Top CPM Ad Networks With High Rates for 2023: Make $$$$$

Are you not getting the right solution to earn as an affiliate?

Or have you been using some ad networks that made you work hard, but in the end you got nothing in your hand?

We have found out the hidden pearl that you can make the most out of and earn like never before. One of the newest ways to earn from online advertisement is CPM (Cost per Mile or Cost per Impression).

CPM Ad Networks have become popular very soon and an effective way to monetize website traffic if you are an affiliate searching for a healthy earning with ads.

To know which companies offer the best CPM rates and trustworthy, we have researched and made a list of Top CPM Ad Networks that provide high rates and can be trusted blindly.

If you have made up your mind to shift from other ad revenues and start monetizing your website or blog with CPM ads, then you have landed at the right place as in this post, you will find top CPM Ad networks that work well for both advertisers and publishers.

Other Ad programs require the audience on your blog or website to complete an action like clicking on the ad or buying the advertiser's product/service.

But CPM is completely different than these ad programs and stands out as the easiest way to earn more profit by monetizing your site. Before jumping into the list of CPM ad Networks, let us first know what CPM is and how it works.

CPM Introduction

CPM, which stands for the Cost per Mile program, calculates the total number of impressions received on the ads shown on your site. This way, affiliates can earn money by the number of visitors that have visited the ad on their page.

The rates for CPM are fixed but can vary depending upon the advertiser or publisher's website niche. Before joining any CPM network, you should know how you get paid by the CPM network. Unlike other ad networks, CPM works based on a formula or a simple calculation that makes you understand how much you can earn from it.

The formula for CPM calculation is: Total no. of impressions / 1000 x cost

For example, you join a CPM Network that offers $2 as their payout. Now let us check out how your earnings will be calculated based on the above formula.

Let's say your bog receives 5000 visitors per day and gets 10000 views on the page on which ads are displayed. In this way, your earnings as per the CPM formula will be 10000/1000 x $2 = $20.

This is a good earning just by sitting at home and displaying ads on your blog, but this earning depends on the number of visitors per page, and that depends on how to attract visitors to your blog.

Now that you know how CPM works, you need a reliable CPM network that offers the best rates in the industry and does not bully you after all your hard work. 

Once you join any CPM network mentioned in this post, you will be given an ad code that you have to place on your blog, and immediately ads will start displaying on your blog.  

As you know that CPM is calculated per 1000 impressions, so when the ads are displayed 1000 times, then you will get paid for it. It doesn’t matter whether the visitor clicks on the ad or buys any product/service after being redirected to the advertiser’s website. It’s simple, just display the ad and earn per 1000 impressions.

The $2 CPM rate is the basic one and increases more depending upon the publisher’s website niche and whether the advertiser is willing to invest more to get abundant traffic on their ads. 

The reason CPM is the most recognized and popular advertising is that it doesn’t require users to click on the ads or buy the advertiser's product/service by clicking on the ad and then being redirected to the advertiser’s website.

CPM only needs impressions irrespective of the quality of the banner, and this can happen only if the publisher has robust traffic. The more the traffic, the more the impressions, and the more will be the earnings.

Now that you know about CPM Ads and how it works, let us take a look at some of the best CPM Ad Networks that offer high rates and high reliability.

List Of Top CPM Ad Networks (Updated 2023)

Top CPM Ad Networks

Propeller Ads

One of the most popular and top converting CPM Ad Networks in the world is Propeller Ads that offer different advertising campaigns that include Pop-under ads, Banner Ads, and more. CPM rates provided by Propeller Ads are the highest in the industry, so when you join this network, you are ensured to earn a lot.

Joining this network is easy; you need to sign up with your details and the name of your blog or website where you would be promoting the ads using the CPM program.

Once your registration is complete, it undergoes a thorough verification and gets approved immediately if everything looks fine on your website. It accepts traffic from any location, but if you have traffic from the US, then you can get maximum benefit.

If you have a site where users can download software, movies, or music, or even live to stream, then you can take maximum advantage.

Propeller Ads have a net 30-day payment policy, which is a little irritating, but since it is a trusted brand, your earnings will be safe and can be withdrawn once you reach the threshold amount of $100.


