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This article will guide you on how to get the best deals for CopyGenius in 2024. These promo codes and coupons will give you the biggest discounts on CopyGenius plans

💰 Latest CopyGenius Coupons and Promo Codes

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Starter Plan for $16 Best offer

Upgrade the starter Plan for just $16 and unleash limitless possibilities on a budget!
Best plan for newbies
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Unlimited Plan at $66 best values

Activate the deal and get unlimited words, 1 user seat, and access to the latest features with this plan
Extensive usage plan
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Create CopyGenius Free Account special offer

Sign up for free on CopyGenius without any credit card details required. Basic features accessible.
Access for Free
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CopyGenius Free Forever Plan free plan

Get CopyGenius for free with a 500-word trial, in more than 100 languages.
Trial worth forever

You can get these deals on the website. Now we will look at how you can get the best deal for your Copygenius subscription.

How to Apply CopyGenius Coupon?

You can apply the Copygenius coupon to get the best deals.

Go to the copygenius.io

Copygenius Coupon

On the pricing page select the free pack and click on Try now button.

CopyGenius Pricing Plans

Sign up using your details or sign up using your Google account.

SignUp for Copygenius

After signing up this is what your dashboard will look like. You are now ready to use your free forever plan

CopyGenius Dashboard

What can CopyGenius do for Content Creation?

CopyGenius is an AI copywriter that can help you to develop content for product descriptions ad copy and many other forms of content with various templates and tools. With Copygenius you can create attractive blogs, ad copy, blog outlines and a lot more.

Copygenius is a cloud-based AI tool that can create remarkable content with little input. This means you will never have to worry about writer’s block again.

CopyGenius Features: What makes CopyGenius Unique?

CopyGenius is a feature-rich AI copywriting tool that has a lot of amazing templates for different forms of writing and different domains. We will look at some of the unique templates that you can choose to create different forms of content.

Product Benefits

The product benefits template can help you to create a list of benefits for the products. Here is an example of how you can use this feature.

CopyGenius Features

As you can see this tool is easy to use. First choose the template you want to use (product benefits) then add the name and brief description of the product. You can even import product descriptions from your online stores. After writing the descriptions, choose the number of outputs (up to 5) and press the Write for me button and that’s it! Now all you have to do is choose the right output based on your needs. This is an ecommerce tool that can boost productivity.

Call to action

As a marketer or a content writer, it is important to choose the right call to action for your emails or product pages. Writing a call to action can be a real head-scratcher and this is where this tool can be of help. Lets see how you can use this tool to create the perfect CTA.

CopyGenius CTA

To use the Call to action, all you have to do is write the name of the product and describe the product, choose the number outputs and click on the write for me button, And just like that you can choose from the different outputs on the right.

Google Keywords

If you are marketer or a business owner you understand how important it is to find the right keywords to run your campaigns on google. The Google Keywords can help you to get the right mix of keywords to focus on for your google ad campaign. Lets see how you can use this feature to maximize the performance of your ad campaigns.

Google Keywords

To use the Google Keywords feature, add a brief description of your product or import from your Shopify, Ali express or Amazon. Once you have entered the product description, choose the number of outputs and then click on write for me. The tool will produce a list of relevant keywords on the right that you can use to optimize your ad campaigns.

Genius Editor

While writing, do you ever just stop because ideas just stop coming to you and you wish there was someone or something to help you move forward? The Genius Editor tool is just what you need. This amazing tool will make sure you never hit the brakes while writing. It can complete sentences and paragraphs with ease and even write for you just like that. One thing to note however is that this tool is not available on the free plan.

Copygenius's Genius Editor

You can use this tool like a normal writer and this tool can edit and write in real time if you get stuck somewhere.

CopyGenius Pricing Plans

CopyGenius Pricing Plans

CopyGenius offers different pricing plans for different needs with several amazing offers. Here are the price plans for CopyGenius in 2024 and all the available offers.

