how? Well, this article will cover that part specifically.

But first, let us have a quick overview of the ClickFunnels platform.

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Detailed ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

What do we know? An affiliate program is great as its core product offer.

A valuable product is easier to sell, strengthens your image as an affiliate, and assists you grow your influence.

On the contrary, promoting the wrong product will hurt your credibility and ultimately damage your reputation & affiliate marketing business even if it provides better commission rates.

With this, let's evaluate ClickFunnels as a product before discussing its affiliate program in more detail.

ClickFunnels is marketing automation and lead generation software with more than 100K active paying customers worldwide.

ClickFunnels offers users the tools and features necessary to create highly optimized sales landing pages and marketing funnels.

In a few years, ClickFunnels has become a $400+ million company that has earned billions of dollars for its clients and made more than 700 of them become millionaires (you can find their names on The 2 Comma Club).

With ClickFunnels, you can easily create:

So typically, ClickFunnels is a sales funnel platform, but how much do you know about sales funnel?

Well, even if you know nothing, here is something on the sales funnel for you.

What is Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel the marketing word for the potential journey customers go through to purchase.

There are many steps to build a sales funnel, usually known as the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, although these steps may differ depending on a company's sales model.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Reviews

There are four stages in the process of the sales funnel:

#1. Awareness or Adverts

The first of the sales funnel stages is the “awareness” level because people first become aware of your product or service. They may get to know about you from your advertising, social media, even word of mouth.

#2. Interaction

Once prospects have learned about your brand, they'll calculate it based on their interest level. They'll determine the problem they're trying to solve and conduct competitive research to ensure your offering is the best solution.

#3. Follow-ups

Armed with information about your company, those prospects will dig deeper into your pricing and packaging options. Sales pages, webinars, and calls come in handy to help sway prospects to make a purchase.

#4. Action

All your job comes down to this stage: whether the prospect purchases something or not. If they don't, the deal isn't lost forever. You can build nurture campaigns to make sure you stay top of mind.

When we know about ClickFunnels and Sales funnel, it is time to understand how much one can start earning money using ClickFunnels affiliate marketing.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels has a comprehensive affiliate program designed to reward entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and the existing ClickFunnels users for bringing new consumers.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Commission

It's one of the most popular SaaS affiliate programs globally and has spent over $70 million in affiliate commissions since its inception.

In 2018, the total ClickFunnels affiliate payouts surpassed $22 million.

The program is full of incentives for affiliate marketers.

Firstly, it's a recurring commission program that keeps getting you money as long as your referrals are subscribed to a paid ClickFunnels plan.

The most thriving ClickFunnels affiliate, Spencer Mecham, has earned well over $1 million in cuts from the program.

As an affiliate marketer, you can even win your will-o'-the-wisp car if you have more than 100 referrals that are active ClickFunnels users.

Till now, they've delivered away dozens of dream cars to their affiliates.

Russell Brunson, the CEO of ClickFunnels, is a significant force behind the prosperity of this affiliate program.

He's a multi-million dollar entrepreneur and digital marketer himself and understands precisely how to attract, motivate, and engage affiliates.

Russell's books, Dot Com Secrets, and Expert Secrets are the most renowned digital marketing books and have already sold thousands of copies in the last few years on Amazon and other platforms.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Commission

If you decide to become an affiliate for ClickFunnels, they will offer over 40% recurring commission for every referral that converts into a paid ClickFunnels user.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Review

This is so cool! Isn't it?

If you refer ClickFunnels to 10 users in a month, that means you can earn upto 5000$/year!
The only condition is you will have to stay its paying member, which is not that a big deal.

But, to keep in mind, 40% referral is only for the premium affiliates.

There are three tiers of referral commissions:

  • Tier 1 Affiliates

For complete newbies, the commission rate is 20% for them on the premium ClickFunnels subscription plans.

That means you'll get a commission of $19.4/month for the regular ClickFunnels subscription and $59.4 for the Platinum subscription plan.

  • Tier 2 Affiliates

Those who have earned at least $1000 commissions move to tier 2.

In Tier 2, the commission rate is 30% on the premium plans, translating into commissions of $29.1/mo and $89.1/mo for the regular plans and platinum plans, accordingly.

  • Tier 3 Affiliates

Those with at least 40 active premium ClickFunnels users, who signed up using your referral link, move to Tier 3.

The commission rate is 40%, resulting in recurring payments of $38.8/month and $118.8/month as long as your referrals are ClickFunnels customers.

This deal might look a little daunting to the newbies, but believe us, it is not challenging as it seems.

Once you start affiliate marketing for ClickFunnels, they will eventually turn you into a successful affiliate marketer, using their years of experience.

🌟 ClickFunnels Affiliate Program FAQ

🙄 What is ClickFunnels?

It is one of the leading platforms that allows anyone to create a beautiful and highly converting sales funnel that converts your visitors into actual customers. One can even start ClickFunnels 14 days free trial to test all its features for free.

😎 Can I join the ClickFunnels affiliate program for free?

Compared to the other affiliate program that required you to pay some money for promoting products, the ClickFunnels affiliate program is free. One can easily join the ClickFunnels affiliate program for free.

🔎 How do I get paid from the ClickFunnels affiliate program?

If you join ClickFunnels as an affiliate, then it becomes necessary for you to register on Tipalti. You need to upload your tax form while creating an account on Tipalti and then select the desired payment mode from Local transfer, PayPal, Check, or ECH.

🔥 How much can I make by joining the ClickFunnels affiliate program?

If you become the ClickFunnels affiliate, your earnings completely depend on your experience or marketing skills. If you join the ClickFunnels affiliate program, then you can make upto 40% monthly recurring commission.

Conclusion: ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review 2022 | Should you really join?

ClickFunnels affiliate program is as thriving as ClickFunnels platforms.

Within a few months, you can start earning a lot using that.

All you need to have is a good experience and stay their paid members. After that, the profit is only yours.

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly the best way to earn money without investing anything, and ClickFunnels is a classic example of that.

With this, we will wrap up our ClickFunnels Affiliate Program review. If you have any doubts about the article, please ask them in the comments section below.

Until then, keep going, affiliates❗❗

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ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

ClickFunnels offer the best affiliate dashboard to all its affiliate in order to make a huge commission. Join the ClickFunnels affiliate program today if you want to earn upto 40% monthly recurring commissions.

  • It provides a 30-day cookie.
  • Offer huge commission.
  • Provide traffic secrets book.
  • Easy to use dashboard.
  • Support multiple payment options.
  • None


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