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Master Addons Black Friday Discount Offer

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What is Master Addons?

Master Addons Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal

WordPress website users get access to many benefits, and that's why they have more users. The best feature of WordPress is its visual editor. Through this feature, the user can drag different elements inside the editor and can make the changes.

However, there are certain limitations, and here's where Master Addons come into the picture. The tool provides the user with some extra customization possibilities. It also has 40+ Elements and 16+ Extension included.

Why should you consider buying it in the Black Friday offer 2022?

The best part of Master Addons plugins is free of cost and is easily available in the WordPress plugin directory. If you want to create an eye-catchy and creative website, then Master Addons is a must needed plugin.

Being a freemium plugin Master Addons customer base is growing at a faster pace. It has 7000+ active installations to date. If you want to create a standard website, you can use the free version.

But if you wish to get some advanced and unique features, you must buy the pro version. Each element by Master Addons has a different layout and variations. Hence, you can create awesome pages within a short period.

Talking about the free version by Master Addons, you will get 30+ Elements and 10+ Extension access. Hence, without any single code, you can easily create any website by drag and drop.

Master Addons Logo

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Features Offered by Master Addons

The only thing most website owners wish to have is a comfortable and customizable Header and footer.

Through Master Addons, users can easily design their Header & Footer with the Elementor page editor's help. Moreover, you can even use several headers, depending on the page or post you choose.

Yet another unique feature by Master Addons is the comment form builder. You can easily create a comment template and quickly drag the “MA Comment” element. If you want some more extra fields, add it in the comment form and customize it accordingly.

🥐Custom Breakpoint

Creating a website that is fully responsive across several devices is quite a big deal. You will require a Custom Breakpoint. Through the Master Addons Default Elementor you will get 3 breakpoints and some more, just in case you need it.

Breakpoints by Master Addons help users to create a fully responsive and device targeted responsive webpage. Through the free version of Master Addons, you can easily add 2 extra breakpoints.

With the pro version of Master Addons, you will access unlimited breakpoint creation via the import-export system.

✨Display Conditions

Master Addons Display Conditions

Do you think you can make visible a specific section of your website page to Google Chrome browser visitors? Yes, it is done until you know how to tweak the process through display conditions.

It's not just limited to browsers, but Master Addons have Operating System, User-based, Date & Time, and some more related logic systems.

For example, If you have any upcoming event and wish to display the overall event schedule before the event date, you will get the utmost help through this system. You will get access to another section when the previous event expires.

💻Custom CSS & Custom JS

If you are someone who often thinks out of the box and wants to make the best creative website for your business, Custom CSS is what you have desired. Through Custom CSS and Custom JS extension, you can easily design anything.

Master Addons will give you a Custom CSS option in every element, columns, advanced tab, and sections. All you need to do is use the selector and CSS classes correctly for gaining an awesome view.

📜Toggle Content

Master Addons Toggle Content

Through the Toggle Content element by Master Addons, you can boost your creativity level at its best. If you don't have any idea about this element, you can easily create a pricing table and all other in-depth criteria.

If you wish to create an alternative system for your website, you can use the custom CSS code. However, if you aren't aware of all these sections, use the Toggle Content and design the new sections creatively.

🌌Mega Menu

Master Addons Mega Menu

It's a wish for every website builder to edit all the mega menus with the elementor page editor's help, and this is possible just by Master Addons.

From creating as much section as you want to build the inner column according to your needs; just any element from the Master Addons library and design through the mega menu.

Master Addons also have some pre-built menu available in its template library. Hence, you can import any random menu just by a click and customize the whole text and images.

📢Entrance Animation

Master Addons Entrance Animation

Animation makes the website attractive, and customers don't get bored too. Suppose your viewer scrolls down the website; each section will appear one by one in a nice animation effect. Master Addons have more than 20+ multiple pre-built entrance Animation effects.

As a user, you can define the overall animation duration and delay it in the ms unit. Hence in every reload, your viewer will see these creative animations.

📹Image Hover Effects

Master Addons Image Hover Effects

Many of us are aware of the Image Hover Effects. And if you don't, then don't confuse it as a type of a media file. Through image hover effects, you can explain all your services and features creatively.

The tool provides 30 unique effects placed in the title, description, and social media inside hover effects.

By the Individual border-radius features, you can create a creative image shape. Not just hover effects; you can also add popups, custom links on clickable areas easily.

Master Addons Gallery Slider

The Master Addons gallery slider comes with unique variations. You will get access to grid systems and carousel systems for the gallery thumb so that you can place it anywhere according to your wish.

Moreover, by Enabling Title, Caption, Description, you can add several media content below each creative.

🙅‍♀️Restrict Content

You can restrict several contents through this feature by Master Addons like the password, captcha, age-gate, etc. Nonetheless, you can also arrange an on-page and popup system for restricting content.

Master Addons offer several types of on-page variation like on page load popup, click popup, on scroll popup. All these will help you to lock a specific page or a section. If you wish to lock the entire page, hide the cross button from the popup.

There are many more features of Master Addons other than all these like Tabs, Image Hotspot, Image filter gallery, Advanced accordion, Buttons, Counter up, and many more. Getting Master Addons for both personal, professional use is highly beneficial.

Black Friday Offer 2022 of Master Addons

The Master Addons Black Friday offer or cyber Monday 2022 offer will start on 26th November 2022 and end by 30th November 2022. You can bag exciting and special deals on this offer.

Master Addons Black Friday Discount

Master Addons Black Friday Deal

$39 $49
Best Addons Pack for Elementor
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Master Addons Pricing | Black Friday Offer 2022

Master Addons come in two different pricing categories, and you can either pay it monthly or for a lifetime.

The categorization is done according to the user's demand, like personal, business, and developer. Below is the detailed pricing of the Master Addons plan:

Master Addons Yearly Cost
Master Addons Annual Pricing
  • Personal Plan – $39
  • Business Plan – $49
  • Developer Plan – $199
Master Addons Lifetime Cost
Master Addons Lifetime Pricing
  • Personal Plan – $129
  • Business Plan – $149
  • Developer Plan – $399

In the Black Friday offer 2022, you can get any plans of Master Addons at a 50% flat discount.

How to use Master Addons Black Friday Coupon?

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY50

You can use the coupon code and move to the Master Addons pricing page. Choose one plan according to your needs and click on the “purchase now” tab.

You will see an option displaying, “Have any promotional code?” Enter the coupon code by clicking on the text.

Add all the details properly and review your order before buying it to ensure all the data. If you face any problem while doing this step, you can contact the customer support team.

Final Verdict: Master Addons Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2022 Hurry Up!

Master Addons for Elementor can helps you to make your website more appealing by using a modern layout.

The free plugin which is offered by Master Addons includes over 30 different blocks to use. One can also purchase the premium version of this plugin if you want more advanced features and functions.

Master Addons allows you to create a magazine-style website by adding a news ticker, animated headlines, blog posts, and image galleries. 🚀🚀

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