Bright Data Review (Formerly Luminati) 2022 + Coupon Codes

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Hello there! We hope you all are doing good in this challenging situation.

Today we bring a ✅Bright Data Review (formerly Luminati). You all will agree that our lives are getting dependent on the internet with the increase of digital services in our lives. Even if you are engaged in work from home or running your own business, a good internet connection is all that you need.

Then when we speak about a good internet connection, proxy servers matter the most.

Even if you are looking for a residential proxy or a data center proxy, you need to choose the most reliable one. Because, when it comes to our data privacy and security, we tend not to compromise in that area.

A slight mistake can lead to drastic consequences, which we cannot afford to deal with.

The concept of proxy servers is not that difficult to understand. Even if you have nothing to do with technicality, experts recommend that everyone understand what a proxy is and how it works.

And if we speak about Luminati proxy, then there is no doubt that it is one of the most trusted and efficient proxy servers you will ever find in the market.

But, there is a reason behind its popularity. And the reason is the excellent integration of the software.

This article will walk you through different aspects and features of Bright Data(formerly Luminati), which will prove why this may be your best shot in residential proxies.

So, without further delay, let us get started!

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What is a Proxy Server?

Bright Data Review

In simple words, a proxy server carries out your internet activities on behalf of another system, which acts as an intermediary of the clients requesting resources from other servers.

For instance, if you want to search for a specific cosmetic product, you search it on google search/proxy servers do is that it will take your request to the Google server, resulting in you getting the desired website you want.

Ultimately, everything you do on the internet depends on your proxy address. If the proxy server of a specific website is not secured, then that site will show restricted to you.

Just like that, if your connection is not secure, then you will get blocked from accessing the internet.

Therefore, it is essential to have a secured residential proxy, even if you are engaged in some deep R&D.

Are you looking for a dependable proxy server?

If you are, then you have come to the right place. Bright Data (formerly Luminati) is one of the most trusted proxy servers among the users.

In this post, we will walk you through the features, pros& cons, pricing plans, and other essential sections of Luminati proxy.

Keep reading this article to get to know all about Bright Data!

Detailed Bright Data Review (Formerly Luminati)

Bright Data Reviews

Luminati is a leading proxy server network that provides the most secure proxy network. Luminati offers a proxy pool of 72 million IP addresses. Just not that, it also gives you data collection tools that require almost 0 coding knowledge. was discovered in 2014 in Israel. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the proxy domain, which has the largest IP network.

Bright data offers four types of proxy networks: residential, data center, mobile, and static residential proxies.

Luminati currently has 750+ patents, which shows their constant dedicated approach to innovative technology.

They aim towards the constant development of various proprietary products.

This company also offers additional products such as search engine crawlers, data collectors, and data unblockers. So, there is a never-ending list of all the advantages you are getting to receive if you decide to go with Bright Data (formerly Luminati).

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What does Luminati Proxy Offer?

In many terms, Luminati has offered itself as the leading residential proxy network.

It allows different users worldwide to choose among the wide range of proxies, which they can choose according to their use. You can select from several native tools, including “Proxy Browser Extension” and “Proxy Manager.”

Luminati Coupon Code

They can go for any proxy server according to their business plans.

These various tools have been designed to ease your execution in data and information scraping from websites, checking and verifying the compliance of affiliate links, and much more.

Also, the residential proxies offered by Luminati are 100% legal and authentic. So, you will not have to worry about getting blocked by any website or server while surfing the internet.

Additionally, you can collect critical information from various search engines called “Search Engine Crawler.” You can also analyze your SEO's progress, track your rivals' performance, and ensure that all your online assets are safe and secured.

In short, with, you get to access more features as compared to any other proxy server. There is something that sets Luminati apart from all the average proxy server networks.
With this, it is time to discuss more the kay features and other benefits offered by Luminati.

Top Features of Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)

There is a list of incredible features offered by Luminati, which you will find hard to ignore.

Let us see about them in detail:

#1. Proxy Infra

Luminati offers the highest infra proxy in the world, which gives you various proxy solutions. You will find all of them here. If you are looking for a data center, residential, static residential, or mobile IP, is the pace you go for.

With Luminati proxy, you get 99.9%, infinite concurrent connections, and an open-source proxy server network with over 72 million IPs.

#2. Global Coverage

All these services are available in a comprehensive set of countries, including the USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy, France, and many more.

For more information, you can check out their official website. There you will find all the available locations where the Luminati proxy server offers its service in.

#3. Performance & Speed

Without a doubt, Luminati works faster than the other rotating proxy servers like Storm proxy servers. This is because its built-in rotation manager is more efficient than the other proxy server networks.

Other additional features include:

  • With Luminati, you can send as many sessions as you like simultaneously.
  • Luminati helps achieve many economic tasks, including validation and verification of partners, B1 competition, security reviews, divergent compliance, etc.
  • It is helpful for tech readers because it focuses on environment simulations like browsers, operating systems, and devices. Also, Luminati offers mobile IP addresses for all advanced users.

Types of Proxies Offered by Luminati | Bright Data Review

At present, Luminati offers three packages on their websites. They are named Residential Proxies, Private Datacentre Proxies, and Shared Datacentre Proxies.

Luminati Review

They also have different sets o pages for differently categorized residential proxied, including Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and other social media networks.

Bright Data offers both residential as well as data center proxies. Residential proxies are also referred to as rotating proxies, whose IP address keep changing after a specific period.

