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Are you looking for a Vultr review?

There are hundreds and thousands of cloud hosting services claiming to be the best, but which one to go for?

Well, if you were searching for a suitable cloud hosting provider, I'm pretty sure that you might have come across the claim saying we provide the best, we are the best, and so on as every single of them claims to be a top-tier player. But which one to go for?

In this article, I'll be writing about Vultr, a cloud hosting provider that has gained pretty much a good amount of users (satisfied users) around the globe. I'll also mention some of the best key features and tools offered by Vultr.

In addition to that, I'll also be mentioning some of the promo codes and Vultr coupons that can save you a good amount of money and get you some free credits for your hosting operations.
So, let's get started with what is Vultr and how Vultr offers the features and tools.

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Detailed Vultr Review

Vultr Review

Vultr is a cloud hosting service provider that has simplified the entire web/cloud hosting ecosystem. Vultr has made pretty much a great structure in terms of hosting, and they offer different services and products in terms of cloud computing, bare metal, dedicated cloud, Kubernetes, and much more.

Let's take a look at all the features and tools offered by Vultr and how it is different from the options in cloud hosting available in the market.

As per my experience in cloud hosting, I have come across nearly somewhere around 100 cloud hosting services; as a person who is indulged in web development, I completely understand how important it is to get a trusted and reliable hosting service provider.

From my personal experience, getting a domain is very easy, as you'll be able to get a domain from any website, and the prices may not vary a lot. Still, the actual game is in the hosting if your website is functional and available 24×7, then its worth everything you have worked so hard on.

Well, Vultr hit me a bit differently when I compared it to others that offered somewhat similar services in cloud hosting.

Let's clear out all are the features and products offered by Vultr.

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Products Offered by Vultr

The Vultr products I'll mention here are cloud computing, Bare metal, Dedicated cloud, Kubernetes, Object Storage, Block Storage, and Load balancers. So, let me quickly give you an overview of these products and what they deliver?


Cloud Compute

High performance compute instances.
Vultr Cloud Compute

Cloud Compute might be counted as one of the main factors that make a cloud-based hosting service provider a great one. As I have already mentioned, the web/cloud hosting providers are a bit different compared to Vultr, where a lot of hosting providers are stuck over the old school HDD; Vultr has taken this to the next level, they use SSD based cloud instances, this, as a result, helps in better and faster speed transmission.

Vultr offers its powerful compute and speedy transmission using 100% local SSD and high-performance CPUs by Intel. The monthly prices start from around $2.50/month for 10GB SSD storage (prices may vary depending upon different factors).

Cloud computing by Vultr offers two different compute instances: computed and high-frequency instances. The high-frequency instances offer NVMe storage, which can be a game-changer in various ways.


High-Frequency Compute

Instances are powered by high clock speed CPU's & NVMe local storage.
High-Frequency Compute

High frequency computes something different from what is available in the market. I haven't come across many high-frequency computers; the high-frequency compute offers storage starting from 32GB NVMe (non-volatile memory express).


Bare Metal

High performance single-tenant dedicated servers.
Bare Metal

Bare metal refers to the server or computer dedicated to the user, and Vultr has been delivering some great deals in terms of providing a dedicated server to the users.

Having a dedicated server for your web application and services is very beneficial in terms of service delivery. The plan for the Bare-metal starts somewhere around $120/month, which offers around 10 Gbps of network with 5 TB of bandwidth and comprising of an Intel E3; well, these specifications go on depending upon the plans that you use.

From my personal experience getting a dedicated server is the best thing you can do in terms of web hosting, etc.


Load Balancers

Increase reliability on your applications in seconds.
Vultr Load Balancers

Consider these load balancers as the extra blocks that are available on a single click if any unwanted load comes over your website or web application. These load balancers can enable horizontal scaling and increase reliability while performing those operations over the network. Well, these load balancers cost around $10/month.

Vultr offers fully configured cloud-based load balancers from its user-friendly customer portal. You can be up and running in seconds! Vultr's flexible API also allows you to automate your load balancers, Seems like a great deal to me.


Dedicated Cloud

Deploy cloud instances with dedicated CPU, SSD drives, and RAM.
Vultr Dedicated Cloud

Why make everything complicated and keep your neighbors awake? Vultr offers a dedicated server/system to make you deliver the best in terms of availability and services getting delivered. Vultr offers a dedicated CPU, SSD drives, and RAM (overall, a cloud system made for you). Unlike other options available over other platforms, Vultr enables you to get along 25%, 50%, 75%, or even a whole dedicated server as per your need.

The dedicated resources start from $60 per month, which offers 120GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM, 2vCPU, 10TB bandwidth; the pricing increases depending upon different configurations, and the highest plan for dedicated cloud costs around $240/month (4x120GB SSD, 32GB RAM, 40 TB Bandwidth, 8vCPU).



Deploy containerized apps with a fully managed service.
Vultr Kubernetes

Vultr Kubernetes Engines, which is in the beta version, can be considered a standalone feature compared to other cloud hosting solutions available in the market.

For those who might not be aware of what Kubernetes is? In simple words, Kubernetes refers to a system that explicitly manages the containerized applications, basically a container orchestration system. In addition to all this, the Kubernetes also offers some great features in terms of free control panel, scalability, resilience, and much more.


Block Storage

Large reliable cloud storage.
Vultr Block storage

The block storage, well, this can enable you to get along with up-gradation if needed, as my personal experience in terms of web hosting providers, getting an extra block of storage can sometimes end up changing your whole plan, but in Vultr, the block storage enables you to get along with better and upgraded options if needed. In addition to everything mentioned here, the storage added is in the SSD form. Vultr costs around $1/month for the storage of 10 GB getting added.