Adsterra is one fantastic digital advertising company that offers performance-based solutions to both advertisers and publishers. The numbers speak itself and prove why Adsterra is a leading advertising company. 


It has 22B+ impressions per month, 190 GEOs covered, 50k+ successful campaigns, and generated 10000K led last month.

It offers a dedicated manager for personalized solutions and enhances your performance to a great extent. It has an in-house security feature that detects any fraudulent activity happening on any ad campaign.

You can choose a payment model that generates more profit for you. Payment models supported by Adsterra include CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, CPO, and CPI (PPI). 

You can track your performance in real-time by accessing the statistics shown in your tracking dashboard.


AdMaven is one of the largest advertising networks, with more than 5 billion impressions per day and over 250 million users around the world.


It offers many monetization options that include Push Notifications, which is one of the trending ways of monetization. The payment model is CPM which is easy and headache-free for the publishers. Advertisers are directly connected with AdMaven, which in turn is profitable for the publishers as publishers get higher CPM rates.

It has more than 100,000 advertisers from around the world, so even if your site doesn’t get much traffic from the US, you would still get higher rates for traffic monetization.

The minimum payout is $50 and supports payment methods like PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, and Bitcoin.


HillTopAds is one of the topmost CPM ad networks with excellent converting offers. It receives more than 12 billion impressions per month and is, therefore, one of the most recognized ad networks around the world.

HillTopAds Logo

The best part about this network is that it offers payment in the net 7 days, so your account balance will never be nil. This encourages publishers and keeps the clock ticking. It supports both desktop and mobile advertising and other forms of advertisement.

The minimum payout threshold is $50, so once you have reached the minimum threshold, you can receive payments via PayPal, Bitcoin, ePayments, Wire transfer, Paxum, and WebMoney.


AdPushup is one of the unique advertising networks that offer the quickest way to start your journey with them. Sign up and place the code on your site, and you are onboard.


It uses machine learning to optimize and display only the best and relevant ads based on the data collection at the time of A/B testing. Although payments are made in net 45 days, it is still one of the best networks with secure payments made via PayPal and Wire transfer.

It has partnered with Google and therefore knows all the compliance. It delivers efficient assistance on policy compliance by understanding Google AdSense, AdX, and DFP. 

🌟 CPM Ad Networks FAQ

✅ What does ad CPM mean?

CPM stands for Cost Per Mile or Cost Per Thousand, which is a marketing term that denotes the price of 1000 advertisement impressions on a single website. In simple term, it means that if the publisher charge $2.00 CPM then an advertiser need to pay $2.00 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad.

✅ What is an average CPM?

The average CPM depends on various other factors. There are multiple products for which the CPM will be high, or it is below for the specific products. Average CPM may also depend on the audience's geographical location.

✅ What is the CPM formula?

CPM is an advertising term that is used to represent the cost of one thousand ad impressions. It I calculated by this (CPM = cost/impressions x 1000) formula.

✅ How to select the best CPM network?

In this post, you will find different CPM different. But choosing the best CPM network is a subjective question. It is important for you to do some research on which network works best for your niche as various CPM networks work well for different niches.

✅ How much do CPM ads pay?

Average Banner ad format CPM – $1. 
Average Interstitial ad format CPM – $3.5. 
Average Video ad format CPM – $3. 
Average Native ad format CPM – $10.

Conclusion: Top CPM Ad Networks Updated 2023 | Should you go for it?

If you have any doubt about the earnings through CPM Ads, then you should know that it entirely depends on your site’s traffic still to ensure you that is a high earning model you can earn between 10 cents to 10 dollars on average with good traffic. But this doesn’t mean you can't earn more than 10 dollars.

If you have huge traffic, then your earnings can go beyond 20 dollars, and you can also decide which advertisers you want to promote. So with massive traffic, you can ask the network to provide you with ads that pay more than $15.

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In this post, we covered some facts about CPM Ads and showed you the best top converting CPM Networks that can be fruitful for monetizing your blogs or sites.

We have in this post shown networks that accept low traffic also and so if you are a newbie, then these networks are the best solution to your online earnings.

Try out these CPM Ad Networks and tell us about your experience of working with them. 😊

Don’t be in a hurry to judge these networks in a month, give some time and then decide whether any of the CPM Networks was beneficial for you.

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