Voluum Coupon Codes 2024: Enjoy 60% OFF Now! [VERIFIED]

Do you have a dream to touch the sky by succeeding in affiliate marketing? Every affiliate marketer has a dream to earn a six-figure income, but that doesn’t come so quickly. You need to keep track of the behavior of your ad and know which ads are more profitable for your blog or website.

But to know about the behavior of your ad and the insights about how they are generating profits and which ads are profitable, you need a tracker that gives you a birds’ eye view.

Today, In this post, you will find the latest ✅Voluum coupon code 2024 that can save you up to 60% OFF. So grab and enjoy the best deal and make the most out of it.

Your dream tracker is here. This tracker will generate huge sales volume as you have never dreamed of before. Voluum is the tracking software that will help you climb upstairs and achieve your dream.

Voluum provides a lot to its customers and specially affiliate marketers that run different ads from different traffic sources. There are many ad formats, so to optimize all the ad formats is a big challenge, but Voluum does it with ease.

In this post, you will also learn about the features and plans that Voluum offers to its customers around the world. You can be one of those users that could optimize the ads with Voluum and generate a tsunami of sales volume.

About Voluum Affiliate Tracker (Detailed Review)

Voluum Coupon

Voluum is run by Codewise, a leading ad exchange provider and performance marketing optimization platform with more than 200 industry experts across Poland, the USA, and the UK.

It has more than 5000 active customers in over 190 countries worldwide, and with its efficient software services, more new customers are joining their platform.

If you look at Voluum statistics, you will be amazed to know how well it serves its customers.

It has till now tracked $2.5 billion ads revenue, 25 billion events per month, runs 230 K campaigns each month, has more than 5 K customers around the world, has been recorded to have 100% server uptime since 2015, and all this because of 200 expert pros working day and night to offer world-class services in over 190 countries worldwide.

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Voluum Coupon Codes 2024: Enjoy 60% OFF Now! [VERIFIED]
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What does the Voluum offer?

  • Voluum is a cloud-based affiliate tracker tool starting at a great price so every marketer could take maximum benefit from the resources.
  • Voluum allows you to track all the advertising campaigns, get actionable insights by analyzing complete data, in-built affiliate campaigns and ads optimization, and scale your business to generate more revenue.
  • It doesn’t matter which ad format you work with, Voluum supports every ad format and can track them with actionable insights. Voluum supports Native ads, Push notification ads, Pop-up ads, Email, Display banner, Social and Video.
  • Voluum works with multiple traffic sources, and it’s easy for you to add any using pre-made templates. It works with Facebook, Google, Taboola, AppNexus, MGID, Revcontent, Outbrain, one by AOL, zero park, exoClick, and more on the list. 

Features Offered by Voluum

  • Tracking

Direct tracking pixel allows you to track paid and organic traffic even in the places where internet connection speed is slow. Track your banner ads and know how your ads perform by measuring the display touchpoints.

Setup your campaigns easily with pre-made templates by accessing over 35+ popular traffic source templates and 15+ best Voluum affiliate landing page.

Custom conversion tracking helps you to track user actions until the time they are your customers.

Protect your tracking domains with an SSL certificate right in your Voluum account. Set different models, such as CPC, CPA, CPM, or Revshare to know your profit and ROI.

Manual update the cost of your campaign and also upload conversions if not done automatically. Block access to landing pages from unknown visitors.

  • Analyzing

Access to the data instantly in real-time regardless of how huge the volume of your traffic may be. Access report in detailed view with impressions, clicks, visits, conversions, and more up to 30 data points.

Get actionable insights into your data by digging deeper from one level to another. Get an overview of your campaign with an intuitive dashboard to know the areas where your performance is low and focus more on those areas to perform better.

Rest API and JSON allows you to manage and generate reports. Track your revenue in a different currency and know how much profit your campaigns are generating.

  • Optimizing

Inbuilt machine learning algorithms perform campaign optimization with the best offers and landing pages. Set your own rules and direct traffic according to them to any landing page and offer.

This way, you can target a specific audience without wasting your money and saving your time, thereby maximizing profit. Run the A/B test and determine the areas where improvement is needed for better conversions and effectiveness.