Free Plan

CopyGenius offers a free plan that has some amazing functionality that wants to test out this powerful AI tool. The free trial offers a word limit of 500 words, access to more than a hundred languages and unlimited logins. However with this pack you miss out on the latest features offered by CopyGenius and their Genius Editor Tool. If you want to sign up for the free plan you can refer to the previous sections of this article to know how.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan offers a 40,000 monthly word limit along with all the features of the free pack. Additionally, you also get access to the Genius Editor tool and the newest features offered by CopyGenius. This plan starts at $19 per month but if you go for the yearly subscription you can get the Starter pack at $16 per month along with 2 extra months free.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan offers a word limit of 1,20,000 words per month. Along with that the pack offers all the features of the Starter Plan. This plan starts at $39 per month but with the yearly subscription offers and coupons, you can get the premium plan for $33 per month.

Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited Plan as the name suggests offers an unlimited words to the users. Along with this the plan also offers all the features of the premium plan and 1 user seat that give access to more than one user. This plan comes for $79 per month but if you go for a yearly subscription you can get the unlimited plan for $66 with the offers and coupons.

CopyGenius Pros and Cons

Pros of CopyGenius

CopyGenius is a powerful tool that has some amazing functionality. This tool is can create high quality content. Another great advantage is that it offers a lot of features to it’s users. Yu can choose from a variety of templates for ecommerce, website, ads, social media and a lot more. The tool can help you save a lot of time on creating content creative or long-form content or both. The tool is versatile and can write different forms of content for different platforms with ease. CopyGenius is user-friendly and accurate that makes it a real asset to save time and generate content quickly.

Cons of CopyGenius

While the tool is amazing, CopyGenius has some flaws too. The tool offer limited customization in terms of the length of the content and its tone. The AI copywriting tool is not perfect when it comes to long form content it is  important to check the content produced by the tool.

Top FAQ's on CopyGenius Coupons

What is the best deal for first time CopyGenius users?

CopyGenius offers an amazing free trial plan with a word limit up to 500 words, access to more than 100 languages. The best part about this is, you don't have to enter your credit card details to activate the free trial and you get unlimited logins even on the free trial.

Are lifetime deals available for CopyGenius?

No, There are no lifetime deals available for this tool but you can get unlimited words for $66 along with 2 free months if you go for the CopyGenius unlimited plan and choose annual billing.

Does CopyGenius offer Coupon Codes?

No, As of now CopyGenius does not offer coupon codes for the AI-powered writing tool but you can keep checking Affcoupon for the latest coupons and deals on amazing AI tools.

What is the best feature of CopyGenius?

CopyGenius has many amazing templates and excellent tools that can help you to write various forms of content. Among them the most brilliant assistant tool is the Genius Editor tool. This tool can complete your sentences and paragraphs and help professional writers, blog writers, article writers to get over the writer's block.

Does CopyGenius offer Email Marketing tools?

Yes, Copygenius offers Email tools like Catchy Email and Write an Email tools that can help you to boost your open rate and get more conversions.

Final Verdict: Are CopyGenius Coupons Worth Trying?

As we have seen the capabilities of CopyGenius and its flaws too. We have seen the variety of content CopyGenius can produce for different domains and the wide variety of templates that can be used to create amazing content within a fraction of the time. There are drawbacks as well of this AI tool like the lack of control on the length and tone of the content but if you are someone looking for a tool to produce a lot of content in a short period of time this is the best tool for you.

With so many AI tools out there, there are going to be some flaws in all of them but CopyGenius is still a comparatively reliable option in our view. When it comes to deals, we have seen there are some amazing coupons and offers available for CopyGenius that you can use to start your writing journey or to produce content for your business. CopyGenius has some of the most generous offers compared to other tools. We found that compared to monthly billing of the copywriting tool it is better to go with annual billing as it not only gives you more savings on a monthly basis but also gives you two months of free use. 

The coupons and deals are worth trying just to experience the Genius Editor tool alone and other amazing and fun templates as well. Get the best coupon offers and deals on AI tools and stay updated about the best AI tools and their deals on Afftweaks.

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