eFax Review 2023: Discount Coupon (Get Upto 80% OFF Now!)

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Are you tired of paper jams and busy signals? Or waiting for a fax machine to send your information?

Let go of all the tedious and time-consuming methods and adapt to digital faxing solutions that are flexible, impulsive, fast, and secure. With digital faxing, you can easily send or receive faxes by email via desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

In this post, we have shared the ✅Verified eFax Review updated for 2023 with the latest and tested eFax Discount Coupon that enable you to save upto 80% OFF on this great tool.

eFax Promo Codes

Time to say bye to fax machines and wired lines needed for fax phones. Save paper, Save Trees without printing any fax. Just go online with eFax digital faxing solutions and use the coupon codes shown in this post to save every penny

Detailed eFax Review

eFax Review

eFax is the #1 digital fax service provider that eliminates the need for fax machines, phone lines, and paper jamming. It allows you to send and receive faxes with utmost safety and security using your eFax account, email, or mobile app. This way, you can digitally sign and edit faxes and reduce the fax machine maintenance cost, ultimately saving your precious money.

eFax has been providing online fax service from the past 20 years and has successfully made more than 11 million customers until now. Its customers include small and medium businesses, along with half of the Fortune 500 companies in the world.

This is the reason why millions around the world trust eFax and continue to use its fast and safe online fax service. With eFax digital faxing solutions, you can easily send, receive, edit, review, add a digitized signature, and store/retrieve faxes online whenever you want to.

It is operated by j2 Global Inc that is a world-class leader in providing cloud services and digital media. Some of the unified and amazing services include virtual phone solution eVoice, unified messaging service Onebox, email marketing, and CRM solution Campaigner and online backup provider KeepItSafe, PCMag.com and AskMen.com are some of the digital media properties of JCOM.

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eFax Review 2023: Discount Coupon (Get Upto 80% OFF Now!)
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👉 Steps to send faxes online with eFax

Few simple steps and nobody can stop you from sending or receiving faxes online with eFax digitized faxing solutions.

Here are the toddler steps:

  • Compose a new email and in the ‘To’ field, type the fax number along with @efaxsend.com.
  • Now attach the fax document and wait till it becomes a cover sheet. Type the message and click on Send.
  • No more steps! Your fax and cover letter will be delivered to the recipient’s fax machine.
  • Congratulation! You just saved a tree by choosing eFax online faxing solutions.

There are other ways also which you could use to send faxes online with eFax. Not only can you send and receive it, but you can also edit, store and retrieve it whenever you wish to. Below are some other methods to send fax online with eFax:

Use eFax, My Account, log in to your account and enter the recipient’s details by selecting Send Faxes. In the inbox page, you can view all the faxes.Using the free eFax Messenger software, you can create, view, sign, and edit fax documents.

Use the mobile app compatible with Android and iOS to send a fax from anywhere around the world.

Finally, you can also send a fax from Microsoft Word by opening the eFax extension.

💰 Plans and Pricing

eFax provides two affordable plans and eliminates the need for a fax machine, phone lines, paper jamming, and signal disturbances. The two plans are eFax Plus and eFax Pro.

eFax Plus: This plan costs $16.95/mo, and with an annual membership, you get two months free. The setup fees are large up to $10. With this plan, you can send and receive up to 150 free pages every month i.e., $0.10/page.

eFax Pro: This plan costs $19.95/mo, and with an annual membership, you get two months free. The setup fees are large, up to $19.95. With this plan, you can send and receive up to 200 free pages every month i.e., $0.10/page.

eFax Pricing

If you are a small or medium organization or own and enterprise business with more than 10 employees, then you can choose eFax corporate.

✅ Features of eFax Corporate Solutions:

  • While sending faxes, you can maintain compliance for HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI & other Federal Regulations with advanced TLS secure transmission.
  • It doesn’t take a long time to port your existing fax number.
  • No maintenance is required as it works in existing email networks, software, and hardware.
  • Email is used to transfer all the faxes, thereby reducing the use of paper and making it more reliable.
  • 24/7 in house technical support to assist you in every step.

✅ Amazing Features at a Glance:

  • Mobile Fax App: User-friendly mobile app allows you to send faxes easily and quickly. Using the mobile screen, you can sign the fax documents. Also, you can attach fax documents from your mobile or in cloud storage. The app enhances the efficiency as you can send a fax from anywhere and close the deals even if you are mobile.
  • Tool-free numbers: This helps you in creating a global image in front of your customers and make a presence locally and internationally. So, even if you are the only person running your company, then it gives exposure to your business.
  • Local Fax numbers: Your clients and customers can rely on you and trust you if you show that you are a neighborhood business focusing on every company in the region, and all this is possible by a local fax number. 
  • Lifetime Storage: All the incoming and outgoing fax can be online for a lifetime and could be retrieved anytime. Using the mobile app or eFax portal, you can download the faxes 24/7.
  • Electronic Signature: This feature is the one that is liked by most. You can sign digital signatures right from the mobile screen. This feature again reduces the physical fax documents.

👍 Pros & Cons


  • Indigenous and excellent digital faxing service
  • Large files are possible to be shared
  • Storage facility is abundant hence no space issues
  • Electronic signatures can be attached hassle-free
  • Android and iOS apps are available that ensure mobility.


  • Setup fees are very high and not free of cost.
  • Plans are not very cheap, hence not meant for everyone

🌟 eFax FAQ

What is eFax Corporate?

It is a cloud-based paperless, outsourced alternative to fax machines and servers. It allows your business to send and receive faxes privately and securely by email. You can access faxes anywhere via PC, laptop, or wireless device.

What is an eFax Number?

eFax Corporate offers a unique local or toll-free eFax number to every employee, which is linked to their email address. Faxes that are sent to this number are received in the employee's email.

How do I receive faxes with eFax Corporate?

You will receive a fax message with your new eFax number. It will arrive in your email inbox as a PDF or TIFF file attachment. Simply, double-click on the email attachment to open your fax.

How long does it take eFax to send a fax?

The fax takes about 30-45 seconds per page to transmit. Within 15 seconds after the fax completes, you will receive status information.

Conclusion: eFax Review With Discount Coupon Updated 2023

eFax provides an address book where you can search for your existing contacts and integrate contacts lists into your eFax account. It provides third-party cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud that allows you to grab files with rocket speed and attach it to your fax.

You can search faxes by assigning specific keywords or by using the name, date, and other parameters. Large file sharing is possible for up to 20 recipients at once.

It does take care of your security concerns by encrypting the inbound faxes and hosting them on a secure site by using SSL certificates. You can say that eFax is more secure than your email. Finally, with up to 5 email accounts, you can send/receive faxes from your eFax number.

In all, eFax is a great solution for individual professionals, small and enterprise businesses with a gamut of features.

Try eFax today and become environment friendly by reducing the paper use and saving trees that will provide more fresh oxygen.😉

Health is Wealth!

9.3 Total Score
eFax Honest Review

Efax is a useful fax service providing company if you are looking to receive a fax without a fax machine. It is one of the great tools that do not require dedicated hardware.

Ease Of Use
  • No need of a fax machine.
  • It is very convenient to use.
  • Seamless integration.
  • The interface is clunky.
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