Set your own rules to get a notification on mobile and desktop when your performance changes. With IP filtering, you can block traffic from suspected IP’s or unwanted traffic from IP’s to receive only organic traffic.

As soon as your first offer reaches its limit of conversions for a day, you can redirect your visitors to another one. Real-time routing API allows you to override default redirection paths.

  • Scaling

Save your money by not wasting it on bot traffic and with the anti-fraud kit detect fraud activities and suspicious clicks and visits—share reports with your team or anyone outside safely and quickly.

With hassle-free report sharing, you can grant access to anyone to any part of your data and also decide the time constraint for the report to be viewed. Create a workspace with specific access to specific associates and manage your work flawlessly.

Collaborate with your partners in your Voluum account by inviting them and giving them access rights to specific groups. All these features will scale your business higher with higher profits.

  • Anti Fraud kit:

With the latest Anti-fraud kit by Voluum, detect biot traffic, and save your budget by taking instant action. Media buyers are always frustrated with bot traffic on advertising sources, so they lose a lot of money. Voluum Anti-fraud technology instant detected the most robust bit traffic and helped you to eliminate it instantly

It also detects invalid clicks and protects you for fraud by applying additional protection measures without compromising on redirection speed.

This not only helps you save money and get better ORI but also enables you to keep good relations tih affiliate offers owners, get actional insights on your traffic quality and help choose the best traffic source. Use the above exclusive voluum coupon to start with Voluum easily.

👉 Pricing Plans | Voluum Coupons Code

Voluum provides three plans that can be paid monthly or yearly. If you choose the yearly plan, then you can save up to 53%, so choose the best plan in your budget. Also, use the latest deals and coupons of voluum to get Upto 60% OFF on each plan.

Entry Plan: This plan, if chosen monthly, costs $69/mo and, if chosen yearly, will cost $49/mo. This plan is for those affiliates who want only the core features and simplified setup. This plan is for only 1 domain.

Voluum Pricing

Basic Plan: This plan will cost $224/mo if chosen monthly and $139/mo if chosen annually. This plan includes 3 domains, 3 SSL, 1 dedicated domain with SSL, and more features. This plan is for those who want to maximize their ROI with AI.

Advanced Plan: This plan costs $449/mo if paid monthly and $309/mo if billed annually. This plan is for those who have experience and want to scale their business higher immediately. 

You will also get annual plans at Voluum. Check out the amazing discount coupon codes for an annual plan on the above table.

🌟Voluum FAQ

What to do in case of traffic overload?

If there is a tremendous increase in traffic, then you might experience some delays in triggering the redirection to the other offer. But the delay is not greater than 5 minutes.

Why should I use the custom domain?

If you want to run high-volume campaigns, then you need to set up and use a custom tracking domain in Voluum. If you do not use the custom domain, then you will automatically be assigned to either a legacy domain or the dedicated domain.

Can I enable SSL for my custom domain?

Yes, you can use the SSL certificate. To do so, you can request an SSL certificate for your custom domain.

Can I move the SSL certificate to another domain?

No, you are not allowed to assign an SSL certificate to another domain.

Which is better Adsbridge Vs Voluum?

We highly recommend you to go with Voluum as it offers advanced bot auto-detection and honeypot traps. On the other hand, Adsbridge provides rule-based blocking. One can also get banner management in Voluum.

Conclusion: Voluum Coupon Codes Updated 2024 | Should you go for it?

Voluum is one of the best trackers available at a reasonable price and abundant features. AI is one of the features that provides automation and optimization and reduces your work burden.

It is simple to operate with easy visualization and reports statistics to view all the points of your performance. Visit the official website Voluum.com if you want to know more about this affiliate tracking software.

Time to increase the volume of sales by just choosing Voluum!😊

9.3 Total Score
Voluum Honest Review

Voluum is one of the most reliable and efficient affiliate tracking software in the market. Try Voluum as it provides instant information with real-time data processing.

Ease Of Use
  • Implementation is easy.
  • The navigation is clear.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It provides a decent tracker.
  • Real-time routing API.
  • Pricing is a bit expensive.
  • Customer support needs improvement.
Add your review  |  Read reviews and comments

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