eCom Turbo Review 2023: Features & Pricing ($100 OFF Coupon)

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There is about 12 to 24 million e-commerce site on the World Wide Web. Out of which, only a million of them are making real money.

 Some have very high traffic but very little or no conversion whatsoever.

Why is that???

 What compels the customers to buy something from any e-commerce site?

Although many factors affect the user experience on your site. But the most important is the theme of the site.

THEME of the site is very important to convert the visitors into customers and customers into loyal buyers.

But, it is very important to choose the right theme, keeping in mind the brand & vision of your business.

There are many free themes available on Shopify, but they are as helpful as fast bowlers on Indian pitches.

And the paid themes are very expensive for a beginner. What you want here is a simple yet persuasive theme to increase your site's conversion rate.

Then look nowhere, my friend!

I have the right theme for you. It is eCom Turbo.

With its affordable prices, it has become the cheapest high conversion theme in the world today…..

In this article, we are going to look at them…

  • What is eCom Turbo?
  • What is so special about eCom Turbo among other themes?
  • The attractive feature of the theme
  • Refund policy
  • Attractive features
  • Conclusive thoughts 

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What is eCom Turbo?

In-Depth eCom Turbo Review

eCom Turbo Review

Seven-figure drop shipper Franklin Hatchett created eCom Turbo keeping solely in mind the higher conversion rate.

It is similar to many other premium Shopify themes like a Booster, Jetpack, but what gives eCom Turbo an edge over the others is its competitive pricing.

Hatchett is in this business for many years and knows the in and out of the business. So you can be sure that anything he proposes has some weight.

He created this theme from scratch to use in his business, and after seeing the results, he decided to make it public.

What makes eCom Turbo so special among all the other themes?

There are many reasons behind why everybody is talking about it and its usefulness.

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Benefits of Using eCom Turbo

From its pricing to conversion rate to its simple yet persuasive layout there are many points behind it.

Let’s looks at it in detail.

eCom Turbo Coupon

Highly cost-effective

eCom turbo is nothing if not cost effective. It is the cheapest & high converting premium shopify theme available in the world.

Ecom turbo has a lifetime plan with one time payment. You have to pay a one-time fee and would receive its benefits for a lifetime. Isn’t it great?

Lifetime benefits include a free upgrade whenever there is one. Also, 24/7 customer support regardless of the plan you have purchased.

There are three plans available right now. Every plan has a lifetime upgrade, and full-time customer support the only difference is that of the number of the store on which you can use this theme.


Fast loading speed

Studies have shown that sites that take more than 3 seconds to load lose almost 40 % of their customers. It is enough to shut the doors of any business.

eCom Turbo takes on average two seconds to load, which means you can retain those customers and increase your sales.

There are many inbuilt features in this theme which we will be looking at later in the article. These inbuilt features help to reduce the loading time of the site.

When you add these features externally to your site, it has to load in those external URLs every time a customer visits your site because they are hosted by third-party servers, and this will increase the loading time of a site.

 Because of its simplistic design, eCom Turbo works 50% faster than any other theme out there.


Mobile optimized

The majority of customers visit your site through smartphones, and that's why your site must be mobile optimized.

The best sites are those which looks great both on smartphone and desktop.

eCom Turbo is mobile optimized with all its important functions like product name and photo, add to cart function placing about the fold.

Meaning you don’t have to scroll down for the buttons.


Fully customizable

The best thing about this theme is that everything is customizable. From header to footer, from the homepage to the product page.

It’s all your call when it comes to what you think can go with your brand of business.

You can choose the best for your store without the company making any prior assumptions. 

It gives you complete freedom to choose & customize everything without writing a single line of code.


Free training & community support

When you buy any plan, you get access to the private Facebook community of drop shippers.

And I do not have to remind anyone how an important part a community of like-minded people plays in anyone’s success. 

You are entitled to receive 24/7 customer support regardless of the plan you have purchased.

 Not only this, the entire package comes with tutorials on how to install this theme in your Shopify store and also a bonus course on how to start an eCommerce business.

One thing to keep in mind is, this theme is designed to boost conversion and increases interactivity with the customers.

Unique features of eCom Turbo to look for!