Advanced Network

Reliability you can count on, backed by 100% SLA.
Vultr Advanced Network

Vultr's advanced network delivers some great features, and you can connect your existing corporate network with Vultrs Cloud Server. The Vultr direct connect lets you get dedicated private connectivity between your network and the Vultr platform. This can be a great feature in creating your own space around the Vultr Cloud Server.

The security from DDoS attacks can be significant in terms of making your website free from any malicious cyberattacks or even getting it down due to these factors. As a part of the advanced network, the DDoS network adds an extra layer of protection in real-time monitoring; I have already mentioned above that these DDoS mitigation services are available in 22 locations.

The Vultr offers its advanced network at around $10 per month for 10 Gbps. In the current scenario, the plan is limited to $10/month per 10Gbps, and Vultr is looking forward to exploring more plans in the future.

Spend less time managing your infrastructure with Vultr's effective control panel.

Powerful Control Panel & APIs | Vultr Review

Well, the control panel can be classified into different sections such as sharing and managing access; the powerful control panel can help you in getting along with factors such as:

🏅 Team Management

Team Management

Team management enables you to deliver better control and management across different sectors around the team and manage a team of users with different restrictions set by you.

Businesses often use single sign-on options in order to give their employees different access levels. You can also assign separate access levels for as many people as you require. This is an excellent way to manage your team without exposing information unnecessarily.

In addition to that, you can also access different factors such as tracking server health, flexible management (settings), and having a 24×7 customer response.

💻 Tracking Server Health

Tracking Server health

Tracking Server health gives you an overview of how CPU usage, disk operations, and network are performing. Therefore giving you kind of a health stat report in real-time.

💹 Account Management Panel

You can search for real-time billing information, view payment options to accept credit cards, and more. Register with SSO, an extra authentication factor.

Well, I was a bit amazed while looking after the operating systems that were available while using Vultr's cloud hosting services. Some of the operating systems that let Vultr operate are Windows, Alma Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenBSD, etc. Quite an extensive list while compared to competitors.

🌐 Flexible Operating Systems & ISO

Flexible Operating Systems & ISO

As I have already mentioned, the list of operating systems can be used in combining your apps along with different operating systems. Still, just in case you don't have your operating system over the ones that are offered, you can upload an ISO in order to get along with what's suitable for you.

Custom bootable OSes can be backed up, re-installed, restored on any server (or spread among servers) and accessed using an ISO installation file. This is a time and effort-saving solution that keeps the integrity of your data intact.

🚀 One-Click Apps Installation

One-Click Apps Installation

Easy app installation can be considered as one of the essential factors to make a cloud platform a successful one; in order to develop along with different parameters, you need different apps (digital marketers know what I mean), some of the popular applications and game servers available on a single click are cPanel, Docker, Gitlab, Minecraft, Joomla, MediaWiki, WordPress and much more.

🌟 Top FAQ on Vultr

✔What is Vultr?

Vultr provides reliable, secure, & low-cost cloud computing services. The cloud services of Vultr enable you to manage and secure your data, applications and resources from anywhere, on any device. With Vultr, one can easily deploy cloud servers, bare metal, etc., worldwide.

✔How good is Vultr?

It is no secret that Vultr is one of the fastest-growing hosting companies in the world. Vultr has a quick-to-respond and friendly support team who are always there to solve your queries. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, Vultr has got you covered.

✔Can I try Vultr for free?

Yes, Vultr allows its users to try it free with a $50 credit. Click here to create a free Vultr account.

✔Does Vultr offer console access?

Yes, Using the control panel, Vultr allows you to access the console of your virtual machine.

✔Does Vultr offer IPv6 support?

Vultr provides IPv6 support, and currently, it is available in all 22 locations.

✔What payment methods does Vultr support?

Vultr accepts payment through various payment gateway including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, American Express, Alipay, BitPay, UnionPay, and PayPal.

✔Can I run Kubernetes on Vultr now?

Yes! Vultr easily allows you to deploy your own cluster by simply installing the plugin like the Vultr Cloud Controller Manager, useCondor, or Container Storage Interface (CSI).

✔Are there any active Vultr coupon codes?

Yes, if you are a new user and want to enjoy a discount, grab the above-mentioned Vultr coupon codes that help you save maximum money.

✔Is Vultr better than DigitalOcean?

Both Vultr and DigitalOcean are the best cloud hosting provider. Vultr offers cutting-edge technology and is designed to support next-generation application development, enterprise-scale, data center storage and other cloud service needs. On the other hand, DigitalOcean allows its users to deploy & scale their application without hassle. Both offer a 100% uptime guarantee with flexible pricing options.

Is it worth it?

Conclusion: Vultr Review + Vultr Coupon Codes

As per my experience in cloud hosting services, the features and tools offered by Vultr are pretty impressive, few features such as Load Balancer, Account management panel, Bare metal were some of; my favorite features; compared to other hosting services, Vultr offers SSD storage, I remember the time when HDD was used for hosting services, thankfully with the advancement in a cloud hosting solution, Vultr, and few top tier players are among those who offer their services across SSD storage (Prices on Vultr are comparatively low + promo code and coupons is a steal deal).

Well, I pretty much liked the services offered by it, you can opt for the services and plans suitable as per your business objectives and needs.🏅

9.3Expert Score
Vultr Review

Stop having to manage a million servers, hard drives and storage! Just deploy the Vultr control panel for your server. You can manage all your servers from a single dashboard. It's a cloud server management tool that simplifies server management and network deployment worldwide.🚀

  • Great performance.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • It offers quality cloud products.
  • It is not beginner-friendly.
  • It does not offer enough info about security.
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