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Looking for a tool that can help you in your Amazon selling operations while being notified about all the important changes that can be helpful. If so, this AMZAlert review is for you.

Amazon seller tools are known for making the selling process easier. And, with Amazon selling itself as the Everything Store, there is no wonder that it is getting so much attention. With so many sellers using these tools and so many sellers asking how to get started with them, it is also understandable why AMZAlert can be an excellent tool for Amazon selling.

So what is AMZAlert? Is it worth getting started with it? And if so, how? Here's a detailed guide/review to help you get started with AMZAlert.

What are Amazon seller tools?

Amazon seller tools are software applications that make it easier for Amazon sellers to reach their sales and profitability goals. These different tools can be used separately or in collaboration.

The Amazon seller tools market is one of the most competitive categories in the ecommerce space. Finding the right tool can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But, if you've been looking for a way to increase sales, reduce inventory risk, and improve your sales management, these tools can help.

AMZAlert – Protect Your Amazon Listings

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What is AMZAlert?

Detailed AMZAlert Review

AMZAlert Review

As its name implies, AMZAlert is a tool that helps Amazon sellers get notified if a product is being purchased, negative/positive reviews, product listing alerts and much more. Once the product is purchased, Amazon's AMZAlert tracks the order and helps you manage the order. This helps you get notified about the order, track it, and manage it faster.

In addition to all this, as I have already mentioned, AMZAlert also helps in getting along with other types of notifications which, as a result, can help you in making your management and strategies better. Since you might have got an idea of what AMZAlert is? Let's take a deeper dive into the features served by it to make your Amazon selling even better.

Points to check before getting started with AMZAlert.

👉 How to Get Started with AMZAlert?

We'll first talk about the different tools that Amazon offers to sellers. We'll then walk through the process of getting started with the Amazon seller tools, and finally, we'll discuss the key features of Amazon's AMZAlert. If talking about the tools that AMZAlert offers, let's take a look at some important aspects that are worth looking forward to.

As the name implies, AMZAlert is a software/tool that can help you get alerts for several things, i.e., any purchases being made, any negative reviews, product listing changes and much more, which will be covered later in this AMZAlert review.

AMZAlert Reviews

Looking forward to the tool that AMZAlert has been, it covers some major aspects that can be used in your Amazon selling operations. Now, let's take a look at these aspects under which AMZAlert can be useful.

You can monitor and get alerts on different aspects like:


Amazon Sales & Marketing

In Amazon, you will be selling on a marketplace and not operating a standalone site, so managing your products and inventory on time is very important. With AMZAlert, you can set up notifications for inventory level, order expiry, stock levels, etc. This way, you don't have to check your inventory and order every week manually, but you are notified when it is time to order more products or when it is time to process the orders.

With this app, you can also receive notifications when there are new reviews on your products. You can also set up notifications for whenever a competitor launches a new product. So basically, AMZAlert can help with:

  • Changes in the ranking of the product or bestseller ranks and badge.
  • Any changes that you in inventory and stocks.
  • Get notified of any unwanted or parasitic new seller who might be appearing on the product listing.
  • Get alerts if your product is listed in the “adult” category.
  • In addition to all this, you can also get along with other alerts like changes in price or MAP violations, change in buy boxes due to hijackers, etc.

Product Listing Alerts

In addition to everything mentioned above, you can also receive product listing alerts for your products; you can set up an account with AMZAlert, which will keep an eye on Amazon for new listings, price changes and reviews for your products. It will send you to push notifications or emails when these changes happen so that you can respond quickly.

In addition to these product alerts, AMZAlert also lets you track competitor products, manage your inventory, and view sales data. So, basically, AMZAlert will enable you to get along with:

  • Any changes in the product title, image, and category.
  • You can also get alerts for changes in bullet points of the product.
  • Alerts for any changes in the product description as well.
  • When your product is added as an add-on.

Amazon Reviews & Much More

In addition to all the different notifications that were mentioned above, the AMZAlert also notifies you if any changes occur for:

  • Getting alerts for negative reviews.
  • Change in rating/stars of the product.
  • If any removal or deletion of the review is done.

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What features make the AMZAlert a great tool for protecting your Amazon listings?

Key Features of AMZAlert

Now that you know what AMZAlert is let's discuss some of the key features of AMZAlert. AMZAlert offers some excellent features, including:

  • Open Alerts: The feature lets you explore around the alerts that might be open or new and need actions to be performed.
  • Your products: This section lets you get along with the products you might be monitoring; this way, you can explore different activities that the products (enlisted ASIN/product) might be going through.
  • Add new products: You can also add new products using the ASIN of the product; as a result, it will enable you to get along with the activities that you might be looking forward to.
  • Fix any Amazon issue: This feature basically refers to any changes that your product might be facing; these issues can include different things such as a change in the product listing, your product ranking and much more.
  • Automatic cease and desist: You can also send notifications, etc., just in case your system encounters or notices any practices that are not good for your selling business. Basically, cease and desist refers to sending documentation or alerts to avoid any illegal activities or avoid similar activities that might get you in trouble.

Since you are now well versed with the features and everything, let's take a look at the cost of using AMZAlert.

How much does AMZAlert cost?

AMZAlert Pricing Plans

The AMZAlert offers three different pricing plans-from novice to experienced sellers. The plan you pick will depend on your personal needs and what section of the site you want to be categorized with. These different AMZAlert plans include New Seller, Advanced Seller, and Elite Seller.

