Top 5 Native Ad Networks List 2023 to Make $$$$

Business methods have evolved over the years. From the barter system to a digital system, everything seems to be taken over by technology. If you are not aware of the latest trends in technology and the methods of doing business, then you might lack behind, and your competitors will run ahead of you.

Here’s a list of top 5 Native Ad Networks updated 2023 to Monetize Your Website Effectively.

Business nowadays has shifted from tablets to online desktops, mobile, and even smartwatches. Online advertisements have become a great source of income for those who don’t like 9 to 5 jobs and like to earn by sitting at home. These internet freaks are called affiliate marketers or webmasters who earn millions every month with online advertisements.

Banner ads are still one of the favorite methods to monetize site traffic, but a way of online advertisement has taken the troll. This is called Native Advertisement and is the future of online advertising.

If you are a novice in affiliate marketing, then you should start gaining in-depth knowledge of the very aspects of different ways of online advertisement. Banner advertisement is one of the ways to convert your website traffic and increase your online sales.

But since technology is evolving fast, you need to cope up and understand quick changes taking place every day in this technological world.

Native ads can be used on website, mobile, tablets, and smartwatches easily and effectively. They are informative and blends itself with the content so beautifully that they do not appear as ads at all.

They are attractive and adheres to users to its content so profoundly that the user forms a bond with it, which is everlasting. One of the prominent reasons for Native ads becoming the most lovable among internet marketers is because it has all the ingredients that make it tasty and ready to be served in every dish.

In this article, we have sorted out the best Native Ad networks, so you don’t have to do the hard work. We have listed only those networks that are best in the industry with salient features good for publishers and advertisers.

Are you a publisher looking to monetize your site with high ad offers and could withdraw your hard-earned money?

You have reached the right place with the best suggestions on which networks to choose to monetize your website with the native advertisement.

5 Best Native Ad Networks For Online Advertisement (Updated 2023)

Top Native Ad Networks



Revcontent is a pioneer in content discovery network that allows advertisers to reach the right audience at the right time. Through the latest technology and partnerships with major brands in the industry, advertisers can drive huge audiences and keep them engaged with the best offers.

It is trusted by some of the industry’s big names like Forbes, Nasdaq, Bank of America, Wayfair, match, and more.

Why choose Revcontent?

  • It allows publishers to monetize their site and provide users with content that is relevant and interesting, and all this happens with an innovative discovery platform that allows audiences to discover thoroughly.
  • Publishers can generate higher revenue that is not possible with other platforms. Rates are 30-50% higher than other platforms, which makes this network a leading platform for the world’s leading publishers.
  • Publishers have control over the widgets so that anything can be customized and delivered to the right audience at the right time.
  • Gives insights into your audience's behavior, which ultimately helps you in decision making and filling the gaps that don’t let you increase your revenue.
  • This network has reached 97% of US households with 250B+ recommendations per month and with an average CTR of 3%.
  • Partnerships with major brands with global recognition give huge opportunities for publishers to earn higher profits.
  • Real-time reporting and specific targeting options help you reach any target by driving more sales and growing traffic. You can reach the right audience at the right time and boost your sales.
  • Revexperts are always active on the desk to resolve your issues at any time while running any campaign.


Taboola Review

Taboola is a platform for the people providing content which can be news, topical information, new product or service, or anything interesting.

It helps advertisers in promoting their brand to the audience when they are most waiting for some new product/service.

By providing relevant and interesting news to the audience, publishers get opportunities to monetize their traffic and engage their users with a powerful engine.

Taboola is the #1 discovery platform around the world with over 1.4B unique users every month, 10000+ premium publishers, and partnered giants, 18 offices located globally with over 1000+ employees. 

According to a survey, it has more than 50x data than the books in the NY public library.

Taboola was founded in 2007 by Adam Singolda and started partnerships in 2012 with publishers and advertisers that now have become premium partners.

Why Choose Taboola?

  • Taboola gives a whole new experience of the newsfeed to users right on their pages that they love on social media networks. 
  • Its inbuilt technology helps you in attracting a new audience and keeping the existing ones engaged with the best experience.
  • It gives you insights into what your audiences are up to. A/B testing, alerts, and data insights enhance performance.
  • It allows you to exchange traffic with third-party sites and partners, which leads to quality traffic driven automatically to your site.
  • Your content is yours, and this is ensured by the content policy and the team that protects your business.



