How to Become a Super Intelligent Media Buyer in 2023

Digital transformation has changed the position of a media buyer from not so accessible to the most in-demand.

With the latest technologies and platforms, digital media buying is a professional working in synch with the latest trends and innovations.

 A digital media buyer plays a significant role in achieving campaign goals and determining what hacks will prove to be the most successful. 

In this post, we have featured some 💯 tips and techniques that help you to become a Super Intelligent Media Buyer updated for 2023.

A media buyer works like a bridge between the advertisers and agencies and is, therefore, the most important player in the campaign planning process.

But with so many roles to play, a digital media buyer needs skills to perform like a hero and achieve what is required with the brain and attributes.

Who is a Media Buyer?

A media buyer most commonly is known to manage both traditional and digital marketing with expertise and comprehensiveness.

A digital media buyer is often considered to be a professional taking important decision on how a brand’s ad campaign could perform super awesome for higher conversions and generation of quality leads.

A digital media buyer is responsible for deciding which media channels have the highest potential for quality leads and taking advantage of these leads for brand growth.

But a media buyer’s responsibility doesn’t end here; it just keeps on adding and piles up like a bundle of books with pages consisting of different elements & stories. 

A digital media buyer collects every piece of vital information to pave the road to success and is therefore required to satisfy their clients’ needs.

Do you want to become a smart media buyer?

Hack ya!

This article represents skill sets required to be fulfilled by professionals who are willing to become super-intelligent media buyers.

Some essential tips for a great media buyer are:

  • A media buyer should be ready to face any challenge and cross the hurdles with different tactics, 
  • A media buyer should have detailed knowledge and diligently work in the industry to maximize the profit.

Key Attributes Needed to Become a Super Intelligent Media Buyer  

A digital media buyer should possess the following attributes to start their career in digital media buying.
Recruit Quality Affiliates

Evolving with the System

We all know how rapidly new technologies are turning the table upside down. A media buyer must adapt to these changes in technologies as understanding these technologies will emerge into new ideas.

As a digital media buyer, you are expected to constantly evolve yourself with digital marketing techniques and learn what is crucial for enhancing your attribute.

The sooner you become familiar with the latest technologies, the early you will learn to advertise in new ways online, and your clients will be more than happy with your rapid evolvement.

For example, digital advertising today is mostly done using social media advertising and in-app mobile advertising, so a buyer with in-depth knowledge of this kind of advertising will lead all the way.

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide extensive global reach to audiences and are, therefore, powerful tools of social media advertising.

Working as a Team

Consider yourself to be a hardworking bee working along with others for a hive expected to deliver sweet results. As a media buyer, you are a part of a team and not alone, so working with the team with people of different niche is your primary concern.

Working as a Team

At times when you don’t have enough knowledge of technology, you may have to go to a technical person and have a friendly chat for details to work efficiently.

You may face unpredictable obstacles in which case you might want to concern with a more experienced buyer in overcoming the barriers.

Whether it is a sales team or a technical team, you shouldn’t forget that you need them to be your side in tough situations, and you are therefore expected to be a part of the team.

Analyzer & Problem Solver

A media buyer should apply logic to understand the statistics and the data collected in spreadsheets. Analyzing the data and finding the keyholes will help provide reasons for the loss of traffic.

The accurate analyzing strategy will help find out the reasons for users diverting towards other channels and what should be done to drive them back for increasing conversions.

Never give up!

A media buyer cannot sit in vain if an idea doesn’t work out. Instead, he has to investigate the problem and solve it in a better way.

A media buyer is expected to understand consumers' needs and relevantly provide the right solution to fulfill the consumer’s needs. 

Determining how keywords and SEO will play a major role in optimizing ad campaigns is what a super-intelligent media buyer should always know.

A media buyer should also be a good negotiator as when presenting the plan and receiving approval should know what is going to work and whatnot.

What You Need to Become a Media Buyer?

If you want to become a digital media buyer, then you will be asked for your experience more than your degree or training certificate. Although certificates might be asked for moderation in some cases, your knowledge is what everyone seeks.

  • A media buyer should have strong communication skills; both reading and writing are necessary.
  • Should have the ability to maximize ROI by stretching the budget.
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO, SEM, and resources & tools like Google Analytics, etc. for advertising.
  • Should have a passion for learning new technologies and evolving quickly to search for hacks and tactics.
  • Look in for some resources to expand media buying contacts from top agencies and get referrals to prominent agencies and brands.

🌟 Media Buyer FAQ

What does a media buyer do?

A media buyer usually negotiates the price for all advertisements on radio, television, print, and digital. They are responsible for the placement and make sure many people see the ads.

Why is media buying necessary?

Media buying plays a very vital role in marketing, and it is associated with acquiring “paid” media space and timeslots to ensures a maximum number of targeted customers can view all the ads.

What is a digital media buyer?

Digital media buyers need to buys placements for advertisements on websites, apps, and other digital platforms. 

What makes a good media planner?

A good media planner should be comfortable with numbers, fluent in targeting. He should be detail-oriented, and also have some interest in trends and affinities.

Final Verdict:

For a digital ad campaign to be successful, a digital media buyer should have all the above mentioned skills & techniques.

If you know any more skills that a media buyer should possess, then please do share it in your comments.😊

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