AMZAlert Pricing Plans
New SellerAdvanced SellerElite Seller
$0.95 per ASIN/Month$1.1 per ASIN/Month$1.35 per ASIN/Month
24hrs Monitoring Intervals4-hrs Monitoring Intervals1-hour Monitoring Intervals
Amazon Product Listing and Review AlertsAmazon Product Listing and Review AlertsAmazon Product Listing and Review Alerts
1 SMS / 1 Email Notifications2 SMS / 2 Email Notifications7 SMS / 7 Email Notifications
Keepa IntegrationKeepa IntegrationKeepa Integration
No API ConnectionNo API ConnectionAPI Connection
No Integrations availableNo Integrations offeredSlack and JIRA integration
No Sub-user accounts1 Sub-user accounts6 Sub-user accounts
No Scheduled ReportsUnlimited Scheduled ReportsUnlimited Scheduled Reports

👉 AMZAlert Free Trial

As the trial is available for a limited period, you can get along with the trial and explore the features available to the fullest and can decide if it suits your needs. The trial is for 10 days and can be redeemed by clicking the ‘Try Now‘ button. You can also explore different plans and decide if it suits your requirements or not. Even if it's a paid tool, offering a free trial is a win-win situation for both the customers and the tool's developers.

Check some merits and demerits of AMZAlert.

AMZAlert Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of AMZAlert
  • With the use of AMZAlert, you can be alerted to any changes that occur in your Amazon listings, such as negative reviews, changes in seller rating, or changes in seller badges. You can also receive notifications about specific aspects like marketing and sales performance.
  • AMZAlert offers great customer service support. They offer both phone call and chat support during normal business hours as well as 24 hours for all other times. You can contact AMZAlert during the timings 7 am to 4 pm (Eastern standard time), and just in case you cannot contact using the call, you can also opt for the 24×7 support chat.
  • In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that the tools and features offered so far can be helpful in better management of your Amazon selling operations. As a result, AMZAlert offers better management with an easy-to-use interface.
Disadvantages of AMZAlert
  • The only downside that I noticed while getting along with AMZAlert was the response time of the customer service support; well, its not a very big deal as you might get a reply sometime.

AMZAlert Reviews & Customers Testimonials

AMZAlert Reviews & Customers Testimonials

🌟 AMZAlert FAQ

✔Is AMZAlert a reliable tool?

Amazon sellers face the difficulty of competing with the other sellers on Amazon and spend their maximum hours checking their product listings on a regular basis. AMZAlert is a powerful monitoring tool that helps AMZ sellers to monitors their product listings 24/7. AMZAlert not only monitors your listings but also helps you identify potential problems with pricing errors, duplicate listings, or any other changes that could hurt your business.

✔Does AMZAlert offer a free trial?

If you want to test-drive all the features of this leading tool, then click here to start your AMZAlert free trial.

✔Why should I go for AMZAlert?

With so many competitors out there, it's hard to stay on top of your product listings. Therefore it becomes crucial for you to use AMZAlert. A one-stop tool that monitors and alerts you for any changes in your product listings, so you'll never lose any sales. You do not require to waste your time watching and checking your product listing manually, as all this can be done by AMZAlert.

✔How to get started with AMZAlert?

AMZAlert is the only tool that you can use to protect your listings. You do not need to have any credit card to get started with AMZAlert. Visit the official site of AMZAlert and complete your registration process. After successfully registering yourself, you are ready to use AMZAlert. On the dashboard of AMZAlert, you just need to select the ASINs that you want to monitor. AMZAlert is the perfect tool that helps you to prevent your lost sales.

✔Is AMZAlert worth money?

It's a difficult and time-consuming process to make sure your listings aren't being outbid by your competition on Amazon. By using AMZAlert, you can protect your Amazon listings as it saves your time and money by giving you real-time alert notifications. The advanced features of AMZAlert help you protect your brand and 10X your productivity.

✔Are there any active AMZAlert coupon codes?

If you are looking for working coupon codes, then check and use the above-mentioned AMZAlert discount coupon that helps you to save maximum money.

AMZAlert Facebook Group

AMZAlert Facebook Group

AMZAlert Twitter Group

AMZAlert Twitter Group

Should you use AMZAlert?

Conclusion: AMZAlert Review

From my POV, no doubt that AMZAlert offers some excellent features in terms of sending alerts and notifying you of any changes that occur (product listing, seller ranking, badges, etc.). You can't go wrong with the Amazon seller tools, and this is why I encourage you to try them out. AMZAlert offers three different pricing plans depending upon your need. In addition to all this, AMZAlert offers a 10-day free trial, which can be an excellent way of exploring the tool for your business/Amazon selling practices.

So, suppose you are someone who is looking forward to getting alerts on different aspects of amazon selling operations. In that case, the AMZAlert can be an excellent tool overall, as it will cover different aspects like changes that occur, including product listing, seller ranking, and much more.

Hopefully, this AMZAlert review might have cleared some of the doubts you might be confused about.🙂

8.9Expert Score
AMZAlert Review

AMZAlert is the ultimate monitoring tool that protects your product listings. By using AMZAlert, you will get continuous vigilance about hijackers and scammers. AMZAlert is a highly recommended tool for Amazon sellers for selling products as it gives instant notification regarding the negative review. This tool will work 24/7 for you and give you instant e-mail, text, and Slack alerts for any critical listing issues.

Ease of Use
User Interface
Customer Support
  • It offers a best seller badge and rating change alerts.
  • It also provides a free trial period.
  • Powerful, flexible tracking system
  • Offer instant mobile alerts.
  • It is an expensive tool.
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