MGID is a leader in native advertising, providing unbelievable solutions for advertisers, publishers, internet marketers, and media buyers on a single integrated platform.

MGID was started back in 2004 with the modern native advertising technology created by a young talented programmer Stanislav Telyatnikov from Ukraine.

In 2014, a major step was taken by the company and moved its headquarters to Los Angeles. This decision was taken in order to get close to sports and entertainment. This led to becoming a quality service provider and an expert in lifestyle and entertainment areas.

Why Choose MGID?

  • Everything is transparent, with no hidden charges or riddles. Transparency and self-serve platform make MGID one of the best networks.
  • Any device any GEOs can be monetized easily and effectively with the use of tools and intuitive dashboard experience.
  • Customize everything that comes to your mind and make your campaigns meaningful.
  • Know which articles are most famous among your viewers that keeps them engaged for most of the time.
  • If, at any stage, you fumble, you can call the experts for help. Your goals are to be achieved with your efforts and a little help from the experts. 
  • As an advertiser, you can get page views and meet your goals with ever-rising performance.
  • Delivering your message to the relevant audience through native placements on entertainment and lifestyle websites has become easy through MGID native advertising. 


Outbrain Review

Outbrain is the first in content discovery network and has covered 80% of the world’s premium publishers with 275 billion monthly recommendations and available in 14 different languages that make it popular among different regions.

Outbrain has 18 global offices incorporating more than 600 employees and partners with publishers and marketers in over 55 countries, including the US, India, Japan, Brazil, and France.

Outbrain was founded by Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav with a mission to provide users with contents that are interesting and relevant and available on time.

Why Choose Outbrain?

  • Publishers don’t have to take much effort and pain when it comes to monetizing their traffic, as Outbrain offers the world’s most flexible solutions that can be customized to meet the business needs.
  • It serves over 275B+ monthly recommendations powered by innovation in technology and long-lasting partnerships with the world’s big brands and renowned media owners.


Triplelift Review

TripleLift has brought an evolution in advertising with programmatic technology for OTT, native, and Branded content. With innovation in technology, it has brought a whole new OTT ad experience that can be inserted programmatically.

With programmatic innovation, your content can be turned in to beautiful in-feed native ads. It is the first RTB enabled ad exchange with native programmatic at fingertips.

Using your own DSP, you can access in-feed ad inventory across the world’s most premium publishers. In-feed ads give a beautiful look to your website, giving users a seamless experience they have never seen before.

Why Choose TripleLift?

  • With true RTB auction, buyers and sellers have a new experience of leveraging data, bidding algorithms, and real-time insights with statistics to measure performance and parameters that help you analyze and boost your revenue.
  • Beautiful ads are displayed every time with TripleLift’s proprietary computer vision technology that formats the image by reading images to understand elements such as the face, object, and more. This is possible on any device and on any site every time.
  • It helps you in reaching your customers on television and on the web by running in-content native ad experiences by using your existing creative components and programmatic partners. 

🌟 Native Ad Networks FAQ

What is a native ad network?

The native ad network is a medium that integrates publishers and advertisers as it synchronizes ads with web content in order to make them look like the organic content of a website

How is native advertising used?

Native advertising use paid ads that match the function of the user experience in which they are placed. It is not similar to the banner ads, display ads, or pre-roll video ads.

Is Native advertising effective?

Yes, it is one of the most effective approaches in marketing, especially when you're trying to overcome banner blindness and adblocking.

What is ad content?

Ad content is content advertising, which is the process of producing content to promote that content through paid distribution channels like PPC campaigns, paid social, sponsored placements, and many more.

Final Verdict: Top 5 Native Ad Networks – 2023

These ad networks are the most useful and popular ones that help in reaching the right audience when the audience needs you.

There are few more ad networks which we would like to review in the future, but as for now, if you are willing to join native advertisement, then choose any of these ad networks and mesmerize your sales.

We haven’t tested all the networks; hence if anyone of you has joined these networks, then do share us your experience. We would be glad to hear a word from you.😊

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