Key Features of eCom Turbo

To boost conversions, this theme has an amazing Poole of features which can help you skyrocket your sales through the roof:

⏳ Scarcity timer

Scarcity Timer

FOMO [FEAR OF MISSING OUT] is the #1 powerful trigger business around use to increase their sales.

Scarcity timer is inbuilt in the theme for which otherwise you have to pay $5 to $10 every month to Shopify.

You can also customize the color, fonts, & text size.

Scarcity timer creates an urgency that conveys that buy now, or it would not be available later, it creates the scarcity mindset that would be successful in making a sale.

🌐 GEO-IP currency recognition


 Studies have shown that when prices are in local currencies, it increases the chances of a sale.

For this eCom Turbo uses GEO-IP to locate the customer's location and show the prices in their local currencies.

🏅 Jump directly to checkout


It is a common understanding that the lesser pages, the higher the conversion rate.

With this theme, you can skip adding to the cart and put your customer on the checkout page, which is a great conversion booster.

 💥 Trust badges

Trust badges

Trust is very important for any business. 

In this online marketplace, it is very important to give something to customers that show trust. 

Trust badges increase your credibility to your customers and convey that your site is reliable.

🏹 Custom footer

Custom Clean Footer

You can customize the entire footer according to the nature of your business.

You can change font color, title icons, and many other things.

Many drop shippers do not give much thought to optimizing the footers, and those end up losing their customers.

Messy footers are clear distractions. They distract your customers from the main aim, which is of buying the product.

eCom Turbo can help you in creating a clean & concise footer. You can use the standard Shopify footer here as well.

🚀 Sales pop up notification

eCom Turbo Pop UP

This pop-up would show up after a customer spends some amount of time on your site.

What it does is that it show the potential customer that someone has brought the product they are looking for on your site regardless of the sale happened or not.

You can show them how popular your products are with the help of this feature.

It also helps you show the product variety you have, and on the other hand, it will solidify the user's trust in your site, which will lead to the sale. 

Other than this, there are many other features of eCom Turbo offers like…

  • Custom related products: 
  • Clean but customizable call to action buttons 
  • Profit boosting cart buttons
  • Build custom homepage 

How much eCom Turbo discount you can get on its cost?

eCom Turbo Pricing Plans

The average price of a premium theme starts at about $147, while the price of eCom Turbo starts at $97. 

eCom Turbo Pricing

Refund Policy:

Franklin provides you with 30 days money-back guarantee.

eCom Turbo Refund Policy

Within 30 days of your purchase, if you think this theme is not for you and your business, you can contact them via email and ask for the money back.

If your reason is genuine, then they will refund you within one to two weeks.

Few frequently asked questions about eCom Turbo

🌟 eCom Turbo FAQ

✅ What is eCom Turbo?

It is a premium Shopify theme for dropshipper, created by Franklin Hatchett, & can help you make more sales.

✅ How much does eCom Turbo cost?

A single license costs $97, multiple $127, & unlimited stores are $147.

✅ How can eCom Turbo get more sales?

Yes, It has the best features that help increase conversions by providing a variety of scarcity & optimization features. It also loads relatively quickly.

✅ Where can I buy eCom Turbo?

You can shop it from the official website but read this review first to see if it is best for your business or not.

✅ What is the eCom Turbo refund policy?

There are 14 days to cancel for 100% money back. You can contact the support team using the email provided during checkout.

Should you use this eCom Turbo?

Final Thoughts on eCom Turbo Review

eCom Turbo is flexible, unique, and beginner-friendly.

It acts as a one-stop solution for many problems of drop shippers.

With simple customization, high loading speed, and mobile optimization, it creates the perfect environment for visitors to convert into customers.

Its inbuilt features can help you save up to $600 to $1000 in cost per year, which you can use for many other pressing problems.

It is a perfect product for anyone who wants to start their online Shopify store and those who want to revive their sites through rapid conversions.🚀🚀

9Expert Score
eCom Turbo Review

eCom Turbo is a #1 Shopify theme that's powerful, high-converting, and easy to customize. Shop now!!

Ease of use
Fast loading
  • Best shopify theme for the drop shipper.
  • Cheapest shopify theme.
  • Flexible shopify theme.
  • High converting premium Shopify theme.
  • Offering lifetime plan with one time payment.
  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • One-click upsells, custom page layouts, &
  • Facebook bot integrations are missing


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