Residential proxies are more safe & secured than data entry proxies because you do not need to worry about getting blacklisted. Almost all residential proxies are rotating proxies, which means it keeps getting changed after a specific time so that the provided IP address cannot be tracked back to you.

The IP address of the rotating proxies offered by Bright Data keeps changing after every subsequent connection. This ensures better safety and security, which means if you are o a surfing mission, your IP address will not get blacklisted. That is because you do not have just one IP address.

The price of all the proxies offered by Bright Data is nowhere near low. Whether it is a data center proxy or residential proxy, you will have to pay a massive amount for that.

But, the services provided by Bright Data proxy are commendable, which makes them of the most leading proxy servers around the world.

The great thing about Bright Data is that it offers both types of proxy authorization, which includes Username/Password authentication and IP authentication.

This is great because you can whitelist all th IP's that you want to use to access your proxy and use username and password for the authentication.

Bright Data Pricing Plans | ✅Exclusive Bright Data Discount Coupon

Luminati offers a range of pricing plans, and a customer can select any method according to their requirement.

This cannot be ignored that the pricing plans are relatively higher. But the quality which they are offering which the price is the ultimate selling point of this software.

Bright Data Pricing

So now, we will list you down all the possible pricing plans of

It offers three types of packages which include:

Shared IPs

  • 1IPs: $0.02/Day – +$ 0.1/GB and $0.03/Day

Exclusive domains

  • 1IPs: $0.02/Day – +$ 0.1/GB and $0.04/Day

Unlimited domains

  • 1IPs: $0.08/Day – +$ 0.1/GB and $0.10/Day

Residential IPs

The residential IPs offers five packages which include:

Starter Residential

  • Bandwidth: 40 GB/$12.5 GB
  • Price: $500/Month

Production Residential

  • Bandwidth: 100 GB/$10.00 GB
  • Price: $1,000/Month

Plus Residential

  • Bandwidth: 1,000 GB/$6.00 GB
  • Price: $6,000/Month

High Volume Residential

  • Bandwidth: 10,000 GB/$3.00 GB
  • Price: $30,000/Month

Growth Residential

  • Bandwidth: 50,000GB/$2.00 GB
  • Price: $100,000/Month

Mobile IPs

  • Bandwidth: 5 GB/$100 GB
  • Price: $500/Month

Bright Data (Formerly Luminati) Customer Support

Just like a good proxy server network provider, Bright Data provides excellent customer support. You can reach out to them via different sources like live chat, Skype, call, and tickets.

If you raise any complaint or any issue, it will likely get resolved in 24 hours.

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The main benefit is that Bright Data's customer support team is available 24*7. This means you can contact them at any time and day of the week! The customer support team is highly supportive and will help you with any issue.

So folks, are you still not convinced to go with the Luminati?

Below are the locations in which they offer their services:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • India

If you belong from the above locations, consider yourself you are pretty lucky in terms of the residential proxy network.

Pros & Cons

As we stated earlier, it is challenging to look for any flaw associated with The experience that Bright Data provides to its customers is commendable. There are several reasons which make Bright Data a hit among all the users.

It is hard to filter the disadvantages of this software. But in this article, we tried to present you as many merits and demerits we found in

  • It is the world's largest network of proxy servers, with more than 72 million active and authentic IPs across the globe.
  • 99.9% network uptime guaranteed.
  • Luminati has global coverage across more than 195 countries.
  • Bright data comprises powerful tools like Data Unblocker, Search Engine Crawler, and Data Collector.
  • Super responsive 24×7 customer support.
  • It has an easy refund policy for freelancers and individuals.
  • Make the payment only if you achieve successful results.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • The prices are slightly high.
  • There are other proxy servers available in the market at a relatively lower cost.

🌟 Bright Data FAQ

🙄 What is Bright Data?

It is the global Proxy network and data collection platform which is using by around 500 companies. Bright Data (Luminati) is the leader in the proxy market.

🔎 Is Bright Data safe?

Bright Data has mentioned that the company will connect with the authority or management in case of any abuse. Bright Data (Luminati) is the world's largest proxy network that has qualified engineers that help to reach your data collection goals.

🔥 Can I get any working Bright Data coupon codes?

If you are looking for the verified Luminati discount coupon that helps you save bucks, use the above-mentioned Bright Data discount coupon that helps you to save upto 50% off.

😎 What are the best Bright Data (Luminati) alternatives?

Check the following list if you are looking for the best Bright Data (Luminati) alternatives:
Altair Monarch

Conclusion: Bright Data (Formerly Luminati) Review 2022 + Discount Coupon

No matter how many proxy server networks come, Luminati will always stand out in all of them. Luminati is the best choice among all, and the above article is proof of it.

You can always count Bright Data in terms of security and reliability. However, the prices are a little higher as compared to the market price, the features that they offer at this price are recommendable!

With this, we will wrap our Bright Data (formerly Luminati) review. We hope that this article will help you to make an informed decision. If you feel something is missing from the above article, please mention them in the comments section below.

Till then, stay safe and happy always❗❗

9Expert Score
Bright Data Review

Bright Data (Luminati) is the global data collection platform that offers advanced residential proxy services. Activate our exclusive Bright Data coupon code to put your data collection on autopilot.

Response Time
Value for money
  • It is the largest IP network across the globe.
  • It offers proxy control tools.
  • It offers 99.99% network uptime.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • 100% Secure & legal.
  • Need to have more pricing plans.
  • Email support is relatively moderate.


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